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 Angels & Demons, Castiel vs. Pennywise
Posted: Jul 1 2009, 03:16 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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There were some that believed the world would end in the year 2000. The year a new millennium started. This was known to be called Y2K, but it did not end. There are others, who believe the world will end in the year 2012. This is because of the Mayan calendar ending on that year, on the specific date of December 21. The world and the fate of all human life does not rest on the Mayan calendar. For it rest on the shoulders of powerful warriors. Warriors of God. Messengers of the Lord. These beings are often known as Angels. The very thing that threaten human life on Earth is what the Angel battle. The beings they battle reside in the shadows. They break down the strong, and feed on the weak. As days pass by, the date closer for the final battle of all life begins, but there are some who want to prevent that battle from occurring. There are some that want to create a world of torment and pain. The suffering of the world brought out by the true evils of the damnations of Hell itself are uniting together; trying to bring about a new Hell. As the evils step foot onto the world that they want to gain control of, the life and love of the planet is growing weaker. Pain and suffering spread through the lives of each living person on the Earth. As all the hope on Earth begins to fail, something else has begun to rise. Few have shown signs of faith. This faith that has been shown cannot be destroyed. They have faith in the Lord. From Heavens above, warriors of God have come down to help the humans living on the world, and have come down to prevent a new Hell from engulfing the Earth. The armies that have united in the pits of Hell see threat before them. The war has begun for the future of the Earth. A storm has come, a storm of death, and sacrifice. A storm that will determine the fate of all mankind. This storm will be the storm of the history of Earth. All will remember this storm for it will sweep through the lands of freedoms, and lands of empires. The outcome has yet to be known, and the battles have yet fought. The storm has begun....

1997, Halloween Night

"Trick or Treat!", kids yelled at random people who would open their doors, as they heard the knocks from the children. The strangers would often give the kids candy, and treats of something special to the kids. On this particular Halloween Night though in Athens, Ohio something else was happening. A cold breeze came in from the west, and the stars were shining high above the world. Darkness filled the world around, and teenagers ran around in the streets in stupidly. Some would call it vandalizing property, but in the shadows the darkness called it fun. A small group of high school teenagers wanted to do something on Halloween Night. Knowing that there town was called one of the most haunted places in the United States, and that their own, know closed down mental hospital, Athens Lunatic Asylum, or often called the Ridges among the local; is one of the most haunted places in town. As part of a joke, and a bet among the other high school students, the teenagers break into the retired mental hospital. Only closed down for four year, the Ridges had been falling apart. Rats roamed the hallways, and water dripped off the ceilings above. A smell, an odor, a stench fill the nostrils of the students. It was almost unbearable, but they grew custom to it very fast. As the students roamed the hallways, and walked deeper into the rundown building their lights grew dimmer. They then hear a faint sound not far away. They thought it might of been other teenagers playing pranks. "Trying to scare them away.", a few of them said, but they had a bet. They were not going to run away in fear. They were not going to chicken out. As lights shined, they spotted random things in the hallway. Balloons laid out on the floor. Just a few at first, but as they walked farther there were more on the floor, and some floating around on the ceiling. Noises of laughter were echoing off the walls around. The teenagers finally found a place they wanted to stay, a place to camp for the night. Sleeping bags were laid out, and the teenagers started taking out lanterns. All of them looked around at each other, and started talking with each other. Now they started to feel a little more comfortable, but they could still hear the laughter echoing off the walls. There five teenagers all sleeping around in a circle with a few lanterns in the center of them. The broke out, and darkness filled the room. The screams coming from two girls in the group rang out. The three guys then started to calm them down. They started telling them that they were just playing a prank on them, and that one of their friends was here setting up all the pranks.

