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 Frequently Asked Questions
Daryl Dixon
Posted: Oct 19 2011, 05:47 PM

Atlanta Survivors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common and Uncommon Pre-Set and Previously Asked
Does Ira Silenti have a character cap?
    We currently do not. At the moment we are accepting survivors and raiders, but not walking dead. You may have as many characters as you think you can handle but be reasonable and remain active with the ones you have or we will deny all future characters should others fall inactive.

How long do I have to wait between creating characters?
    All we ask is a few days (at least three) between creating characters so you have time to establish an already accepted character. We would like to see characters well-developed over weeks before moving on up to a second, third, or even fourth but we have a minimum of three days to wait.

How do NPCs work?
    A player may create NPCs to further along plots, both personal and board, and to have someone to kill if you're looking for excitement. NPC characters may only be played in relation to plots and necessary threads. They are not playable characters and aren't to be used as such. Canons and pre-mades may only be used minimally with administrator permission, while original character NPCs may be used an unlimited amount of times. You do not need a separate account for each NPC; simply use one of your character accounts of a character who is involved in the same thread as the NPC.

What happens if I decide I want to get my character bitten?
    You will have to live with the consequences of your choice. Make sure you're positive you want to take this route and aren't just doing it on a whim. Once a character is bitten that's it: there's no going back. Characters cannot be healed from being bitten and they aren't magically immune to it in any way, shape, or form. There is no going back. All the same depending on what survivors are around your character may be killed before they even turn into a zombie, in which case you may have to create a new character to continue playing. Those who do survive will go through the painful change of becoming a zombie, dying, and rising as the walking dead, in which your account name will be changed as well as member group and your character has become a zombie antagonist to throw up against survivors and raiders alike.

Why do I have to update my inventory?
    Here at IS we aim for a sense of realism and to accomplish this we recognize the shortcomings of a zombie apocalypse. Supplies are not infinite and there is no cheat code to give you unlimited ammo or supplies. For that you should keep track of everything your character owns/carries. If they have a vehicle this is to be listed as well as whatever they have with them at the time, even that which may be stored in their vehicle or on their person. Keeping track of ammo is necessary as well considering guns and crossbows can run out of munitions with constant use.

Can one of my survivors become a raider?
    It's possible, yes. If your survivor has developed a lasting relationship with the group they're in it's highly doubtful they would turn into lawless bastards and run around acting like it. However if your character is antisocial to begin with it's easy for them to turn against their own ilk and join a raiding group.

Can I change the face for canons?
    Canons from the television show The Walking Dead are set in stone and cannot be changed, nor can those same faces be used for original characters, pre-made characters, or NPCs. These faces were chosen by the creators and we feel they best personify the characters they were picked for.

Can I change the face for pre-made canons?
    Pre-mades for the board do have suggested play-bys. That means you can change the face of the pre-made after speaking to the staff about why you would like to change it. We picked the faces as a composition of what we thought the characters would look like. If you want to change make sure it's reasonable (i.e. no twenty-year-old play-by for a forty or fifty-year-old character) and keep their ethnicity in mind. We don't want to see a white play-by exchanged for a black character. We like to keep some variety and demographics in mind.

Can I be in more than one thread at once?
    Absolutely not. We will hunt you down, your aunt and your dog and your most distant cousin if you're in than more thread. Of course you can be in more than one thread! Feel free to have as many you can handle!

All other questions can be posted in the help forum and if the staff feels they are pertinent and something everyone should know they will be added to the F.A.Q. on a question by question basis.

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