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Title: In The Heat Of The Flame
Description: Open!!

Rose Weasley - August 7, 2011 01:18 AM (GMT)
A smile fell onto Rose's lips as she sat in the common room. At that moment, life was perfect. Sure, some people could argue that statement, as truly her life was in turmoil, but at that very exact moment, that's not how it seemed. It didn't seem like her life was falling apart. It didn't feel like her whole act was falling apart around her. The fact that pretty much everything was going to hell didn't even register as she sat peacefully in a large comfy chair right in front of a fire. As she sat, curled in a ball, nothing seemed wrong. Outside the window not to far away from her, snow was slowly starting to fall from the sky, but not even that registered in the mind of the red headed girl who wore a skirt and tank top as she sat, practically asleep, being caressed by the heat coming from the flames that licked the wood in the fire pit.

With the warmth and slight smell of burning wood and smoke, everything seemed like it was in a state of perfection. If you were to look at the girl in that moment, you may nod and agree. Why wouldn't you? There in the maroon chair was the small and fragile body of the red headed thirteen year old Rose Weasley. In that chair was the image of perfection, right? The perfect little girl, the one everyone loved. She was Rose Weasley, the one who got amazing grades, who laughed and smiled, the one with a huge family, the child of two living legends. She was the girl who got everything she wanted, the one who could probably get any one she wanted, though she use to seem way to innocent to date.

She was the girl who wasn't afraid to prove people wrong. The one who showed everyone that though she was some sweet and innocent girl, she wouldn't take crap. Sure, she wasn't as bad as her cousin, James Potter, who would hex whoever pissed him off, but she wouldn't take insult with a smile. Though Rose was known to cry easily, was known as a sweet and innocent, it was also well known that if you pissed her off, she could get mean. It was well known that she could flip your world upside down and become your worst nightmare. The girl who wouldn't use magic for pain, but would pester you until you ripped your own hair out.

She was sweet and innocent, yet had spunk and personality. She was kind, polite, and posh, but she didn't take crap. She got good grades, loved to read, and studied all the time, yet she was also amazing when she was up on a broom. She would giggle, seem like the most precious child in the world and hated getting in trouble, but when you attended those parties, it wasn't a surprise to see the young Rose there also, not afraid to show that though she may be the smart and kind Hermione Granger-Weasley's daughter, she was also obnoxious, troublemaking Ron Weasley's daughter. She was a girl that was more complex than any problem out there. 

Seeing her sitting there on the chair, her chest length  red hair flyin around her shoulders, her whole body relaxed, her books and homework, all completed, sitting on the floor right next to her, and the slow, peacefully breaths coming from her lips, not a single blemish, pimple, zit, or scratch on her. It seemed just too perfect. And it was. Though she looked so peaceful, so perfect, you should know, that you can never judge a book by it's cover.

For within that perfect shell of a girl, was someone who was sad and scared and slowly falling apart. Beneath the sweet and innocent look, she was just a girl who desperately wanted to be noticed, wanted attention. Behind the kindness and politeness, was a girl who wanted to just say "suck it and go bug someone else." Hiding behind the good grades and behind the romance novels, was just a young girl who wanted to be loved and protected. Underneath the smiles and giggles, was just a girl who wanted to curl up and wallow about those small things that were going horribly out of control. The girl with the many different actions and emotions, the girl who was stubborn beyond belief, the hold who didn't have a mark on her, would stare in the mirror at night wondering why she was so ugly. The short, skinny girl would look at her body and sigh, wondering why she wasn't taller, why her stomach wasn't flatter, her thighs smaller. The girl who seemed like a typical Granger-Weasley girl was walking around all day everyday, wearing a mask. She was fake, she wasn't real. 

Yet sitting in that chair was a girl with no problems. In that chair was a girl who didn't have a boyfriend her family hated.  In that chair, that common room, was a girl who wast hiding. Beside that fire, was just a young girl who had nothing to hide, nothing to share. For at that moment, she was just a normal girl who didn't have a care in the world.

For just that moment.....

