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 UPDATES #8, March 13th, 2012
Daryl Dixon
Posted: Mar 13 2012, 09:28 AM

Atlanta Survivors
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Once again, hello one and all! This is another lovely update brought to you by the staff!

This time around we have a few things we want to talk about, namely in what you see changing about the board. There's a reason for this and it's going to be supremely difficult to get it all out in a few sentences, so please bear with me.

First things first: everyone welcome Sunny to the staff! She is an official moderator on the board and should be treated with the same courtesy and respect as other staff! She's here to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in any way possible with applications and other updates.

With Sunny having joined us I bring the sad news of Maa's departure. Life has taken a lot of time away from her and she has left the board entirely, no longer staff or around. Wish her the best of luck with her life outside the internet (Lord knows I could use one, xD)!

    If your character was archived during the last activity check one simply has to PM an administrator to recover said account. If the character was a canon or a pre-made they must reserve the character and apply as normal. Should the canon/pre-made be claimed by someone else when a member returns to pick them back up they must wait to see if a reservation runs out, or until the character is put up for grabs again.

    If you lost more than one character you must wait the appropriate time between character creation as outlined by our rules. This is to stop a sudden influx of applications and of course to stop inactivity with characters you may have accepted already.

    You may re-apply for your character(s) granted they are not claimed (in the case of canons and pre-mades).

    That's right! There's been a skip in time on the board! Whereas the previous timeline had us set at June of 2010, this new time jump takes us straight through July right into August of 2010. This means all threads taking place before August of 2010 should go in the Flashbacks forum, though you may still complete the old ones you have running right now since before the time jump. Keep in mind this also means the weather has changed, as our new plot, "Hurricane Season", is going up relatively soon. Look for changes in information as well as changes of in character information with this new time jump.

    With the time jump comes the expected change in character inventories. What does this mean? Your character might have lost some or all of their ammo, their food, clothing, vehicles, etc., or they might have found a couple useful things along the way. This means the inventories need to be updated to reflect the time jump and the staff would like to see these changes as soon as possible. If you don't change it right away we won't kill any of you, but it would be awesome if you changed our realistic component to reflect the changes in real life on the board.

    You may have noticed there are two new forums under the GREENVILLE board: OUTER CITY LIMITS and INNER CITY LIMITS. What are these two forums? The Outer City Limits forum is the area where all current threads for Greenville go. Until more people are allowed into the Inner City Limits (and after the plot itself), this second forum will be closed off. Threads will go here if you feel like posting them here after the plot is over, and of course the Trade Market is within the Inner City Limits so it is off-limits as well for the moment.

    In the not too distant future, it's expected of the raider groups (Lake Charlotte, Sandy Springs, and Atlanta) to form into one big group. If your character is a raider on their own they won't be expected to assimilate into this new group, but it is highly recommended as it will provide further game play for all characters in the raider group. Why are they becoming a single group, you might ask? It's simple: Greenville is fully stocked and ripe for the picking, being they have enough space for all the raiders and even more inside. The raiders want to take Greenville seeing as how it's the safest place, and they don't care what they have to do to get it. Joining forces won't be easy but their efforts will be well-rewarded, especially if they work well together in the end.

    To get into Greenville after agreeing to work together each raider must wander in by their lonesome, pretending to be a lost little soul just like the rest of the survivors coming through. Without looking rough or tough, and if they do look too far out there to be a normal survivor a good offer of what work they can do is possible. Everyone is welcome to Greenville certain people simply can't go past the slums into the higher part of the city, including the Trade Market.

    Because the raiders will be joining forces I would like to hear your opinions on the matter. Do you have an idea for a name for the group? Do you want to see something else happen with them? What do you think overall of the idea to combine the raider group?

    The Walking Dead on television has alerted the staff to the fact having thirty individuals in a group over just five to ten is not a viable way for raiders to work. They use their numbers to overpower others and this is an excellent way to remedy our slight miscalculation. So let us know!

    The staff has taken it upon themselves to create a guide for integration on the board, as well as navigation then and now. This new guide can be found HERE, and includes a lot of information in terms of the layout of the whole board, how to write an application (or at least what we're looking for), and a how to guide on several other factors floating around out there. Give it a look (even though you don't have to read everything) it might help you more than you know now.

    That's right the staff have decided to list all threads for every character, whether they are canon, pre-made, or original. It means the staff needs your help with a few things, and they are the most important for keeping your character's history all updated and the timeline ready to be used by yourself and other members.

    Make sure to use the CF and TBC tags as per our rules. This assists the staff in figuring out which thread comes before and after which other ones, and it also means we don't have to bug you every two seconds regarding every thread your character has been in. Help us help you, and remember: should you find anything wrong with your thread timeline, just PM an administrator and we will be glad to assist in rectifying the mistake.

    As often as we can the staff will update each character's timeline, sometimes before and sometimes after a new thread has gone up. The staff are only human and while we work diligently to keep everything up to date you have to bear with us: we can only do so much. Usually when a new thread goes up the staff will put it in the correct timeline for the characters involved, but sometimes it takes us a short bit to get to it. If we're missing a thread, simply PM a staff member and we can add it for you!

    Closing threads is one of the most important things, including the TBC there as well. This lets the staff know we can close off the thread and we can keep it on the board. Should a thread not be considered closed, even if it's "finished", then the staff will see it as needing to be archived, in which case the thread will be moved to the hidden archives forum as it doesn't count as part of board history. Remember to close out a thread with the TBC tag at the last post so the staff know they can close the threads and not archive them.

Aside from those things above everything else is going great. So glad to see a lot of you still around, to see all the new applicants, and to be partaking in so many excellent threads! You all are wonderful and are doing a great job.

So sorry this is really long and seems like a lot. I just wanted to be thorough and to give you all an idea of what we have in store for the future, what is new, and what we are expecting in some areas.

Thank you so much for listening to the ramble and rant of a madwoman, and enjoy Ira Silenti!

- Anna
Ira Silenti Staff
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