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Title: The Law Of Immortal Love

Destiny Crawford - September 28, 2010 04:36 PM (GMT)
[1] Before starting, please check out The History of Mystic Falls, Then Kinds of Characters, Claim To Fame (Accepted Avatars), and Avatars That Are Locked .

Please note - The History of Mystic Falls functions as the plot in that, this is the beginning of the story and it is up to the players to complete it. There is no set plot of sequence of events. Immortal Love is an open-ended RPG that is not dependent on a plot, but on the players acting within it.

[2] No power playing. Unless you have the other person's consent. Don't know what that is?

Example: Stefen punched Damon in the face. Damon fell to the ground from the force of it.

That's power playing. You can't make another character, who isn't yours, do something without their consent.

[3] When registering your character's name, register a first and last name, if a last name is available (this is for Canons ONLY. Ask an Admin and we will try to find the character's last name for you if you have not been able to find it). Please don't use joint accounts or create names not pertaining to your character (example: hotstuff101). It can become confusing. If you want to create more than one character, that is fine. Just remember to keep them all active or else you will lose the one that is inactive.

[4] Limit to 4 characters per person. Also, you must register as each character. You can't post as Elena Gilbert when your name is Bonnie Bennett. And, if your first two characters are Girls, your third MUST be a Guy. And if your first two are Good, your third MUST be Bad. We want everything to be mixed up and have a variety here at IM.

[5] At this time, we're only allowing members to have one Canon at a time. This is to allow more people who want to join a chance to play a Canon as well. Choose wisely! Also, please remember you are allowed to have up to four characters, read the rest of the rules for further information.

[6] Posting is a minimum of 5 sentences. Please don't post one liners. Give it some effort. That's all we ask.

[7] Unless other circumstances arise, members must post once a week on each active account that they have. If there is a problem and you can't post for whatever reason, contact an Admin ASAP so we can know what's going on with you. If you can't tell us right away, tell as afterward and we'll try to work something out with you.

[8] The board's rating is PG-13. Sex is allowed here, however, there is a password protected form to post anything that goes beyond PG-13. Because there will be younger players on the board or players who do not wish to read this kind of threads, you must PM an Admin if a thread turns in that direction to move the thread and get the password. You can also ask for the password if you know a thread will turn out that way before you start working on it. You must be at least 18 years old to get the password to post there. If it gets found out that you are underage, you will be warned and blocked from this section of the board. If you do not want to move the thread, simply 'fade to black' or ignore the scene completely. Again, No NC17 threads will be accepted and if any are found, they will be deleted on discovery and all parties will be warned. If it happens again, you will be suspended. Third time, banned.

[9] Hitting, punching, kicking, or any forms of violence are okay provided that it is required by your storyline and is just minimal. No killing another character without their permission & no gory details.

[10] If you have a storyline for a certain character, please, let the person who is RPing as that character know, so they won't be left in the dark.

[11] If you come to have any problems with someone on the board, take it up with an Admin. With varying opinions and beliefs, conflicts are bound to flare up. Do not blow these out of proportion. Respect your peers. No bashing or vulgarities are necessary. We want to keep this place safe and fun for everyone. So, we reiterate: If you have a problem with someone else or something occurring on the board, take it up with one of the Admins and it will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

[12] Cursing and swearing happens. With the lot of characters we have and with new ones being introduced, you never know what kind of personality will pop in. If you MUST swear, keep it to a minimum. Every other word doesn't need to be an a curse. Use some common sense and judgment in this regard. You may also use the asterisk (*) to block out letters and make the word less visually offensive. If found using excessive expletives, you will be warned. If it continues, further action will be taken by the Admins. Just use your best judgment. It's an easy call.

[13] Signatures (siggies or banners) are to be no bigger then 500w x 200h. This includes avatars that are put in the signature as well.

[14] After much thought, it has been decided to take away the No Slash rule. However, there will be some rules governing Slash.
    [A] There will be no Incest of any kind on the board. It is gross for family members to hook up that way. So if you are blood related, do not have relations with each other.

    [B] Remember this board is PG-13, the same rules for guy/girl relationships apply to guy/guy or girl/girl relationship. If it goes beyond PG-13, get the password for the rated section and have the thread moved or fade to black.

    [C] Do not create a character that is attracted to others of the same gender as themselves just for harassment reasons. Such as you having a problem with homosexuality/bisexuality and this being your way to hate or punish someone who is. However, if there is a plausible storyline that you have in mind, contact an Admin to check to see if the storyline would be alright on the board. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun place for everyone.
[15] As in real life, people on RP boards also get pregnant. However, we don't want the board populated with a whole bunch of babies. If you want your character to be pregnant, then contact an Admin before you make your character pregnant. Also with pregnancies, current story lines may be altered, so make sure that you talk to everyone who might be involved with this baby to make sure they are okay with the idea. If they aren't, please respect their wishes, they might not want their character to have a baby or be the father of a baby at the moment. If you still want to have your character pregnant, contact an Admin to discuss it further and we will see if there is a way to suit both parties.

[14] To make sure we know that you read the rules, at the end of the application answer the question with this: Beautiful Nightmare

[15] Have fun. That's the point of this, after all. :D

Okay! Do you have everything? Good :). Run along and play. Oh also, if you have any questions feel free to PM one of the Admins. We are here to help.B)

Rules Subject To Change.

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