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King of the unknown - August 21, 2011 04:31 PM (GMT)

Neni overload?

Note: all character's are of mature age in this fan fiction on account that Zuellni is a college city, and they all are capable of getting jobs in the city. Also this Fan Fiction contains fat women. If you are not into this kind of thing, please hit the back button now. Otherwise, no one wants to hear your flames. If you do not take the time to read this warning and post negatively anyway, then expect to be flamed.

Felli was on her way to the training field to meet up with her team for their daily training. After finally getting The Fallen One out of their platoon leader, Nina Antalk, and saved Zuellni from the Contaminoid known as Dying Slave, the 17th Platoon was finally able to return to normal life in Zuellni, or at least thats what they thought. Lately, Several women in Zuellni have been buying a product known as "Neni Graft" which is suppose to allow people to temporerily gain the abbilities of a Neni opperator, have unexpectidly gained weight. No one knows who made Neni Graft or where it comes from, so no one can complain. Mifi Rotten, an aspiring journalist in Zuellni who works at the Weekly Lookin newspaper, was doing a report on the people who used Neni Graft and their sudden weight gain. She approched Felli and looked at her curiously.

Mifi: wow Felli, can you believe how many people are trying to become Neni Opperators? How dumb can a person get.

Felli just looked at Mifi in her usual uncaring appearance. The reason for this is because due to her Neni. Like most Neni Opperators, Felli receives a great influx of information in her brain, and her mind is unable to handle the strain of responding to every bit of information. Because of this, she has a hard time making common facial expressions, such as smiling. and showing afffection. This often creates awkward moments between her friends and team mates, but still, she has been able to show emotions several times in the past, but it's so rare that a picture of her smile would actually be worth money.

Felli: you've also been using the Neni Graft hasn't you?

Mifi panicked as if someone found her diary.

Mifi: D-dont be ridiculous! I did no such thing!

Felli: then why are you fatter then normal?

Mifi paused and blushed. It was true, the once slim reporter had fattened up quite a bit. Her breasts had gone up three cup sizes, making the top of her uniform open and revealing her frilly white bra. Her belly had grown quite a bit into a soft snuggly mound of flesh. Her hips and thighs had widened as well, Threatening to rip her skirt clean in half. Her arms and legs had fattened up quite a bit as well. Her cheeks had also chubbed out, but not to the point of creating a double chin. Mifi sighed.

Mifi: ok, yeah, I used it, but only to see if the product really worked. It soooo wasn't worth ruining my figure though. Those Neni powers gave me such a migrain that I was nearly bed ridden, and the range I could use them was terrible. But you know, maybe they're meant to only be used by people who are use to that sort of thing. Yeah, I bet when used by a Neni opperator, it allows them to have a normal brain while allowing them to continue using their Neni.

Felli thought about this for a moment. This would be very beneficial to her if Mifi was right. Plus it might also help Felli finally win Layfon's heart, even though Layfon already has a girlfriend. So after the 17th Platoon had finished training, Felli went into town and bought some Neni Graft. The Neni graft looked alot like a cold patch. She put one on her arm and her body began to tingle. She pulled her DITE out and took a deep breath.

Felli: restoration.

Her DITE turned into its wand form and Felli's silver hair began to glow pink. However, the petal like templates on her wand flew off the wand and started to circle Felli while glowing pink. Felli had no control over what was happening and she was getting a splitting headache.

Felli: too... much... Neni... Can't... control... it...

Felli's stomach began to gurgle and soon Felli started to expand. If Felli could show emotions properly, she would have been screaming and panicing. Her body started to grow fatter by the second. Immediately, her Military arts uniform started to rip apart and soon revealed her growing body to the world. Her Silver colored bra and panties stretched, hoping to contain her fat body. Felli ran to her home as quickly as she could. She made it without being seen and thankfully, her brother wasn't home. Felli's body continued to grow. SNAP SNAP! Felli's bra and panties broke, leaving the once slim Neni opperator as fat as Mifi. Actually, if anything, Felli was just a little bit bigger then Mifi. Felli blushed as she went upstairs and stepped on the scale. She was a whooping 378lbs.

