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 Admin Contest #2 Submission topic, Submit your work here
Posted: Apr 6 2009, 02:34 AM

Mr. Ego

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This is where you will submit your work and thats all this is for. Any other posting in here will be deleted by me and may cause your disqualification. You have until the end April 30 and then this topic will be closed. So get to work peoples.

W00T! - admin edit

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Judge Death
Posted: Apr 10 2009, 01:57 AM

Busy with other things

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The morning dew had just settled, the sun tipped over the horizon. It was a perfect Spring morning, 65 degrees outside, the birds chirped, the flowers blossomed, and the smell of freshly-cut grass filled the air. Allison DuBois (more commonly known as the Medium) slept soundly. Though, her dream was not so sound. She saw thousands of man-like machines coming out of portals. They carried powerful weapons and fired on any living being in sight. What's more, they were nearly indestructable. Their weapons were technologically advanced beyond anything she had ever seen. She awoke and grabbed her husbands arm.
"Something the matter, dear?" He asked
"Yes," Allison replied, "The end of all humanity!"
"It was probably just a nightmare, go back to sleep."
"Da**it, every time you say that it ends up being something that will happen!"
"True, tell me about it."
Then Allison explained everything to him.
"Why don't you call you cousin-in-law?" He suggested, "Erik, the military general?"
"Good idea, I have a pretty good idea where the portals opened, so maybe if he will believe me, we could prevent this."


Dr. Cal Lightman was examining a patient who had been declared insane.
"So," Dr. Lightman, "You're saying the world is going to end in five days?"
"Yes," The patient replied, "And if you don't do something, we're all dead!"
"Fascinating," Dr. Lightman thought to himself, "Either this is the truth, or this man is the world's best liar."
He walked out of the room to speak to the police-chief.
"He's not insane," Cal said, "He's telling the truth."
"Really?" The chief asked, "Maybe he's under hypnosis? Did you ever think of that?"
"Sir, I've thought of everything, this man honestly believe that the human race will become extinct within the next 120 hours."
"Chief!" The forensnic investigator cried, "I've just finished examining those fingerprints you gave me!"
"...and they belong to him," The examiner said pointing to the folder, "A five year old."
Cal went back into the room.
"What do you think you're pulling here?" Dr. Lightman asking
"Trying to save your a**, that's all."
"What's your name?"
"I already said, I'm not telling you!"
"Well, if your not going to tell me your d**n name, at least give me something to call you."
The man leaned back into his chair.
"Call me, Treacherous!"
"Alright, Trech, give me some details!"

Somewhere else

"Hey, Allison!" Erik shouted into the phone, "Yeah...Well, with my recent success the men have just been calling me Marvel Man!...What? Of course I believe in your psychic powers...Of course I don't believe that!...Someone else?... How many?... Let me check... Yeah, I guess so... The same day?... Do you think anyone, besides me would ever believe this?... Of course, yeah, that's why they call me that... Look, I'll see what I can do, you get some rest, see if you can figure anything else out... Okay, bye!"

Sometime in the future

"Listen Judge," John Connor started, "The fate of the human race is in your hands. I'm sending and several of your team-mates to the past, 5 days before the fateful invasion. You know what you need to do, do it, and don't screw up!"
"Yes sir!" Judge Death replied
He was a mild-manner soldier, but when provoked used what means nescesary to win. He got his name from his no-mercy style of battle. No Terminator within scope-range had ever survived his fury. Even the mighty Culwych (T-1002) fell pray to The Judge.
"Saul!" Judge said, "You, Darkender, and GruntKilla come with me!"
The four stepped into the one way time portal and prepared to confront the past. When to portal finally ended, the found themselves in the same place they were in when they had left, only 20 years earlier. They looked around and saw the familiar landscape, Saul remembered it from his childhood. He peered around the corner and saw a comic-book shop. He looked around to find any indication to what the day was. There was a long line for a new comic that was being released. He saw himself waiting, near the front of the line.
"Man," He thought to himself, "I was something of a Marvel Fan when I was 15."
"Saul!" Judge Death cried, "Get the heck over here!"
He went back to his team and reentered the formation. They traveled farther and found a large building, surrounded by a giant media swarm. Judge signaled for them to send a small listening device, keeping in mind this was the area where they could make a real difference. Inside, a discussion went on on what to do about this growing concern. Hundreds of people with the same odd reports. Just for the rest-easiness of the people, the President had 10 men positioned at each of the locations Allison mentioned.
"That won't be enough!" She said, "We need more, either your going to need thousands of men at each gate, or some sort of superhero!"
Then Judge Death busted through the door.
"Who are you?" The President asked.
"They call me the judge!" JD replied, "I've come to save life as we know it from extinction!"
"All I ask for," Started the President, "Is some good solid proof that this isn't... rampant insanity."
Then The Judge pulled something from his pocket and put it in the President's hands. It was a robot's hand, or at least what was left of one.
"That solid enough?" JD asked.
"This is interesting," The President said, "How do you have this material; and this information?"
"Because I'm from the future!" The Judge replied, "I'm from a future where you're assassinated, by machines, and human survival depends on dwelling beneath the surface, and automatic weapons, which you tried to destroy! I don't want to hear anything. This is my right-hand-man, Saul, he'll explain the rest. But right now, I need your trust, and I need men. All the men you've got!"
The President looked again to the hand, and shook his head. He sent for all available units, artillery, infantry, airborne, anyone with the will to live. The Judge calculated nescesary units, and divided them up at the future portal locations. Most of the men, though, were sent to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The President looked over his shoulder as this was going on.
"Darn," Judge thought, "Not enough men!"
"Why are most of the men going to Santa Fe?" The President asked
"With all-do respect, sir, I can't tell you that." The Judge said, "Take this video and broadcast it, if you will. Or, better-yet, do this recording yourself. A redo, it's important."
The President took the DVD away. Meanwhile, Judge continued on his work. He ordered the best weapons available, and assorted explosives. He sent one of each to Darkender, his technician. He found ways to improve upon what was already there and infuse the weapons. GruntKilla was in charge of monitoring the Santa-Fe arrival location. Saul was in charge of the troops. He brought them the weapons that Darkender created and kept their morale up. Then the president came out with a message, on every Television and radio station.
"Good people of America," He started, "Good morning, a problem has come up, and I would like to address the entire nation. A powerful enemy comes subtly. They will strike in no less than three days. I cannot tell you anything about this enemy besides without you many people will be killed. This enemy is more of a threat than terrorists, nuclear weapons, and AIDS, altogether. Without your help, I guarentee your survival rate, you countries survival rate, will be reduced to zero. This map shows the locations where we need help. The red dot, is where we need it the most. If you have any questions at all feel free to call my office and they will give you all the details. I know some of you may not like me, but don't do this for me! Do it for your country!"

Two days were left. Judge Death hadn't slept since his arrival. Most of his plans were thought through, long and hard. He picked up he radio and called Grunt.
"Grunt!" He said, "Anything yet?"
"Not yet!" Gruntkilla replied, "I'll keep you posted though!"
"Thanks! Saul, do you have those explosives setup?"
"Yes-sir," Saul replied, "Everything's in place!"

Finally, with one day left, Judge Death headed for the battlefield. He carried the most powerful weapons Darkender came up with. As he walked through the desert-area, he noticed thousands had gathered for the fight. He gave encouraging more speeches, he knew the troops needed all the morale-boosts they could get. He got about five hours of well-deserved shut-eye, so he could be ready for the next day. He awoke at 4:00 AM the next day and found the rest of his men in the large tent. Darkender was wearing a particularly odd uniform.
"Hey, dude, what are you wearing?" He asked
"It's ultra-tech, nano-tech," He replied, "All I have to do is put a specialized chip in the heads of fallen Terminators, and I will be able to control them."
"Nice," Judge Death replied.
He got out of his sleeping-bag to look around. GruntKilla was still keeping an eye on the exact location. According to a survivor of the past that might happen, the Terminators would come out at 8:00 AM. Judge Death shot an flashbang (an exploding flare) into the sky to wake up the men. Everyone came out of their tents.
"Listen," He said, "Today we will be going up against something huge. A monster, of sorts. He will seem unconquerable, and unkillable, but trust me, with enough firepower, and enough faith, the battle will be won. This same exact battle is being fought all over the world, so don't think yourselves alone. This battle... this battle won't be for any one person, any one state, or any one country. This battle will be for our earth. If anyone thinks they would be better-off anywhere else, please leave now. I can't say how proud I am of my country for producing such fine men, and women. I am..."
Then a round, blue swirl appeared in the air. It grew inside, and gradually, noises could be heard.
"Prepare to fire, men!" Judge Death shouted
They all aimed their weapons at the portal. Then, Terminators started leaking out.
"Open fire!" JD shouted
Then every man, woman, and child in that field started to shoot. There was not a soul there that could not taste ultimate fear. They fought bravely though. Judge Death took his favorite weapon, an altered Uzi, and started firing at the higher model number Terminators. One grabbed his throat from behind. Then it fell down on its face.
"Something new!" Darkender said, "A tazer with explosize rounds!"
Gradually, Judge Death ran out of bullets. So he reached for the weapon of a fallen T-800. As grabbed it, he saw something coming up behind him. He grabbed his pistol and shot its head off. It was just a T-600, one of the weaker models. Then, a giant leg came out of the portal. Eventually, the whole machine was out. It was a T-5000. He was 20 feet in height, and carried a huge laser gun. With his attention directed elsewhere, Judge Death opened fire on his weapon, destroying it. Then he transformed into four different smaller models and formed his arms into swords. Judge Death pulled out out his pump-shot and opened fire on one of them. He split its head in-two, and turned around to shoot the other one.
"Lieutenant Bison!" Judge Death shouted, "Use the F-Bomb!"
"Right!" She replied.
She fired a small missile from an RPG launcher. It embedded itself in the machine, and froze it.
"Get back!" She shouted.
Then a small light flared on the missile, and exploded. Sending parts of the machine all over the battlefield. She used several of those on the other liquid-metal type Terminators. The another breed of Terminators arrived. One of them picked up a tank and tossed it at several men. It took several large weapons to bring them down. Judge Death thought for a short while.
"Major Bison!"
"Sir?" He asked
"Have your tanks fire into the portal!" Judge Death replied
Then Major Bison gave the order that each tank fire one shell into the portal. One stopped near the present side of the portal. The rest kept going, a thunderous noise could be heard. Then, for about five minutes, no Terminators came out.
"Victory!" One of the men shouted
"No, Granobulax," Judge Death corrected, "It's not. There's still one more big one."
Then, two arms grabbed the sides of the portal. A head came out, followed by one big Terminator body.
"It's the T-10K!" Judge Death said, "Direct all fire towards him!"
He stood 40 feet tall. All of the fire towards the creature did little damage, and the damage it did auto-repaired.
"Humans!" He shouted, "I am Solomon, the Terminator prophet! Surrender and your deaths shall be painless!"
Then he grabbed to a tank. He ripped the barrel off and absorbed it, soon, it was fixed on his arm. He shot an RPG towards Judge Death. He shot it with his laser rifle, making it explode in mid-air. He opened fire on his arm, and destroyed the barrel. Judge Death sent a continuous stream of lasers towards the giant. It did little damage, but it was damage. Then Solomon's body structure changed. It hardened, and the lasers simply reflected. But the grenades and missiles cracked his skin. He picked up a tank and absorbed its weapons. With machine guns, RPGs, and turrets, he seemed unstoppable. The natural response, was to open fire on the weapons, but he had covered them in a hardened shell. Judge Death shot towards the opening of the tank-barrel. As the RPG came out, the laser-fire detonated it, destroying the barrel. Solomon grabbed for Judge Death, but was stopped when a missile hit the side of his face. He looked to the left and followed the guy who shot him.
"We can't defeat him," Judge Death thought to himself.
He rubbed his head, and released all h**l on the brute.
"It's not working!" He shouted, "We can't defeat him!"
Then he look and saw Darkender shot in the back. Then time seemed to slow down.
"No!" He shouted.
He shot the Terminator's head off and went to check on his ally.
"Take... this," He said handing him a bazooka, "You... one shot... only."
Then, with those last words, he died. Judge Death aimed carefully at Solomon's ear. He slowly pulled the trigger, and hit him with precise accuracy. It hit but did nothing. Then, a circle appeared atop Solomon's head. Gradually, it showed itself to be a black hole. He was sucked in in a matter of seconds, along with everything around him. Judge Death opened fire on the remaining Terminators. He and 20 others were all that survived the slaughter.
Around the world, victories were slim, such as this one. But life as we know had been saved. There was and is, though, only one Solomon. That we know of, that is...

Quit being an @$$ SS
Posted: Apr 13 2009, 02:47 AM


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It was a quiet night in downtown New York and the people in the dangerous town took treacherous caution to watch out for muggers and gangs. Meanwhile in a little building which seemed out of place in the busy city. What with its red color and neat little windows. “Pathetic” Tommy muttered as he threw his binoculars to the ground and with his super eyes which he had gotten from a eye transplant looked though the building and saw a man , in his 30s smoking a cigarette. “Now I wonder who that being is?” Tommy thought as he flipped over the top of the roof of the building he was on and rushed to the front door of the man’s house and with one kick… well lets just say that kick could have even made Granobulax cry in pain. “ What the hell did you do to my door, and second off all why is your foot kicking me in the balls!?!” The man roared as he grabbed Tommy’s leg and with one simple twist. Crack!!! “ Gahh!! You son of a oof!!” Tommy spat as he was given a roundhouse by the man who grabbed him by the collar and barked in his face. “ Whats the matter with you?!!?” Screamed the man as he put Tommy in a head lock so his face would be in his armpits. “Gahhh!! It reeks down here!!!! Tommy then kicks the older man away and starts to run away , but is unable to when he sees his hair being yanked by the older man. “Owwww!! Who are you!!” “Names Derek Summers.” Derek then let Tommy go and he banged into a wall.
“Hahhaa!” “Go f… yourself Summers.” Tommy snapped “Why don’t you make me kid?” Derek asked blowing a puff of smoke into Tommy’s face.

“Gahha. You old retarded fool. Cant you tell IT is coming?!?” With that Derek held Tommy too close for comfort. “ God damn it!! Cut it out Summers!” Tommy roared as he kicked Derek in the jaw and flipped out the window. “Damn bastard. Just giving him a hug.” Derek said as he rubbed his sore jaw and went to check on his daughter who was only 2 years old. “Night Amy.” Derek said as he smiled and turned the light in his child’s room and closed the door.

The next day… Derek was watching TV while his son Joe was taking care of his little sister. “ How’s everything going son?” Derek yelled to his son who was trying to give his little sister a bottle but the child just wouldn’t take it. “Having a hard time, kid?” a certain voice asked and was met with a horrified look. “Oh my god dad gahhhh!!” Joe yelped as Tommy ripped him apart and took the baby. “Nooo….. Please not her.” Joe whimpered as he saw his innocent little sister being kidnapped while he lay dieing holding his blood from seeping out. “Daddy.. Hurry cough.” Joe said as he saw his dad rush to the scene and glare daggers at Tommy who was laughing at him. “Hahha! Look at the big brave hero reduced to nothing but a spineless, cowardly, wimp acckkkk!” Was the only word Tommy manged to get out when Derek chocked him and elbowed him into a wall which made him obviously drop Amy. “No!” Derek barked as he leapt to catch his daughter.

Luckily he had made it in time and used his shirt to cover Joe’s wounds and hid him and Amy in the bathroom. “You little prick.” Derek roared as he walked over to Tommy and kneed him and smacked him across the room. “Owww. You jerk oh man.” Tommy whimpered as Derek grabbed him by the roots of his hair and brought up so he could be face to face with Derek. “Listen here pal. Only I get to whack my son and play with my daughter. Understand?” Derek asked with a happy expression on his face.

