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 Clash of the Titans, [Alastor]
Ivan Baskov
Posted: Mar 9 2012, 08:14 PM


Sandy Springs South Side - August
Sunny - Afternoon - Occasional Breeze
Ivan Baskov, Alastor Angel

[ Inaugural Post ]

Ivan straightened from the car he had just crawled out from under. He had been repeating this process for probably a good thirty minutes now and was receiving little for his efforts. Slowly he wiped sweat from his forehead with his hand, wiping the hand on his jeans to dry it. It was another almost unbearably hot day. In fact it was so hot he had taken off the belts he wore to protect his arms from bites and left them in his truck.

Looking around he scanned the hoard of abandoned vehicles that stood motionless on most of the road. Oh there was a path through them that could be maneuvered with even larger vehicles. Still it seemed most vehicles had been left where they ran out of gas or in many cases where their owners had left them to flee on foot. It was because of the later that Ivan hoped he could find more fuel here.

He was trying to get some gasoline from the tanks of cars. He lacked a siphon hose, but a screwdriver punched through the bottom of a tank and a container to catch the precious liquid worked. It was something few people realized, but gasoline itself was not flammable. It was actually the vapors from gasoline that burned, which meant that even if the screwdriver made a spark inside the liquid it would not explode.

Gazing around once more and listening for a moment he was satisfied that no walkers were nearby and so he begun to work once more. Moving to a small hybrid car he first slid a bucket under the care, laid on the ground and then slid under the vehicle with a screwdriver in hand.

Even in the small space between the ground and tank it took Ivan only one sharp thrust and the tank was punctured. Quickly, he slid the bucket under and then removed the screwdriver allowing it to flow more freely. Once again the tank was near empty, but even then a little bit every time would add up.

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Alastor Engel
Posted: Mar 12 2012, 12:44 AM


[ CF: Clash of the Titans ]

Alastor had just set off that day, abandoning the only home he had ever known since he was thirteen years old. However, it had never been a truly welcoming home. He had suffered so much pain and abuse there by its owner. He had longed for years when he was leave it, but when the time finally came he had found himself only returning to it. It had been a place he enjoyed his solitude, but now things had changed. He knew in his heart of hearts that the farmhouse was no place during a zombie apocalypse, it was finally time to move on. So he took what he would need and stalked out the door into the woods with his sole possessions threw over his shoulders and some strapped on his person. He had debated heading towards Atlanta, but he had heard people some time ago when he had come close to some, they had been talking about Greenville. There would be shelter in that area from the walkers. It sounded like a good place, besides Atlanta was probably still full of those creatures, he had been lucky to get out of there alive. He decided, even though he wasn't a people person at all, he would go towards Greenville.

It was best to stick close to the rest of the human race, even if that only meant he could steal from them. He moved through the woodland north, finding his way towards Sandy Spring. The towering man stepped out from the woods into the opening, his hand firmly gripping his machete as he crept forward onto the road. There were cars everywhere, lining the pavement. It was eerily quiet standing among the still vehicles. The former farm hand kept an eye out as he moved through the cars, watching for any sign of walkers when a sudden noise of movement caught his attention. He could have sworn he saw someone. Curious, but wary what he saw, he carefully he approached with his sizable weapon ready to slice and hack into whatever he encountered. What he saw was a human underneath a hybrid vehicle, what he was doing or if he was really human was unknown to him. Once Ivan started to come out from beneath the car, Alastor took a few steps back with his machete above his head awaiting what to do next.

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Ivan Baskov
Posted: Mar 22 2012, 10:51 AM


While under the car Ivan saw a pair of feet coming closer, eventually stopping a few feet short. Either it was an incredibly stupid walker that did not even see the meal before it or more likely it was a person. Cursing himself mentally for not noticing the person when he had looked around earlier Ivan slowly slid out from under the hybrid. He left the bucket of gas for now, but he did take the screwdriver with him, held so that it was hidden behind his forearm.

Coming out he saw the large individual, his machete raised in the air. While the man was rather large and showed obvious muscle, Ivan had a few inches on that man and was most likely just as strong. He noted how the unnamed man held his weapon high in the air and mentally called him a fool. Holding a blade in the air like that may have intimidated some people, but all Ivan saw was that his attack would have to come downwards which would allow someone trained to block it easier.

"If you're looking for supplies I have little. If you're looking for a fight, you've found more than you can handle."

While Ivan was normally a pacifist he could not help, but find a little joy in the thought of a fight with this man. Most people tended to not last long against him. A man of this size though would probably put up at least a decent fight though. With a faint smile on his face Ivan spread his feet slightly to ensure the best footing and waited for the other man to make a move.
Alastor Engel
Posted: Mar 29 2012, 08:58 PM


Alastor's eyes widened when the figure stood up in front of him, he was shocked to discovered he had found someone who was taller then him. He had spend his entire life singled out by his peers as a freak of nature, unwanted, ridiculed and abused. Now, he was standing in front of a man who, in lack of a better description, was just like him. He slowly lowered his machete to his side as he took a step closer to Ivan, his eyes still wide yet not out of fear. Actually, he was overwhelmed with a feeling he couldn't quite name. He wasn't certain if it was truly joy, but it fulled him with a sensation that was rather positive, so much so that he suddenly burst out into a wide grin. Swiftly he holstered up his machete at his side before turning his excited attention back to his fellow giant.

“You're like me!” he proclaimed as he carefully stepped towards Ivan, looking up into his face. Alastor tried very hard to restrain himself from reaching out to touch him, he was afraid after all the years alone that he was hallucinating. Was he real? He hoped that he was. However, when he finally spoke, Alastor knew for sure that the towering stranger was in fact very real and was speaking to him. For a moment it was like the bald man had forgotten human language, but then it slowly appeared to return to him, finally making some sense to him. “I don't want anything from you,” he said with a deep-set frown, realizing that perhaps he saw him like everyone else had before him. 'He's normal, you're not,' the voices in his head seemed to whisper to him, making him shake his head trying to clear his head before he looked at him once more with his dark eyes.
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