The girls stopped crying, but the guys were trying to fix the lanterns in the center of their group. It was not working, but something happened. Thunder broke through the skies above, and the entire building lit up. Suddenly, everything went back into darkness, but the guys fixed the lanterns. Screams rang out once more, and the guys fell back in horror of what they saw. The one guy they said was pull all the pranks on them all was hanging from the ceiling above. His heart was ripped out of his chest, and blood dripped all over the floor. The laughter that was heard earlier, came back louder than before. The lights went off again, and the screams overcame the laughter. The lights came back on, and one of the members of the group was missing. The teenagers all got to their feet, and started running. Everything went dark, and darkness became a powerful fear. One of them found a flashlight, and started running through the hallway of balloons. All of them started to bust. Blood splattered everywhere. All the teenagers slipped on the fresh blood, and then the noise of one of their bodies sliding against the floor and being taken filled the ears of the other members. The other three teenagers got to their feet, and continued to run through the hallways. They stopped as they saw a piñata hanging off the ceiling. Laughter came from the piñata. One of the guys put his ear closer, but the flashlight busted. The guy was grabbed by an unknown force, and his screams were cut short. The last two teenagers were trying to fight through the darkness, but it was getting harder for them to walk. The floor felt different. It was if they were walking on top of something weird. The last of the guys knelt down to fell what it was. He came back up to his feet as fast he could. It was human bodies, those of his friends. Something grabbed his ankles, and crushed them as he was pulled back into a pool of blood. The started running through the darkness, but she ran into a wall. Falling back on the ground she just went black. The girl started to wake up. She woke up in a room filled with a bright shining light. She glanced over the walls, and saw symbols written in crayon and in blood. She lifted her head, and saw the face of a clown. The clown smiled, and the laughter echoed off the walls around her. She let out a scream, and all of sudden the room went dark.

2003, Thanksgiving

The day of giving thanks for what you have, and all your family around you. The day turkey dinners, and dressing. The day to have fun spending time with your family, and even eating beside your brothers or sisters. This is the day of travel and the day being safe, as you spend time with your family. As the day passes by on this day of thanks, a family of six eat together in a small Texas town. All of them were laughing together, and all were enjoying the taste of the turkey on the table before them. The grandparents sat on one side of the table, and the mother and father both sat opposite ends of each other. The brother and sister sat right beside each other. The brother and sister were messing with each other, while their mother tried to calm them as best as she could. After the Thanksgiving dinner was over, and everything was cleaned up; the father, son, and grandfather turned on the television. A football game was about to come, and they all eagerly waited for the starting kickoff. The daughter, mother, and grandmother went outside for a nice walk around the neighborhood. It was quiet that day, for the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the wind blowing past them. The daughter then ran over at a trail not far ahead, which led into large thickness of woods. Running through past trees, and the ran far into the woods. As she was running she a noise of laughter deep within the woods. She started running toward the noise of the laughter, and saw something that made her interested. In the center of the woods she saw balloons all over the ground. She saw what looked like a bunch of fun and interesting things. She then saw it coming out of the woods. It was what she thought was a clown. The girl smiled, and the clown just stood there with a smile. Meanwhile, as the mother and grandmother searched worryingly through the woods, they could hear that monstrous laughter. They started yelling out her name, but something made them stopped. Something put a shiver down their spine. Both grandmother and mother gave a scream that could be heard for miles, but the vast woods captured the noises of the screams. Hanging from the limb of tree was the daughter. Her eyes were gouged out of the sockets, and her heart ripped out of her chest. The mother ran over to get the daughter out of the tree, but something else happened.

The grandmother fell down on her back. Fear started to overwhelm her, but something rapped around her ankle. What looked like crazy colorful rope started pulling the grandmother deep within the woods. The mother tried to grab her, but she was pulled out. Their heart ripped from their chest, and the only thing the grandfather felt was suffering. He tried to getto fast into the woods. All that could be heard that evil sounding laughter, that was heard when searching for her daughter. Knowing there was nothing she could do she started running. Everything seemed different as she was running. Balloons laid out on the trail, and suddenly each one of them popped. Blood splattered all over the mother, and the mother finally tripped on the ground. Tears ran down her face, and she tried to push herself up. When she got to her knees, she looked up, and saw it before her. The thing that was responsible for it all. It was a clown, with a very large and gruesome smile. The mother fell back, and tried to crawl away, but she was stopped. Everything then dark for the mother, and the woods seemed to grow dark. As all the pain and suffering was happening the other three were watching the game. Their favorite team had being losing horribly, and the grandfather decided to walk outside. As the door shut behind him, and fell on the ground. His heart pounding hard at the sight of his granddaughter, his daughter, and his wife hanging from the roof. Blood dripped from their lifeless bodies, and their eyes were gouged to his feet, but something made him fall back. It was a clown of pure evil. The grandfather just fell back on the ground, and a tear went down the side of his face. It was half-time during the game, and the team the father and son loved dearly, were down by thirty. The father glanced back at the door, and knew something must have been wrong. The grandfather was gone for a long time. The father then went outside in worry. He knew must have been wrong. Searching around all the nearby places, he could not find a sign of where his father-in law must have gone. He also thought about his mother-in law, his wife, and his daughter. "Where were they?", he thought to himself. At the top of his lungs he screamed out their names, but nothing ever gave even a faint reply.