“Uh yeah sure.” Tommy responded, hoping that Derek would put him down. But boy was he way off. “Wait what are you ohwwaahhh!!!” Tommy mumbled as Derek spun him around and around until…Spreak! “Gahhhh!” Tommy gasped as he was flung out the window and onto well the pointy poison covered branches. Shook!!!! “Oh man uhhh..” Tommy muttered as he closed his eyes dieing slowly. “Glad we understand each other.” Derek said with a grin and then walked out to greet his kids.

“Wow dad you really beat him on your own?!?!” Joe said in wonder. “Yep and its all thanks to this baby.” Derek says, as he points to his daughter who by this time was interning her dad’s strength. “Oww. Okay Amy let go. Amy I said let go.” Derek said, ticked about having to TRY to get his daughter’s hand of his finger. Meanwhile the screen pans out and in the background Derek is shown screaming for his son to call a medic. "Dear Solomon get this thing off me!! My god even Surfer cant compare to this pain!! Gahhh!!" Derek mumbled as the credits rolled down.

Don’t ask why, because some stories are better left untold. Thank you and good reading.

Posted: Apr 19 2009, 12:01 AM


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Chronicles of the Havenites
Book 1, The Child of Magic

Chapter 1: Entrapment
Chapter 2: The Creation
Chapter 3: Disciples
Chapter 4: Haven’s Transformation
Chapter 5: Horror United
Chapter 6: Attack on Flipside
Chapter 7: The Final Battle


When the child was born, his mother screamed. The agony of childbirth was unlike anything she had ever encountered, and with her death cries a life with power beyond imagining entered the world.

The father picked up the baby and gently tapped him. Sky blue eyes opened and saw his surroundings for the first time and the baby’s first wail sent a ripple through the world. Thunderstorms broke out and tidal waves disturbed the seas, earthquakes rumbled and cities threatened to crumble.

The father sighed, for he had known that their union could only produce a being of such immense power. With a wave of his hand he calmed the thunder and earthquakes, quickly erasing the memories of the upheavals from humanity’s mind.

He gently rocked the baby to sleep and when its bright eyes closed, he sung it an old song. The song was of battles and giants, in a language older than time and the baby gurgled happily in its sleep. Reaching down, the father took the woman’s hand in his own and felt that it was already cold. As a new life had been brought into the world, so one had passed.

The father closed his eyes and said a silent prayer for the woman’s passing, then wrapped the baby in thick furs. There was only one place that he could take the young one, one place that it could hope to be safe from the dangers that awaited it….


Chapter 1: The Rise to Power

The three priests knelt at the altar and chanted in union. “Xenu guide us, Xenu lead us, Xenu forever”. Over and over they recited the mantra, belief swelling their breasts and sweat dampening their brows. One of the priests raised a knife and brought it down violently into the stomach of the young man chained to the altar. Blood flowed across cold stone and trickled into three rivulets.

The blood ran towards the centre of the altar, thick and a vivid scarlet red that gleamed in the light of a dozen fiery torches. As it snaked its way forward, the priests chanted louder and louder until the noise reached a crescendo.

Finally the blood reached the altar and instantly it lit up with bright blue light. The priests lent forward until their heads nearly touched the ground, their eyes closed. The smoke from the torches seems to fill the room but at the same time the light’s intensity increased. Stronger and stronger it glowed until a faint shadow could be seen within. It steadily grew larger until it was vaguely man sized. Then, with long confident strides, it came forth from the light.

“Xenu, lord and master of the Galactic Confederacy, your humble servants greet you.” The voice came from the darkness, where a further gathering of robed priests stood with their heads bowed.

Xenu glanced at the three priests who had performed the sacrifice, still kneeling on the floor with their heads pressed to the floor. He walked around to stand behind one, then without any warning leant forward and plunged his hand into the priest’s back. The priest arched backwards, screaming, as Xenu gripped his spine and with one fluid motion, tore it out.

The priest collapsed onto the floor, spasms of agony wracking his body and Xenu lifted the spine up high as a trophy. When he spoke his voice was a low rumble

“It has been a long time since I last walked the earth, a long time since my battleships flew through the air. It has been too long.”

“Too long indeed Lord Xenu. Unfortunately it will be a longer time still before you are able to.” A figure stepped from the shadows, a robed priest indistinguishable from the others.

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” shouted Xenu, striding towards the figure. His power beat on the air and all those around could feel it pushing against the barriers that held him in place. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I WILL CRUSH YOU FOR THS INSOLENCE!”

He came up against the barrier and lashed out… to no avail.

“I know who you are, Lord Xenu. A great galactic lord, tampering with humanity for ages with your portion of Cosmic Power.”

The figure threw back his hood to reveal the red devilish features of none other than Mephisto, Lord of Demons. Another figure stepped from the shadows, Loki, the Asgardian. They both laughed as Xenu stepped back a pace.

“I think it is time that we put this into action do you not demon?” said Loki, grinning.

They each stepped away from each other and started bringing their power to bear. It pulsed around the room, writhing and twisting in the air and Xenu started screaming. The Triangle was complete, the power focused in a deadly non-linear equation to maximise each of the member’s potential.

Loki and Mephisto raised their hands and chanted, and their magic intertwined. Black magic and Death magic woven together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. Their sorcery hit Xenu and started draining his own cosmic power, weaving into a turbulent storm of pure, raw energy.

Death Magic from Mephisto, Black Magic from Loki and Cosmic Power from Xenu met together in the centre of the triangle. There, ever so slowly but surely, something amazing started forming….


Chapter 2: The Creation

It was a foetus. Where the three powers met the light was blinding, and the sheer amount of each made the room hotter than the deepest hell. Yet still the foetus survived, floating in the air as if weightless. And not only did it survive, but it grew.

The unholy trinity gave more and more of their power, two willingly and one helplessly, and the foetus continued to grow; from foetus to baby, from baby to child, from child to teenager and from teenager to adult.

Suddenly, the light died. Mephisto, Loki and Xenu fell to their knees, gasping desperately for air and it was a moment before their powers slowly returned and they could stand.

When they did the stood opposite a man who was so much more than a man, a being created from the pure energy of three different powers. A god in his own right and yet only a few moments old.

“What is your name child?” asked Mephisto.

“Am I your child?” replied the being immediately.

“You are both mine and Mephisto’s child” retorted Loki quickly. Both Asgardian and the Devil were in awe of their creation.

“And what of him?” asked their child, turning to look at Xenu.

“He was merely an unwilling participant in your creation.”

“I see” said the Child, still staring intently at Xenu, who was staring back unblinkingly.

The Child raised his hand and pointed a single finger at the Lord of the Galactic Confederacy.
“No!” shouted Xenu. “I am part of you!” But it was too late. The Child’s power compressed him like dough, crushing him slowly. He brought his power cosmic to protect himself, but it was swatted aside by something greater like a man swatting a fly.

Blood spurted everywhere and they could all hear the sound of bones crunching and compacting and in the end, there was only a small ball of condensed flesh and bone and blood all over the floor. The Child opened his palm and the ball flew to him and settled gently. He bounced it against the floor a couple of times, a large grin spreading across his face.

He turned back to his two creators, the grin not leaving his face.

“Mephisto and Loki, Loki and Mephisto, you are my creators and as such I will take your names. You may call me Lokiphisto. I have read your thoughts and know your plans for me, I have no further use for you.”

“What?” screamed Mephisto. “Who are you to dismiss us, we are your creators!”

Lokiphisto raised his hand, this time with two fingers pointing out. Devil and Asgardian tried to raise their defences, but it was too late…


Chapter 3: Disciples

Lokiphisto sat on a throne of blood, casually juggling three balls of flesh and bone with one hand. One of Mephisto’s priests was serving him a glass of vintage Bordeaux wine, trying his best to stop his hands from trembling.

Lokiphisto, the Child of Magic, barely noticed him, lost as he was in his own thoughts. When he spoke to the priest, he casually took the wine with his free hand and sipped.

“Do you know what my creators had planned for me?”

The priest hesitated a moment, knowing that his life was balancing on a thin line.

“I believe they meant you to conquer first Asgard and then Earth for them, making them the respective lords of these domains.”

“I see” said the Child, taking another sip of wine.

“Well, I think that both these domains are of not interest to me whatsoever. Tell me priest, have you heard of a place called Flipside?”

“No my lord, I have not” replied the priest, almost certain now of his death.

“It is a wonderful place, located not far from Earth. All of the greatest creations live there in a state of what could almost be called harmony. If I am going to conquer a plane, why not conquer the greatest of them all!”

“That is a wonderful idea my lord. None can oppose you.” The priest topped up the wineglass without waiting to be asked.

“Of course none can oppose me. And I find that rather boring. You have hit upon something important priest, instead of venturing directly into Flipside, I will send my minions, or as I shall call them, my disciples.”

“Disciples my lord?” asked the priest.

He was blasted from his feet and thrown across the room in an instant, landing in a broken heap against a pillar.

“NONE QUESTION ME!” screamed the Child of Magic furiously, then sat down.
”More wine!” he called and another priest scrambled forward to replenish his glass.

“As did the Lord’s Son have 12 disciples, so shall I have 12. What do you think priest?”

Luckily the priest was quick witted and responded humbly “I live only to serve my Lord, and you are most wise.”

“Congratulations priest. Yes, 12 will do nicely, and I shall choose them from this wonderful human invention named the Internet. As is this place my Haven, so shall my disciples be chosen from the same.”

And with those words, Lokiphisto’s power reached through the virtual world of the Internet with the word Haven in mind… where he reached a place of battles and arenas, where bloody fights were fought every day and no quarter offered.

Lokiphisto smiled a smile of pure evil, his eyes wide with delight.



Chapter 4: Haven’s Transformation


The film had just begun and already Granobulax was bored. There were only five other people in the cinema, and they looked almost as bored as he did, apart from a couple of kids right at the back who insisted on laughing as loudly as they could and commenting continuously on the size of the leading lady’s breasts.
Suddenly, something didn’t feel right. Grano felt hungry. Very hungry. Hungrier, in fact, than he had ever felt before in his life. It was a burning sensation that gnawed at this stomach and he clutched it in agony. Something overwhelmed his senses and everything was abruptly so much brighter and more acute. He felt strength swelling his frame, and two sharp points prodding against his lips.
“Oh god… what’s happening?” he thought before blacking out. When he came to he found himself in a pool of blood. In his right hand was one of the loud kids, white as a sheet and with an expression of pure terror frozen on his face. He was dead. There were other bodies in the cinema, all contorted and white, their lifeless eyes staring at a movie they would never see the end to.
Grano slowly stood up and smelled the sweet musky smell of blood. A grin spread across his lips as he realised he was no longer hungry…

The Vampire
user posted image



Darkender wondered if anyone on Haven had submitted a story for him to read and decided he would check once he was home. His day out at the lake hadn’t gone at all as planned, and the weather had been drizzly and grey rather than the forecast sun with few clouds. Damn weathermen.
He had had enough, and was packing up to go home when he heard the approaching footsteps. Darkender whirled around, eyes focusing in the gloom on a tall man striding towards him. The man was thin and weedy and carried a shotgun in his right hand.
“Hey you!” shouted the figure “This is my turf, get lost.”
“Calm down, I’m leaving” replied Darkender.
The stranger’s eyes narrowed. “Well hurry up then, I want you gone yesterday.”
Darkender felt an anger stirring, and without realising it started emitting a low growl from the bottom of his throat. He whirled to the man, and his eyes shone brightly in the dim light. Fur ruptured from his skin and his bones extended horribly. Teeth and claws burst forth and he hunched over onto all fours. The man raised his gun but it was swiped out of his hands and broken in two. The man turned and ran as fast as he could, sheer terror giving him extra speed. And behind him he heard a terrible howl that lifted through the air and seemed to echo off the trees. The hunt was on….

The Werewolf
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Bloody Freak

The waiter sniffed as he plonked Bloody’s burger in front of him. Everyone at the table jumped and then glanced up at the waiter’s grinning face. He was loudly chewing some gum and making as much noise as possible. “Will that be all?” Even his voice was arrogant and filled with pure distaste for the customers.
“That’s fine” said Bloody, turning away to look at the food. At least it looked decent.
“I’m so happy” sneered the waiter before walking away.
“What the hell was his problem?” asked Bloody.
“He’s just some underpaid jerk with no future, come on, I’m starving” replied his friend, picking up some fries and scoffing them down.
But Bloody couldn’t help feeling like there was something more, and it annoyed him. It annoyed him a lot. He picked something off the table discretely and told his friend that he’d be back in a moment.
Getting up and going to the back door, Bloody found the waiter leaning against a wall and having a cigarette. Without hesitating, Bloody took the dinner knife he had swiped from the dinner table and jammed it into the waiter’s eye. It plunged in deep, burying through the eye with a popping sound and into the brain. As it jammed into the back of the skull, Bloody Freak said “Here’s your tip”. And his crazy laughter filled the air….

The Psychopath
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The dinosaur was huge! Boratz craned his neck up to see where the long neck ended, imagining what it must have been like when the huge beast walked the earth. The diplodocus was easily nearly 180 feet long, dwarfing the surrounding museum displays and towering over all the visitors.
Suddenly his stomach rumbled loudly. Boratz clutched it, slightly embarrassed as a couple of the visitors glanced his way. He quickly made his was to the toilet, and stood at the sink. He felt perfectly fine, yet his stomach kept up a deep, low rumbling. Boratz closed his eyes, praying for the rumbling to stop, but it wouldn’t. If anything it became louder. He opened his eyes and looked at the mirror, and nearly died of fright. A huge, slightly green monster was staring back at him. It was dressed in leather armour and with two huge swords strapped to its back.
And then Boratz smiled as he realised it was his reflection. Thoughts of countless fights entered his mind, of bloody battlefields and the taste of human flesh. He grabbed the two swords off his back, each easily nearly six feet in length and returned to the main part of the museum. The screams of terror and pain began…

The Troll
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The ball bounced down the street and straight into Mr Taylor’s garden. Nicker and his friends stopped where they were, hesitating before the huge house and its overgrown garden full of weeds and nettles.
“Right, who’s going to get it?” asked Nicker, looking at the others.
A chorus of “not me”, “no way” and “not a chance” greeted his gaze. He sighed; it always had to be him.
There were many rumours about Mr Taylor; that we was an ex-wrestler who had been banned for killing someone, that he was an ex-Russian KGB operative who had retired after killing thousands, or that he was a mass murderer that had escaped prosecution due to lack of evidence. And those were the nice rumours.
Whatever the truth, Mr Taylor was a scary man. Easily over six-foot and sporting a big bushy beard, he may have been forty or sixty but still had the heavily muscled build of a much younger man. He also had a terrible temper and was not above giving kids a few bruises if they wondered into his lawn.
Nicker slowly opened the fence, and for some strange reason felt his fear evaporating. He saw the ball under some overgrown weeds but ignored it, instead wondering up to Mr Taylor’s door and knocking loudly. His friends gasped as they saw the feathers spreading over Nicker’s body.
Mr Taylor opened the door, his mouth gaping at the sight before him. Big hard claws grasped his shoulder and he was lifted from the ground in a whoosh of air! Higher and higher he was carried until the ground was out of sight. Nicker’s eyes twinkled as he flew weightlessly through the clouds, then he let go….

