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Julien Beaumont
Posted: Apr 28 2009, 09:27 PM

``recipe for disaster
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Group: French Resistance
Posts: 41
Member No.: 7,663
Joined: 9-January 09

    If there was one thing that Julien Beaumont did not particularly like about any given day was getting his hands dirty. Expansive were the tunnels that he flew through gripping the broom with a firm hand while the other clasped around the wand at the ready. He did not enjoy this part of being in the Resistance, while dueling or fighting was a general task on many accounts when it involved his life and the fact that his fiancé might not get a chance to see him again -- and for what, the cause? It was safe to say he was a bit discouraged. He would do anything for his country, to be able to live in a world where dictatorship was no longer a common thing, where the act of independence was not a foreign concept to most. It pained him to have to do all of the dirty work behind his Svetlana’s back, but it was something that he convinced himself time and time again that he needed to do, that must be done. Wind raced over his umber skin, his cape fiercely whipping behind him in a map of disarray. He need only be rid of his follower and he was safe to fight another day. The good news was that his pursuer had yet to see his face, which meant there was no need to kill anyone today. All he had to do was keep a steady hold of his broom and keep a good enough lead over the person behind him, without doing that overused tactic of looking over your shoulder every passing second. It was a waste of time and ultimately did not do anything but slow your retreat, as well as give your trailer a chance to make a definite identification to what you looked like. Julien could not afford to be seen, it meant that whatever foe caught glimpse of him would realize that he was a Resistance member, and with it being a secret to even the love of his life - it was not something he liked to frivolously trample upon. It meant that he would have to either kill his captive audience or force them to forget ever having seen him, the latter always being a bit more tricky and usually meant a casual follow up meeting to make sure the spell had not backfired.

    There were many things that Julien was not proud of in his life, but being careless was not one of them. Quickly he turned into an over passing and down one of the nearby tunnels until darkness consumed him, any other time he would have lit the tip of his wand but right now he was trying the act of surprise and not being seen. Still there was still enough visible light available for him to dip and dive without much worry about running into anything, just so long as he stayed focused and-- swiftly he maneuvered passed a dividing column that would have been the end of him if he did not snap back into concentration mode at that exact moment. He realized that this was getting to be a bit hairy and whoever was tracking him, was quite skilled at flying on a broom as well. Julien did not like when his competition tried to outdo him, it only meant that he had to think more complex rhythmic patterns of escape and the idea of going through all of that trouble seemed fruitless considering what this all had amounted from. He was on a typical search and discover mission, one where his only task was to uncover anything of importance that he managed to overhear. How was he suppose to know that the group of two he was monitoring also had a third person concealed underneath an invisibility cloak. The moment the culprit unveiled himself was the single moment that Jules went into action. He gave himself away by being in a place where you were expected to eavesdrop on another person, but in the back of his mind it proved to be the most opportune location. Regardless, now here he was trying to outmaneuver the young man who spotted him in the first place. He had had a chance to wonder however, as to why the other man did not wait until he was closer before revealing the spy to his two colleagues. Did he like the chase or was there something more to it than that?

    He expected three wizards to be following him by now, but it appeared that only one of them need follow. The other two felt it was best to continue their nice little conversation elsewhere and possibly keep track of the fact that a nice little Resistance member decided to stop by and see what the latest topic of discussion was. He knew that would not fly with any respectable higher ups so his secret was safe, so long as they kept the mouths shut. He need only find a safe enough exit where he would Apparate away without worry, to which he would have to follow a series of escape routes to end up back at the Beauxbatons Academy before nightfall. It would appear though, that if this act of cat and mouse continued for much longer - then a confrontation between the two would ensue. Julien wanted nothing more than to avoid such a task at all costs, especially when he did not have any backup of his own - to which he was not sure he could say the same of his follower. Just when he though his luck could get no later lost, he flew into a open encompassing area that seemed to be the place where trains of old day would collect and realign themselves on the proper rails. It was empty to first glance but the shot of red that crackled through the air, seemingly unfolding the very makeup of its surroundings at the same time proved to be no normal jinx. Julien managed a stifled dodge at the last possible second, but even he was aware this other wizard would give him a run for his money. Quickly he scouted the upper area, trying to find the best possible escape - all the while moving between curse after curse that sparkled and blazed his way. Julien was no man of foolery and understood that he could not keep up this run around for long, his wand was still drawn as a curse came to close for comfort - he instinctively reached forward, wand already fuming with an enchantment as he produced a protective shielding around his immediate vicinity. The spell fizzled out and Julien’s face turned from indecisive to almost ominous in a single second.

    He landed, letting his broom fall to the ground moments after his feet connected with the earth. He had an idea of where his enemy was hiding, but no longer would he be on the receding end of these random attacks. Whoever this foe was, he was going to rule the day he ever decided to go up against Julien Augusté Beaumont.

