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 X-Men Origins: Cyclops Prt. 2, Part 2- The Shocker
Posted: Apr 27 2009, 10:20 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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user posted image

user posted image

Scott Summers gazed up at the Vulture. He knew he had to fight. He knew that there was nothing else he could do. It was either let the innocence die because of him, or protect them from the monster. The Vulture flew down with his claws out toward Scott. Scott jumped out of the way, and got to his feet. The Vulture turned, and glanced over at Scott. Scott jumped up in the air, kicking the Vulture on the side of the face. The Vulture fell back, and anger swept through his mind. Frustated by the attack made by the mutant, the Vulture flew up high in the air, and circled around Scott Summers.

Scott gazed up in the air, trying to predict the Vulture's next attack. Suddenly, the winged beast came down flying toward the group of children that Scott was trying to protect. Scott jumped toward the children, and pushed them out of the way. The Vulture then sliced the side of Scott's stomach. Scott grabbed his stomach in pain, and fell to the ground. He started to crawl toward cover, but the Vulture came back to attack. Scott then took off his glasses. The full power of the optic beams fired up in the air, and into the skies above.

The beams could be seen for miles, but the Vulture flew out of the way. Scott closed his eyes, and put his glasses on. The Vulture flew ontop of a car, and on of the children was in his sight. Scott saw it in his eyes. He knew what the Vulture was going to do. The Vulture flew off the car, and headed for one of the children. Scott took off his glasses as fast as he could. The Vulture was caught in the full power of the optic blast. The optic blast blew through the skies above, and into the endless space. The Vulture was now no more.

Scott put his glasses back on, and got to his feet. He gazed at the children, whom were smiling at him. Suddenly, their parents grabbed them, and took away. Anger was on the faces the older humans, and smiles were young ones. Scott started walking away from the battleground, but something came through his mind. A warming voice, a voice that conforting. A voice that felt like it would keep him safe. It was Charles Xavior. Scott stopped in his track, and started listening to Xavior.

"Scott it is me Charles Xavior" - Prof. Xavior

"What do you want?" - Scott Summers

"I want to help you" - Prof. Xavior

"No one can help me" - Scott Summers

"I can try. I teach you, I can protect you, I can keep you safe. You will not have to feel alone anymore" - Prof. Xavior

"Why would you help me?" - Scott Summers

"Becuase you, and me are alike. There are so many of us, who feel frightened, and alone. I can make you family. I make make you better, and smarter" - Prof. X

"How?" - Scott Summers

"I will show you" - Prof. Xavior

Scott saw a vehicle in front of him. The door opened up, and he saw the Profesor in the back seat. Scott saw Hank McCoy, the Beast beside him, and a driver in the front seat. Scott slowly made his way toward the back seat of the car, and got inside. As he headed back to the X Mansion, Scott developped a new relationship with the Profesor. A father and son relationship. He started getting more friends, and learnig more things. As days past, he fell more in love with the red headed Jean Grey.

Scott lead a small project to rebuild the parts of the mansion that was destroyed in his actions. Monthes past, and Scott started to learn leadership from the Profesor. He was learning martial arts from some of the best fighters in the world. He was learning skills about survival, and skills of using resouces. He started to learn about not depending on his mutant ability. Scott now had a better life than he had before. Everything was better. He learned abotu courage in the face of fear.

A year has past since Scott came to the mansion. He has become great friends with Charles Xavior. One day, he was called into Cerebro. Scott was told to stay completely still, while Charles searched for a mutant. He found him hiding in a room of a business building. Engulfed in fear, and trying hide from the world. Charles told Scott that he had a job for him. Scott followed Charles into another room, and the Profesor gazed over at Scott.

"Scott, for the past year you have proven to be a great student, a great friend. Now you have to be something else for me. There are those both mutant and human alike, who threaten the world around us. I want peace between both humans and mutants. I want you to help me with the peace in the world. I have something to help you" - Prof. Xavior

"What is it, Profesor?" - Scott Summers

The Profesor took out a pair of visors. Weapon visors that would help Scott during battle. Scott took the visors, and closed his eyes as he took of his glasses. He put the visors on, and opened his eyes. He gazed around the room, and the Profesor told him to go into the Danger Room. Scott went to the Danger Room, and started to prepare himself for what was to come. Machines came from everywhere, and Scott blew them away. Everything thrown out at him, was demolished. The Profesor came in with a smile on his face.

"You are ready?" - Prof. Xavior

"Ready for what?" - Scott Summers

"Bringing peace to the world. I need you to assist me. I am going to New York City. A young mutant has been exposed to the public. His father his one of the wealthiest people on Earth, and the young man is now afraid of what the world will do to him" - Prof. Xavior

"I will help you, Profesor" - Scott Summers

"The young man is named Warren Washington III" - Prof. Xavior

The two headed toward the place where Warren was staying. Profesor Xavior used his abilities, so the security would let bot Scott and him to got through. Profesor Xavior found Warren hiding in a room. Warren was about 16 years old, and Scott could see the fear in his eyes. Charles Xavior started talking to the young man, and started to make him feel safe. Suddenly, Warren's father came in. Warren Washington II started to grow frustrated, and was about to call security. He was stopped though by his son.

Scott watched as he saw Warren pleading with his father, but something happened. An alarm went off. Red lights were shining brightly, and a rining noise went off. A security radio started to sound. Something was attacking everybody. The four in the room ran out, and tried to find a safe place. Suddenly, they saw him. A man in suit that caused the destruction. A man known Shocker.

"Run Profesor! Get them out of here!" - Scott Summers

"Scott....................." - Prof. Xavior

"Goooooo! Now!" - Scott Summers

Scott stood in front of Shocker. Shocker lifted his arms, and Scott with his hand on the visors. The battle begins....


This is a year after Scott Summer's battle with Vulture. He has more battle experience. More fighting experience, and more combat experience. He is protecting the Profesor from the Shocker


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

Posted: Apr 27 2009, 10:29 PM

Lifelong Expert

Group: Members
Posts: 2,081
Member No.: 55
Joined: 16-July 08

Cyclops. Easily. Shocker is no where NEAR fast enough to dodge Scott's beams. Excellent set-up.A.


You're truely evil if you've destroyed books!-Bookman, a charecter I made.

Why is it that video games always take the fall? TV and movies are just as bad! So, i videogameman, became Wack Thompson, and campainged agianst movies and TV, removing attention from video games and saving the field.-videogameman, another charecter I made.
  Posted: Apr 29 2009, 02:24 PM

Join the Green Side

Group: Members
Posts: 1,980
Member No.: 40
Joined: 12-June 08

QUOTE (videogameman @ Apr 27 2009, 10:29 PM)
Cyclops. Easily. Shocker is no where NEAR fast enough to dodge Scott's beams. Excellent set-up.A.

Shockers toast teu42.gif


user posted image
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