The Griffin
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The station was busy, but luckily Treacherous wasn’t in a hurry. He was aiming to be home by before 7 but judging by the big white letters spelling out D.E.L.A.Y.E.D on the announcement board, he was going to be late. But Treacherous enjoyed people watching, so passed the next few moments observing a man struggle with his suitcase up a broken down escalator. Treacherous wiped some sweat from his brow as the heat of the day sunk in. It sure was hot.
He enjoyed the view for a moment as a pretty girl in a short skirt ambled by, then wiped his head again. It has suddenly gotten a lot hotter in the busy station, and it wasn’t just the pretty girl.
He wiped his sweaty palms against his shorts, only to find that they were already soaked through. ‘What’s going on?!’ he wondered in amazement, surely it couldn’t be this hot already. He glanced at another passer by and realised that apart from the sweaty man with his suitcase, none of the others were sweating.
Suddenly Treacherous heard a ‘hsssssss’ and his vision was filled with smoke. It only took him a moment to realise that it wasn’t smoke at all; it was in fact steam pouring off him as his sweat evaporated and the hissing noise it made.
Fire suddenly bubbled up around him in a ball of crackling red heat, and a couple of passer-by’s were set alight. Treacherous stood up, flames burning around him and laughed loudly, feeling the raw blazing power all around him. He grabbed a young man who was trying to run and held his face until it melted in his palms…

The Demon
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The field had been devastated by the tornado and debris was scattered everywhere. MarvelFan looked at it with dismay and thought about the long day’s work he had in front of him. There were pieces of wood, metal, household wreckage and MarvelFan was sure he saw the remains of a cow near a broken fence. It would take him at least until nightfall to be able to sort through all scattered the remains and the four men who had been hired to help had yet to do anything but drink a few beers and laugh at the chaos.
“Look guys, we need to start with the north side and work our way back towards the houses.”
Laughter and a loud belch greeted MarvelFan’s attempt at enthusiasm, so he turned and started picking up a few pieces of wood. As the day wore on he grimly noticed that the only contribution the other men had made had been to kick at few pieces of debris around, still laughing and joking and swilling beer.
Slowly, as he carried on, he noticed that the chores were becoming easier. He was picking bigger pieces us with virtually no effort and before long, casually tossing them into place.
He turned around to look at the men and saw that they were watching him with awe. MarvelFan looked down and saw that where his skin had been was now a hard blue metal. His joints moved with fluid ease and he picked up a whole fallen tree with one hand. Suddenly he whirled around and grabbed one of the men around the waist. With a gentle toss he sent the man hurtling through the air until he fell in a broken heap nearly the length of five football fields away. MarvelFan smiled and reached out towards the other men with his newfound strength…

The Golem
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Judge Death

Judge wasn’t sure why he was at the police station, but he felt that there was a good reason. People were bustling back and forth, playing cops and robbers or victim and lawyer. The noise was loud and vulgar, and ugly people were thinking ugly thoughts but Judge Death drifted through it all without being noticed.
Suddenly, there was loud commotion and Judge saw people streaming past him. Shots were fired and he heard the sound of screams from deep in the station. The same reason that had brought him to the station made him feel unafraid.
Judge Death carried on deeper into the station, walking towards the commotion and slowly he felt himself withdrawing drawing deeper within himself. It was as if he was distancing himself from everything and everyone around him, whittling away to the bare essentials and reaching to a dark core that only he could find.
He arrived at the centre of the commotion and realised that the people couldn’t see him. He glanced around and deduced that some villain had grabbed a cop’s gun and was engaged in a shoot-out with about twelve different officers who were trying to get a clear shot. One passed close by Judge and he reached out his hand. Grasping the essence of the cop, he squeezed and suddenly wrinkles appeared on the man’s face and hands. They quickly spread as he aged one hundred years in the space of a second, before collapsing in a heap of dust. Judge Death looked up and smiled, feeling the cold power coursing through his intangible body. He launched himself into the midst of the other cops…

The Ghost
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Grunt just had to admire the car that his neighbour had triumphantly displayed in front of the house. It was a Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster with a few mods and imported straight from Germany. It gleamed white in the sunlight, looking like something a knight in shining armour would be put to shame by. The top was down and one of the beautiful doors raised and it just seemed so inviting.
GruntKilla took a quick look around and the coast was clear. He quickly sat in the driver’s seat and took the steering wheel in his hands. It felt so right and snug, like it had been meant for him.
Suddenly: “Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The voice belonged to Ray Moore, the owner of the car and by the looks of it, a very angry man.
“I just wanted to sit here for a moment, I’m sorry!” said Grunt, getting out of the car quickly.
“You listen to me, come near my car again and I’ll kill you. Got it?”
“Calm down Ray. I got ya” said Grunt, turning and starting to walk away.
He had only walked a few steps when he stopped.
“Actually Ray, I don’t think I did get ya. Care to repeat that?” Grunt was changing, slowly growing and expanding. He felt huge wings appear on his back and his feet turned into savage claws.
Ray whirled around to find himself facing a lizard like face with rows of sharp and deadly teeth. Ray’s head exploded with one bite, blood and gore spraying in every direction. GruntKilla chewed carefully, enjoying the taste. One single claw stroked the gleaming metal of the Mercedes and a deep guttural voice said:
“My car now…”

The Wyvern
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It was a sunny day and Solomon had been mowing the lawn. His shorts were grass stained and he felt sweat trickling down his back, but he felt good. The lawn was looking good, life wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining happily in the sky. All in all, things could be a lot worse.
He realised he had spoken too soon when he saw three young men walking down the street. They were suits despite the heat, designed to show off the fact that they had money, good jobs and were better people. Solomon sighed and knew that this was going to be trouble. They lived a couple of streets away, and spent their weekends walking around and bullying people. It didn’t matter if you were a kid or and old lady, if they chose you the rest of your day would be hell.
“Hey, kid!” shouted one when he saw Solomon, ignoring the fact the he couldn’t have been more than a couple of years older.
Solomon did his best to ignore the man, trying to decide whether to head back into the house or carry on mowing.
“Are you deaf kid? Look at me when I’m talking to you.” The other two men laughed.
Suddenly Solomon whirled around and smiled.
“I’m not a kid.” He said, and suddenly realised that he was taller than any of the three.
And for some strange reason… he was getting taller.
Solomon grew and grew as huge muscles filled out arms and legs that were as thick as trees. His eyes merged into one and he turned his terrifying gaze onto the three men. They were frozen in place, and one had a stain running down the inside leg of his expensive trousers. The looked so tiny to Solomon and with a grin he reached down and flattened them with a huge fist…

The Cyclops
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Marvel Man

Marvel Man sipped at his lemonade and wondered if he should try something a bit stronger. It had been a busy day and he was just happy to finally put his feet up and relax, watching the sun set as he prepared for a good’s night sleep. The bar was slowly getting busier as more people finished work and came to drink the night away, leaving their worries and inhibitions behind. Others were there just for the company, whether it be friendship or a fleeting romance.
Marvel Man decided he’d stick to lemonade tonight; there was something in the air that didn’t feel right. Waitresses bustled back and forth as more and more customers shouted out demands and drinks started to flow.
It was about half and hour later that the first fight broke out. It was something trivial like a spilt drink or a bumped elbow, but it ended in two men rolling around on the floor raining punches on each other.
Marvel Man sighed. He had just come to this bar for a couple of calm drinks, wanting only peace and quiet to end his day and instead he was faced with a brawl that was quickly getting out of hand as more people got involved.
He looked down at his hands and realised he was clenching them tightly, anger welling up inside. Slowly the hands hardened and turned grey like stone. Marvel Man felt wings spreading out from his back and claws and fangs growing. He smiled then stood up.
“You wanted a fight, you’ve got one!” he shouted, before wading into the brawl. His stony fists broke open skulls, whilst his claws tore people apart like they were made of paper. He smiled and realised he was actually feeling quite peaceful after all…

The Gargoyle



Culwych sat at his computer typing out a story for Haven. Music was blasting out from his speakers, Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast and the writing was going well. He had the house to himself for the next couple of hours which was always a good thing. Though he loved his fiancé, when she was home he could be faced with such trivial problems such as doing the dishes or helping make dinner. He cranked up the music another notch, letting Bruce’s melodic voice fill the house.
Suddenly, without warning, Culwych felt his heart and breathing stop. It wasn’t a heart attack, and he felt no pain; it just suddenly all stopped. Culwych didn’t need to breath and obviously as he was still typing, he didn’t need a heartbeat.
How strange.
He slowly stood up and walked a couple of steps. He could see himself walking, but could not feel the sensation of his feet touching the floor. He pressed his hand against a wall and was somewhat relieved when it didn’t pass through. He could see that he was touching the wall, but could not feel the cold stone under his fingers.
Culwych sat back at his computer, staring thoughtfully into space for a while and suddenly knew what needed to be done…. He needed to see the others.

The Zombie


Lokiphisto admired his work, and decided that why stop at twelve disciples. The Child of Magic thrust out his power through the Internet once again.

In a flash of light, other Havenites were transformed into amazing creatures and myths; Pseudonym’s neighbours were found turned to stone as the basilisk’s terrible gaze fell upon them, Bandit walked the streets bandaged in eons old wraps and the dreadful mummy’s curse fell upon innocents, people were found ripped to shreds, their bodies frozen cold as Omega11 turned into a Yeti.

The police were called out to investigate a murder that had been committed with a huge battleaxe but they never saw Jailer411, the proud minotaur warrior, leaving the scenes, and in a remote forest a couple found the remains of campers, their bodies full of arrows. The campers never made it home to divulge their find, as Videogameman, the centaur warrior and Bassetman, the elf soldier teamed up and hunted all trespassers….


Chapter 5: Horror United

The room was large. It needed to be to assemble all the disciples of Lokiphisto, those brave souls who had been transformed into terrible creatures of the night for one single deadly purpose. And currently they were arguing.

Granobulax, the vampire, whirled around and faced Bloody Freak.

“You want to attack Flipside head on Bloody, are you mad?” he said, leaning forward.

“Mad, very possible. But we are powerful; I don’t think it will be a problem.” Replied the psycho, smiling.

“You don’t even have any powers Bloody, I can smell your human blood pumping through your human veins.”

“Are you scared Grano?” said Bloody, the smile never leaving his face.

Grano moved like a shadow, sleek and fast and in one movement had Bloody by the throat and lifted him off his feet.

“You’re just a crazy human Bloody, how do you think you’re going to attack Flipside and live? I could rip your throat out with but a squeeze.”

His feet dangling a foot from the floor, Bloody still had his insane grin on his face.

“You are scared Grano, and so you should be with so much at ‘stake’.”

The way the psycho had said the last word made Grano look down. He saw a sharpened piece of wood in Bloody’s hand, resting gently against his own heart.

“Stop it both of you!” said Darkender, “I suggest we put this to a vote”

“My thumb just fell off” said Culwych, looking at his hand in dismay. “Don’t anyone move until I find it.”

The other Havenites ignored him; bits had been falling off Culwych as his zombie body slowly decayed. He would find them and reattach them, but the slow process was inevitable.

“I agree with Bloody” said Marvel Fan in his metallic, grating voice. “We are strong and can take anything Flipside throws at us!”

“Attacking Flipside head on will alert them to our presence and allow them time to prepare a defence. We should be subtle and make sure that they don’t have that chance” said Treacherous. The others had made him dampen his demonic fire to prevent everything catching on fire.

And suddenly there was a chorus of “I agree!” or “Absolutely not!” or “Damn I’ve lost my other thumb!” as every Havenite offered his opinion.

The debate would have lasted hours if Lokiphisto had not suddenly appeared in the room. The power of the Child of Magic was awe inspiring and all the Havenites immediately shut up.

“My children, you must not disagree! I have made you strong with my power and each of you is more than a match for anything Flipside can throw at you. You are an army and no force on earth will stand against you as you do my bidding!”

And so began the great attack on Flipside by the Havenites, a battle that would change the world forever….


Chapter 6: Attack on Flipside

The attack began at dawn as the Havenites assembled at the gates of Flipside, an awesome sight to behold. They came equipped with weapons, some magical, some natural and all the power of the darkness behind them. They moved through the streets like gods of war, and none stood against them. Men tried to form a resistance but they posed no match before the awesome might of the monsters.

It was nearing noon when the Havenites came upon their first true fight. Assembled together for the first time in a long time was the combined might of the Avengers and the Justice League, a small army of superpowers determined to defend their territory against the invaders.

Superman and Sentry led the charge, their awesome power terrible to behold as they sped towards the Havenites faster than the eye could follow.

Suddenly a big figure came out of the sky and snatched Sentry out of the air. Huge claws gripped the avenger around his waist and slammed him into the ground with such force that the earth shook. GruntKilla, the wyvern, raked at Sentry’s back with sharp claws, biting down with huge teeth. He had been waiting a long time to do this.
The Sentry lived moments in the future, able to foresee dangers that were coming which is what made him such a formidable foe. All he could see now was his impending death. He tried mentally contacting the figure on his back, but only darkness responded. He was helpless as sharp claws pierced his skin and penetrated to the bone…

Superman slammed against a huge blue figure, putting all his strength into the punch. MarvelFan laughed as his metal body took the impact of the kryptonian’s blow and didn’t even dent. He retorted with his own punch, the huge metal fist pounding Superman into the ground. The superhero tried to rise, but a stone hand grabbed his hair. MarvelMan smiled as he slammed Superman’s face again and again into ground. The golem and the gargoyle took turns pounding on the Justice League leader until he was but a bloody smear on the floor…

Batman and Robin swung in from a tall building, eyeing the carnage below them. They whirled around suddenly as they heard footsteps behind them. Videogameman and Bassetman, the Centaur and the Elf stepped out of the shadows with wicked grins on their faces. The battleaxe and sword rose and fell and blood ran red in Flipside’s darkest hour.

Everywhere the scenes were the same. Hank Pym grew to his full height, only to be struck down by a huge club wielded by Solomon the Cyclops. Iron Man’s technology was no match as Judge Death’s ghostly hand reached to his heart and aged him a hundred years in a second. It was a massacre wherever you looked, and cries of pain and despair mixed with the laughs of the Havenites as blood stained the streets of Flipside.

Then suddenly there were other powers in Flipside. Thor had arrived, the Odin Force beating on the air like the wings of a giant bird, and beside him stood Parallax and reality bent before their will. Other giants of Flipside arrived as well and the ground shook beneath their combined might; Onslaught, Galactus, the Phantom Stranger, the Antimonitor, and others.

The Havenites united to meet this new army and the battle was joined. The whole of Flipside shook as they slammed together and as noon turned to dusk, more blood was shed in Flipside.

For a while the Havenites held their own, but under the sheer power of the assembled defenders drove them slowly back. It was a war they couldn’t win even with their formidable strength as the very elements turned against them.

But then another figure arrived in Flipside. Angry at the defeat of his disciples, Lokiphisto appeared and the stars started going out one by one. The Child of Magic bent reality backwards and even the universal strengths could not match his. He tapped into the full strength of Death, Darkness and Cosmic and he would not be denied.

First Parallax fell, then Thor and the others in their turn. Lokiphisto grabbed the fire from the sun and used it as a weapon, he used his magic to trap beings in time forever, his will was unending, his power unstoppable…


Chapter 7: The Final Battle

It was almost all over. Lokiphisto strode through the streets of Flipside, leaving bloody footprints in his wake. The Havenites followed, occasionally finishing off a defeated superhero when the mood took them.

Eventually they came upon a small house that seemed akin to most of the others on that street. It had no special distinguishing features yet they all felt the power that emanated from inside.

“We have arrived at our destination.” Said Lokiphisto, looking back at the Havenites. “Here is where you will perform the service for which you were created.”

They nodded, steeling themselves to face the unknown. But before they could approach the house, the door opened and a figure stepped out. He was on the tall side of average, dressed in a long trench coat and at his hip sat a wicked looking gun. In his hands he held a sleeping baby.

“You guys sure made a lot of racket coming here” said the man, taking in the assembled Havenites and their leader.

“Ah, Arthur Pendragon, we meet at last” said Lokiphisto menacingly. “You know why I am here, so save yourself the pain and anguish and relinquish the child!”

“That isn’t going to happen” he said and suddenly the gun was in his hand, pointing straight at Lokiphisto.

The Child of Magic smiled.

“Go ahe…” he started saying before a shot rang out and his head exploded. It reformed within seconds, an evil grin spread across his lips.

“You cannot harm me Pendragon, I am born of the same magic that gave you your powers. Now give me the child!”

“Piss off” replied the former king calmly.

“HAVENITES!” screamed Lokiphisto, “BRING ME THE CHILD!”

No one moved.

“Ummm, you never said anything about killing a baby” said Darkender.

“Yeah” said Boratz, “Superheroes or people who annoy me I don’t have a problem with; but a baby? I don’t think so.”

The others chorused their agreement, looking at each other hesitatingly.

One of them stepped forward and immediately a shot rang out from Pendragon’s gun.

