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 Thursday, February 3rd
Posted: Feb 3 2011, 11:13 PM

LIngo fan 4 life

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Sonny drops by the penthouse to take Brenda to the house in the woods. She tells him about Carly's threats and then goes upstairs to pack. Jason tells Sonny Carly isn't the problem, Siobhan is. Jason catches him up, but Sonny still thinks Carly is a problem. Brenda returns and Sonny says the wedding will proceed as it should. They leave as Jason just shakes his head.

After Lucky regains consciousness in the church, he hears Siobhan scream. He finds her in the confessional with tape over her mouth. He frees her and they take off.

Lucky brings Siobhan to Sonny's office at the restaurant. She tells him the Balkan knew he followed her and he threatened her sister. He thinks the Balkan still needs Siobhan or else he would have killed her. Lucky also thinks the Balkan could think that he followed her on his own, so he doesn't know they are working together. Lucky wants to keep it that way. Jason walks in and Lucky fills him in. Lucky says Siobhan will continue to work at Jake's and he'll take it from there. After Siobhan leaves, Jason continues to express doubt about her involvement with the Balkan. He wants Lucky to be objective. Lucky tells Jason not to tell him anything more about Brenda or the wedding and he'll handle things on his own from now on.

Shawn walks into Jake's and sees Siobhan. He asks if she wants to talk about her time with the Balkan. She walks away from him and into Lucky, who arrests her, as Shawn watches.

Sonny brings Brenda to the house in the woods. She worries Carly will say something to turn him against her, but he assures Brenda nothing she has done could accomplish that. Now that he's finally got her back, he won't let her go. Later, asleep in bed, Sonny has another nightmare about his and Brenda's wedding.

Sam stops by to see Abby at the hospital. She offers to take her home, but Michael says he wants to do that. Abby accepts Michael's offer and then he leaves to take care of a few things. Outside Abby's room, Michael makes a call to book a room. Meanwhile, Sam commiserates with Abby about abusive boyfriends.

Maxie drags Lulu into Jake's wondering why she and Dante didnít reconcile the other night. Maxie doesnít think she should give up on him just yet. Lulu leaves to talk to Dante about their relationship.

Carly lowers the gun she has aimed at Dante in his loft. As much as she'd like to shoot him, she knows Michael cares about him. She tells him to remember he is the man who sent Michael to prison where he was raped. He calls it the worst decision he ever made, but he won't stop doing right by his brother. Carly just wants him to hurt as much as Michael is hurting. She promises he will. Michael walks in as Carly continues to berate Dante. Michael wonders what's going on and Carly snows him with a story about asking for Dante's help with him going to therapy. She beams a fake, yet menacing, smile at Dante, thanks him and leaves. Dante tells Michael about the murder he covered up with Brenda. He blames himself for not doing the same for Michael and turning him in, which resulted in his going to prison and getting raped. Dante doesn't know how to express how sorry he is. Michael says they've all handled things poorly, but it's too late to make him hate him. Michael leaves and Lulu comes by, saying Maxie keeps encouraging her to take him back. He says the last thing she wants is to be with him because he's a liar and a hypocrite and he's done everything wrong so far.

Carly hightails it over to the restaurant to find out where Sonny is. Max alludes to the fact that the boss is with Brenda in their house in the woods, so she shouldn't interrupt them. Carly tells him Sonny will want to hear what she has to say.

After Michael picks Abby up from the hospital, he brings her to a Metro Court hotel room. He assures her there's security and a spa she can use. He also says it's free so she doesn't need to worry about paying for it. She is floored and thanks him for his generosity. She kisses him on the cheek. He gets uncomfortable and makes an abrupt exit.

Lisa sees Robin and Patrick acting cozy and happy as they get on the elevator. She tells Terrell he needs to get a move on with Robin because Patrick can never get back together with her. Steve hears them and questions Lisa, who covers. Steve warns them to stop fighting in front of everyone. Steve asks Epiphany her thoughts on Terrell. She says glowing things, but Steve wonders why a guy with such great credentials would transfer from a major metropolitan hospital to upstate New York on such short notice. Meanwhile, Terrell reminds Lisa he won't go along with her crazy antics. He says he's heard things about her and he thinks she hasn't been straight with him. He will only give her the benefit of the doubt for so long. Later, Lisa consults with Patrick on a case, as Terrell asks Robin about health clubs. She wonders if he's making up reason to talk her. He retorts, what if he were? She giggles as she says it's making her husband grumpy. Patrick then asks Robin to spend Valentine's Day together with Emma, as Epiphany gives Terrell some info on HIV patient transfers. Robin walks over to consult with Terrell, as Steve orders Epiphany to find out who authorized the transfers. Lisa smirks in the background.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Sonny about Michael.

Lucky wants to go to Ireland.

Maxie thinks Sam might be pregnant.
Posted: Feb 4 2011, 04:19 AM

LIngo fan 4 life

Group: Active Member
Posts: 2,275
Member No.: 1,751
Joined: 28-April 07

~CarJax flashbacks~

Carly scenes on 2-3-2006 but no screencaps

No Carly scenes on 2-3-2007
No CarJax scenes on 2-3-2008
No CarJax scenes on 2-3-2009

CarJax scenes on 2-3-2010:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Posted: Feb 4 2011, 06:01 AM

Castle and Beckett are so pretty!

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Just pimping the campaign in here again.

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