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Title: General Rules

Mazrith - March 29, 2011 03:22 AM (GMT)
General Rules
-No spamming- Most of you should know what spamming is, you get it in email and sometimes on chat servers. Please keep that off of this board.

-Cursing limit- Okay, we all like to add some spizas to our role-playing, but for the love of god, keep the cursing to a minimum. Don't put an argument with your character where he/she goes. "**** you, you dumb @$$ ****!" you know just keep it respectful, there may be kids under 12 on this forum @_@;

-Grammar- in role-plays please use proper grammar and spelling (to the best of your ability), in general topics youíre free to talk how you want but we would love to have the role-plays make sense.

Mission Rules

-Perfect- We know that you may you want to do everything perfectly, but does life ever go perfectly? NO! You have to be realistic. Get hurt a little, trip and fall, have a rabid dog chase after you, but make it interesting.

-Checking- I know how it feels if you get a mission done and you really want it to be checked but no one does it. If this happens report the mission to me and I will check it for you.

Free Role Playing

-What is it?- Itís basically role-playing a story you already have set. You can do it alone or with everyone. But you can only do it if youíre in the village. If you want to switch villages make a topic and the Kage will allow or tell you to leave.

-God Moding- Just like the first rule, donít do it. Only use jutsu you have and you canít have unlimited chakra. Just act like itís the show. Be reasonable and as realistic as you can in this kind of situation.


-Refrain from- Please if you see something interesting in someone elseís topic in registration and you want to post in it... DON'T! Send them a PM or a message over aim but don't spam the topic. Doing so will result in a warning and your post being deleted - thanks.

-Canon characters- First of all, Most of the canon characters do not exist at this RP. If you don't know what that means here you go. Canon Characters are characters from the actual manga and show. None of those exist at this RP.

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