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 Predator vs Man-Thing
Posted: Jul 19 2008, 05:09 PM

Fiction God

Group: Members
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Joined: 12-March 08

The urks were large, powerful beasts. But not all that smart. Quickly they managed to envision Hulij-bpe as nothing more then a snack, which proved to be a big mistake on their part. One of the larger Uruks shoved through the rest, desperate to quench his hunger, but the only thing he would be eating was the end of the young blood's combistaff as it was thrust though his open mouth. With a jerk, the body was thrown down in front of Ugl˙k, and his massive form toppled to the mud coated floor below. The young yautja lifted his staff into the air blocking a blow from multiply scimitars, he followed with a kick to the uruks chest, sending him colliding with the rest. Now, Hulij-bpe stood facing a single Uruk, who surprisingly managed to block one of Hulij's blows, before being skewered and tossed aside.

Lurtz watched as the creature raised his staff above a fallen uruk and plunged it into his abdomen, twisting it just to hear the screams of his dying victim. With a low pitched growl of annoyance, Lurtz notched an arrow, his aim had to be precise, so he took his time. He watched as another Uruk fell victim to the predator's onslaught and the rest took a step back in fear, Lurtz steadied his bow and let loose his arrow. He grinned as the arrow sunk it's head into the meaty flesh of the young blood's chest. Hulij grunted and took a step back as the arrow embedded itself, this gave the Uruk's the chance they needed. All at once the 5 remaining Uruk-hai charged Hulij, the first of which Hulij slashed in the throat, spilling a majority of its blood, and effectively killing it. This however, was seconds before Ugl˙k's mighty broad sword cleaved a gash across his torso. Hulij howled in pain, just as Ugl˙k slammed his weapon of terror down on the young blood once more, Hulij managed to block the power attack but took another arrow to the torso. This, added by the strength of Ugl˙k's third hack, dropped Hulij to his knees. Only to have Ugl˙k swing his sword around and up connecting with the underside of the combistaff, sending it sailing from Hulij's outstretched hands. Hulij-Bpe's mind flashed back to when he witnessed the red maned ooman's demise; how his situation now resembled that of the ooman's. The uruks stood around laughing as the young blooded remained on his knees, Ugl˙k held his hands in the air and stood soaking in the cheers and howls of the other Uruk's. Finally, he was ready, he held his broad sword over his head and laughed once more at Hulij's misfortune. Suddenly, something in the young blooded snapped, with a jolt of energy his hand shot out, straight through the flesh of the towering Uruk's stomach and around his spinal cord. Ugl˙k's face, as well as those watching jumped in surprise. Hulij-Bpe regained his stride as he ripped forth the spine of Ugl˙k and his corpse folded like a lawn chair. Hulij got to his feet and looked towards the remaining uruks, cracking his neck in confidence. Mauhur, being the closest to the predator, let out a grunt of remorse and charged forth, swinging his mace hard from the right. Hulij simply ducked down, while simultaneously popping his wristblades from their sheath, and with no more then a stroke, Mauhur's arm was severed from the bicep. Mauhur's screams died short as the predator sunk his wristblades into the back of the uruk, repeating until dead. The 3 remaining Uruks turned to run but were met with Lurtz's cold menacing stare. A gasp escaped the middle Uruk as Hulij's recovered combistaff emerged from his stomach, and with seemingly no effort, Hulij-Bpe lifted the Uruk into the air and tossed him aside. The braver of the two Uruks moved forward swinging his scimitar from the right, only to have it brushed aside and the Predator's wristblade impaled into his gut. The last of the Uruk turned to Lurtz and back at the pred, only to decide he was better off running. He didn't get to far as Hulij lifted his combistaff into the air, and threw it at the fleeing Uruk, only to hear his body thud to the ground moments later.

