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Title: Character Creation Template
Description: Use this when creating a character!

Mazrith - March 29, 2011 03:26 AM (GMT)
Character Name: Name of your Shinobi, No Characters from the Actual Series
Rank Genin
Character Age: Age of your character (12-14)
Character Height How tall is he/she
Characters Weight: Character body size
Starting Village ( Hidden Cloud)
Primary Element/Secondary Element Main (Secondary will be decided on attaining Jounin Rank.)
Character Appearance: How your character looks on a regular basis. (A picture is fine too)

History: The History of your Character.(As much as you want, just make sure to have a decent one)

Starting Jutsu
Post your main tree and the Jutsu you currently know from it. Then you are also given a tree that is considered the Acedemy tree. Every village has one and so depending on your village you get that villages Acedemy tree as well. Known Jutsu will be approved by one of the Adminís before it is considered true. Keep it realistic, you are just a Genin.

Animal Companion: (yes/no)
Animal Name: Name of your Animal
Animal Species: Type of Animal(Dog,cat, bird)
Animal description: How your animal looks.

Extra: Any thing Extra you would like to include: (Example:Image)

Your Character will start off with 10 shruiken and 5 kunai as weapons, but he can use his/her money to buy new ones. If you choose a weapon taijutsu tree, your character may begin with the weapon that corresponds with the tree.

Starting Yen:

Genin -- 500Y

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