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 Predator vs. Red Skull
Posted: Jun 2 2009, 04:40 AM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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It has been years since he first spilt blood. It has been years since he could fill his lust for the hunt. The Elder Yautja, Bloodlust, grew bored of his surroundings. His lust became stronger as the days passed. This day and time things were changing. The hunting grounds of Earth has changed into a post Apocalyptic world. His son that was once a young unblooded Yautja, was now looked upon as a Blood among the other Yautjas. Bloodlust glanced back upon his wall of weapons. Wanting to fill his lust, wanting to fill his desire for the hunt, the Elder got up from his chair, and made his way into his room of trophies. Gazing at the skulls of Voldemort, the Newborn, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, John Spartan, Lord Marshal, Pumpkinhead, the Shredder, the Lizard, and many more, the Elder felt like there was more to be done. More hunts to go on. More trophies to get.

Bloodlust went back to his chair. He put up a scan all across the galaxy, and other galaxies to find an opponent that would be worth hunting. Weeks passed, but there was something. One the post apocalyptic world of Earth, there were some powerful opponents. Creatures, mutants, humans, machines, and prey. Bloodlust went over toward his wall of weapons. Bloodlust started to grab his favorite weapons, and tools. Bloodlust gave a glance back at his planet before leaving. Lava shot out of volcanoes, and young unblooded Yautjas were training to hunt. Bloodlust got inside his ship, and lifted off his planet into the darkness of space. Passing the many stars of space, and passing the many planets. Bloodlust thought to himself of the many hunts that he was going to fight in. The many opponents he was going to kill. Flying passed the planets his ship was getting closer to Earth.

After landing on the broken planet of Earth, Bloodlust got out of his ship. Looking in every direction he could see only what used to be a place of life. Now it was a place of carnage, and death. Bloodlust could hear something in the distance. A machine coming his way. Bloodlust hid up in an old rundown building. He gazed down upon a T-600 terminator, who was looking for any resistance soldiers in the area. Bloodlust extended his combi-stick, and jumped down behind the T-600. The spun around, but Bloodlust impaled the machine in the chest. Stuck to the wall of the old building, the machine fought to get itself free. Bloodlust extended his wrist blades, and then sliced off the head of the machine. Suddenly, he could hear them coming. Armies of machines all armed with weapons, Bloodlust turned around, activating his plasma blaster.

Machines were blown to the ground, and pieces of scrap metal was blown through the air. The machines, the terminators, tried to take down this creature, but they were all destroyed by the Elder. The Elder, Bloodlust then started walking through the pieces of metal and machines. All of them were terminated. All of them were destroyed by Bloodlust. The Elder started to cloak himself. Walking through the broken lands of Earth, Bloodlust started to track down his prey. Making his way up a cliff, Bloodlust gazed over all the lands of Asia. The wind started blowing fast. Dust started through the air. The stench of death made its way all over the land. The Elder started to move fast out of plain sight, and toward the direction of his prey.

Bloodlust made his way into an old broken down city. Machines laid in the rubble of what used to be streets. The Elder gazed around the broken city, and started scanning the area for any signs of life. Suddenly, an explosion knocked him back on the ground. Bloodlust heard the laughter, and voices of humans coming his way. HYDRA resistant soldiers came out to attack the cloaked hunter. Seeing his body in a mechanical mode, Bloodlust lost his cloak mode after the explosion. He got to his feet, and extended his combi-stick. The human soldiers came down toward what they thought was a machine. Bloodlust leaped through the air, into the center of the army of men. Blood flew through the air, and screams echoed through the old broken city.

After a short and easy battle, Bloodlust slaughtered all of the HYDRA soldiers. Looking around the area for his prey something else happened. Another explosion knocked the Elder back into some large debris. Glowing green blood coming from the Elder covered parts of the debris. Bloodlust jumped out of the debris. He started gazing around the site for his attacker, but suddenly he saw him standing in front of him. He was glancing over at all his fallen soldiers, and then he gazed up at the hunter. Bloodlust looked at his opponent's skull. His face was different, it was a trophy that Bloodlust wanted to get. Red Skull stood there with weapons covering his body. Everywhere from firearms, to explosives, to knives, and a sword. Red Skull then started to smile. The smile started to reflect of the helmet of the Elder.

"You are no machine. You no mutant. You are no human. So what are you?" - Red Skull

Bloodlust stood there. He started translating the words of his opponent, and then gave out a battle roar that echoed through the entire land. Red Skull still stood there without any reaction to the roar from the Elder. Bloodlust then started to take off his helmet. Red Skull watched as the helmet was being taken off. The helmet that as scratches and cuts, from years of fighting. He then looked upon a scarred up face of a hunter who has a lust for the hunt. Red Skull's smiled grew large. The smiled then started to reflect off the eyes of Bloodlust. Bloodlust now was ready to take on his opponent. He was ready to fill his lust, his need for the hunt. Red Skull started get his weapons for the fight, and he then looked back at Bloodlust. The sun was shining down upon the two opponents, and the battle was about to begin.

"Well I guess if you can bleed, then you can die! You alien son of a B****!" -Red Skull

The two opponents then got ready for their battle. Who will survive the battle?


*Bloodlust took off his plasma blaster, and threw down his glaive. He has a combi-stick, and wrist blades.

*Red Skull has a sword, variety of knives, firearms, and explosives.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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