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Title: more on Poirot!

paulwj - January 7, 2009 10:25 PM (GMT)
From sky news there are to be 4 new episodes to be filmed this year (2009) and David hopes to also film the remaining 6 episodes as well no hint as to which ones he is doing this year yet but still good news!

Eddy - January 7, 2009 11:00 PM (GMT)
Paul, thanks for the good news.

Poirot is perhaps my favourite TV series at present. Keep them coming.

paulwj - January 8, 2009 01:11 AM (GMT)
more news!

Poirot actor David Suchet has been given freedom of the City of London.

The 62-year-old took the honour at the Guildhall in London alongside his wife Sheila.

The honour, which dates back to the 13th century, means the couple can now drive sheep over London Bridge and can carry a naked sword in public, and the actor joked the he will do both next New Year's Eve.

"We are absolutely thrilled to bits. What is wonderful is that I feel part of a 13th century City of London tradition. Being a Londoner, born in Paddington, I'm just so proud and it makes me feel that I really belong," he said.

The actor had to promise he would live an honourable life and would warn the mayor of any impending disasters, at the ceremony.

He plays an American lawyer in the Kevin Spacey-directed play Complicit, which opens at the Old Vic.

"Fingers crossed, it's a new play about the freedom of the press, and it is very exciting. Kevin is just brilliant, partly because he is an actor himself and he knows how actors work," he said.

Mr Suchet is reviving his most famous role, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, in March, and revealed that he is desperate to see the character through to his conclusion.

"We are filming four episodes this year, which will leave six more to do and that will be the complete works. He doesn't exist after that," he said.

"I feel two emotions, great sadness to leave him, and 700 million people watch it throughout the world, but also terrific joy if I am given the opportunity to do the complete works. It really depends if the money is there because they might not have the funding."

Poirot news

I just know that they will find the funding for this show :)

Eddy - January 8, 2009 06:44 AM (GMT)
700 million people watching across the world is very impressive.

With that sort of audience, it must make good commercial sense to find the finance to produce the series to the end.

grimfandango - January 8, 2009 08:51 AM (GMT)
Excellent news, Poirot is one of the best series ever, perhaps even the best detective series of all time.

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