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Jiyuu Reborn > Kumogakure > The Meet 'n' Greet

Posted by: Haraki Jul 31 2011, 07:01 AM
((OOC: This meet 'n' greet is going to take place before the events of team creation, in fact it can even be seen as a flashback for our characters to remember in their teams. Remember, your characters haven't been divided into teams, so they don't know or recall anything that may have happened in previous posts))

Yomako shuffled into the large open field just outside of Kumogakure's gates. Clouds drug themselves across the ground, creating a foggy realm for Yomako to disappear into. He stifled a yawn, stretching his arms high above his head. Heh, it seems quiet..This might be a perfect place to take a nap...There is time before team assignments...

He drags his feet, creating clouds of dust behind him, forming a trail to a large rock. Yomako presses his back toward the cool rock, the fog lifting enough that he can catch the silhouette of the gates he had just left. He closes his eyes, his hands resting on his head as he takes a relaxing inhale of the cool air around him. His hair casually falling into his eyes, his ears twitch as they take in just the little things that are disrupting his well requested silence.

I wonder what everyone else is going to do while they wait?...

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