How does the baby story effect your carjax love?
I still love them

It kind of take the enjoyment in C&J for the moment

I hate it and want the story over

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 Big Fan Art Request Challenge
Posted by soapgirltamfan - 05-14-10 23:12 - 0 comments
ok I know everyone must hate AMC Greenlee and David Hayward but if you do this you are able to do any thing you set your mind to and I will owe you big time.

The only reason I cant do this is because I don't have a fan art maker so more
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 A Banner Request
Posted by General_Hospital_Fan - 03-22-08 03:03 - 1 comments
I was wondering if anyone could make me a Jax and Carly banner that says Jax and Carly Fan...I would really appericate it so much.
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 I need help on getting myself a banner and an avi
Posted by LIngoCarJaxfan07 - 04-28-07 19:55 - 0 comments
Hey guys, I need someone to help me with getting a CarJax banner and avatar.

Uh, the banner that I want is the CarJax wedding header and I would like to have the pic of Laura and Ingo as my avatar. The pic is the one that is before more
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 Can anyone make me a avatar of CarJax
Posted by LingoRockCarJax - 04-26-07 18:19 - 0 comments
Recent pics or wedding pics and it doesn't matter if it says anything
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 CarJax Set Plz
Posted by soapgirltamfan - 01-12-07 22:21 - 0 comments
I need a CarJax Banner & Advi
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 Jessica's Banners and Avatars Reques thread
Posted by GQ4ever14 - 11-5-06 00:26 - 3 comments
hi every one im Jessica i will be takeing request just post the here or at my banner site biggrin.gif . I wanted a new avatar of Carjax and their latest kisses and a b more
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 Banners and Avatars
Posted by krystal - 08-24-06 21:35 - 33 comments
Snaggable just credit to perrylynn or Krystal.

Carly and Lulu Banners

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 New Banner
Posted by CLLover - 08-24-06 03:09 - 2 comments
I need a new one that changes from CarJax to CarLu... with the same wording as I have on my present banners. I just want all my stuff to fit and right now that ain't happening. If this has to be moved, that's cool but I didn't know where more
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