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Title: Shamless (and free) Advertising

Haraki - April 5, 2011 07:57 PM (GMT)
We hope that you're having fun on Jiyuu Reborn, everyone is still right that at character creation, and that's fine, take your time to get your character the way you want it!

I want to casually toss in there, that if you like the site and (or) you like what it stands for, and you frequent other sites anime or naruto based preferably. Then here is a free banner for you that you can just put in your signature and have everyone go "Hey that's a sweet signature"

Now this banner doesn't have a link on it, so you'll need to post one of those as well, but here's the banner for use if you want it!

and here's what the banner looks like!:
user posted image

So feel free to slap that into any signature you have, and bring as many of your friends over to engage in the Naruto world!

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