Felli: well... this will be a first. Sorry Nina, can't make it to training due to massive weight gain.

To be Continued? Hmm... maybe.

King of the unknown - August 25, 2011 06:48 PM (GMT)

going too far.

Note: all character's are of mature age in this fan fiction on account that Zuellni is a college city, and they all are capable of getting jobs in the city. Also this Fan Fiction contains fat women. If you are not into this kind of thing, please hit the back button now. Otherwise, no one wants to hear your flames. If you do not take the time to read this warning and post negatively anyway, then expect to be flamed.

It had been a few days since Felli had used the Neni Graft. She was still very fat, but her brother arranged for a new uniform to be made for her. Interestingly, Felli had become much stronger thanks to the Neni Graft. Infact, her brother, the Student Council President, tried to get Felli to use more of them, only to get Felli's infamous kick to the shin. Nina was jealous now. Layfon was always stronger then her, that she was use to. Though Nina was annoyed that Felli, who was already very powerful, was now even stronger thanks to the Neni Graft. Nina walked home one day after training and saw Shante, a member of the 5th Platoon, heading out somewhere. Curious, Nina followed the very short but very fast girl. It was easy to follow her since she was the only person in Zuellni to wear Cat Ears and a cat Tail (though Nina sometimes wondered if maybe they were attached to her, considering she has never seen Shante without them.) Nina eventually ended up at what looked like the back entrance to a resturant. Shante showed a card to the muscular man standing guard and the man opened the door for Shante. Felli, having her curiosity peaked, jumped onto the roof and then pulled out her twin Black DITE's.

Nina: Restoration.

Nina's DITE transformed into twin Iron Whips. Nina jumped down behind the Guard and knocked him out. Nina then opened the door and walked inside, making sure not to be seen. Shante went into a room and Nina peeked inside. Shante was talking to a person in a black cloak.

Shante: You said that if Felli used the Neni Graft, then she'd become too weak to be useful to the 17th Platoon anymore, but it did the exact opposite! It made her stronger! Now it'll be even harder for me to beat Layfon!

???: *voice sounds robotic* A simple miscalculation on my part, I appologize.

Shante: I payed good money for those Neni Grafts, do you know how hard it was to get the other students to buy it to make it look convincing?! You better have a way to fix this, or I'll tell everyone who's making the Neni Grafts!

???: patience. I have a solution to your problem. *grabs a belt containing several vials of an odd pink goo.* Here you go, these will make you strong enough to beat Layfon Alseif.

Shante looks at the vials curiously. She didn't trust the robed figure, but if what he/she says is true, she could finally see her captain, Gormeo Luckens, smile.

Shante: hmm... and you're sure this will work?

???: of course, I have tested it on several Military Artists, each yeilding great results. Just drink one of these once a day for 3 days and your Kei power will become much stronger.

Shante: Three Days?! I need those results now!

???: please have paitence, we haven't tested what would happen if you took more then one a day. You wouldn't want to end up with a second head now would you?

Shante hisses at the robed figure like an angry cat before taking the belt.

Shante: fine. I'll do things your way. But this had better work.

???: excellent. That will be 7,691.92 yen.

Shante: What?! Do I look like I'm made of money?!

???: funny, I assumed all Military Artists would have plenty of Money, especially with how many Neni Grafts you sold.

Shante sighed angrily and gave the figure the money. She then put the belt around her waist and left. Nina had hidden herself well and followed Shante out. Shante could tell someone was following her and wasn't really happy about it, so she pulled out her DITE.

Shante: Restoration.

Shante's DITE turned into a spear and she held it in her hands.

Shante: Come on out and face me coward!

Shante looked around, her amber colored eyes glowed in the dim lit street. Nina tried to stay hidden and leave, but accidentally stepped on a branch, alerting Shante to where she was.

Nina: Shit!

Shante: Found you!