Hulij, now drenched in the blood of his enemies and more so, his own; looked toward the Uruk-Hai captain. Only to place his hands onto his mask and remove it, revealing his hideous facial features. Hulij looked down at his chest, only to realize the arrows were still lodged in, he grabbed hold of them both and yanked them out, tossing them harmlessly aside. Lurtz simply laughed and licked his blade, taunting him. Hulij arched his back and flared his mandibles, roaring in rage! He had shown the dark one great honor and respect, only to be "taunted" by him! This angered the Hulij-Bpe greatly, as he charged toward the Uruk captain, wristblades brandished he continued his roar. But Lurtz knew no fear, he simply ducked down and slammed himself into the charging Yautja warrior, throwing him over him and onto his stomach. But this only enraged Hulij further, as he simply got to his feet and faced the Uruk warrior once again. Lurtz bashed his scimitar against his shield, a form of "bring it". Hulij charged the Uruk once more. Lurtz simply lifted his shield into the air and threw it, only to have Hulij leap into the air over it and come crashing down inches from him. Lurtz instantly swung his Uruk scimitar from the right, but Hulij simply grabbed hold of Lurtz's arm an impaled his wristblades into Lurtz's chest. Lurtz let out a grunt and head butted the young blood away, as Hulij stumbled backward Lurtz swung his scimitar hard cutting a gash across the Yautja's leg. Hulij howled in pain, but managed to keep his finesse and block Lurtz's next strike, countering with a kick to the chest that sent Lurtz sailing into a tree, leaving an immense dent in the great oak's trunk. Hulij was upon Lurtz before he could reach his feet. But Lurtz managed to dive aside as Hulij drove his fist into the great oak, this gave Lurtz the shot he needed and tackled Hulij to the ground. Hulij overpowered the great Uruk warrior pretty quickly and gored him with his blades. This however, did not phase Lurtz as he began to bash his sword hilt against Hulij's cranium. Before the hilt could do any major damage Hulij fitted his foot against Lurtz's chest and kicked him hard, sending him rocketing into the air and onto his back a good hundred feet away. Hulij stood up, looked toward the Dark One and laughed. His hunt was near complete. Lurtz propped himself up using his sword, his intestines hung from his opened gut and he simply sneered at the young Predator. Hulij walked proudly toward the Uruk warrior, deflecting his blade with but a flick of the wrist, while simultaneously shooting out his other hand grabbing hold of Lurtz by the throat and lifting him into the air. Lurtz looked down into the eyes of the young blood and for the first time in his existence, he was afraid. In one swift motion, Hulij-Bpe slammed Lurtz to his knees and placed his foot against the Uruk's chest, and simply with ease the young blooded warrior ripped Lurtz's head clean off and kicked his corpse to the ground, splashing against the blood pool he had previously made.

And so, the young blooded had collected his first trophy. The skull of the Uruk captain, Lurtz. But his hunt on the ooman world was far from over.

Day brake...............

A group of three had reached the young predator's massacre. Aragon, Legolas, and Gimli stood looking over the carnage left behind from the young blooded, only to spot Merry and Pippin's remains. "No.....No...... We failed them....." Sobbed Gimli. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Roared Aragon in rage as Legolas knelt down next to Pippin and stroked his cold cheek. Suddenly, Legolas's eyes turned toward the wood as he hear a snap of a twig and to his astonishment, a pair of luminescent eyes flashed in his direction and then took off full speed into the wood. Legolas fired an arrow after it, to no avail. "Legolas, what is it?! What did you see?!" Aragon demanded. "Eyes. They watched us, and I could feel their emotions, but it was not of sorrow or pity, but of joy" Answered Legolas.
Gimli wiped away tears before saying "Then what are we standing around here for?! I say we hunt down the fiend responsible and introduce him to my ax! " Gimli choked up on his Ax and anger could be seen in his eyes.
Aragon placed his comforting hand on Gimli's shoulder "Master Dwarf.........." Aragon paused before moving his opened hand toward the Forrest. "Lead the way".
"YYYYYYES!" Said Gimli eagerly before rushing into the Forrest of Fanghorn Ax held at the ready.

Hulij-Bpe, moving from tree to tree did his best to avoid the pursuit of the three oomans. As much the young blood loved the thrill of the hunt, he knew he had to rest before facing anything in battle. Soon he lost them and settled down in a large tree, deciding to begin repairs on his plasma caster now rather then later, just in case the oomans might find him. In a little over an hour the plasma caster was fully repaired and the young blood was in a deep sleep.

Slowly, from the mud coated floor below the great tree in which the young yautja dreamt, crept a snake like creature. The thing wrapped it's self gently around the young blood and without warning, constricted. Hulij-Bpe was helpless as he was drug from his perch and into the muck beneath. The yautja warrior quickly regained his poise and lashed out with his wrist blades, severing his binds, but upon investigation, Hulij discovered the snake like creature to be nothing more then a "vine". The young blood surveyed the area but found nothing, with a grunt Hulij abandoned his search and turned to head back up the tree, only to be confronted by a large green creature inches from him. Hulij was sent flying when a punch connected to his chest, landing nearly 30 feet away. The creature leaped into the swamp and was gone. Hulij-Bpe got to his feet and began firing his plasma caster like mad into the muck, without success. But this time, Hulij was not caught by surprise when the creature appeared and threw a punch, the young blood simply caught it and threw the creature back, only to blast it with his plasma caster seconds later. Astonishingly, the creature regenerated it's self within moments, drawing on the swamp as a replacement for the chunk missing. Hulij knew this creature would be a difficult hunt, and this pleased the young blood greatly.............


The Man-Thing is The Man-Thing. He has Super Strength, Regeneration, and Control over plant life. He draws on the swamp and other plant life to heal himself. "Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch", Anything feeling fear when in the presence of The Man-Thing bursts into flames on contact.

Hulij-Bpe has his combistaff, wristblades, and newly repaired Plasma Caster. Hulij is in no way afraid of the Man-Thing.

They are fighting in Fanghorn forest, the swamp is but 2 feet deep and the ents are not present. It is night.

Let the hunt begin!

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