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 Summer Rain, [ OPEN TO ALL ]
Novalee Grayson
Posted: Mar 26 2012, 12:07 AM

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Group: Survivor
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The young woman’s face glared at the entrance of the large tented room. She wouldn’t be alone for long. From the looks of it, at least a few more people would be joining her soon. Spending 24 hours with people she didn’t know wasn’t entirely something she was looking forward to. At any time one of them could slit your throat while you slept, and take off with your belongings. Well, that was if any of them were smart enough to hide a blade on their persons. She was always the type of girl to exercise caution even before the world had gone to shit. It was just in her nature. The commotion of a safe haven could allow any type of person into this compound. She needed to keep her wits about her even when the dead were nowhere in sight.

Her drenched hair was very uncomfortable and the last thing she needed was to get a damn head cold. Setting her bag down in the corner of the room, she walked over to one of the beds and grabbed the pillow. Removing the pillow case she tossed the unclothed pillow back onto her claimed bed. Two more people entered the room just as she clutched the pillow case in her hand. The young man who had chewed out the guards beside her and the small boy he was with. He quickly acknowledged her presence, assuming that she was smart enough to continue to carry something. ”Hid it before they even mentioned given up our weapons.” She smiled slightly, before burying her head into the pillow case. Using it like a towel, she rubbed her head around trying to absorb most of the water in her wet auburn locks. They could have at least given everyone some damn towels, but this would suffice. Novalee threw the wet pillow case to the ground and observed the room once again. There was only one small blanket dressing each bed, better than nothing. Besides, she had a beautiful large quilted blanket in her bag she could use to keep warm. The weather was strange. For being September, the hurricanes should be warmer. Though this was the end of the world, weather could change.

There were two more people who in the end joined, and occupied the room with her. Two young women, one with a dog. Rolling her eyes at the sight of the poor pooch, it was hard enough having to fend for yourself. How could anyone take care of a dog too? Though that her mind being a little selfish. However, if that dog started to bark in the middle of the night tonight, it’d be the end of it. This place might be the only safe place as of now to catch up on lost sleep. And she doubted any of the others in here were against her logic. The blond girl yelled about calling dibs on a bed, and then the woman with the dog proceeded to as well. Her eyes suddenly glazed over from all the laughter. Where they serious right now? After all this shit that just happened? Honestly, she was seconds away from slapping them across the faces and starting another fight. For the sake of the kid in the room, she instead calmly walked over to her bed and took a seat. The kid already looked petrified from what was going on, and who knew what the next process would be.

Once her nerves had finally settled, she unzipped her pack and pulled out the blanket. The thought of her younger sister out there somewhere trailed in the back of her mind. She would just spend a few days here to gather supplies before heading out to find her. There was no use staying in one place anymore. No place was entirely safe. Hoping that Lucy was still alive, the two of them could make their way to the west coast. ”Your gunna need it more than me,” Novalee spoke standing up and handing the blanket to the small boy in the room. ”This’ll keep ya warm tonight.”
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