Shante jumped and tried to Stab Nina with her spear, but the blonde Platoon Captain jumped away from the attack just in time. Nina quickly pulled her DITE out..

Nina: Restoration!

Nina's DITE turned into Iron Whips again and Shante recognized her.

Shante: hey... you're Nina, the 17th Platoon's captain! You're friends with Layfon!

Nina: why are you doing this Shante? Didn't Gormeo already tell you he doesn't want Layfon dead?

Shante: Oh, I'm not going to kill Layfon, I'm just going to kick the crap out of him until he begs for Mercy, or until he can never fight again, which ever comes first.

Nina: but why did you trick Felli into using the Neni Graft? Do you hate the whole 17th Platoon just because we're Layfon's friends?

Shante: oh no, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the 17th Platoon aside from the fact you let someone like Layfon join your team. I only did that to Felli because of personal reasons. Even if she's much stronger now, it's still funny to see that girl is going to need Extra large panties for the rest of her life. But I can't just let you leave now that you know my plans. Nothing personal, but I have the kick the crap out of you so you can't warn Layfon!

Shante Jumps and tries to stab Nina again. Nina side steps the spear and it gets stabbed into the pavement, showing just how strong Shante was. Shante twirled on the pole and tried to kick the side of Nina's head, but she blocked the kick with her iron whips. Shante hissed before letting go of her spear and grabbing Nina's Whip with her hand and trying to kick Nina again, but this time Nina cought Shante and threw her into a tree hard. Shante's belt fell off and she rubbed the back of her head. She looked angrily at Nina.

Shante: Damn it! You're alot stronger then I remember.

Nina: Well I've been practicing just like you.

Shante hissed and looked at the belt. there were originally 12 vials in the belt, but most of them had broke from the fight, only 6 of the vial's were left. Nina looked at the belt and both girls jumped for it. Both girls grab the belt at the same time, but Shante grabs three of the vials and lets go of the belt. She jumps back and laughs.

Shante: Lets see just how strong these will make me.

Nina: Shante no! You heard what could happen if you drink all three at once!

Shante: it's a small price I'm willing to pay!

Shante pops the tops off the vials and drinks the contents of all three at once. She then throws the empty vials to the ground and wipes her mouth clean. Her body became covered in an aura of orange Kei.

Shante: hehe, ready for round two?

Shante put her hands together and shot a fire ball at Nina, who managed to jump out of the way of the surprisingly large fire ball.

Nina: Crap, her Kei levels really sky rocketed. I'll never be able to beat her like this.

Nina then remembered that Shante only drank three of the vials. Nina still had the other three. It was dangerous, but by drinking the other three, Nina could even the playing field and minimize the damage done by their fight. Nina pulled the vials out of the belt and popped the tops off, drinking the contents and throwing the vials to the ground. Nina's body became covered in a blue Kei aura.

Nina: now, lets try this again.

Shante hisses and grabs her spear. She swings it and sends a wave of fire at Nina, who blows it away by swinging her iron whips. She then sends two waves of blue Kei at Shante using her whips and the attack managed to Knock Shante away, causing her orange aura to disapper. Shante staggered to her feet and started to moan, she dropped her spear and clutched her stomach, which was making a loud gurgling sound. Nina was confused by what was going on, but then she moaned, her stomach in the same state as Shante's. Shante screamed when she started to fatten up.

Shante: Crap crap crap crap! This can't be happening!

Shante's black Jacket broke open and her clothes tore apart, revealing her black bra and panties, which turned out to be where the cat tail was connected to. Nina's fattening body tore her uniform to shreds, her white panties and bra completely exposed. In the end, both girls were in the same state that Felli was in, except their underware managed to stay in tact. Shante looked at Nina and cracked up laughing.

Shante: hahaha, damn girl, you should lay off the Bento!

Nina blushed and looked angrily at Shante.

Nina: you're one to talk you fat cat!

Shante: hey, I may be fat, but at least I can laugh about it!

Both girls end up laughing and helping each other home without being seen.

To be continued? maybe.

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