The father looked around at all the nearby houses. He looked in the windows, but all he could see was a family sitting around in a circle. The father busted his hand on the window, trying the gain their attention, but he could not be heard. That was the same with every house, suddenly her felt something coming down his spine. It was a cold shiver that was fear itself. The father then ran back to the house, but it was not there. It was something else. It was what looked like a carnival's house of mirrors. The father walked inside of it. He glanced at all the reflections of him, and started seeing all the funny images of him. He then stopped as he saw images of his daughter in the mirror. A image that was burned into his mind. The image of his daughter with blood covering her body. Her eyes gouged out from their socket, and her heart ripped out. He then saw a reflection of his wife, just as the same as his daughter was. He saw the same with father-in law, and his mother-in law. He turned around, and saw the same reflection, but this time it was him. His heart was pounding against his chest as he saw his lifeless body in the mirror. He turned around as fast as he could, but something stood at the exit. It was a clown. It was a monster. The let out a scream of anger, as he went to attack the clown, but something more powerful than he had ever seen. All at once the mirrors busted, and glass was now sticking out of the father's body. He fell to this knees in pain. The clown stood over him, and laughter echoed through the ear of man, who now knew there was nothing that could be done. The game was now over, and the son was all alone. In the end his favorite football team came back and won. He wanted to tell his family, but they had been gone for a long time. He thought they playing a game with him. He walked outside, and saw a line of candy. The candy was a trail. The boy started to followed the trail of candy, and picked up each piece as he passed by. As he moved farther along the trail of candy he heard the noises of laughter. He heard his family whisper in the distance, and he could see all kinds of things up ahead. The trail of candy ended at the started of a large dark tunnel. He then saw something coming out of the tunnel. It was that clown of pure evil. The clown put out his hand for the boy to grab, and that is what the boy did. He grabbed the clown's hand, and the clown led him into the tunnel. Everything was pitch black. Everything became fear, and everything became suffering for the young boy.

2009, New Years Day

Sitting with his family on New Years Day in Pontiac, Illinois; Jimmy Novak felt at peace. He just got finished saying grace for their dinner, and all the family let go of each other hand. They started to eat their meal before them, and Jimmy gazed a both his daughter and his wife. He was thankful that the Lord would provide such a beautiful family for him. A great family, that thought he didn't even deserve. As the night past, Claire, the Jimmy's daughter went to sleep in her bed. Jimmy's wife, Amelia, also went to bed to sleep. Jimmy stayed up though watch TV. As the time past, he fell asleep in the chair. Something woke Jimmy up. It was noise he had never heard before. He glanced at the television screen, and saw that i was fizzing up. He went over toward the TV, and tried to turn it off. Something caused him to fall to his knees, and cover his ears. It was a noise that vast, and very powerful. This noise was loudest then Jimmy had ever heard, but it wasn't just a noise. Inside it there was a voice talking to him. Jimmy on the floor on his side, and started to listen to this powerful voice. It was an Angel of the Lord. It was the Angel Castiel. Castiel was telling Jimmy that he had work to do. He told him that he was special because his blood made him special. He told Jimmy that he needed to trust him. After this everything changed for Jimmy. Amelia grew scarred as she saw her husband say things, crazy things. She grew worried about her husband. As time past, Amelia saw Jimmy do outragous things. One night everything was quiet. Amelia woke up from a deep sleep. She saw that Jimmy was not beside her, and she thought he might have went to sleep watching the TV again. She check on him, but the TV was off. She saw the light on in the kitchen. She then heard the noise of water boiling. As she walked she walked into the kitchen, her eyes opened wide. What she saw was something she never thought her husband would do. Jimmy had his arm in the boiling water. He told her that he was safe, but she went over to take his arm out of the water. No burns, no scars, nothing was on his arm. Jimmy just had a smile on his face. He said this was because of Castiel. Tears ran down her face. She thought he was going crazy, and she knew he needed help.