“What the hell was that for?” said Culwych, staring at the hole in his chest. “I was just trying to get a look at the baby to see what the fuss was about. That’s going to take me ages to stitch up!”

“Sorry” said Pendragon, looking almost embarrassed.

“The child is an abomination!” screamed Lokiphisto.

“Shut up” retorted Pendragon, then turned to the Havenites. “The child is a union of sorts, much like your leader which is probably why he fears him so. The mother died giving birth and the father turned to me to look after the child as he had so many other things to do.”

“Who are the parents?” asked Bandit.

“The Asgardian king, Odin the All-Father is the father. The mother… was a beauty in her time who no man could resist; Jessica Rabbit.”

“What, the cartoon character!?!?” asked Grano

“Yes, none other. This child is a union that should never have existed, a combination of two beings so different that the very birth caused devastation across the Earth. When he reached maturity he will have both the Odin Force and the Toon Force at his disposable, making him essentially a god.”

“Now you understand why I must kill him!” screamed Lokiphisto, “I cannot be opposed in my reign of the universe!”

There was a pause as they all considered the possibilities.

“I don’t care” said Culwych, turning to Lokiphisto “I am not killing a baby.”

The others agreed and suddenly Lokiphisto turned on them.


And with those words the battle was joined. Monsters created from the combinations of magic turned against their creator and attacked him with everything they had. He was buffeted by claws and teeth, by sword and axe. At one point someone even through a thumb at him.

But his power was too great, and even the combined force of all his creations could not stop him and they were beaten down one by one.

Then something amazing happened. From the crook of King Arthur’s arm, the baby opened his eyes.

And looked straight at Lokiphisto.

Odin and Toon power slammed against Magic and Cosmic power and the air crackled with energy.

For those few moments, the entire universe stood still.

Lokiphisto screamed as his soul was burned by the raw power held in the baby’s gaze, and giant wounds appeared on his body. He bled from mouth and eyes and ears, his unrelenting wail of anguish never letting up. Even after he had bled dry, and his carcass lay withered and empty of life on the floor, the scream still seemed to echo around the gathered Havenites.

Then it was all over.



Even as Lokiphisto had died, so had Flipside been reborn. The baby, having destroyed his nemesis, remade the damage he had wrought and made everything as it was. Having done that, he closed his eyes and once again entered the deep sleep. The baby realised that the world was not ready for one of such power, and was happy to lay dormant until such time that he was needed once again…

Although Lokiphisto had been destroyed, his power remained intact and the Havenites found themselves unchanged. Returning to Earth, they found themselves to be natural leaders of men and were soon revered as gods. They dispersed to different sides of the globe, changing the politics of Earth forever.

But with leadership comes ambition and nearly a hundred years from the battle in Flipside, the different Havenite Clans rose up against each other in a world wide war that would see infinite destruction and boundless chaos.

But that’s another story.

(To possibly be continued in Book 2, World Wide War)

Lokiphisto, The Child of Magic
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For some reason, I couldn't post MarvelMan's or my picture from the story above... so here they are:

MarvelMan: The Gargoyle
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Culwych: The Zombie
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Lokiphisto, The Child of Magic
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Thanks to Treacherous for a wicked pic!
Marvel Man
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Michael Free: Agent of H.A.V.E.N.


In all of us, there lies a hero. He/She may be supressed, heck, it might be very deep inside, but it's there. It's always been there, waiting, to break free.

Yet, there must always be a balance. And, within us all, there is also the malice, the darkness, the void that could possibly change us. Sadly, many have fallen to the temptation of our own dark powers.

For most, the choices one makes shall determine which side they dwell in. But what if, what if it had already been chosen? What if we had no choice? What if, we tried to change fate? That, is the tremendous task. A task, which Michael Free attempted....

Chapter One: The Amazing Race

The night was cold. It was the type of night that everyone avoids. The type, which is best to stay inside. Yet, on this Earth, in this timeline, several thousands of people have braced the cold.


To watch the greatest sport known to man. Gladiator Races. A simple, yet deadly game.

Thirty-two drivers enter, one emerges. There are hundreds of cameras watching over the long race track, which spans mountais, lakes, volcanoes, and many more terrains, yet there are no rules.

Death is common, and expected. Heck, that's why it's watched. In the year 3,009 it is the most popular sport, broadcasting live to several galaxies. Several champions have won the covetted "Grand Prize", and many races have been held. Yet, on December 13, 3009, something no one has seen shall happen....


The crowd stands up, and cheers wildly. The large jumbo screens show Hugh Racer, Gladiator Race's star commentator. Hugh lifts up the microphone, taking in the roar of the crowd.


Again, the crowd roars with excitement. Technology may have advanced to the point of interstellar travel, and cures for all diseases, but man is still the same. The cameras zoom in, showing wild groups of young men. Their bodies colored with their favorite racer's trademarked logo/colors. They holler and yell, becoming completely uncivilized.

It was truly a sight to see. A sight, that even the drivers admired.

"Whoa. Did you ever think we'd reach this level? Look at that crowd!"

"We haven't. This is just a mission. We'll finish it, then we'll leave. That's what we do."

Multiversal Man coldly replied to Agent 1505627. Both were members of H.A.V.E.N., and both had been sent to determine the fate of a Universe.

"Boys, calm down."

Both members turned around to see Miss Knockout, the third member in their group. She was wearing the official gray suit issued to all H.A.V.E.N. members. However boring it looked on the two men, it couldn't have looked better on the lady.

Agent 1505627 cooly replied, "Hello Miss, do I know you?"

Miss Knockout giggled, while Multiversal Man rolled his eyes. He got up, and grabbed his projector.

"Let's get serious. These races are extremely dangerous, are you guys ready?"

"Pffff, of course. Why are we even here?"

Multiversal Man ignored 1505627's attitude, and activated his projector. A hologram of a tall, muscular man, appeared.

"This, is Zack Ryder, a Gladiator Racer. In the current timeline he wins this race, and takes the Grand Prize. This year, the Grand Prize is the head of a Galurgabeast, a rare and dangerous animal. It has been extinct since 2,678. This, is the last fossil. In 3,015 a new disease will be created by Bio terrorist from the cells of the beast. It will wipe out one third of the Universe...."

"How is Ryder involved?", asked Miss Knockout. She thought Ryder was handsome.

"Ryder eventually has an accident in the year 3,013. He sells his trophies to an unknown organization. This group creates the Palivalype virus. A true plague."

1505627, and Knockout stood silent. Multiversal Man narrowed his eyes. Noobs, they aren't battle hardened. "As for stopping it from happening, we're going to win the race. It doesn't matter who, but one of us must win."

The two were new, but realized the importance of their mission. Both nodded.


Upon hearing the call, the three departed to their own ships. They were extremely advanced, capable of reaching uncalcuable speeds.

"Are you ready?"

1505627 awoke from his trance. Looking down, he saw Multiversal Man's face appearing on his communicator.

"Yeah", he lied.

"You'll do fine."

He hoped so. This was his first mission.


The garage door opened up. The bright lights blinding the drivers momentarily.


1505627 gripped his vehicle's controls tighter. Before him, the long winding track awaited. Besides him, several more drivers jeered and cursed at each other. They were awfully rude.


All the ships roared with power, as the drivers prepared. The excitement was high. Adrenaline pumped through his veins. Sweat was already forming on his brow.


The drivers lurched forward. The crowd roared. The great race, had begun.

Immediatly, the drivers separated themselves. Some struggled to reach the lead, others followed at a moderate rate, while the rest stayed behind, waiting for the right moment. 1505627 was trying to reach the leading car, which was Ryder, their target.

"Hey kid! Go back to yo motta!!"

1505627 looked to his right, and stared at his aggressor, a large blue ship. It's driver, a big hairy man, gave him the middle finger, then sped up.


The blue ship exploded, sending metal scraps and other debris flying. Smoke clouded his vision, but 1505627 could hear several more explosions. What was causing it?

The smoke slowly cleared up, and then he saw them. Straight from the H.A.V.E.N. wanted posters back at base. The infamous Ripper, and the psychotic Bloody Freak. They had committed crimes accross several timelines, and were wanted by every H.A.V.E.N member. Yet, they were also feared, for their names had been earned, not given....

With horror in his eyes, he watched as the Ripper's dark cruiser pulled up besides a gray ship. The ship attempted to shake him, but the Ripper was swift. His dark ship slammed into the gray car, sending sparks flying. The gray ship tried to push Ripper away, but it was too weak. The Ripper slammed it into the right wall, sending more sparks.

Suddenly, from the Ripper's vehicle, a large laser blade emerged. The driver of the gray car let out a terrifying scream as the blade plunged inside the ship, slicing it in half. The ship then went out of control, with the back spinning wildly, even hitting another ship. The top collided with the track, and skidded accross it. It did several flips, all at extreme speeds, before slamming into the far left wall. Both the ship and the driver were dead.

1505627's blood turned cold, as he watched the brutal act of murder. Yet, he knew he had to continue. Pushing the ship on, he attempted to leave the Ripper and Bloody behind. Sadly, he was easily spotted, and the Ripper soon rushed forward to catch him.

"Peek-a-boo!", he growled. His dark cruiser, easily closing the distance between them.

Suddenly, his communicator started again. "1505627, are you okay?! Miss Knockout's not responding, what's your position?!"

He wanted to respond, yet he couldn't, and didn't. Instead, he silenced his communicator, and pulled out his G2.0 handgun, standard to all H.A.V.E.N. members.

"I'm not afraid!!!", he yelled out, as the Ripper pulled up behind him. He gripped the controls, then threw the entire ship towards Ripper. At the same time, he fired his handgun.

The Ripper, to his surprise, laughed. "A Havenite?! Bah, surrender to T.E.R.R.O.R., and we might spare you!"

Not waiting for his anwser, the Ripper threw his sleek ship towards 1505627's. Metal clashed against metal, sending out bright sparks, illuminating the dark night.

The Ripper continued his assault, pressing the weapons button on his ship. Suddenly, several laser blades emerged from Ripper's ship....and began cutting into 1505627's....

The brave Havenite tried to pull away, but it was to late. The Ripper laughed once more, as the large buzz saw emerged from his roof. It moved towards 1505627. The Havenite let out a final scream, as the blade plunged down, slicing the driver and car simultanously. It was a quick death....
"1505627!!! Anwser me!!"

Multiversal Man yelled into his communicator, but soon stopped. He knew what had happened.


Multiversal Man felt his purple ship being hit from behind. Looking at his sensors, he saw the madman, Bloody Freak.

"Multiversal Man? What are you doing here? You're still with those weaklings at H.A.V.E.N.?!"

Bloody continued his taunts. He enjoyed his job. Maybe too much.

"Bloody, it's not too late. Rejoin H.A.V.E.N! Think of your father!"

"Bah, my father is dead! As are you!"

Bloody Freak knew he shouldn't have. He got that feeling. He heard that voice of reason. Yet, like all the other times, he easily ignored it, and did it anyways.

From the left of his blood red ship, a large missile emerged. He was way too close, but he didn't care. Pushing the trigger, he smiled an evil smile.


Bloody's ship shook from the explosion, while Multiversal's slowly rolled to stop. Flames already engulfing the ship.

"Hasta La Vista, Baby!"

Bloody laughed again. Man, he really liked his job....
Chapter Two: The Massacre

"And so, it was me, George Lopez, and Deadpool, against this huge swarm of ninjas! I was like, let's dance. George was like, watcha! Deadpool was like, when do I get my own movie?"

The small group of Havenites laughed. They enjoyed their leader's stories. Specially on a boring day, such as the one they were facing today. Little did they know, that it would end unlike any other.

"And then, after we had defeated the ninjas, it turns out that the village we had saved was full of Victoria Secret supermodels. Of course, they offered to waiter to our every needs for all eternity, but I knew I couldn't accept. 'I belong to H.A.V.E.N.', I said."

"Videogameman, are you telling another one of your stories?"

Videogameman looked up, and saw L B., his co-leader. She was dressed in a gray T-Shirt, the H.A.V.E.N. logo on it.

"C'mon, let the boss finish.", SP2 replied. The men agreed.

L merely shook her head in amusement, and said,"Go right ahead. But I'm going to actually do some work. I'm going down to the mechanical room."

The group waved her good bye, then resumed their story.
"Thanks for the story sir."

"Guys, I told you, don't call me sir. We're all teamates here."

The men nodded, then went to go get some lunch. VGM got up, ready to join them, when something caught his attention. The security cameras were picking up a strange disturbance. He went, and took a look.

It was L. At first, he thought nothing of it, and prepared to go back to lunch, but then, he noticed something. L was working on one of the star ships, one of the many stationed at T.E.C.H., H.A.V.E.N.'s secret think tank. Here, all types if technology from different timelines, were housed.

"L, is ever-....", VGM began, but was interrupted.


It was the intruder alarms. They had never rung before. Not many people could reach T.E.C.H., for it hung in Limbo, or outside of time. Suddenly, the security screens all displayed a large M, and then began to shut down.

"Bison.", he said, under his breath.

He quickly pressed the intercom, and began to shout out orders. He then ran outside, and gasped. Before him, hundreds of large warships were emerging from portals. These ships gleamed red with blood red war paint. On their hull, a large M, was painted in black colors. Huge flags, waved in the air.

On them, the letters T.E.R.R.O.R. were spelled out.....

Videogameman stood there for a few moments, paralyzed, not sure what to do.

"Sir! What do we do?", asked Buzz Line, his liutenant.

VGM looked at him as if in a daze, but quickly shook off the feeling. "Ready the ships! Send out calls for help! Lock up the technology...."


The entire base shook, as the T.E.R.R.O.R. ships opened fire on T.E.C.H. The defenders quickly activated their own cannons, returning fire. For several moments, both sides stood still, allowing their altillary to unload.

Yet something was wrong. Videogameman felt it almost immediatly, as M Bison ignored his cannons and fired at T.E.C.H.'s communication array instead. He was even more surprised, when Buzz Line rushed back in with bad news.

"Sire, the emergency transmission is being blocked. We think it's from withing the base."

"What? Are you suggesting Bison has one of his men on here?"

"There's no other explination."

VGM turned away, his mind racing. The enemy knew their vulnerable spots, they had passed through the alarms without amy trouble, and now, the call for help was being jammed. It had to be a traitor. But who?

"Sir! They're breaking our line!"

VGM looked up, and saw with horror as Bison was suddenly reinforced by two more T.E.R.R.O.R. fleets. He recognized Judge Death's Death Crew, but the other was a mystery.

"Are the ships ready?"

"Yes sir."

"All men to the ships! Someone find out who pilots that enemy fleet. And someone else get me a cup of coffee!"

Immediatly, the men all rushed to their positions. Videogameman quickly dranked his coffee, as Buzz Line filled him in with the information.

"The other fleet belongs to a man called, the Crimson King. His captain, also on board, is Batonew."

"Never heard of them."

"Want statistics?"

"Nah. We're the best. Let's do it."

VGM then ran to his own ship, his men already ready in their own ships.

"Havenites, are you ready?!"

"Yes Sir!"

"GO! GO! GO!"
The Crimson King watched from his ship's bridge as T.E.C.H. opened up, unleashing hundreds of small ships. At the head, VGM's head ship, lead the charge.

"Fire!", he shouted.

Far ahead, Videogameman ordered the same thing. Both forces began to fire upon each other. Crimson King's ships were much larger, but they were also slower. VGM hoped that his quick moves could help them take the larger ships.

At first, the tactic worked well. The large ships missed horribly, while VGM's forces picked at them from all sides. Withing moments, even the mightiest of ships fell to their quick techniques.

"Alright men, target the head ship!", roared VGM. Around him, his men hollered in agreement. Soon, like a swarm of mosquitoes, they had surrounded Crimson King's main cruiser.

Aboard, Crimson King was desperately trying to organize his defense, but was slowly failing. His ships were just too slow.

Out of desperation, he called Judge Death and Bison.

"Judge, Bison, I'm losing men left and right! Why are you just staying back? I need you!", he pleaded. Before him, on the large screens, Bison turned away from Crimson King.

