Forum rules
The following are a list of things which are not permitted on the 53rd forums:

- posting of email addresses

- posting of IP addressees

- posting of another members details, personal or otherwise

- using another members facilities without explicit permission (eg. teamspeak etc.)

- flaming

- spamming, which includes but is not limited too, double or triple posts (or more), new threads on topics already discussed or for items which are irrelevant and posting html code.

- swearing/other profanities.

- 'leet speak'

- excessive use of slang or short hand

- abusing forum privileges, ie excessive PM's to other members, or emailing spam from the boards.

- posting images which are unsuitable for anyone under the age of 16 (nudity, violence etc).

- posting "hear say", ie. gossip about anything (especially games) without linking or accrediting the original source.

- support of illegal activities, which includes but is not limited to, racism, homophobia, piracy and drug use.

- accounts which are made purely to view the forums. I.e you sign up to have full access and do not post. Any inactive non-posting account will be removed after 21 days.

- using any 53rd resources to recruit for another group for any other game will result in an immediate ban.

- If in doubt about whether a post should be made publicly or not you should consult a member of Command Staff.

Posts, topics and posting privileges may be removed at any time should moderators feel it appropriate. This may also lead to a suspension from operating with the group, and if serious or repeat violations occur, you will be dismissed.

Moderator preview may be imposed on some members as a way of regulating forum content until that member fully understands our rules.


These boards are provided by invision free, and as such we are bound by the terms and conditions set by them. Posts which breach these may cause us to lose the forums, and as such, any attempt to puposefully break these rules will be dealt with accordingly.
A full list of Invisions rules can be found here:

These rules are in place to protect our forums and our members and may be added to or changed at any time.

Last updated 01/10/14

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