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 Friday, January 21st
Posted: Jan 22 2011, 03:05 AM

LIngo fan 4 life

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Robin is thanking Terrell for his volunteer efforts at the Stone Cates AIDS wing. Their exchange turns into a mutual admiration society and over at the nurses’ desk Lisa doesn’t hesitate to point it out to Patrick. He says that her plan won’t work because he’s not jealous of the new pediatrician. Later, Patrick asks Matt why everyone is so crazy about Terrell. Matt commiserates over the fact that women melt over doctors who work with kids.

Liz has stopped out at Wyndemere to tell Nikolas that Aiden has an ear infection. He thanks her, but Brook Lynn interrupts and points out that Liz conveniently ruined their date with her so-called news. Nikolas agrees to go with Liz to the pediatrician and Brook Lynn agrees that Aiden comes first, but points out that Liz is using the situation. In the end, Brook Lynn is left home alone.

Molly is out at Sonny’s house interviewing him for a school project. As she questions him about his bipolar disorder he asks if this is truly a project or does she have something she’d like to ask him. She explains that she chose the topic because she’s concerned that bipolar disorder runs in families. He assures her that there is help for the problem and if anyone in their family does have it he would, of course, do all he could to help.

Claire goes to the Metro Court to give Carly some papers to look over regarding Sonny and his children. When Carly puts two and two together and realizes that she is now part of Sonny’s legal team, Claire gets defensive. Carly interrupts her and announces that she has positioned herself perfectly to pick up the pieces after Sonny’s breakup with Brenda. After Claire has left, Diane brings Carly the paperwork that she was looking for. She has found authentic records that prove that Dante gave up all parental rights to Brenda’s child. Carly can’t wait to show them to Sonny. Diane urges her to do so post haste, but Carly announces her plan to do it at the wedding where it will expose Dante and Brenda the most.

Lucky shows up at Jake’s to talk to Siobhan, but she offers him only a soda and a warning that Coleman doesn’t like her to chat on the job. He points out that with the Balkan still out there she is in danger. She tells him that she’s been taking care of herself her whole life. Lucky reluctantly sits at the bar alone but notices when she gets a text and leaves suddenly. Dante shows up and bellies up at the bar next to Lucky. He tells him that Lulu found out about him covering up for Brenda and broke up with him for all his lies. Lucky offers to talk to his sister, but Dante says it’s up to him to figure out. Under the heading of ‘misery loves company’ Lucky informs him that Siobhan broke up with him, too. He expresses his concern over everyone’s safety with regards to the Balkan. He encourages Dante to try to win Lulu back because he loves her, but also because he’s concerned for her safety.

Lulu is trying like crazy to bury herself into her work over at Crimson, but Maxie can see right through her. She suggests that Lulu follow Sam’s example and try to think of Brenda as merely a temporary problem. Lulu agrees that Dante probably loves her but he’s not been honest with her. Maxie chalks it up to a hero complex and claims that Dante isn’t the only man who’s walking around with one. Just then Brenda shows up and asks to speak with Lulu. Maxie gives them some privacy. Brenda tells Lulu that Dante would never do anything to hurt her. "I hope you don’t punish him for protecting me," she tells Lulu.

Sonny has called Claire over to his office to help with a legal problem. Claire tells him that Diane would probably rather be the point of contact for him, but he assures her that he has already run it by Diane. He asks her if she would consider representing Dante and Brenda in their wrongful death case. Claire doesn’t see why Theo Hoffman isn’t enough. Sonny persists in asserting that they really need her help. She says that she’ll take the case and he should consider it a wedding present. Brenda arrives and Sonny tells her that Claire will be working on her legal team now.

Over at GH, Terrell tells Nikolas and Liz that Aiden will be fine. He adds that the little guy is cutting a tooth and will likely be fussy. Liz says that she doesn’t sleep anyway with three boys and a job. She explains to Nikolas that she doesn’t want him to miss anything with his son and then invites him to come tuck Aiden in tonight. As it turns out, the baby falls asleep on the car ride home so Nikolas simply drops them off.

After Nikolas has returned to Wyndemere, he apologizes to Brook Lynn. He agrees that she may have been right about Elizabeth using the baby to get to him.

Siobhan meets the Balkan’s partner on the waterfront. He gives her a phone so that she can talk to her sister. Her sister begs her to do as they say or she’ll be killed. Before she can say goodbye, the guy grabs the phone and they struggle over it. Lucky appears out of nowhere. As Lucky tries to get to the guy, Siobhan interferes so he can get away. Lucky asks why in the world she would do that?

Matt has somehow convinced Patrick to go to Jake’s after work. As Matt’s attempting to give him a pep talk, the sound of Robin laughing catches their attention. They turn to see her and Terrell shooting darts together.

"I know what that is…and I’m telling you right now not to use it," Dante tells Carly as he approaches her and her paperwork at the Metro Court Bar.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu cannot forgive Dante for his lies.

Brandon gets aggressive with Abby.

Michael and Kristina discuss the aftermath of the bus accident.
Posted: Jan 22 2011, 04:28 AM

LIngo fan 4 life

Group: Active Member
Posts: 2,275
Member No.: 1,751
Joined: 28-April 07

~CarJax flashbacks~

No CarJax scenes on 1-21-2006
No Carly scenes on 1-21-2007
No CarJax scenes on 1-21-2008

Carly scenes on 1-21-2009:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

CarJax scenes on 1-21-2010:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
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