"You must face HAVEN alone. Do not fail, Crimson. Or else...."

And with that, Bison signed out. Judge Death signed off as well, leaving Crimson King to reconsider his options.


"What was that?!"

"Crimson, the ship's being torn apart! We can't kee-...AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

But it was too late. Both Batonew and Crimson King perished as their mighty cruiser fell. Around them, VGM's forces took a moment to celebrate.

"SP2, how are things back at base?"

"Oh, everything's fine. They seem to have stopped."

VGM stopped, and thought.

"Have you found L?", he asked.

SP2 shook his head.

"Alright, keep a lookout.", VGM responded. Turning back to his men, he surveyed the casualties. They weren't that bad.

"Men, are you ready!!", he shouted out.

His men bravely responded with a "HURRAH!" After if, VGM smiled, and shouted out another order.

"All ships, target M Bison's. Go Men! Go!"

Again, the men cheered, and all turned towards Bison. With VGM at the lead, the ships quickly followed. A grave mistake.....
Back on Bison's ship, Bison was laughing.

Before him, his great window displayed the scene before him.

"Is it ready?", he asked.

The woman beside him nodded.

"Do it."

And so, the woman moved forward, and inserted a program onto Bison's central computer.

"Will it work?"

"Of course, my sweet Bison...."

The woman grinned, as she activated the program....

The whole ship shook, as it began to broadcast signals. Far off, on VGM's fleet, each ship began to shake as well....
"VGM, my ship, she's acting strange.", one said.

"Mine too.", another added. Several more quickly agreed.

"C'mon men, we can still do this!", VGM said reassuringly. The men, half heartedly, responded.
Back on Bison's head ship, M was becoming angry.

"They're still comming.", he bluntly pointed out.

The woman nodded, and replied, "Patience, M. Patience...."

And then it began....

Like dominoes, VGM's ships began to shake more violently than before. One, at the far right, began to sputter, then smoke began to blow from the engine. Finally, this one ship, exploded, killing the driver inside.

As if it was a signal, the other ships began to do the exact same thing. Each sputtered, blew smoke, then exploded in a fiery and unusual manner.

Drivers screamed, as they attempted to eject themselves from their ships, only to find that they had been locked inside...

Videogameman desperately attempted to keep the fleet together, but he soon realized it was too late. His commanders had been the first to explode, leaving the regular members to fall in a mass frenzy. Things were so bad, that they slammed into each other, killing themselves.

Far off, Bison laughed, as VGM's line fell apart before him. Suddenly, he stopped.

"Open fire."

And so, they did. Bison's huge cannons unloaded on the weakened mob of ships. Unable to control their ships, the fleet were sitting ducks.

VGM desperately looked around, watching helplessly as his men were picked off, or exploded. His communicator merely recorded their final screams. A few prayed, some even shouted out for him, asking what to do. Asking for orders.

Yet, he could do nothing.... Or could he?

"VGM, what's happening up there? You guys are getting torn apart!", said SP2. For a moment, VGM wondered what their situation looked like from far away.

"Good bye, SP2. Your a good man. Take care..."

"What are you ta-...."

VGM had shut off his communicator. He wouldn't need it where he was going. He gripped his handlebar tighter, then unleashed an inhuman cry.

Stomping on the forward pedal, the ship lurched forward, aimed at Bison.

VGM braced himself, waiting to be shot down, yet, the lasers flew by, passing him. He grinned, pushing his speeds even higher. The ship groaned, as shells began to explode near him.

Still, VGM continued, his eyes set. His goal, clear.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", he cried out, as his ship drew closer and closer to Bison's bridge. With one final scream, the small ship crashed into Bison's massive cruiser, sending metal flying everywhere.....
"I'm still alive."

That was VGM's first thought, as he slowly crawled from the wreckage of his ship. Around him, TERROR members layer scattered. Above, the sprinklers attempted to put out the fires he had set.

"Bison, I'n comming for ya!", yelled VGM. He pulled out his handgun, and ran down the hall, ignoring his grave injuries as best as he could.


VGM threw the door open, jumping out. He quickly began to fire in all directions, hitting two guards, and a robotic sentry.

But where was Bison?

VGM slowly moved into the room, making sure that no one else was there. Suddenly, he saw a red flash.

But it was too late....

Bison delivered a nasty punch to VGM's face, making him drop to his knees. His gun slipped from his fingers.

Looking up, he stared at the face of his arch-nemesis, who casually smiled at him.

"VGM. I was hoping you'd live. Just so I could do this!", Bison yelled, bringing down his fist on VGM. Yet, he didn't stop. He delivered punch after punch, even throwing in some kicks for good measure. All throughout it all, VGM slowly crawled towards his weapon.

"Where do you think you're going?", Bison sneered. He brought his foot down on VGM's outstretched hand, expecting a cry of pain. Instead, VGM smiled, showing where several teeth had fallen out. He then grabbed Bison's leg, and used all his remaining strenght to flip him.

Bison yelled in surprise, as he fell, unable to stop VGM from getting the gun.

Through a bloodied vision, VGM dove for the weapon, his arms outstretched.


The foot came down, stepping on the gun. VGM tugged at the boot, but he was too weak. Slowly looking up, VGM smiled.

"L... Help me...."

L remained emotionless. Her eyes looked down at his bloodied and broken body.


Suddenly, L bent down, and got the gun. VGM smiled again. His suspicion was wrong. L was good.

Casually, he reached up, hoping L, his friend, would help him up.

But she didn't.

Looking up again, he saw L aiming the gun....
At him.....

VGM stared at her in wonder. He opened his mouth to say something, but L did not wait. She pulled the trigger, sending the blast into VGM's right side of his face.

VGM's raised head dropped, blood slowly formed a small puddle around him.....

"Well done L..... Let's get rid of this..."

L merely nodded. Her eyes cold as ice....
Chapter Three: The Admins

It was a dark and stormy night. To make things worse, it was also raining. Yet, like everything else in Nesh, the rain was unusual. It poured for a few moments, then drizzled, and finally stopped. Yet, it quickly picked up again, starting another cycle.

Ionkidmax cursed under his breath. He did not like comming here.

"Speak up. State your business."

Ionkidmax replied, "I wish to speak with the Guardian of Nesh, the great Treacherous asks for his advice."

The giant door to the Temple of Nesh remained closed. For several moments, nothing happened.

Suddenly, it groaned, as it opened. Ionkidmax could tell it hadn't been opened in quite some time. As the door opened, he could see the Neshian Guard, Nesh's specialized commandoes. At their center though, he saw a much older man. Not to old, but wise beyond his years.

"This is from Treacherous.", Ionkidmax said. He handed over a letter to one of the guards, who handed it over to Nesh.

It said:
"Dear Guardian of Nesh,
Please, we need you to come back. Now is Haven's darkest hour. We are hoping to stop the ****** from occurring. Your prescence is needed. It's finally time.
Your friend, Treach."

The Guardian read it over several times, each time growing angrier. Finally, he stood up, and walked to Ionkidmax. In a gruff voice he said," Let's go. The Admins, have been called...."
H.A.V.E.N. HQ:

"How bad is it?"

"They took everything. A full massacre of our members, only two survived."

Treacherous brought his fist down in anger. It seemed as if each day, T.E.R.R.O.R. grew bolder, and more daring. Their strikes on H.A.V.E.N. members had risen extremely in the past few months.

"First Multiversal's crew, now VGM's? Who survived?"

"Well, L was found amongst the ruins. She was in a bad state, but she'll live."

"Who's the other one?"

"Videogameman.... But sir, we're not sure if he'll...."

"If he'll what?"

"Sir, he may die...."

Treacherous bowed his head. He hardly ever showed anger, but his fists were shaking now. A senior member, battling for his life.

"Take me to him. Now."

Greatness nodded, and led Treacherous to the emergency labs, where VGM was being operated on by the top doctors of all time.

Treacherous's eyes widened as he saw VGM's body. His body was covered with bruises, and large cuts, making him look to be purple. His left leg was broken, while his right arm hung awkwardly out of it's socket. Yet, the worst thing was his face, since his entire right side had been horribly burned. In some places, the bone was visible. All his hair had been burned off, and his eye was tightly shut.

"It's amazing that's he's even alive. We found him in a horrible state. Even worse than now."

Treacherous could tell that the doctor was avoiding what he actually wanted to know. Being impatient, he asked the question anyways.

"Will he live?"

"Only if we operate immediatly. Also..."

"Speak up man."

"Well, we'll use new technology..."

"Like what?"

"We'll make him stronger, faster, and better than he's ever been."

"Is this the only way?"


"Then do it."

Treacherous looked at VGM's unconscious form. Will he thank him? Or will he curse him?....

Suddenly, another aide walked towards him.

"Guardian of Nesh is here."

Treach smiled. Just like old times.

"Let's go. We can't keep him waiting...."
Treacherous walked into the room. Inside, a round table with four chairs awaited him. Three were filled.

Treacherous looked to a relatively young man, with curly hair, and said, "Bassetman."

He turned to the right, to a tall and older man. He said, "Bob the 5th."

Finally, he turned to the man at the center. He was wearing a cape, with many runes covering it.

"Guardian of Nesh."

Nesh stood up and replied, "Treacherous, we don't need introductions."

"Then, let us discuss what he came to do...."

And so, the Admins, the mightiest group in H.A.V.E.N., talked. They talked of many things, but mostly about T.E.R.R.O.R.

Still, they couldn't agree on anything. Finally, Treacherous stood up, and brought his fist down on the table. He looked at the Admins, who all nodded.

It was time to speak with Solomon....
Chapter Four: Michael

It was a great day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, stock was up, and many other things were in good terms. Everyone was happy.

Everyone except Michael, a struggling lawyer.

His girlfriend had recently called him to break things up. To make things worse, Michael thought it was another man. He was on his way to her now, by bus. His mind lost in thought.
"Is it ready?"

"Sir, I really think we should abort."

"Is it ready?"


By chance, on April 5, 2009, the government of the United States had planned a test of their newest chemical weapon, the Annihilator. Still, as the day had grown closer, the weapon was discovered to have negative and lethal effects on it's targets. It caused mutations.

The project was scratched, and all personel were to be reassigned to meaningless jobs. Not everyone agreed.

The General Austo, and a group of others, had decided that seven years of researching could not be wasted. They seized the weapon, and prepared for their own test.

Their target, a simple New York bus....
"£€¥ €€€¥£££?"

"&@£€ €££€!"

Far above, as Austo prepared his weapon, the alien race of £¥££€¥•£ were preparing for the use of the Zetax Beam. It was an advanced teleporter, capable of dissolving the chemical bonds between atoms, which they could then transfer to their ship, and reassemble.

It made transporting all kinds of objects much easier.

Now, they were about to bring forth a large group of humans, conviniently traveling in a metal ship called, "a bus.".....
"Move out the way!"

Frank angrily waved his fist as another driver drove by. Big city traffic, you gotta hate it.

Frank quickly regained his composure, gripping the wheel to his large truck. He casually flipped on his radio, slowly relaxing to the Beach Boys' "California Dreamin".

Frank had no idea what he was driving. If he did, chances are that he would have jumped out, and go take an emergency chemical bath.

Behind him, toxic waste from the city's chemical plant sloshed around dangerously. The truck was not specialized for it, and any minor collission would shatter the case.

Frank though, was more interested in the hot bus driver, who was getting closer.....
"Come one, come all, to see the amazing rabbit!"

"Mike, shut up."

"C'mon Phil, once we do this, we'll be rich and famous."

Phillip merely ignored Mike. For Mike, the wonder drug they were injecting into the paralyzed rabbit was just a way to become famous. For Phil, it was his life's work.

"Phil, is it time?"

"Yes. Grab the camera."

Mike was suppose to be his partner, but Phil was obviosly in charge. Mike quickly ran to get the camera, and prepared to film.

Phil though, took out the serum, and looked down at the rabbit. It was near death, and nothing would be lost if it failed.

"Wonder Drug, Test 1.", Phil said, as he injected the fluid into the rabbit.

Both held their breath, as the effects were immediate. The rabbit shook, and turned violently. His vital signs went off the charts.

The machines capturing the data exploded, as the rabbit gave out one final cry. Then, there was only silence.

"Did it work?"

"Stop the camera. Test 1: Fail."

Phil moved forward, greatly dissapointed. He undid the straps holding the rabbit, while Mike got things back up. Yet, as soon as he did the task, the rabbit suddenly shot up. It roared in an unrabbit like fashion.

In front of both men's eyes, the rabbit jumped through the window, and ran down the long hallway.

Phil ran to reach him, but the rabbit was too fast. Soon, it had broken through the final door, and emerged in the sunlight.

The crowd outside moved and gasped, as the rabbit ran down the street. It soon jumped in front of Bus 12.....
Michael looked to his right, and watched as the crowd scattered. He was vaguely interested. He moved closer to the window, trying to see the cause of the commotion.

He never saw it.

General Austo gave the command, just as the Zetax beam was fired. The government's weapon hit first, the radiation going through the metal like tissue paper. It would have been instant death, had it not been for the Zetax beam.

It struck fast, immediatly breaking down metal, flesh, and blood. The passengers screamed, as the bus exploded, sending them flying in different directions.

Frank, the truck driver, watched both, the experimental weapon's red blast, and the Zetax's yellow beam hit. By instinct, he tried to turn, and stop. Yet, the truck couldn't handle it.

It groaned, as it began to flip over. It's hull, broken. Immediatly, the toxic waste was sent flying, hitting a few passengers. Michael was hit directly, the green liquid covering him completely.

He cried out, as his skin and flesh were burned away. Yet, inside him, his body's molecules and atoms began to fall apart, and mixed and smashed against one another. Still, his scream was lost, as everyone else on Bus 12 cried as well. They tried to stand up, but quickly fell. Their bodies glew with unusual colors, flashing brightly.

It was horrible to see, as people fell and died. Around them, the remains of the bus burned, casting ghostly shadows.

They would have all died, had it not been for the rabbit.

Some waste had hit it, immediatly burning him. It jumped like crazy, as the drug inside him fought to keep him alive.

Suddenly, it landed on Michael, and bit down. It was a nasty bite, which would have brought out blood, had Michael had any to spill. The pain too, would have been intense, yet Michael was too busy with other wounds. It was like being bitten by a mosquite while you were on fire.

He just didn't feel it.

The rabbit soon fell over, and died, just like everyone else.

Everyone except Michael. He slowly stood, as his body shone with yellow energy, then green, then blue, etc. He let out a final cry, completely inhuman, then fell over, waiting for death....
Chapter Five: Free

On the news, everyone was announced dead. But in real life, the government took in Michael, who, for some unknown reason was still alive. For months, he was kept alive, and studied.

And for months, his atomic structure remained in a flux.

Everyday, it changed, sometimes twice. The same basic tests were done every morning, and destroyed every night. He kept on changing.

Throughout it all, there was never a moment when he was expected to live. Each day was a miracle. Each day, a gift.

A gift, they thought. But for Michael, it was a curse. For a full year, Michael remained in a state of regeneration and rebirth. Each day, unknown to the scientists, Michael reconstructed a small part of himself. It was a slow and difficult process, but Michael fought hard for life.

Finally, after a year, Michael opened his right eye. He only did it for a second, and quickly closed it again, but it was a tremendous step.

Over the next few weeks, Michael managed to open both. Sure, his body was useless. Sure, he could not move at all. Sure, all Michael saw was the ceiling, since he couldn't move his neck.

Yet, it was life.

Over the next few months, Michael slowly gained the ability to move his neck, his fingers, and his toes. Each one was a great victory.

Throughout all the time, his mind was active like never before. He replayed his accident hundreds of times, wondering how and why he was alive. He also thought of his girlfriend, altough such problems which had once been important to him, were now small and irrevelant.

It was strange though, as he slowly grew tired of thinking the same things, of what new things he thought about.

