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 Character Possibilities, [Must Read]
[I&E] Admin
Posted: Aug 1 2006, 10:51 AM

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Character Possibilities
There are a few different kinds of characters available here at Infamy and Entropy- to make life much easier on you, Iím here to give you a quick run through of your possibilities. :]


Hogwarts- Hogwarts is the oldest school and member group here on I&E, and that's reflected in the numbers. Though it is the largest school in terms of numbers, it's roleplaying space is equal to the three other schools. It consists of three houses: Slytherin and Ravenclaw from the pre-Volderian Era, Archinin added in replacement of the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses; it is the house of the most cunning of all. Chancellor McCarthy approved the Hogwarts education as one mostly of general education and administration. The respective house colors are as follows: [Slytherin] [Ravenclaw] [Archinin] [Three Houses, Coed (Archinin is still male only)]

Beauxbatons- Beauxbatons is a finishing school located in the center of Paris; once a war-torn city now being rebuilt as a result of the occupation. Its purpose is to breed perfect members of society- the elites. It is essentially the private school of Europe. With so many students stuck in a city under construction, undoubtedly there are possibilities for students to get into trouble. [No Houses, Coed]

Durmstrang- This school is anything but ordinary- it serves as the center of attention in Bulgaria. The students train hard during the day with many physical activities and dueling practice. These are the Crabbes and Goyles of Death Eaters - essentially the military forces of the government in training. These are the fighters, the meat and potatoes of the youth. In their down time they tend to sneak out to the city limits to hang out in the pubs or sneak into radical Death Eater hide outs. They have a very unique and interesting country space in which to role play. [No Houses, Coed]

Maltalvia- Maltalvia Academy of Magic has had a tumultuous history. Built in the former Italian Ministry of Magic, Maltalvia evokes a sense of officialdom, but over the years has developed into anything but. With it's almost three year stint in the hands of the Italian Resistance, Maltalvia took on some very liberal arts-esque qualities. Now, under Chancellor McCarthy's government, Maltalvia is the place to go for a more liberal education. The school itself has some very unique features such as the lift and the mystery rooms. It is also the only school in Europe to offer an education for Muggles. [No Houses, Coed]


Resistance allegiances vary in degree; characters with their respective resistances as their member group consider the resistance their primary employment but often have "real" jobs as well. Occupation Era resistances focus on opposing the government forced upon them and are often composed of very diverse people (some even ex-Death Eaters).

English Resistance - The English Resistance has shrunken significantly since the occupation began. Once one of the most united resistances, it became divided over the issue of Chancellor McCarthy. Many members felt that the Chancellor was an improvement from their former situation and a chance to work within a nominally democratic system. Those that remain feel that the occupation brought no change to their situation and they are still fighting for the same freedom and equality they were before the war. The group usually meets somewhere in Entropine, trying to avoid detection by Death Eaters. They've had to change many protocols as some of their former allies have become Death Eaters under the new government. Most English Resistance members are Hogwarts graduates, though some foreign students tend to migrate to the English Resistance, for reasons unknown to many.

French Resistance - The French Resistance, much like its English counterparts, experienced the loss of much of its member base when the occupation began. Faced with the possibility of a rebuilt city and tentative peace in the area, many tired French Resistance members took the opportunity to try to make the new system work. With so much fighting all the time, some has to stop eventually. Those remaining with the resistance have moved their entire base of operations into the catacombs to avoid the reconstruction. Their lives are anything but average. Danger lurks everywhere. Often times these are graduated Beauxbatons students that were members of the resistance at the school. Willing to do anything for their cause, the French Resistance members are often the most dedicated of all the resistance members; after all, they have given up the most to be a part of it. The French Resistance also saw some of the biggest influxes of ex Death Eaters that had defected form the new government, not agreeing with its ways.

Italian Resistance - What's success worth without the taste of failure? The Italian Resistance was confined the Vatican City for over 100 years, broke free and took over all of Italy, only to be pushed back into their city walls three years later by American forces during the war. The Italian Resistance seemed to oppose the occupation before it even began; very few members chose to join the new government to test their abilities to effect change. It is by far the strongest and most productive Resistance. During the weekends, students from Maltalvia will often sneak over to have meetings and plan with the Resistance members.

Adults and Employment:

Adult - Adults at I&E are characters that have graduated from school and are not employed by the government (Death Eater, Ministry Worker, etc.) and have declared no resistance allegiance.They aren't necessarily confined to being of 'neutral' allegiance, though many are. Often times these are people who work at shops in cities.

Death Eaters - The title of Death Eater has come a long way since the time of Harry Potter. For a hundred years they were the servants of The Dark Lord; after his death their allegiances shifted to whomever was in power. They have become an official governmental institution with official loyalties to the system. When Chancellor McCarthy was instituted as Chancellor, many Death Eaters made the difficult decision of abandoning the positions they held so dear and joining the resistances the opposed so passionately. They could no longer support a system that did not represent their interests. Those that stayed did so more for political reasons than ideological; power, plain and simple. Their function has not changed in the occupation. They are still the military-esque fighters they once were.

Ministry Official - These are employees at the Ministry of the Chancellor. Many are supporters of the Chancellor, some of resistance members in disguise, and even more are neutral. The ministry is a popular job for those that may be unsure of their allegiances.

St. Mungo's Employee - These are employees at St. Mungo's. Often times neutral, these are many people that want to help others but not join resistances. Though there are also many other allegiances present here as well.

Muggle - Muggles are hard to come by in nowadays. They've spent many of the last hundred years in hiding within the walls of Vatican City. With Chancellor McCarthy's "democratic" rule, however, Muggles are now free to roam about the entirety of Europe. That's not to say it's necessarily safe though. There still aren't many opportunities for Muggles outside of Italy, and the only school with courses available to them is Maltalvia. Many in the magical society are still prejudiced towards Muggles- they would not receive kind treatment in many areas.

Murdered - There is always the possibility that a character will be killed. Life today is very unpredictable, we never know when someone will bite the dust. Keep an eye out for murdered characters, and if you're interested look around or ask about how they died. Each one has a story, and each story is something you'll want to hear.

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