Emily MacDiarmid - August 8, 2011 12:03 AM (GMT)
Emily waltzed into the common room, feeling invinicible. She had gotten perfect on the Charms quiz that everyone else had failed.

As she walked across the room, intent on reaching the far table so she could act busy with her homework and disguise the fact that she had no real friends, she displayed her paper, mark side up by her side, so that everyone could see how well she did on her paper. A group of girls tittered over something in the corner though and her fragile confidence plummeted.

They weren't laughing at her were they? Emily hastily flattened her hair and checked her fly. Seemed alright.

What about her were they laughing at then?

Clueless as she was, Emily didn't notice that they were laughing admiringly at a certain famous fourth year boy in the corner, who was too busy talking to his friends to pay them any mind. (OOC: Yes, I'm gonna have James come too. So Ha)

Blundering along worriedly, second guessing every little action of the people around her, she walked right into a coffee table that certainly hadn't been there the last time she checked. "Eh?" she gasped as she felt her feet slip under her and she landed straight on her back on the floor, her ink pot flying out of her hand and all over the chair next to her.

Ears ringing, she got slowly to her feet before gasping in horror. Out of all the people in the common room she could possibly have spilt ink on, she had spilt it on Rose Weasley.

God. Emily was such an idiot. Rose Weasley for Christsakes! Beautiful, popular, intelligent, kind Rose, one of the most famous students in the school. "Oh my gosh," her vivid blue eyes opened wide as she gasped like a fish. "I'm so sorry.....let me help you!" looking frantically around, she could see nothing that would help the current situation, or hide her burning face from the sudden laughter that had arisen at her clumsiness.

Emily felt smaller than ever as she held her hands to cover her face, failing to conceal her bright red forehead as she pulled out her wand and tried to think of a spell. But there were no spells that she had learned as a first year that could clean up an inkspill so she just watched in horror as Rose's skirt was soaked in inky black, embarassed tears springing to her eyes. "I'm so sorry..." she whispered, her voice hoarse. "I'm such an idiot...."

(OOC: When you're a meek eleven year old, spilling ink on the most popular girl in third year is the end of the world!)

Rose Weasley - August 15, 2011 03:36 PM (GMT)

Oblivious to anything and everything around her, Rose didn't notice the sound of the opening and closing of the common room door. Not that she would have been able to anyways, as she didn't even hear the loud chatter that filled the room around her that would have blocked out the sound anyways. She was in her own, little, content world. She was in some limbo where everything was perfect. A place where there was no sadness, no pain, no hurt. She was in her own little world where boyfriends were caught with other people, even if the boy was innocent. She was in a world where family didn't hate the person that she chose to date. She was in a wonderful little world that was as close at to heaven as the girl could get while she was still on Earth.

It wasn't until the young first year was right there did she snap out of her trance, being pulled from that perfect, imaginary world that was full of sunshine rainbows and lollipops. She was pulled out of her perfect place at the feeling of ink splashing all over her, covering her skirt, splattering a bit on her shirt, and getting in her hair and on her skin. Out of shock, Rose jumped, fell out of the chair, and quickly caught herself in a crouched position, just barely managing to catch herself, and to not flash anyone by accident.

Sort of shocked, as she was taken by such surprise, Rose didn't respond for a moment, as she did nothing but kind of stare at the young first year for a few moments, ink slowly dripping to the floor off of her. Rose watched as the young girl fumbled around and tried to help, as she apologized. The girl was so skiddish. She was like, some puppy who was afraid she would get in big trouble. At that thought, a small smile had slipped onto the girls lips.

When her chocolate brown eyes shifted away from the girl, the giggles broke from Rose's lips. She looked down at herself and couldn't help but shake her head and laugh. She looked so ridiculous! She was just looking down at herself, not even in a mirror. Oh she bed she looked marvelous full on. Sure, she was a bit upset, but after seeing that little girl, how skiddish and scared she was, Rose wasn't able to get angry. 

"don't worry about it." Rose told, turning to the girl and giving her a smile as sweet as chocolate. "for all we know," Rose did a full spin and stopped when she was looking at Emily again, "This could be the next big thing in the fashion industry." 