He spent a full week, wondering how long it took to paint his room. Another week was used to observe a fly that had sneaked in. He even wondered if he would be sane when everything was over.....
Two Years Later:
"And how is Experiment 12905784?"
"Are there any experiments that lived?"
"Well, he's not an experiment exactly.... But..."


Both, the woman and her assistant turned. The central alarms hardly ever rung.

Suddenly, they saw a man, naked, running straight to them. His eyes shown with wonder, as if he had not seen anything in quite some time. He completely ignored them though, running past them.

She watched him go, and smiled.

"Is that Michael?"

"He is. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know?"

"A friend...."
Michael ran, or, at least, tried to.

It had been two years since he had moved his legs, and now, as he tried to escape from this experimental hub, his lack of skills showed.

"Get him! Unleash the dogs!!"

Michael's blood turned cold, as he heard the warden's harsh cry. Almost immediatly after he had cried out the command, load barking was heard.

Casting a glance behind him, he saw them. Four large, black, and tough dogs. They were on a breed unknown to Michael, but he could tell they were not the friendliest of creatures.

They were also fast.

Within moments, they had nearly reached him. Despite his greatest efforts, the first one quickly jumped onto his back.

The added weight began to slow him down, allowing the other dogs to jump on him as well. Pretty soon, he fell over, pulled down by the dogs.

With all his strenght, he punched and kicked the dogs, but they easily ignored his blows. With a single minded simplicity, they tore at his clothes, trying to get at his flesh. Michael, of course, screamed. The dogs merely growled and continued their assault.

By now, all Michael could do was protect his face, raising both. Could this be the end?


One of the dogs was thrown back, howling in pain. The others stepped back, and yelped.

Michael looked up, wondering what had happened. Then, he noticed his hand.

It was on fire.

Jumping up, Michael waved his arm up and down, trying to cool it off. He shouted out, but soon realized that he felt no pain. His hand too, was not burned. It was on fire, but his skin was still visible. Still healthy.

"What's happening to me!?!", Michael shouted.


Michael suddenly felt very heavy. His eyes began to close, just as his vision blurred. Still, even as his body dropped, be could see a little. He saw the men who had shot him. He saw the dog, still on fire, running around. Most importantly, he saw her....
"I am, the Last Unicorn, and I welcome you, to the Cube."

Michael was still woozy from the toxic dart, but he managed to raise his head. Before him, a woman, not young, but not too old, watched him. Besides her, several guards waited, their guns aimed at him.

"Let me...go...."

Michael had barely muttered the phrase, yet she heard him clearly. Without hesitation, she threw a punch, hitting him on his right ear.

"I will never let you go, Micheal."

"I'll.... get out...."

At his last statement, she laughed. It was a beautiful laugh, but it was also dark, as if she forced herself to laugh.

"Michael, there is no escape. The Cube, has never lost a prisoner."

After that, the Last Unicorn waved her hand, and the guards picked Micheal up. They then moved to the back, where the most dangerous prisoners were held.

Michael tried to stay awake, but the dart's toxins were slowly knocking him out again. Despite this, he attempted to remember something, which could help him escape. He saw a large C, marking the Cube. He saw a large red sign, with strange writing. Finally, he saw a statue, of a tall man.

Then, satisfyed, he allowed the sweet embrace of sleep to take him....
"Yo! Get up, feedin t'me."

Michael awoke. He slowly got up, and observed his surroundings.

He was in a square room, kind of small, without windows. It was solid cement, giving the room a gray color. At one of the corners, a bowl, which Micheal guessed to be a toilet, stood. At the head, a large metal door stared at him menacingly.

"Boy, what's yer name?"

Michael turned, searching for the source of the sound. Finally, he spotted it, a hole in the bottom of the wall.

"Boy, ya gat a name?"

Upon closer inspection, he saw a face. It was covered in dirt, with a wild look in it's eyes.

"Yes.... My name is Micheal."

"Hey Micheal. I'm Street Fighter vs DBZ."

"Is that really your name?"

"It is indeed. I made it up meself."

Micheal nodded. The man was obviously mad. Micheal knew he had to get out. He walked towards the door, and inspected it.

"I don't recomend tuchin it."

Micheal ignored his companion. Lifting his hand, he ran his finger down the door.


Several watts of electricity ran down Micheal's arm, sending him flying backwards. ST vs DBZ laughed, as Micheal got up.

"Told ya."

Micheal angrily responded, "What's your plan then? How will we escape?"

Street Fighter vs DBZ got quiet. "There ain't no escaping the Cube. I've been here for several years..."

After that, he quickly krept back into his own cell. Micheal merely turned back to the door. He would get out. He swore it....
6 Months Later:



"Aye, it's Free."

The guard cursed. That kid never learned. He quickly stood, and ran to the monitor. Which trap would stop him today?

Meanwhile, Micheal wondered the same question.

It had been several months since he had been taken, but for all he knew, it might as well be years. Yet, throughout it all, he had never given up his plans to escape.

"C'mon Free!! It's all you!!"

"Make us proud, Free!!"

Micheal smiled, as he heard his nickname. All around him, his fellow prisoners, still in their cages, roared and shouted encouragement.

He quickly left section C, and entered section B. He had been through this whole section before.

He effortlesly jumped over the hidden wire, smiling. Maybe he would escape today.

Micheal quickly moved to the right, avoiding a barrage of darts, tipped with a special solution.

Ahead of him, he could already hear the dogs. They knew he was comming. He had faced them many times.

Micheal's heartbeat sped, as he prepared to do something he truly hated. He had only done it twice. The first had been by accident.


Why did it hurt?

Micheal clenched his teeth, as his arms changed. He closed his eyes, waiting. Then, he felt it. The heat. The fire.

Opening his eyes, he looked at his arms. They were ablaze.

He smiled.

He didn't get to celebrate though, for the dogs had been released early. He looking up, just as the three dogs rounded the corner. The head dog, which he called Betsy, was already foaming with rage.

"Let's dance.", he said, more to himself than to the dogs.

Charging forward, Micheal raised his fist, just as Betsy leaped to tackle him. He caught her in mid jumped, striking her in her belly. She yelped with pain, as she was thrown back.

The other two dogs jumped up too, each on one side. Micheal lifted both his arms, yelled, and slammed into the dogs.

One was hit directly, flames burned her skin and flesh, causing her to drop in pain. Howling.

The other was caught with a blow to her leg. As she landed, it gave in, causing her to drop. She growled, but quickly limped away.

Micheal smiled. Then, he looked up, and groaned. Section A.

He had never gotten this far, and didn't know what to expect. This was what he hated the most. With great caution, he edged forward, checking everything. His hand reached for the wall, to better guide him. Suddenly, he stopped. Before him, a large statue of a man, stared down at him.

He nearly cried. He was almost free.

He stepped forwards, prepared to run. He didn't see it.

Suddenly, a large gun emerged. Looking down, he cursed as he saw that he had stepped in a trap. Before him though, the gun groaned as it activated.

Micheal lifted his arms, still on fire, and commanded the flames to shoot out. The flames moved forward, as if alive, and reached out. Yet, Micheal soon realized it was all futile. The gun immediatly began to shoot, aiming straight at Micheal.

Micheal, though, only had time to close his eyes, waiting for the bullets to go in. Yet, even as he waited, he felt a weird sensation, just like the feeling he got when his arms went up in flames. He opened his eyes, and looked down, just as the first bullet struck him.

For a moment, all of time seemed to stand still. The bullet struck him in the chest, but bounced off.

Several more bullets followed suit. They hit, then bounced off. With each blow, he heard a clank, as metal hit metal. For a couple minutes, Micheal stood there, watching the whole thing. Finally, Micheal began to walk down the corridor, until he was out of range.

Ripping his black prison suit, Micheal inspected his chest.

"Metal.", he gasped.

And it was true. His chest, or at least the top part, had transformed to share the properties of a metal. As surprised as he was, Micheal quickly realized that he was trying to escape. Time was of the essence.

"Micheal, why do you try to escape?"

"I swore I would."

"It hurts me Micheal. Do you not like the Cube?"

Micheal spat. Immediatly, a guard ran up and struck him with a billy club.

The room gradually stopped spinning. As he regained his composure, he managed to look up at his warden. The Last Unicorn. Her face was just as beautiful, just as scornful.

"There is no escape, Micheal. None."

She waved her hand, signaling for the guards to take him away.

"See ya tommorrow, miss.", Micheal called out. This of course, called for more billy clubs....
"A bomb?"

"Yeah. I didn't see it comming. It just kind of...exploded."

"Don't worry. You'll try again later. I'm gonna tell the guys."

Micheal nodded, as STvsDBZ walked off. He sighed. He was so close. He had nearly escaped...

Suddenly Micheal remembered the metal. He had transformed, not just into fire, but into metal as well. The thought excited him. He wondered what else he could transform into.

"Just a little practice...."
Six Months Later:

"Take care Street. Don't give up hope. I'll come back for you guys."

"Don't worry about me Free. It's almost my time. You're still young."

"I'm serious, I'll be back one day."

"Just go Free. Remember all of us."

Micheal nodded, and shook the old man's arm. He was sure that this was his moment. It was today. Today, he would escape.

"Free, hold up. Here's something I nearly forgot. It's from all us guys. Hope it helps."

Micheal watched, as the old man pushed a package through the small hole. He bent down, and opened it.

"A knife? Street, how'd you get this?"

"Darious down in Section F got the handle, Tommy had the metal, and I sort of put it together. The other guys got me the coal and what not."

"Whoa. Thanks Street. I'll remember you guys."

"Don't cry on me. Now go."

Micheal nodded, and slipped the knife into his pocket. He turned back to the door.

"Let's do this...."


"Who else?"

The guards chuckled, then went over to the monitors. How would Free be trapped today?

Meanwhile, below, Micheal ran. As he ran, the other prisoners threw rocks, and dirt. They cheered and clapped. For a moment, Micheal allowed himself to pretend the rocks were flowers. He was going to be free.

"Go Free!!"

"Now or never Free!!"

Micheal nodded, and took of running again. The roar slowly died behind him.
"Out of the way, Bruno!"

Micheal delivered a metal punch to the robot's head. The robot, named Bruno, dropped to the floor, sparks flying from the blow. Micheal smiled, as his fist changed from steel, back to flesh. It had taken him a while to learn that trick.

Giving Bruno's ruins a quick kick, Free soon began to run again. His heart raced, as he spotted the red sign.

"Almost there."

Micheal quickly closed his eyes, as his entire body became solid steel. He admired himself for a moment, then walked forward. He braced himself.


Several gallons of acid dropped, covering his entire body. He laughed inside, as he remembered the first time he went though it.

Transforming back, Micheal ran out into the open. A large G, shown above.


Micheal dropped to his knees. How could this be? There hadn't been a trap the last time he was there.

Looking up, he saw her, the Last Unicorn. On her face, a smirk.

"Do you like that? It's a special gas that neutralizes your powers."


"Don't act dumb Micheal. We've been studying you. We know that you can change your chemical structure. It was only a matter of time before we solved how to stop you."

By now, Micheal felt his strenght fading. He felt as if his limbs had been tied to weights, since every action caused him pain. Just moving his neck was a strain.

"It ends here, Micheal. We have no need for you anymore."


The Last Unicorn laughed. Yet, even this, a simple laugh, was becoming hard to hear. The gas made it sound muffled. His vision too, was becoming blurred. Despite this, he managed to keep his focus on her. He saw her smile. He saw her wave.

And he saw the guards come, wearing gas masks. They were armed.

He knew what was going to happen.
He closed his eyes.

He wished that it wouldn't happen.
He wished that all his efforts hadn't been a waste.

"Good bye, Micheal."


Micheal opened one eye, wondering what that noise was. His vision was worse than before, and he could only see vague shapes.

He saw his captors running, as a wave of newcomers arrived.

Micheal tried to stay awake, but the gas was too much. He closed his eyes, listenning to the screams and other noises of war.

His last thought, was if he would live or die....
Chapter Six: The Oldest Man in the World



"Micheal.... It is necessary that you wake up...."


Micheal slowly got up. His head was pounding.

"Micheal... You are needed..."

Micheal looked up, slowly opening his eyes. He gasped upon seeing what he saw.

"Micheal, welcome to HAVEN."

The first thing Micheal noticed, was the bright lights. The entire ceiling had large lights, not from lightbulbs, but from something else entirely. It was a nice, soft glow.

Looking around, Micheal saw that he was in a type of tunnel. It was huge though, four stories high, and twice as long. The walls, floors, and everything else was a bright white. It seemed clean. It was what you'd expect from a hospital.

"Hello Micheal, I'm Alex."

"I'm Chester."

"And I'm Wiki."

Micheal stopped observing the area, and looked at the people before him. There were three, standing in front of him. He was on a bed, as if he was on a trip to the hospital. They wore a gray uniform, a capital H, on the right shoulder.

"Uh... Hello.... Where am I?"

"Technically, you're nowhere. H.A.V.E.N. lies outside of space and time. We're in Limbo."

"Alex, I don't think that's what he meant. He's new. We should explain things to him."

"Alright. Let's give him the tour."

Micheal eyed both strangely. He had no idea what they were talking about, who they were, or how the heck he even got there. Still, he knew that it would be best to play along. All three were young. They'd make a mistake sooner or later.

"HAVEN is an organization which protects all mankind, past, present, and future."

Micheal nodded, half listening. He was actually observing every sidetunnel, which shot off from outside the main one. Still, he knew that he needed to drag out this, "tour".

"So, uhh.... What do you mean by, past, present, and future?"

The three guys stopped, smiling at each other. Wiki responded, "Glad you asked. C'mon."

The group turned on another tunnel. Micheal noticed that there were several levels, and that the tunnels were all well lit. He also saw that all of HAVEN's tunnels and areas were filled with high tech. Large screens, and loudspeakers hung off the walls.

"Welcome Micheal, to the time stream!"

Micheal, despite himself, gasped. Before him, a large stream, full of silver liquid, ran. It was a huge stream, which ran through the tunnel, and continued on, as far as Micheal could see. All around, on both sides, hundreds of men operated large machines and computers.

Upon further inspection, Micheal realized that the men looked a lot like.

"My g*d! They're all the same person!"

The group turned and looked at Micheal strangely.

"Nah, Micheal. They're Pseudonyms. Most of us Havenites call them DAYOUTHGONEWILDs."

Micheal was still confused, so they commanded one of the DYGWs to come over.

DYGW: "Yes Sir."

Wiki quickly explained, "They're bio-drones. Not really clones. Not really robots. They're a mix of the two. There aren't enough HAVEN members to monitor all these timelines, so we use them instead."

"Timelines? As in plural."

"Oh yes. Come."

The group moved over to a large door. It slowly opened up. Micheal, gasped once more.

Before him, hundreds of thousands of streams intersected, then shot off, in their own directions.

"Yeah, these are alternate universes. They run parallel to the main one."

Micheal was truly interested.

"So, how do you guys use these?"

"Simple. We choose our time and place. Then we dive in, fix the problem, then go home."

This is not done!


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"Do you know what happens to toads that are struck by lightning?
The same thing that happens to everything else."

Marvel Man
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"Mike, this may be a lot to take in, want to get some coffee?"

Micheal nodded. He was pretty hungry.

The group burst into laughter. Micheal smiled. These guys were all right.

Suddenly, the table next to them, which was full of girls, burst into applause. Micheal looked over at them.

"Mike, it's the Marvel Corps. All the girls think they're hot."

Micheal looked at Alex. "Who are the Marvel Corps?"

The group grew silent. "You don't know who the Marvel Corps is?! Have you been living in a cave?!"

Wiki quickly regained his composure. "Sorry, but the Marvel Corps are the greatest HAVEN group in recent history. They have a 100% success rating. They've never failed a mission."

"Look, there they are."

Micheal turned to the direction that Chester pointed at. The table was full of muscular men, with huge weapons strapped to their backs. They wore bright red suits, with matching helmets.

"The leader's Marvel Man. Co-Leader's MarvelFan. See, everyone has a Marvel in their names."

"Sounds silly."

The group laughed.

Suddenly, Wiki grew silent. Micheal narrowed his eyes. "Wiki, what's wrong?"

