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 Searching Cars, ;;shane!!
Harley Katona
Posted: Dec 3 2011, 04:50 PM

Atlanta Survivors
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Base Camp - Atlanta Survivors
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Harley Katona & Shane Walsh

[ CF - Exodus & Arrival ]
    Harley Katona and her nephew had been in the group only a night, so when the day broke everyone was still a stranger to her. Finding a place to sleep had been really awkward, but now that dawn had broken she didn’t find that things had gotten easier. She felt unwelcome here, whether that had been the case or not. She had hoped to make friends quickly, but perhaps she’d been a little ridiculous on just how quickly that was. That morning, Chance had wandered away, blowing her off when she called after him. Feeling rather embarrassed with so many people watching, and also feeling very hurt, Harley simply shouted, "Well, okay then. Be safe!" trying to save face. After finding a secluded place to change out of her old, dirty clothes and into her spare ones – retro-styled shorts, a tank top and a purposely loose, off-the-shoulder t-shirt – she set out to find some chores she could help with.

    Finding that nobody really wanted her help, she told the members of her new group that she’d be around if they needed her. Harley stood towards the edge of camp, looking down the long line of cars on the road. She wondered if she should just leave, but she didn’t really want to. Despite the fact that nobody was really used to her yet, she wanted to stay just to have other people to talk to. She loved her nephew, but he seemed to more or less want nothing to do with her. It hurt, and in her darkest times, Harley wondered whether she should have saved him at all. Not because she hated him in those moments, but because he seemed so damned miserable, she wondered if it would be best if he’d perished with the rest of her sister’s family.

    Harley glanced back at the camp, then started towards a car, deciding to peek into it. She was sure the others probably went through all of these cars for things they’d need, but another pair of eyes couldn’t help. Besides, she wanted to feel like she was doing something. She tried to perk herself up by singing in her soft, sweet voice.

    "Code Monkey get up get coffee.
    Code Monkey go to job.
    Code Monkey have boring meeting
    With boring manager Rob.
    Rob say Code Monkey very dilligent
    But his output stink.
    His code not 'functional' or 'elegant.'
    What do Code Monkey think?
    Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damned login page himself.
    Code Monkey not say it out loud.
    Code Monkey not crazy, just proud.

    She got a bit into her singing like always, pretty much ignoring everything around her as she shuffled through the trunk of a Honda. Despite everything going on around her, Harley managed to cheer herself up by singing. She seemed pretty sunny today, so she really couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to talk to a friendly girl like herself.

    "Code Monkey like Fritos.
    Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew.
    Code Monkey very simple man
    With big warm fuzzy secret heart.
    Code Monkey like you…
Shane Walsh
Posted: Dec 4 2011, 08:09 AM

Atlanta Survivors
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[CF: The Great Pretender]
    Yesterday had been a trying day for Shane. Lori had, once again, made it very clear to him that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore, that she didn't need his protection; and Shane had made it very clear that the next time walkers attacked the camp when Rick was on one of his missions to keep his morality intact, Shane wasn't going to let her and Carl hide behind him. Having that conversation had been bad enough but then, upon walking away from the woman, Dale had stopped him and tried to interfere in his business about things that he didn't know.

    And, among all of that mess for Shane, Daryl had brought back two new members to add to their group. It was hard enough taking care of the current members but now here they were becoming a shelter for any strays that the others just happened to run into. Perfunctory introductions were made before Shane wandered off to spend most of the rest of the day next to his jeep. It was when he had this time alone to himself that he began to ponder some possibilities. The woman who had recently joined them was beautiful and she did have a young nephew with her.

    If Lori saw him hanging out with her...If Lori saw him teaching her nephew the basics of survival...Wouldn't that perk Lori's interest in the man she had been so willing to toss aside just yesterday? Even if she didn't become jealous, wouldn't she at least be happy for him which would then eventually lead to her wanting to reconcile somewhat with him, knowing that he wasn't interested in her anymore? Either way that he cut the pie, it looked like it could only be helpful to him to get to know this new lady.

    And when the new day dawned, Shane decided that the sooner he started the better. His outfit of choice today was his olive green pants and King County Sheriff's Department grey t-shirt. He kept his shotgun by his keep, opting to keep his holstered handgun by his side. Some women didn't like guns. While everyone seemed content to ignore the new girl, Shane's eyes followed her every movement. He watched her as she wandered away and began to search the nearby cars. Of course, that was the firs thing that the group always did when they went on the move and then stopped again.

    Shane waited a few minutes before following in Harley's footsteps. He wasn't purposely trying to be quiet in his approach of her but she seemed to be lost in her own little world with her singing.He had the feeling that if he didn't interrupt her soon, she would go on forever. The opportune line of the song came for him to open his mouth. "I'm glad to hear that, even though I have no idea who this Code Monkey is," he said, adding a small chuckle onto the end of his sentence.
Harley Katona
Posted: Dec 7 2011, 06:46 PM

Atlanta Survivors
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    It really was a nuisance, to be lost in your own singing. Though, Harley hoped that someone would warn her if they saw a walker heading right for her. Of course, they might not warn her if someone from the group was sneaking up on her. Some people seemed friendly enough, once you got passed Daryl, but he had saved them, so Harley assumed he couldn’t be all bad. Not everyone was too keen on her joining the group. She understood why, but she was grateful that ultimately, the decision was made to allow her and Chance to stay. Harley needed less the protection of the group and more of the social interaction. Despite the fact that the past night had yielded very little of this, Harley was optimistic, as always.

    But not so optimistic that someone would be talking to her right away!

    She was halfway into the backseat of a car, one knee on the seat and one on the ground as she fished through the back pockets of the front seats. A man’s voice behind her caused her to jump, and head out too quickly. She hit her head on the doorframe as she backed up, realizing she was in a rather compromising and vulnerable position with how she stood in the car. She spun around, rather embarrassed at the whole situation.

    When faced with Shane, Harley nervously tugged at her shorts and rubbed the smarting spot on her head. She remembered him from yesterday, but only vaguely. She couldn’t remember his name or if he had even given her a name. The man looked like a lot of her brother Andy’s friends – the cops. And the emblem on his shirt suggested that he was a kindred spirit, sort of. Assuming he hadn’t taken it off a dead person’s belongings. "It-It’s a song by Jonathan Coulton. He’s also got another one that’s pretty funny – well, he’s got a few, but my second favorite one is Skullcrusher Mountain. It’s from the perspective on a super villain who kidnaps a girl and falls in love with her. I mean, you know. I guess music doesn’t matter much to most people now." She cleared her throat, realizing she was rambling.

    "Well, I’m Harley. I came with my nephew, Chance. I asked people for stuff to do but nobody wanted my help so…" She gestured behind her, and added with a goofy, sing-song voice, "I’m searching cars." Well, that was a bit odd, but Harley knew that’s just how she was. Even in the lab she’d sing about whatever she was doing, making up songs that were really obvious. "Sorry, I just sing a lot. About everything. What I’m doing and stuff. Keeps me upbeat, which is pretty important nowadays." She said the last part in a low, silly voice, with the back of her hand to her mouth as if hiding her words from some invisible person next to her.

    "Um, so… I see your little logo on your shirt." She pointed. "Were you a cop or just a plunderer? Arrgh." She joked, making a pirate noise to accompany the word ‘plunderer.’ "Sorry, my nephew says I’m not very cool. He thinks I’m really dorky. He’s probably right."
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