As nights past, arguments would spring out between husband and wife. Jimmy tried to convince his wife that he was not crazy, and that this was the work of God. She argued that he needed help, but Jimmy assured her everything was alright, and that he had work to do. As the days grew harder for Jimmy, his time that Castiel needed him was drawing closer. After a long argument with his wife, Jimmy walked outside his house. He had on a suit and tie, along with light brown coat. He walked outside, and started talking to the Angel, Castiel. He told Castiel that everything was falling apart, and that he couldn't take anymore. A bright light started to shine high above Jimmy. The light appeared to speak to Jimmy. Jimmy told Castiel that had to be protected if he would be the vessel for the Angel, and so that is what happened. The Angel, Castiel, came into his new human vessel, Jimmy Novak. Catiel started to look over his new human body. Then he heard a noise behind him. It was Jimmy's daughter, Claire. She was standing there, "Daddy.", her little voice broke out. "I am not you father", Castiel replied. Castiel then started walking off in the darkness. Claire stood in shock of what she had just heard. Castiel now was on his first mission. It was the first battle in the war for the future of the world. Castiel vanished into the dark thin air, and appeared in the town of Derry, Maine.

2009, July 4

Earlier that day there was a parade. A parade that signified freedom and independence, but now darkness came over the land of Derry, Maine. A small group of teenagers walked through the street. Up ahead the teenagers saw a dark tunnel in the ground. The teenagers thought it would be fun to go inside these tunnels. As they walked closer toward the tunnels a laughter was breaking out. It was a laughter of a clown, but it was something else. Something they would only have nightmares of. This thing was not human. They didn't realize it as they made their way inside. Their flashlights lit up the walls as they passed by. They saw what looked like writings and graffiti on the walls of the tunnel. The writings were strange thing that said, "Pennywise lives", the teenagers didn't understand what it meant. They just thought it was just words lost on a wall inside dark tunnels. As they went deeper within the tunnels, the laughter that had heard before became louder than even before. Then they saw It before them. It was a clown. A clown of pure evil. One of the teenagers went over toward it with a smile on his face. The teenagers was what you would call "a high school jock". He spit on the face of this clown, and grabbed It's nose. The teenager was laughing, but the girls in the group from behind pleaded for him to stop. All of a sudden scream as the saw the clown put his hand inside the chest of the high school jock. He ripped out the heart of the jock, and high school boy fell down dead on the ground. The rest of the group started to turn around, but It appeared behind them. There was no where to go. Suddenly, something else appeared before them. It was a man. He had a suit and tie, under a light brown jacket. The clown then blurted out a few words. "Well look at what we have here! It is a Bible B**** boy!", Pennywise said in a sarcastic manner. Castiel came walking toward the demonic creature, and he simply said, "Turn around, and go back where where you came from, or I will lay you to waste", Castiel said in a smooth voice. "Well that was not very kind of you. Why can't we be friends?", Pennywise said in an angered and frustrated voice. Castiel stood, knowing it was time to fight. He knew this was first of many battles. He had to stop Pennywise from killing the teenagers. He had to stop him from performing the final ritual. The two beings stood there gazing at each other, and each one waiting for a fight to death.


Castiel is an Angel of the Lord. He has been sent to stop Pennywise from performing his final ritual to unlock a doorway to Hell.

Pennywise is an unknown demonic creature. He is on Earth performing three rituals on thirty-six people. His ritual consist of six people one year, six years later another group of six people, and six after that another group of six. Only stands in his way now, and that is an Angel of the Lord.(Note this is movie version Pennywise)


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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