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 Tony Almeida vs. Howard Saint
Posted: Jun 7 2009, 01:30 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
Posts: 322
Member No.: 94
Joined: 1-November 08

It has been years since he lost his wife. It has been years since he lost his unborn son. Tony became a new man the day his wife, and unborn son were murdered. He became a new man after he died, and was brought back. He spent years working in David Emerson's crew, fighting to search for the one responsible for his tragedy. Tony now has come close to getting his revenge on the one responsible. He has met a woman, who is the assistant the mastermind behind everything that ever happened. The woman, Cara Bowden, found Tony working one of the jobs for Emerson. She came to him secretly, and gave him information about a job opening. Cara started to develop a relationship with Almeida, and Almeida started to make a plan of his own.

Sitting in a warehouse, Tony was steadily waiting for a call from David Emerson. He also waited for a call from Cara. Tony glanced at the television screen that one of his men were watching. President-elect Allison Taylor is getting inaugurated into office. Tony stood up, and walked over to turn off the television. His men looked up at him with anger in their eyes. He simply replied. "We have work to do, so don't get any distractions". Tony then heard his phone ring. He took out of his jacket, and gazed down at the number. It was David Emerson. Tony Answered the phone, and started to walk outside. He answered the phone, and Emerson told him about a shipment that was suppose to come in later that night. The shipment would help with arming his men during times of battle.

Tony took the information, and called Cara. Cara told him that the shipment was heavy weapons. Tony was told to pick up the ship by Cara, but there was someone else who was looking in on the shipments of heavy weapons. A businessman, whom has ties to drug operations and criminal activities thorough the country. His name his Howard Saint. Howard Saint . Tony then hung up the phone. He went before his men, and told them to get ready for the night to come. Several minutes later Tony received another call from David Emerson. He was told that the shipment was due to arrive at 8:30 that night. Tony started to make a strategic plan to go in get the heavy weapons, and take down the crime lord. Tony and his assistant Masters got a hold of a blueprint of the entire shipyard. Looking over all the entrances, and exits of the shipyard. Tony started planning out where to send his men during the operation.

Tony went in a room, and started to get suited up. Putting on a bulletproof vest, and getting weapons equipped. He started having flashbacks of Michelle. It started to become hard to breathe. Tony fell against a wall, and fell to the ground. After all these years waiting to get revenge on his wife, and unborn son. Tony now was getting closer and closer. He found the one person that could get him toward the mastermind behind David Palmer's death, Michelle's death, and his son's death. Tony started to get to his feet. Patience is what he needed. Patience is what was going to get him that moment in front of the man responsible. This organization was vast, and powerful. Tony needed resources though to stop it all. Chloe and Bill was not far behind. Tony informed them of the shipment arriving, and told them what was going to happen.

Tony came before his men. All of them ready and equipped to fight an army. Tony gave them all their orders, and where they would be posted that night. All the men got into large black vans, and Tony sat in the passenger seat of one of the vans. Tony gazed out the window as the van started moving. Looking deep into the darkness of night, Tony started to think about what was going to happen. How would the battle be fought? Tony turned, and started to glance at the different men under his command. The men that were willing to kill without question. Were they ready to fight a battle. Tony looked ahead, and told the driver to park behind a small garage just outside the shipyard.

Men were mobilizing around the shipyard, and Tony started to head toward the direction of the crates that he was sent to retrieve. A few men opened a few of the crates, and Tony glanced inside of it. Heavy weapons, high tech computers, explosives, and other devices. Tony then told his men to load the crates inside one of the vans. He then went over toward another one of the shipments that he was ordered to retrieve. Tony glanced inside, and saw a large mechanical device. Tony had a quick smirk, and then told his men to load up. Suddenly, he heard a vehicle pull up behind him. Tony turned around, and saw a few limos comes around. He then started to see trucks pull up. He then saw men coming out of the vehicles, and one of the men opened the back door of the limacine. Howard Saint stepped out of the vehicle.

"You should put down what isn't yours, and you might actually make it out of here alive." - Howard Saint

"Well we were here first, so why don't you just leave before my men have to fire, Mr. Saint." - Tony Almeida

"Do I know you?" - Howard Saint

"No, but I know what you are capable of, and I know what I can do to stop it." - Tony Almeida

"Your funny to bad this will end bad for you. Men get ready to fire!" - Howard Saint

"Everybody get ready!" - Tony Almeida

Howard Saint got back in his limo, that is covered with bulletproof glass. Tony ran behind the van. He saw his men standing on top of large crates, and saw them taking cover behind shipments. Tony then lifted up his AK-47, and pointed his gun toward one of Saint's henchmen. He then pulled the trigger, and shot down the henchmen. Suddenly, from every direction gun fire went off, and the battle begins........


Howard Saint sat in his office. He started smoking one of his high priced cigars, and gazed at a picture of his wife. His wife went out to see movie that night, and one of Saint's assistants came in to tell him that the Toro Brothers were going to arrive shortly. Howard stood up in frustration, but start to calm down, so he wouldn't loose it in front of Mike and Joe. The Cuban mobsters came in through the door, and start to walk around Howard's desk. Howard stood with a smirk on his face. He offered them a cigar, and asked them why they were there. "Business", they simply replied. Not the same old drug moving business, or the same money laundering business. Howard then sat back in his chair, and put his chin on his fist.

"What kind of job is this?" - Howard Saint

"Just a large shipment arriving tonight. Were have some friends that are paying us good money to get this shipment in" - Mike

"Yeah, and we need you to get it for us" - Joe

"Why me?" - Howard Saint

"Howard, you are one of are best men. We need you to oversee the operation, and make sure your men don't screw anything up" - Mike

"And if you do it, there will be great awards for you service" - Joe

"Awards. What kind of awards?" - Howard Saint

"You'll find that out as soon as you get the shipment, but there will be a problem" - Mike

"What kind of problem?" - Howard Saint

"A group of men want our property, and you need to take it from them by any means necessary" - Joe

"Okay, I'll do it" - Howard Saint

"We knew you would, and here is the time and location" - Mike

Mike handed Howard a file containing everything needed for that night. The Toro Brothers left, and Howard ordered for all his best men, and vehicles to get ready. The time drew closer for Howard's operation. Howard Saint watched his men get into trucks, armed with weapons. He started walking toward the back of the limacine as one of his men opened the door. Howard got inside the limacine, and put a cigar in his mouth. He started to light up the cigar, and sat back as the vehicle start moving. Howard gazed outside into the black of night. He was wondering what he was suppose to pick up, but he didn't care too much. The vehicle entered the shipyard. The vehicle stopped, and he saw outside a large group of men loading up the shipment he was sent to get. Howard put out the cigar, and then smiled as his door opened. He got out, and then gazed over at one of the men.

"You should put down what isn't yours, and you might actually make it out of here alive." - Howard Saint

"Well we were here first, so why don't you just leave before my men have to fire, Mr. Saint." - Tony Almeida

"Do I know you?" - Howard Saint

"No, but I know what you are capable of, and I know what I can do to stop it." - Tony Almeida

"Your funny to bad this will end bad for you. Men get ready to fire!" - Howard Saint

"Everybody get ready!" - Tony Almeida

Howard got back in his vehicle for protection. He sat back watching the battle break loose. He waited to see if he would make it out of there with the shipment. He waited to see what would be the outcome.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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