A smile was on Rose's lips. Though she was now ready to go take a shower, as she could feel ink dripping down her body, she wasn't going to just leave the little girl all frazzled. She could deal with a bit of a mess for a little while.

James Sirius Potter - August 16, 2011 03:02 AM (GMT)
James sauntered over to Rose and Emily, pulling out his wand as he did so. "Scourgify!" he proclaimed, pointing his wand at his cousins's skirt, siphoning some of the ink off. "Er, sorry Rosie," he scratched his head sheepishly. "That's about the best I can do," James shrugged his shoulders and gave a crooked smile.

He sat down on the arm of her chair to inspect the damage further. "I bet that if you put it in the school laundry it'll get the stains out."

Looking at Emily in concern, he furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you okay firstie? I mean, it was an accident, and not a big deal...."

She looks so stressed out...I know what she needs

James heaved a sigh. "Dyou want a cupcake?" he offered, holding out one of the same cupcakes that he had offered Viola that night in the common room. "I promise I didn't lick any of that icing," he joked, indicating the luridly orange icing. "Much," he grinned hoping that she would cheer up.

Emily MacDiarmid - August 16, 2011 03:14 AM (GMT)
Emily gingerly accepted the cupcake from the older boy, before taking a nervous nibble. "Mmmmm!" she exclaimed. "This is delicious!" she took a huge bite and accidentally smeared some icing on her chin. She offered a big smile to the pair of them, and a second shy one to Rose, looking rather comical with the smear of icing on her face.

"Thank you for not being mad at me..." Emily clasped her hands behind her back and moving to sit in the other arm chair, where she continued to eat her cupcake.

Rose Weasley - August 16, 2011 07:05 PM (GMT)
Rose smiled softly in greeting when her cousin came over and then attempted to clean off he skirt for her. Yeah, didn't really work out, but Rose just smiled. He was right. It would come clean when she put it in the wash. It didn't matter that it was one of her favorite skirts, it would still come clean. Magic could make anything clean.

She watched the cupcake switch hands longingly. She had always loved cupcakes. I mean, what's not to love about them? They are just like cake, but smaller! You get the soft and fluffiness of a cake itself, along with creamy and smooth sugary icing! Just watching James give it to the little girl made Rose's mouth water. That was one food that Rose would never pass up. 

The girl speaking broke Rose's trance, causing the red head to smile slightly, hiding the light pink that fell on her cheeks. The girl was thankful Rose wasn't mad at her. Emily was lucky. Unlike most Gryffindors, Rose had a bit of Slytherin in her, and took half a moment to actually think before she jumped into action. That had to be because of how often she had been around Scorpius. He had rubbed off a bit on her, and she had become less hotheaded and actually thought, which was a rare thing, before she acted.

Laughing slightly, due to the icing on the girls chin, Rose shook her head. "Don't worry about it." she said before she grabbed a tissue and wiped off the girls chin. "I don't think you want to dye your skin the color of that  icing now do you?" she asked teasingly and tossed the tissue, before she leaned down and took of her stained dripping skirt. She held it a bit away from her, so it wouldn't get on the black soffe shorts she had under. 

 She's always prepared.

James Sirius Potter - August 17, 2011 03:08 AM (GMT)
James noticed the longing look on Rose's face as she watched the cupcake change hands. He was just about to offer her one, when she casually pulled off her skirt and held it in front of her. "Stripping cousins!" he exclaimed in mock pain and anguish. "Shield my eyes!" covering his eyes with the back of his arm, he pretended to be in too much pain to even glance at her. "Indecency aside, would you like a cupcake?" he asked, continuing to block his eyes from view as he held out another one, nearly identical to the one before except with green icing instead of orange.

Emily MacDiarmid - August 17, 2011 03:13 AM (GMT)
Emily blushed as Rose wiped the icing off her chin. "Whoops..." she mumbled, not even that embarassed this cupcake was so good. "No I'd rather go through my life without looking like a carrot," she giggled, revealing a missing tooth.

She giggled even more at James' performance. He was funny, kind and..quite handsome too. "Thank you for the cupcake James," Emily smiled at him, knowing that he wouldn't feel the need to ask her how she knew his name. Everyone knew his name, gossip about him was impossible to avoid.