Alex smiled. He nudged Wiki. "Wiki has gotten his heart stolen, by an unamed lady."

Even as he spoke, Alex moved his head to the general direction. Micheal followed, and saw a woman, with blonde hair, carrying a tray. She was heading for another table, full of girls.

"Her name's L. She's a senior member."

Wiki said nothing, yet his bright red face gave him away. The group laughed some more.

Suddenly, the tables at the far end stopped talking. The people in the middle section followed. Finally, Micheal got a look at who was causing the commotion.

He was a large man, with mangy hair. On his back, a large sword hung. Besides him, a huge wolf walked by, it's teeth were like large knives. It's black fur, darker than night.

"That's Ethan, senior member, rumor has it that he was raised by wolves..."

Chester's voice trailed off, as Ethan drew nearer. Finally, he reached their table. In a gruff voice, he spoke, "Micheal. Come with me. It's time to see Solomon...."
Yet, even as Micheal met HAVEN, elsewhere, HAVEN's doom was being planned...


M Bison, proudly raised his arm. He was looking down, from his balcony, at all of T.E.R.R.O.R. It was amazing how much they had grown in such a short time. He stood there, taking in the cheers for several moments, then went back inside. He took out a chunk of metal and began to play with it. Then, he headed down the stairs.

"Note to self, install elevator."

After a while, he finally reached the bottom floor of the castle. Here, his partner had his very own lab.

"Silver Surfer?"


The voice came from under a large computer. Still, the entire room was covered with tech, dirt, and other things, making it hard to reach the computer.

"Surfer, where are my soldiers?"

"Here Bison. Behold, the Darths!"

Silver Surfer suddenly emerged from under the rubble. He was a medium aged man, well built, with grease covering him. His hair was a light gray.

He ran to the side of his lab, and pulled off the curtains, revealing three large test tubes. Inside, three men floated in thick, green liquid.

"Cloned from your own DNA, Darth Drizzle, with the ability to control all types of liquids. Next, is Darth Pool, with the ability to move at incredible speeds. Finally, there's Darth Sketch, who has the power of flight, and super strenght!"

M Bison nodded, as Surfer explained each one. Finally, the Surfer turned to Bison.

"I take it all is well. The attack succeeded?"

"It went perfectly. We crushed them. They fled like vermin, yet there was no escape. All but one were slaughtered."

"And your spy?"

"She's back in their ranks. They suspect nothing."

"And the key?"

"I found, one piece. Five more are left. And once we get all pieces of the Grand Key...."

"The Multiverse shall be ours!!"

The villains laughed and evil laugh, which echoed all over the castle. Outside, the forces of darkness gathered.... The night, was close...
"Go on."

Micheal eyed Ethan suspeciously. Still, he stepped forward. Before them, a large wooden door, stood.


The door groaned as it swung open. Inside, there was a long hall, then nothing. Still, unafraid, Micheal continued forward.

"Micheal Free....."

Micheal walk quicker upon hearing his nickname. Finally, he reached the end of the hall, emerging into a large round room. It was mostly empty, with a throne at the center, and a table on the side. On the table, and unfinish chess game stood, with an empty chair hidden behind it.

Suddenly, Micheal stopped. He saw the man on the throne.

The oldest man in the world.

His skin was a gray color, with wrinkles covering him everywhere, making him look like an elephant. His nose was oddly large, and from it, a long white beard hung. It mixed with the few white strands of hair on his head.

His robe, a simple white, was too large. His limbs, like wire. His eyes, tightly shut.

Suddenly, he opened them....and stared right back at Micheal.

"Welcome Micheal. I've been expecting you...."

"Who are you?"

"My name, is Solomon."

"Hello, I'm Micheal."

"Micheal what?"

Micheal stopped and thought. His real last name had long since been forgotten, but what could be a new name? Then, he remembered what Solomon had called him. "Free. My last name is Free."

"Good, Micheal Free."

"Why am I here?"

"You have been chosen by the Admins to be an Elemental. A type of strike force, to handle jobs regular H.A.V.E.N. members cannot."

"I like it here, but I'd rather go home. This is too strange."

"Do you really mean that Micheal? You have no home. You have no job. No future. But here, here you can help people across the Multiverse. Here, it is a crossroads of times. Here, you can do something worth doing."

Micheal again, thought. This old man was smart, and obviously knew about him. Finally, after some thought, he felt a strange feeling, as if he belonged at HAVEN. It was a type of urge, to stay and live as a hero.

Adventure was knocking, and who, could say no?

"Yes. I'll join."

Solomon smiled. Micheal looked away, since Solomon's teeth had long since fallen out.

"Excellent. Now, let's meet the other Elementsls..."

And so, Micheal followed Solomon's chair, which had begun to float, and now hovered toward the back of the room. There, a hidden door opened. Inside, a round room, completely empty, awaited...
Chapter Eight: The Elementals

As soon as they were inside, Solomon closed the door. After that, the entire room began to spin, or so it felt. Solid shapes and colors began to appear.

"The first, is the man with a black and white vision..."

The police officer raised his gun, and tried to act tough. Still, he might as well have been shouting at a wall, since the robber easily ignored him. With the money under his armpit, he quickly took off running, shooting a couple of warning shots behind him.

The police man dove for cover, making the robber laugh.

"Too many donuts, man!"

Suddenly, the robber stopped. He stopped running. He stopped laughing. He even stopped breathing for a couple seconds. Before him, a man, was flying.

He was muscular, tall, and blonde. His costume had a long yellow cape, and the rest were white. On his chest, a large SCM logo. On his head, a weird goggle thing.

"Sir, that does not belong to you."

The robber lifted his gun, trying to act tough despite shaking. "Eat bullets, Bit**!!"

Bullets shot out, hitting the hero square in the chest. The robber unloaded the weapon on him, waiting for something to happen, some chance, some hope.

But nothing happened. The man remained floating there, as the bullets bounced off his chest.

"Good night, sir."

And with that, the hero delivered a punch to the man's face. He crumbled like paper, falling to his knees as soon as the punch made contact.

Far off, Micheal and Solomon watched.

"Super Strenght, Super Speed, Flight, Invulnerability, and Super Vision."

"Sounds good."

Super Scan Man
"Let me go!"

"Ah, c'mon Samantha, you'll like this."

Samantha squirmed, fighting the man's grip. She knew she shouldn't have gotten in the car, but now it was too late.

"Please, no..."

Fear shone in her eyes. Still, the man merely smiled, his mind truly sick.

Swish! Bump!

"What the he**?"

The man stopped. Something had landed on his car. Stopping for a moment, he stuck his head out the window. To Samantha's surprise, he was quickly pulled out of the car. He let out a scream, as he stared at the night itself.

"The lady said no."

The dark man delivered a punch to his face, breaking his jaw.

"This man sees only black, for great tragedies have changed him. He is the night. He is, a true vigilante."

Micheal nodded. A dark fighter.

"This man has a more tragic story..."

Micheal stayed silent, observing the scene before him. He was in a hospital room, a man was covered by a blanket.

Suddenly, the man began to move around. With one hand, he removed the covers.

Micheal's eyes widened, as he saw the half man, half machine.

The man too, was surprised when he stared at the mirror in his room. His right side of his face was no longer flesh, but machine, with wires and other parts visible. A bright red light, glew where his eye had once been.

The man continued, looking at his body.

His left arm, was robotic as well. He stared at his hand, which was no longer a hand, and shouted out in pain and anger.


He quickly stood up, revealing his right leg was machine too. It's joints would use oil. His heart, electricity.

The man angrily delivered a blow to the monitors, which had helped him live. With another blow, he shattered the wall. This, greatly surprised Micheal, as well as the man.

Suddenly, several aides and nurses ran in. They grabbed at him, as he attempted to leave. His strenght was great, since he could throw them around with great ease. Still, there were too many. Struggling and screaming in rage, they still tied him down.

"Videogameman, a haunted man. He was nearly killed, but survived thanks to the wonders of machines. It gave him great strenght, stamina, and access to databases and other informational sites. Still, it came at a cost. His memory has been damaged. He doesn't remember anything in the past few years. Still, he is alive. But what live he shall have, who knows?"

Micheal felt a wave of sympathy. Solomon noticed.

"He is a shadow of the man he once was. Maybe being an Elemental can help him...."

"Bring me your finest women!"

The mighty king, gave a great shout. His nobels shouted as well, laughing and congratulating him.

"Our next member is different than all the others. He is quite a fighter of his own. For example, here, a cruel king has taken over this peaceful country side. The people are in need of a champion."

As Solomon spoke, he saw a man walk down the hall, escorted by royal guards. The castle's main dining room was quite large, and capable of holding a great number of people, as it did now. The man was ignored by most. One more was insignificant.

Yet, the man continued, leaving the guards, and heading for the King's table.

"Bardo, leave this land! You are not a king, but a parasite, feeding off others' fears."

The King, upon being called by his name, quickly stood up, dropping his food. With hate in his eyes, he spoke.

"Who are you? How dare you interrupt our celebration?"

The man wore a large tunic/robe, with a hood covering his face. With one swift move, he removed the hood, revealing himself. He was immediatly recognized, causing gasps and cries.

"I am Culwych, Knight of England, Bard of the World."

The King was obviously unerved by his prescence. Raising a nearby sword, he shouted out, "Seize him!", then jumped from his elevated table, in front of Culwych. His knights too, sprung from their tables, and charged.

Culwych though, kept his cool. From his robe, he pulled out a short wooden sword, which the foolish knights began laughing at. The more experienced ones though, kept silent. They had heard rumors of this Mage who was also a knight.

"Thou hast been warned. Now, have at thee!"

Raising his wooden sword, Culwych began to chant. The knights quickly charged him, hoping to get him while he was distracted.

Big mistake.

Culwych brought his sword down on the closest knight, sending him flying into the wall. The others gasped, wondering how he did it. Still, their King urged them on, and all charged again.

But it was too late.

Culwych had finished his spell, immediatly, he drew a circle around himself, then stood perfectly still.

The knights, whether too dumb or too careless lunged with their swords at Culwych.


The first knight hit the magical barrier, which deflected his sword, and also sent him flying. The others that attacked, also found their swords melting, or being tossed away. To make matters worse, they were also sent flying, slamming into walls or landing on tables.

Many tried, but all failed to penetrate Culwych's barrier. Culwych, throughout the whole thing, had been sitting cross legged, and was also reading a book.

Finally, only the King remained. All others had fled, or had slammed into the wall too hard, leaving them unconscious.

"Die Culwych!!"

The King raised his sword, which was twice the size of a regular sword, and swung it down.

This time, Culwych was looking up, observing his attack. The sword, upon comming in contact with the barrier, ricocheted off. Still, the King was not thrown back.

"Culwych, you coward! Fight me!"

Culwych stood, and took out his wooden sword. Raising it, he swung down, in a slow motion. The King easily blocked the attack. Yet, as soon as the two swords hit each other, the King's began to glow red. Steam formed, as it became hotter and hotter.

The King shouted out, trying to toss the sword away. Sadly, he found that he couldn't. As if by magic, the sword, which was still getting hotter, was glued to his hands.

"As you have used a sword to get what you wanted, never knowing when to raise it or drop it, now, you may never put it down again."

After that, Culwych stepped outside his circle, and declared the people free. He then calmly walked away, ignoring the King's cries for help.

"He's a wise fellow. Still, there are a few things that he still needs to learn..."

Micheal wondered what those could be. From where he stood, he seemed like a good leader and warrior.

"And now, the final member. A tragic figure indeed..."

Micheal waited, expecting for the room to change, just like it had before. Except, it didn't. Nothing happened.

"There is nothing to see about Nicker. His story shall be revealed in due time..."

Solomon and Micheal then walked out the room. To Micheal's surprise, all the Elementals, as well as two other people, were waiting for them.

"Hello, I am the Guardian of Nesh."

"I am Treacherous, and it's time to explain why you have been gathered...."
Chapter Nine: The Grand Key

"As you may know, H.A.V.E.N. was founded as a way to better help mankind. Through time travel, great and terrible events can be averted. Still, a tragic event occurred to us, the Admins. I'd rather not speak of it."

Treach stopped, and took a breath. He seemed rather shaken. Nesh, upon seeing this, quickly stepped in.

"Anyways, after that, several Admins left HAVEN. Most settled down, but a few, with darker views, again from that fateful night, banded together, and formed T.E.R.R.O.R., an organization who's sole purpose was, and is, to take over the Multiverse. We of course, have battled them ever since. They hateus fiercely."

Treach spoke up again. His voice, firm, but grave.

"Recently though, their numbers and strenght seems to have grown. They grow bolder every day. Infact, they have also begun to attack and sabotage our operatives. How they travel through the Multiverse, like us, is still a mystery."

Micheal nodded. Looking at the others, he saw them all paying close attention.

"Well, what are we here for?", asked Super Scan Man.

"You have all been chosen due to your abilities. You see, you are all better fit for the new "special" missions."

"Basically, we're a strike force."

"More or less."

"What will be our first mission?"

Treach turned to Darkender. "Patience. Still, your first mission, is to retrieve this."

Nesh stepped up, a hologram projector in his hands. From it, a small hologram, of a golden handle, emerged.

"It's one of the six parts of the Grand Key. Once completed, the key can open any door and barrier. We believe TERROR is after them, since another piece, which was under our pocession, was recently stolen."

"It opens doors?"

Nesh narrowed his eyes. Darkender's tone wasn't too polite.

"There is also a door, special, which has only been opened twice. Inside, ultimate power, is suppose to be hidden. Or at least, that's what the legends say."

Solomon spoke up. "Bah, legends. It's true. You of all people should know it."

The meeting continued, but finally, the group was told that their mission would begin the next day. Micheal, took advantage, and decided to get some sleep.
"Darth Pool."


"Darth Drizzle."




"Alright men, tommorrow, we move in. The second piece has been found. Are you all ready?"

"Yes sir!", yelled the Darths. All had now been dressed in full armor, black as night. On their belts, swords and guns hung. They were a fearsome bunch.

Bison could not be any happier.
"Micheal, are you ready?"

"Yes, but who are all these other people?"

Micheal was reffering to the armed group which would accompany them.

"Oh, those? Those are the Jailers, smilar to the DYGWs. These though, are used in a more military like fashion. They're heavily armed, and great fighters. Half robot, half man."

Micheal nodded. Nicker was pretty smart. Micheal had discovered that he had served with HAVEN since he was a young boy. Why this was, he wouldn't tell.

"3, 2, 1, Jump!!"

At first Micheal wasn't sure how this thing worked. He allowed the others to dive in, from a ten foot platform, into the time stream. To his surprise, there was no splash, and they were quickly dragged down. After that, they just dissapeared.


Micheal closed his eyes, and jumped....
Chapter Ten: First Strike

"The site's just straight ahead."

Micheal sighed. There had been nothing interesting to see. Everything was just sand, miles and miles of it. The only thing here, was a research center, and an excavation site, where they thought the second piece was located.

"So, umm, how's your memory?"

VGM looked at Micheal angrily. "I can't remember much, but ever day, a little bit becomes clearer."

Micheal nodded. Up ahead, driving their vehicle, Agent Boratz, was slowly getting an uneasy feeling. He wasn't sure why.

He was right.


Boratz's eyes widened, as he saw the huge shadows form in the sand. Looking up, he saw them. Three large ships, painted black, with a large D on the side. From the top, large poles emerged. Flags hung from them. On them, TERROR was spelled...

"TERROR! Everybody, hang on!"

Boratz had been stationed in S.A.N.D. for quite a while. He was glad that some action was going on. In the back, Micheal thought the same thing.

Boratz stepped on pedal, making their vehicle shoot out at incredible speeds. They needed to get to the site before TERROR did. Still, the ships were too fast, and they had quickly reached the site. The Elementals could only watch in disbelief, as the ship opened up.

Hundreds of TERRORites leaped out, their parachutes blocked the sun.

