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 Jack Ryan vs. Ivan Korshunov
Posted: Jun 17 2009, 03:49 AM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
Posts: 322
Member No.: 94
Joined: 1-November 08

The Following Takes Place Between 6:00 am and 7:00 am

The sun was beginning to rise of the lands of France, and all of Europe. Jack Ryan was sitting in the back of a car. He gazed at the Eifel tower as he passed by it. Jack thought to himself what he was to do. This Central Intelligence Agency sent just told him to go France, and there he would be briefed on what was going to happen. Jack sat back in the car seat, and thought about his newborn daughter, Sally. He also thought about his wife Cathy. He didn't want his wife to worry about her husband, and his job with he CIA, but he also didn't want to stop what he was doing. Jack closed his eyes, and started thinking of the moment his daughter was born. He thought about his baby daughter in the arms of his wife.

He felt at peace. The car stopped in front of a government building. Jack opened the back of the door, and started walking toward the door. As went inside he had to take many security procedures, but he made it inside successfully. He was being led by the head of security to the central work station. As Jack walked into what was called the bullpen, he saw a man standing over a woman with red hair. She working on a computer, her eyes never left the screen. The head of security told Jack to stay behind, while he went over to whisper in the man's ear. The man then turned his attention toward Jack. Jack studied the man as he was walking over toward him. He had white hair. The man then came before Jack, and they both shook hands with each other.

"Hello, Agent Ryan, my name is Bill Buchanan" - Bill Buchanan

"Hello, Mr. Buchanan, I just want to know why I was sent here?" - Jack Ryan

"Mr. Ryan I have you ever heard of Counter Terrorist Unit?" - Bill Buchanan

"Yes, sir I have" - Jack Ryan

"I used to be part of that organization, but a year ago I was let go. A few months ago, I got a call from the President of the United States. A widespread of terror and corruption unfolded across the world. I was asked to take charge of an international terrorist unit. We have been trying to track down these terrorists and the corruptors, but we have not gotten anywhere. The only thing we really know the corruption is widespread." - Bill Buchanan

"How widespread?" - Jack Ryan

"Many terroristic countries, drug dealers, weapons dealers, even people within the United States are involved" - Bill Buchanan

"I'm sorry Mr. Buchanan, but I don't think I can help you. My daughter was just born last week, and I really would like be with her" - Jack Ryan

"I understand Agent Ryan, but this is important. Today we got wind of a threat that will occur within next few hours. Someone want to disrupt the peace treaty going on between the United Nations and terroristic countries across the world. If that happens Mr. Ryan then we could be seeing World War III" - Bill Buchanan

"What do I need to do?" - Jack Ryan

"Assist us on finding what there targets are, and finding who they are, and what they are trying to do" - Bill Buchanan

"And please don't get in my way" - Chloe O' Brian

"Okay, I can do that. Where do I start?" - Jack Ryan

"Station 2. Decrypted the files threat assessment A" - Bill Buchanan

"I'm on it" - Jack Ryan

Bill and Chloe watched the Ryan walk over to his station. Chloe then started working on her computer. She pulled up files about plane passengers, street views of Paris, France, and satellite views. She then saw something that caught her attention. It was a picture of Jack Bauer. Chloe picked up her phone, and dialed Bill Buchanan's number. As the phone rang, she saw Jack's face in the picture. She thought about her son who just recently born, and thought about Morris. Why wasn't she with them? That is what she thought, but she knew this was important. She knew that the world's future depended on it. As Bill answered the phone, she asked him to come to her station. Bill stood over her station, and gazed at the computer screen. He stood in shock, as he saw the face of his old friend.

"Do you know where he is now?" - Bill Buchanan

"I got some satellite views, and street cameras of him sitting on a park bench near the Eifel Tower." -Chloe O' Brian

"Will you come with me, and help me get him here?" - Bill Buchanan

"Sure" - Chloe O' Brian


Jack Ryan started walking over toward his assigned station. He put his briefcase next to the desk, and sat down in the dark leather chair. He looked at the computer screen, and started looking through the files. He scrolled down the screen, and studied the files. Ryan then started searching through many computer files, and studied hard, trying to find a small detail that could lead to what was going to happen later. He saw blueprints of buildings, and routes of a motorcade. Now he knew he was getting somewhere. Jack Ryan started studying the motorcade route, and who was going to be traveling on this route.

Jack Ryan started searching through government files that belonged to the political leaders that were going to attend the peace treaty meeting later that day. He saw something that put him into shock. President Noah Daniels was going to be traveling on this route in 25 minutes. Jack Ryan then started decrypting more of the file, and saw some letters. The letters looked Russian. Jack started translating the letters on his computer, and saw something even more shocking. This was a plan to kidnap the President of the United States. Jack printing off the files, and looked around the room for Bill.

Jack Ryan got to his feet, and rushed over toward Bill Buchanan. Bill was getting ready to leave with Chloe O' Brian. Jack confronted Bill, and did his best to keep up with Bill. Jack told him about the attack. Bill told him to go with a group of field agents out to the motorcade, and assist them on counter-attacking the terroristic plot. Jack stood in astonishment. He was not a field operative, but Bill simply told him that he was the only one who knew what the Russian terrorist were planning, and they had no time on briefing the field operatives on all the plans of the attack. Jack stood watching Bill and Chloe leave the bullpen.

Jack saw many field agents going to the armory getting equipped with weapons. Jack went back to his station, and started printing out all the road maps, and all the blueprints of the motorcade route. Jack then met with the field agents, whom gave him a 9mm pistol just in case of emergency. Jack followed the large group of agent toward large vehicles. He gave them the blueprints and maps, and the agents passed it around studying it. Jack sat back trying to think about his wife and daughter. Would he make it back home to see them? Jack knew he had to do something. He looked outside at passing view of Paris, and thought about this would be like if there was a war.

As the teams arrived at the location, Jack got out of the vehicle, and watched the field teams get into position. He held the gun in his hands, and started thinking about his time in the marines. Suddenly, he heard an explosion. One of the vehicles that transported there with him was blown up. This was trap. Suddenly, the other field agent vehicle agent vehicles exploded. The field agents ran out scattering. Some were shot down by oncoming terrorist. Jack saw with the corner of his eyes the President's motorcade. He saw them trying to turn around, but something prevented them from doing that. Jack ran out and took cover.

He looked up, and saw a man with an AK-47 running down the street shooting in the air. Jack aimed his pistol, and shot the man twice in the chest. The terrorist fell down dead, and Jack then looked at the other field team agents. Jack knew he had to act with the field agents, and he saw Secret Service agent being shot down. Jack gripped his pistol tight, as Russian terrorist ran out ready for battle. Jack then saw the leader of the group yelling out orders to his men. The man, Ivan Kroshunov, carried an AK-47, and started making his way toward the President's limacine.


Jack Ryan - He is equipped with a pistol. He is helping a group of field agents trying to prevent the President of the United States from being kidnapped.

Ivan Korshunov - He is equipped with an AK-47. He has a group of soldiers, and he is trying to kidnap the President of the United States, but counter-terrorist agents stand in his way


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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