Rose Weasley - August 18, 2011 05:45 AM (GMT)
Rose laughed and shook her head. Her cousin. Such a Bloody Idiot. Did he really think that she would just strip down in the middle of the common room? Oh yeah, totally. That was just the type of girl she is. Come, come one and all! Rose Weasley is giving a strip show in the middle of the common room! Yup, all the time. The girl rolled her eyes, still laughing.

She didn't speak, due to excessive laughter, until the young girl had thanked James for the cupcake. "Don't thank the Bloody Idiot!" Rose told as she snatched the cupcake from her cousins hand. "Open your eyes! I am fully clothed!" she told, just before she flicked her wrist, causing her skirt, which still had a bit of wet ink on it, to fling out and smack James.

As if nothing happened, Rose took a small bit of her cupcake, widening her eyes in mock innocence.

James Sirius Potter - August 19, 2011 06:15 PM (GMT)
James recoiled slightly as the inky and wet skirt hit him, leaving a black smear on his cheek. Grinning mischieviously, he snatched his cousins arm and used her struggling forearm to wipe the ink off. Well, mostly off. He would have to take a shower later, good thing there was Quidditch practice tonight.

He casually pulled another cupcake out of his pocket, this one with blue icing and munched on it defiantly. "Really Rosie, is that any way to thank someone who gives you a delicious cupcake?" James pointed his finger accusingly at her, his eyes dancing.

Emily MacDiarmid - August 19, 2011 08:08 PM (GMT)
Emily was laughing so hard that she nearly choked on her cupcake. Her ocean-like eyes were crinkled at the edges as she trailed off and hiccoughed. "Oh -hic- great, now I'-hic-ve got hic-hic-cups!" she giggled at herself, clapping a hand over her mouth in a half-assed attempt to contain her hiccups.

The little girl's laugh was big and loud, holding nothing back. It wasn't often recently that she had used it.

Rose Weasley - August 20, 2011 04:49 AM (GMT)
"Yes James, it is!" she told and quickly wiped her arm, which he had just wiped his face on, all across his shirt, getting all of the ink of of her arm. She smiled and then giggled slightly, glancing around. There were a few people watching, but she didn't really care. She was having fun. At the young girls hiccups, Rose just smiled slighlty at her, as if to say that it sucked that she had the hiccups.

"I think I need to go clean up now though...." she said as she glanced down at herself. she smiled sheepishly and then shoved the rest of the cupcake into her mouth and quickly swallowed it. "I'm going to go take a shower and then get this cleaned. See ya later. And its nice to meet you." she told, smiling at the young first year before she turned and quickly ran up to her room to get a change of clothing.

James Sirius Potter - August 20, 2011 05:40 PM (GMT)
James looked down at his ink smeared self. Smudges of black adorned his cheek, his shirt and his robes. Grinning at the little girl, he picked at some of the ink on his face. "I look a right state don't I?" he chuckled at himself, then raised his eyebrows exaggeratedly at the onlookers, as if to say what in sodding hell are you looking at?

They quickly pretended to be occupied with their own activities, continuing to sneak glances at him out of the corner of their eyes.

Lapsing into silence, he chewed thoughtfully on his cupcake, before conking out and falling asleep with his head on the arm of the chair.

It had been an extraordinarily long week.

Emily MacDiarmid - August 20, 2011 05:51 PM (GMT)
Emily smiled at James' snoozing form. Someone would have to wake him up for the Gryffindor Quidditch practice later, but there was no way in holy heck it was gonna be her. He looked way too peaceful to disturb.

She felt peaceful and happy, not shy or awkward at all. Remembering her homework, she plucked her Potions essay out of her bag and, curling up, she fell into a world of knowledge, writing feverishly as the ideas just came to her. In this way she spent the rest of the evening, occasionally giggling to herself as she thought of how James had scolded Rose, or how Rose had wiped her ink covered arm on James.

Maybe Hogwarts really was the best place in the world.

(OOC: I guess this is done. Smei-lame ending on my part, but hush.)

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