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 X-Men Origins: Cyclops Prt. 6, Prt. 6: Avalanche
Posted: Jun 4 2009, 03:12 AM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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Joined: 1-November 08

Cyclops started walking through the long dark pipe room. He started hearing the noises of laughter, and banging of pipes. Suddenly, he spun around watching the Toad coming toward him. Cyclops was about to fire an optic blast, but was kicked back toward a wall behind him. Cyclops tried to get off the ground, but Toad came down hitting him on the back with a broken pipe. Toad tried to hit him again, but Cyclops came up tackling him on the ground. Toad kicked him off, and jumped to his feet. He picked up the pipe, and started running over toward Cyclops. Cyclops shot out an optic blast, which knocked Toad back. Cyclops got to his feet. He started to run in the direction Toad blown back. He could see nothing, but darkness. Cyclops went into an experimental room, and started gazing over research tables.

Suddenly, he heard a nosie behind him. He turned around, and Toad spit out a slimey substance at him. Cyclops shot an optic beams through the air, and destroyed the substance. Just then Toad jumped over a table, and kicked Cyclops against a wall. Cyclops looked up at Toad, who was swing the broken pipe. Cyclops put his hands on the visor, and shot off an optic beam, which blew the pipe in half. He then shot off another optic blast which knocked Toad back through a door. Cyclops then started to sprint over toward the room that Toad was blasted in. Toad was getting to his feet, but he was blown back by another optic blast. Hitting a large pipe, Toad fell to the ground. Cyclops went over, and punched him back on the ground. He then picked him up, and punched him back on the ground. Cyclops then leaped over ontop of the mutant, and started unleashing punches on his face.

Tiad kicked him off, but Cyclops blew him back against another pipe. Cyclops started to walk over toward Toad, but Toad started laughing uncontrallably. Cyclops grabbed him, and pushed him back onto the pipe. He gazed down into the eyes of Toad. Toad had blood coming down from his mouth, and a smile the went across his face. He asked Cyclops if he remebered what he had done early. Cyclops angerily asked what. Toad replied in a calm voice, that he had set up high explosives all through the base. Cyclops then turned his attention to the explosives. Toad kicked him back on the ground, and started to run. A large wall of glass was in front of him, leading to the outside. Toad jumped through the glass, and into the ocean below. Cyclops got to his feet, and started running toward the exit of the base. No time left to lose, he just concentrated on getting out with his team.

Cyclops ran out of the base, and suddenly the whole building exploded behind him. The force of the explosion knocked him on the ground. Cyclops pushed himself off the ground, and started looking around in every direction. He then heard he voice. He turned toward her, Jean Grey. Jean came over to grab Scott. Scott followed Jean back to the jet, and they went inside to see Storm. Storm was still hurt, but she was going to make it. Collosus stood beside her making sure she would not go into anymore pain. Angel sat in the copilots chair, and Scott went over to pilot the jet. The jet lifted off the ground, he then put the jet in stealth mode, due to police vehicles arriving in the area. The newly formed X-Men flew back to the X-Mansion. When they arrive Collosus and Jean took Storm to medical. Angel went to make sure th other student were safe. Scott went to the main office. Scott wanted to stop Magneto.

Scott opened in the doors in anger. His anger then changed to happiness. He saw the Profesor sitting behind his desk. The Profesor told him to come inside, and sitdown. Scott came in, and closed the door behind him. The Profesor welcomed him in, and Scott sat down in the chair. He gazed at the Profesor, who had a worried look on his face. Scott was trying to speak, but he could fill a sense of fear inside the Profesor's heart. There was a long moment of silence between the two of them, and suddenly the Profesor broke the silence. A sense of releivement came across Scott, but it didn't last long.

"Magneto is raising an army" - Profesor Xavior

"What do you mean?" - Scott Summers

"Eric wants superiority among mutants. Beleiving they should be the supreme race among humans. He is going to raise a Brotherhood among mutants. He is rasing a Brotherhood of Mutants" - Profesor Xavior

"What are we going to do?" - Scott Summers

"I honestly don't know. He believes that a war is coming, and he wants to end the war before it begins" - Profesor Xavior

"We have to do something! We have to stop Magneto!" - Scott Summers

"Eric is too powerful for me, and for you. I cannot stop him on my own" - Profesor Xavior

"Then what about me? What about the rest of us? What about the X-Men?" - Scott Summers

"The X-Men need a field leader.... They need you" - Profesor Xavior

"Me???" - Scott Summers

"You are one of my greatest students. You have been taught to be a leader. You have already led your classmates through hardships, and now you will be the leader of the X-Men" - Profesor Xavior

"How will I do it?" - Scott Summers

"The same way you have been leading your classmates" - Profesor Xavior

Weeks past very slowly. Scott watched over his fellow classmates. As everything was being rebuilt, and redone the Profesor waited for the time to come. He waited for Magneto's first plan of attack. The life for the mutants of Xavior Institute was changing very slowly by the day. Scott and Jean kept their watch on the news. Waiting to see what was happening the world. They saw that large groups of humans were going to great lengths to kill mutants. Senator Robert Kelly was also going great lengths to get the Mutant Registration Act passed by Congress. Times were getting tough for mutants. Scott felt an overwhelming sense of just giving up, but he looked back at all his classmates and friends. How could he give now? That is what he thought to himself.

Something came into his head. The Profesor's voice spoke in his head to come to his office. Scott got up, and headed over toward the Profesor's office. As Scott opened the doors, he saw the Profesor gazing out the window. Looking out at the lands surrounding the mansion. The Profesor then turned around, and looked at Scott. The Profesor told him that Magneto was going to attack Senator Kelly. He said that Magneto was ready for his Brotherhood to be known among men. Scott was told he had to go to the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent an attack on Senator Kelly, but the Profesor wanted him to do alone. He didn't wanted the public to know about the X-Men just yet. The ride seemed so long for Scott, but he eventually got to the location of the Golden Gate Bridge. From a far distance he could see the Senator's motorcade.

Suddenly, he felt something in the ground beneath him. He turned around, and saw a man at the end of the bridge. Scott then started to make his way over toward the Brotherhood mutant, Avalanche, but people were getting out of their vehicles in fear. Scott jumped ontop of a car, and shot out an optic blast at Avalanche. The blast knocked Avalanche on the ground, and Scott started leaping ontop of vehicles to get to Avalanche. Avalanche got up, and the ground started to shake. The Earth started to crack, and Scott fell to the ground. Scott pushed himself off the ground, and looked up over at Avalanche. Scott then gave quick glances at all the men, women, children that were going to be killed because of this mutant's orders. Scott got to his feet, and knew what he had to do. He had to stop Avalanche from destroying the bridge.


Scott Summers was given orders from Profesor Xavior that Magneto was sending one of his mutants to attack Senator Kelly. Senator Kelly is traveling in a motorcade over the Golden Gate Bridge, and Avalanche is trying to destroy the bridge. Can Scott stop Avalanche from killing hundreds of people, or will he fail from saving the lives of men, women, and children.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

Posted: Jun 11 2009, 02:37 PM

Join the Green Side

Group: Members
Posts: 1,980
Member No.: 40
Joined: 12-June 08

Scott can stop him, one accuractly placed optic blast should do the trick.


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