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 Takamo Runshi, Jounin
Posted: Mar 31 2011, 05:36 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 52
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-March 11

Character Name: Takamo Runshi
Rank: Jounin
Character Age: 24
Character Height 6’2”
Characters Weight: 125
Starting Village: Kumokagure
Primary Element/Secondary Element: Lightning/ Water
Character Appearance: Runshi is a natural athlete, muscular but tone. His hair is just below his shoulders, placed into a neat pony tail, a black base, with red streaks throughout. Runshi chooses not to wear his jounin flak jacket; instead he wears an open shirt, with metal shoulder guards, and a thin metal torso guard. His pants are typical loose fitting light knit pants for easy movement, and he wears the common boots.
History: Runshi was almost considered for the ANBU Assassination Black Ops, yet declined the offer until there were more Jounin available to help at the village. At the Chunin level, he was almost only considered for the lesser rank of Special Jounin, for his ability to perform reconnaissance, however, after a secondary look into his skills, he was considered balanced enough in all fields for full Jounin rank. Though Runshi chose to stay behind to help the village when in need of Jounin for training Genin, he is still sent on reconnaissance missions solo from time to time.

Starting Jutsu
Raiton Chart:
Raiton: Seidenki Dageki (Lightning Element: Static Shock)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A technique often used for training more than actual combat. The shinobi is taught the basis of conducting electricity and using chakra to amplify it to the point where it can harm some one. The shinobi rubs his hands together until they produce a normal size static shock and use chakra to increase the strength by a very minute. Upon having their hand come within one foot of an enemy a small but visible bolt of static electricity is released. The bolt isn’t strong enough to actually damage the enemy other than make them yelp but it causes the limb to twitch slightly. Not stun or paralysis them, just make the limb twitch.

Raiton: Yure Ranpu (Lightning Element: Flickering Light)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A very simple technique that is used as a signal flare more than anything. The shinobi causes his body to light up like a blue streak of lightning for up to two posts. The light cannot blind anyone, cannot harm anyone, and the shinobi cannot move while it is on. While the technique is active he can turn the light on and off really fast for morose code or signs.

Raiton: Hibana (Lightning Element: Sparks)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton: Hibana is often used to create small fires than actually hurt someone although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its offensive moments. The shinobi creates a surge of chakra to his index finger and his thumb. Upon snapping them a wave of small sparks is unleashed capable of causing slight burns, starting fires, or blinding an enemy.

Raiton: Raikou Touza (Lightning Element: Lightning Current)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The shinob transfers an electrical current into their weapon or a projectile so that upon the next hit it can cause a slight shock. The real use of this technique is that when someone blocks it with a metallic weapon it travels through their weapon and shocks them anyway.

Raiton: Mahi Dageki (Lightning Element: Paralysis Shock)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The shinobi creates a visible ball of electric energy in the palm of their hands. Upon coming within a foot of their target the ball erupts out into a very visible and very fast beam capable of knocking a shinobi over. If it makes contact the shinobi is stunned for one post and if held out the shinobi is stunned for every post it is held. Neither the enemy or the shinobi holding it can move if it is held out for more than one post. (Can be held out for a max of three posts)

Raiton: Raikou Sen (Lightning Element: Lightning Beam)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The first real offensive technique of this tree. The shinobi concentrates chakra into their fist and releases it in the form of a concentrated blue beam which travels at the speed of a projectile. Anything touched by the beam will suffer a very painful shock and a first degree burn.

Raiton: Raikou Hirate (Lightning Element: Lightning Palm)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The shinobi slams both of his palms into the ground and sends a surge of chakra into it. Once the chakra leaves the body it instantly turns into lightning which travels extremely fast across the ground. When touched by the lightning an enemy will be launched into the air and suffer several painful burns on their feet or legs. Two may be launched at a time and in separate directions if one wishes.

Raiton: Heki (Lightning Element: Burst)
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra: 15,000
Description: An odd technique that can be either defensive or offensive. The shinobi releases a surge of chakra from their hands that extends out to about two feet and spreads up and down covering the entire width and height of the body. Anyone hit by the technique will be caught in a massive shock capable of continuously shocking them for two posts or if used in a defensive manor it can block ninjutsu up to 15k chakra. Obviously a taijutsu user wants to avoid this technique.

Raiton: Kusari Raikou (Lightning Element: Chain Lightning)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A powerful technique that officially marks the devastation of this tree. The shinobi releases a very fast arc of lightning from their hands capable of causing second degree burns to what ever part of the body it hits. After it hits the lightning can either chain off to another body part or a totally new shinobi. It can jump up to three times before dying.
Suiton Chart:
Name: Water Technique Chart
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Any
Special Items: None
Description: Water elemental Ninjutsu

Suiton: Teppou Dama
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A technique which the user projects chakra infused balls of water from the mouth.

Suiton Sujun heki
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A Suiton (water type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja uses already existing water and raises it around them in a circular barrier. Only extremely powerful ninjas can use this technique without available water.

Mizu Shunshin no Jutsu (Not to be used in battle)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another through puddles of water.

Mizu Bushin no Jutsu (Water Clone no Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This Ninjutsu technique uses water as its base for creating the clones. Each clone is one tenth as powerful as the ninja using it and has a limited range it can move away from its creator. Like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), this clone can attack.

Suiton: Kokuu no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A technique that causes oil to rain from the skies. By igniting the oil with a flame, even more damage can be created.

Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A Ninjutsu technique that controls the density of water, creating a heavy area of water that become a bubble-like prison that is inescapable so long as the user maintains their concentration.

Suiton Suikoudan no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:A Suiton (water type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses their chakra through surrounding water and manipulates it into a swirling wall around them, and then directs it at their opponent in the shape of a monstrous shark made of water.

Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Dragon Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A Suiton (water type) Ninjutsu technique using water as its base. The ninja manipulates the water around them into the shape of a large dragon that attacks their opponent as a torrential blast.
Academy Chart
Academy & Village Technique Chart
Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the Academy at the Hidden Cloud Village. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates an illusional clone of the user.

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Henge no Jutsu is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It is a very useful and widely used skill in the series, as it has many uses. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy.

Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Release)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses their chakra and screams "kai" or "release." They can perform it on themselves or on others. It will effectively ward off most Genjutsu, unless extremely powerful or when used in conjunction with an advanced bloodline.

Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By focusing a proper amount of chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on walls and trees.

Kumo Shunshin no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another in a veil of smoke. (Not to be Used in Battle)

Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Water Walking)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By focusing their chakra in a similar manner to the Kinobori technique, the user is able to balance over the surface of water, allowing them to walk and run freely.

Kawarimi no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The Body Substitute skill is a widely used and very famous skill among shinobis. Put simply, the user uses speed to his/her advantage, and grabs an item from the environment and places it on his/her current position while moving out of the way.

20x Kunai
10x Shuriken
2x Short Swords
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