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Title: late night shopping is fab!

paulwj - May 25, 2006 12:38 PM (GMT)
last night we had a disturbance in the street and I couldn't get back to sleep so at 3.45 I went to asda to do my weekly shop!

no one else in the shop so did all the normal isles and went through the cash till I think its a near record - this week i did my weekly shop in 14mins :D

not bad in shop at 3.45am out at 3.59am can cope with that more often but even better dont wake me up in the night lol

Eddy - May 25, 2006 12:41 PM (GMT)
Yes, but is that a full week's shopping? :)

paulwj - May 25, 2006 12:44 PM (GMT)
yes Eddy I bought everything I normally buy for a week - thats why I call it a weekly shop lol :D :rolleyes:

Eddy - May 25, 2006 12:47 PM (GMT)
14 minutes?

All I can say is well done. It normally takes me 2 hours on a Sat during the day. Very occasionally I shop at midnight, when it is pretty quiet. It still takes close to an hour and a half.

paulwj - May 25, 2006 12:49 PM (GMT)
OMG Eddy you need lessons lol I must say in my local shop the longest part is the cash out but when i was ready they opened a till for me so that only took seconds as well

WhiteLady - May 25, 2006 02:05 PM (GMT)
Jeez I hate shopping, only have to go once in a blue moon thank goodness, and I end up pushing people out of my way! :innocent: Sounds like I'll have to go in the middle of the night then! :D

grimfandango - May 25, 2006 02:09 PM (GMT)
I find Sunday morning is a good time too :) I try to get to tesco a couple of minutes after they open at 10.
Most of the time it's pretty empty, takes about half an hour to do the weekly shop.

brenda - May 25, 2006 09:19 PM (GMT)
I would hate to go shopping at night i would worry getting in and out of the car but i must emit i shop for a month i dislike shopping at the best of times

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