[ M I S S I N G . P I C T U R E ]
(elmo approves of new colors!!)
Anthony Summons
Posted: May 2 2009, 07:04 PM

``finding elmo
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Group: Ministry Official
Posts: 202
Member No.: 644
Joined: 14-September 06

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    How could Sava be so foolish to think that simply arriving at his doorsteps would make everything all better? Had he not accounted for the time absent within Anthony’s life, to the point that things were no longer the same? Anthony’s blood could almost boil at the fact of how much different things were now that he had to learn to survive without caring so damn much for those around him. Without the constant interaction of the now vampire Dimitrov, Anthony had sunk himself into his work and lived a solitary life - blocking out those that wished to reunite with him in ways that he simply was not prepared for. It made no sense, all these emotions. They were clouding his mind and putting him off for his mission, his whole purpose of why he had become a Death Eater in the first place. His daily ritual had been incomplete for quite some time now, he no longer had to worry about anyone else aside from himself and his daily interactions usually were just work related or whatever assignment he had on his plate at the time. No more did he have to worry about going out with anyone in expensive restaurants or trying to make it seem as if his life was anything close to normal. Here he was chasing after some peeping tom who seriously did not know what borderline trouble he was in at the moment. Anthony had always prepared himself for any mission he was on, to make sure he kept a level head and tried his best to stay focused no matter what. It in essence made him a different man, though no longer was there any distinguishing traits that presented themselves when he was working and when he was not. Flying on a broom came naturally to him, ever since he was in Durmstrang the idea of flying on a broom was something that was most enjoyable to him - even more so than spell work and of course combat. Regardless, he would not appease his adversary with the idea that he could out-fly him. That simply was not an option, he would trail him, study his pattern and then come up with a viable solution to counter-attack when the time was right.

    The wind raced against him, causing his invisibility cloak to flow behind him in a shimmering gaze. This family heirloom had come in handy many times when he was on a mission because it gave him the instant element of surprise. It was the difference between settling an ambush and coming out unscathed. Still no act or trinket alone could settle for experience, not when one’s life was put on the line at any given second. You had to learn how to adapt and rely on your instincts and go for what was suitable at the time, not to mention learning how to improvise. Too many times he found himself loosing a confrontation simply because their was little leniency in how others around him went about attacking, it was easy to determine how someone who fired curse after curse would react in battle. It all depended on knowing when to strike and knowing when to dodge. However if you applied a delicate maneuver of off chancing spells here and there, then perhaps just maybe you could lead the mouse through the maze in just the exact way you want them. Thinking a few moves ahead couldn’t hurt either. As did Anthony, after trailing the other witch for quite some time. He could tell the man in front of him was not exactly panicking otherwise his stride on his broom would be a bit less sturdy, that and his exit strategy would not be as polished. Still it was nothing that Summons could not handle. He knew these tunnels like the back of his hand, possible even better since he came here quite often as of late. When he wasn’t touring the tunnels he was off in the Catacombs, but knowing where all of these pathways lead was key in getting the upper hand. Quickly Anthony made a narrow turn that would lead him to where he hoped his assailant would soon arrive in, and when the chance came he would begin to unravel his plan of attack spell by spell.

    Foolish thoughts started to cloud his mind after getting off his broom and waiting out his opponent. More silly thoughts of Sava and his expression, Anthony had left the Summons Manor only shortly after telling the vampire that he had other things to attend to before simply Apparating off. However, had he known Sava Dimitrov of all people would have been coming to his house on this very night than he would have probably chose to schedule this meeting some other time. No so much because he wanted to sit down and talk to Sava, but like now he realized how much it would fuck with his head in a situation where he needed to be thinking clearly. Stupid ideas of what possessed him to come to his home of all places, what more was left to say after everything that was uttered and done that night. It made no sense, and Anthony was always the type of person that needed to make sense of something immediately otherwise it would stir around in his mind for long intervals. Finally the Resistance retreating onlooker had shown he had walked right into the trap, taking the bait for what it was and without a second after seeing that he had arrived Anthony unleashed his spells in a barbaric onslaught. Voicing enchantment after enchantment it was like his mind cut off for a second and simply went to uttering his premeditated list of spells to cast in such a situation. His main goal at this exact moment was to get his opponent off his broom, it would do him no good if he chased after the man all night and the main way to settle anything was to confront it head on. And before long his spell barrage had fulfilled it’s necessary requirements and Anthony felt it was due to time him to make his own appearance. After all he could not be the faint coward that hid behind invisibility cloaks and never showed his face. That type of reputation was not fitting of the Summons name. Without a single word, Anthony walked out into the open so that the two men could meet face to face for possibly the first and last time.

    Tonight was definitely turning out to be quite the predicament. The worse thought other than actually surviving this encounter in one piece was the fact that he would have to undoubtedly return home, and he was sure a single vampire of unwelcoming repent was still waiting for him there. It was turning out to be a long enough night as it is, battles could go on for minutes to hours depending on the skill of each wizard. And if that was not enough, Anthony was almost completely sure that this wizard was not your run of the mill brand. He would give him a run for his money, and at this point Summons was willing and ready to give it everything he had. Like clockwork, both of their wands drew towards each other - as if signaling the battle was about to unfold any second. Though typically this was where a ransom of conversation was exchanged, just to make sure everyone was on the same page.

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(coming to theaters soon!!)
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Galin Romanov
Posted: May 26 2009, 10:44 PM

`` We've been rambling all the night...
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Group: Adult
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Joined: 10-April 08

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