Luckily, the Elementals had managed to reach the area. Boratz jumped out, and pulled out a gun. His men, as well as the Jailers, rushed out onto the front of the site. The large doors quickly closed, covering the huge hole, where the excavation was under way.

"Defend the Key!", shouted Boratz, who had begun to fire on the attackers. Still, the parachuters too, had begun to fire back.

And so, it began...

The TERRORites landed, and immediatly began to advance toward the doors. Above, the massive ships began to fire their heavy guns, barraging the defenders. Meanwhile, the Havenites had taken cover behind anything that they could, and were bravely fireing back. Still, the research center lacked artillery, and was not made for war....

Micheal though, as well as the rest of the Elementals, was not taking cover. Instead, he shifted his molecules, transforming his skin into titanium. He then let out a fierce cry, and charged forward...

Bullets bounced off Free, as he stormed a group of soldiers. He quickly delivered several punches, bringing the men to their knees. To his right, Darkender appeared and dissapeared, masked by the shadows. The Terrorites frantically fired in his general direction.

Still, it was all in vain, as Darkender soon appeared behind them. He struck out, fast as lighting, and took out row after row of men.

To the left, Videogameman was bulldozing through the ranks, tossing the villains left and right. They struggled and shot at him, but it did nothing. He too, was near invulnerable.

In the center, Culwych raced towards the main bulk. Nicker was right behind him. In Nicker's hands, two large, almost unreal, weapons hung.

"I hath no mercy!"

Culwych shot out spells left and right, transforming men into trees, and animals. Nicker on the other hand, opened fire, taking down rows and rows of Terrorites. Nicker let out a crazed laughter, as he pulled out a hand grenade from his pocket. Yet, to his surprise, it dissapeared before he could throw it.

"No need for death..."

Nicker narrowed his eyes, but said nothing to Culwych.

Far above though, Super Scan Man was hoping to stop the barrage, which was already making gaping holes in the site's defenses.

The hero closed his fists, and brought them together. He then aimed at the nearest cruiser. Finally, he flew at inhuman speeds.

He literally tore through the ship, sending the inhabitants into a mad dissarray.

All in all, Haven was doing good. They were heavily outnumbered, and outgunned, yet they were holding their own, even driving them back in some parts. This did not go well with TERROR.

"Alright, we'll have to do this ourselves."

"Aye, let's go."

Far above, on the ship's bridge, the Darth's had gotten together, and were about to unleash a surge, and attempt to drown the defendants with sheer numbers....
Things looked good.

At least to Micheal. So far, the Terrorites had put up a good fight, but were being driven back.

But suddenly, it happened.

Huge pods, larger than cars, suddenly began to fall, crushing anything under it. Several of these fell, some bigger than others. Each time one fell, a loud bang went off. By the end, the bangs were comming quicker and quicker, like giant raindrops.

Finally, they stopped.

There was silence.

Then they emerged.

Huge tanks, and vehicles rolled out, followed by fresh waves of Terrorites, armed to the teeth. Above, the two ships swept low, bombarding the defenders, while the other was ripped apart by SSM.

The fighting was intense.

Large craters formed where Havenites had once stood. The tanks quickly rolled past the defenders, their large armor blocking their shots. Their wheels also crushed anyone in their path.

The Jeeps too, a bit more futuristic than those Micheal knew, rolled by quickly. The men on them fired like crazy, taking out Havenites left and right.

In was only due to the Elementals that they weren't slaughtered. VGM slammed into a tank, using his new strenght to pick it up. He then began to wave it, like a club, taking out large clumps of enemies.

Culwych cast spells, which made the Earth rise, and the sand come alive. It became small tornadoes, cutting at men.

Meanwhile, the others gave cover for the remaining members, who were now retreating into the site. It was a desperate attempt.

Still, soon the Elementals were forced to retreat as well. Micheal was just about to attack a nearby group of soldiers, when a shell struck near him, sending him flying into the air.

Nicker, not being invulnerable, but merely a well trained man, was actually hit, above his knee, causing him to drop. It was only thanks to Darkender, that he even survived.

Videogameman too, was also hit with a shell, sending him flying back.

Finally, all the men were behind, in the hole. In their minds, they hoped that they could hold them off. Little did they know, the Darths were comming...
"How's the walls?"

"Good. But sir, there's something else."


"We found the second piece!"

Boratz eyes grew wide.


"Hide & Seek?!"

Boratz, as well as the resting defenders watched in awe, as their reinforced wall was ripped apart. From the rubble, three men charged out. Behind them, Terror members swept through.

And so, a large firefight began, as both sides unleashed fire. Except, that these three men at the lead were no ordinary men.

The first rushed forward, moving at inhuman speeds. He easily races through the defenders, striking down a few. The second lifted his hand, causing the water pipes (which ran to the site) to burst. The water quickly swept through several Havenites, drowing them.

The final one also ran forward, picking up nearby Havenites and tossing them like feathers. It was truly a fearsome sight...

The Elementals quickly noticed, and rushed forward to meet them.

"Hey Sketch, who are these guys?"

"Dunno. Pool, go for the prize, we'll handle these guys."

Immediatly, Darth Pool shot off, heading deep into the site.

"I got him!", shouted Super Scan Man, as he took off after him.

And the others charged.

Nicker was greatly injured, and he was easily dispatched. VGM and Micheal tackled Sketch, while Culwych and Darkender faced Drizzle.

It was a tough fight, but the heroes triumphed, and the villains fled. The second piece was saved...
Chapter Eleven: The Missing Year

One Day Later:

The following day, after taking the key to Nesh, all of the Elementals were to begin an advanced training program. There were team meetings, and individoul meetings.

Micheal was taught by Solomon, who taught him how to shift his molecules to become different things. Super Scan Man was taught how to be a better thinker, while Darkender to be kinder. Culwych's meetings with Solomon were usually only a game of chess. As for Nicker, he took training in martial arts, as well as in handguns. VGM was given aid in remembering his missing memories.

After these quick meetings, the group was greeted as heroes by all of HAVEN. A good party was thrown.

One Week Later:

Micheal learned how to become invisible, by changing the color of his skin. Meanwhile, Boratz gained a promotion for his valor in the first mission.
One Month Later:

The third piece was found in a jungle type area. Again, TERROR attacks, and again, the Elementals twart them. Still, the evil doers escaped.
Three Months Later:

VGM's memories are slowly returning. The fourth piece is found as well, deep in the side of a mountain. An intense battle is held, but HAVEN triumphs again.
Four Months Later:

Fifth piece found in a snowy tundra. Elementals easily defeat the Darths and their goons.
Two Months Later:

Sixth piece found, heroes triumph in an underwater adventure.
One Month Later:

Far away, in T.E.R.R.O.R. Headquarters, in Bison's grand castle, a small arguement ensues.

"Surfer, you fool! The Darths have failed yet again. Their powers are weak."

"Not exactly Bison. It's just that these Elementals are much stronger."

"I don't care! Just fix it!"

"Bison, if your spy could get a strand of hair from a certain Havenite, then we'd be better off."

"I'll contact her. Who's hair?"

"Marvel Man's. It fits the experiment I shall begin...."


As the two warlords talked, from behind, a powerful figure emerged. In a gruff voice he spoke. "Is it time? Shall we take our vengence?"

"No sir. The opportunity is close though."

The large man nodded, and walked back into his lair. Bison wiped the sweat from his brow. Only one man could scare him like that.

"So Bison, what are you planning to do about Haven's control over the key. We only have one piece."

"Don't worry, I'll handle it. I got the right men...."

Silver Surfer shrugged, and returned to his work. Bison too, walked away, his cape blowing behind him. Finally, he reached a dinning hall, where he had left his guests.

"Bandit, come."

Suddenly, from the shadows, three masterful fighters emerged. The one at the head, stepped up.

"Bison! Hey old chum. What's for breakfast?"

Bison ignored his comment. Bandit's crew was strange, but effective. "I need you to get the five pieces of the Grand Key. They're all in one location, so that'll make things easier."

"Where exactly?"


Bandit whistled. "Risky. Dangerous. Still, I'll do it. For the right prize...."

Bison pulled out a sack of gold from his inner pocket. "This enough?"

"I dunno. VG_Addict, what do you think?"

The man beside Bandit began to shake. He pulled his mask off. "As long as I get some VG. VG's good. Where's the VG?! Did you take it?!"

"*hits you with chicken*"

Bison was losing his patience. He quickly stepped in between them. "Do we have a deal?"

"IDK. Coaster King, what's your idea?"

The man on the other side of Bandit stood up. He quickly pulled out a small circular thing. "Oh coaster, is it a good deal?"

Coaster King whispered and talked with the coaster for a little while, even arguing with it. Finally, he nodded.

"Alright Bison, you got a deal!"

Bison nodded. Finally.

And with that, the trio sneak off, heading for their mission....
Chapter Twelve: The Addict, the King, and the Bandit

It was night at HAVEN, and like every other night, the lights had been turned off to give the illusion of nighttime. It was on this night, that Bandit would make his move.

Like a ghost, he swept past security, with his men eagerly following. They had basic information about where the keys would be, but nothing specific.

As they walked down the hall, far off, emerging from his training day with Solomon, VGM walked down too. They would soon meet.

Bandit, had he seen VGM comming, might have hidden. He might have used the sleeping gas. Sadly, but also fortunetly, he didn't.

"What te-!!", VGM shouted, as he bumped into the trio. Bandit, quick to act signaled to VGAddict. The crazed man quickly tackled VGM, driving both into a wall. Still, VGM knew he had to warn the guys, so he brought his fist down on the fire alarm, which by coincidence, was very close to where he had fallen.

Bandit cursed as he heard the alarms. They had lost surprise. Still, they were on a mission. Besides, they had already wasted the money.

With quick feet, he and Coaster ran off, heading for the location of the Keys. Unfortunetly for Bandit and Coaster, Marvel Man and MarvelFan were out for their nightly jog. The two teams quickly met.

"Ah, does no one sleep in this place!"

Marvel Man quickly cutted Bandit off, as he charged forward, delivering a solid punch to him. Still, Bandit rolled with the punch, and quickly stood up. Besides him, Coaster had charged MarvelFan. The two were beggining to circle one another.

Meanwhile, back in the other room, VGAddict and VGM squared off. VGAddict was savage, using everything around him to his advantage, but VGM was just plain stronger. The battle raged on, as they rolled around, wrestling each other.

Back with the Marvels, MarvelFan was leaping from left to right, avoiding Coaster's dangerous coasters. They had sharpen edges, making them deadly. As for Marvel Man, he was fighting fiercely against Bandit.

"I'm the Monkey King!", he shouted, as he used a spin move to strike Marvel. Marvel Man though, took it like a man and grabbed him before he could land. He then raised his fist, and drove it into Bandit's face. As another attack, he drove his elbow into Bandit's ribs, causing more pain.

Meanwhile, VGM had managed to slam him into the table repeatedly, even making a few teeth fall.

"Say my name!", he shouted.

VGAddict ignored it, and remained silent.

MarvelFan15 too, had just finished up Coaster. Once he ran out of coasters, it was over.

And so, Bandit's crew was beaten, and tied up. Their wallets stolen, and funny mustaches were drawn on their wanted posters....
Marvel Man, slightly cut from his fight with Bandit, was taken to the med labs.

L, M Bison's dark agent, quickly moved in, heading for Marvel Man's room. She was careful not to be seen.


L cursed, as she turned to face the guard who had caught her. As soon as she saw him, she smiled. It was Wiki.

L, casually walked up to Wiki, and began to sweet talk him, even going as far as stroking his chin.

He knew he shouldn't have, but he couldn't resist. He allowed her to continue, despite being on guard duty. She easily took the hair....
Chapter Twelve: The Gruntkilla Project

"It is, complete!"

"What Surfer?"

"My ultimate creations."

"You said that last time."

"Yes, but now it's different, behold!"

Once again, Surfer ripped off the clothe, to reveal six test tubes. Inside, six humans. The Grunts.

"Gruntkillas, the perfect soldiers, cloned from the strand of Marvel Man's own hair."

"What can they do?"

"Oh, no. Each one has a different ability. For example, the first one can transform into cement, giving him increased strenght and endurance."


"Indeed. Grunt02, can control energy, and fire blasts. Grunt03 can regenerate from the worst of wounds. Grunt04 can move object with his mind, a telekinetic. Grunt05, can fly."

"And Gruntkilla06?"

"Oh, he's special. He has the abilities of all other Grunts. He's the best."

"Perfect! Muhahaha!!"

And so, the two villains laughed, just like they had done multiple times before. Before them, the Grunts remained in their coma like trance, waiting to be awoken....
Chapter Thirteen: The Dead Men

The Elementals laughed. All of them. So far, things looked good. They were respected by everyone, and feared by their foes. They had also completed their original mission, having gotten all possible parts. Now, they could relax in the comfort of the cafeteria.

Or so they thought....


Powerful winds flipped tables and moved chairs. The Elementals turned to see where it was comming from. To everyone's surprise, a wormhole had begun to open. It was straight out of the sci-fi movies, with a spiraling funnel, and an akward feeling.

Then, it happened.

They came out.

A beaten and exhausted man. Besides him, another man stood. Both looked tired and beaten.

"Hello, Havenites. I am MarvelFan."

"And I am Nicker."

Everyone in the cafeteria was crowding the new people. Questions flew left and right, while anwsers hid a little bit more than the other questions.

"We come from the future. And you, are all going to die..."

The crowd grew silent at his words. MarvelFan spoke up, in an almost Poetric way.

"The Elementals are in danger, as is all of HAVEN. Yet, in the darkest moment, an Admin will betray you all. A man with 06 shall hunt you down. A virus will hit another. Only the keys can save you.."

After that, the two collapsed. A random member raised his voice and yelled.

"When will it happen?"

Nicker raised his head. "Tommorrow..."
Chapter Fourteen: The Final Invasion


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MarvelMan's story continues...

Chapter Fourteen: The Final Invasion
The Day Before:

The two weakened men were quicky wrapped and taken to the emergency room, where a crowd had already formed.

Micheal was just about to go see, when he felt a hand on his shoulders. Turning around, he saw Ethan, Solomon's messenger, and his huge dog.

"C'mon Free."

Micheal nodded, and went off. When he arrived, he found Solomon staring intensely at his chessboard. In a soft voice, he muttered something.

"Solomon, who are you playing with?"

Solomon sat up quickly, and replied, "Oh, no one..."

Micheal looked at the other chair, but found nothing. Still, the chessboard showed an intense game.

"Anyways, Micheal, I must reveal something to you. The Admins won't say it, but you must know..."


"The door, which only the Grand Key can open."

"What about it?"

"Well, the first time it was opened, the great god, Phalanx, was forced to move in, and seal it. The second time, the twelve founding Admins were called to stop it. They succeeded, but were forever changed. A few died, a few left, and a few remained with HAVEN."

"Solomon, what exactly is in it?"

"The Fanboys...."

"What is that?"

"The darkest power in the Multiverse. Completely mindless, and evil energy. It's prescence will begin the end of days."

"If that's the case, why would anyone want to unleash it."

"The Fanboy energies are extremely powerful. During their encounter, several Admins were driven mad by the power. Three formed TERROR, M Bison, a ruthless conqueror, Silver Surfer, a mad genius, and Granobulax, the leader and most dangerous. His mission isn't for power, but vengence."


Micheal waited for Solomon to continue, but the old man merely sighed, and leaned back on his chair. He waited a little bit longer.


He leaned forward. To his surprise, he saw that Solomon had fallen asleep! Slightly dissapointed, Micheal decided to return later.
Meanwhile, back with the patients, the future Nicker and MarvelFan were still sleeping, while the present version sat, amazed.

"What do you imagine happens tommorrow?"

"I dunno."

Chester and Alex wondered that for a bit. The crowd had mostly dispersed, but a few people remained. Suddenly, VGM ran in.

"My memories, they're almost back!", he shouted.

The group that had gathered congratulated him. Over the year, VGM had gotten over the fact that he was kept alive by machines, and had become more friendly and happy, like he had once been.

"What do you remember?"

"Everythin except the final moments. I remember the ships, the battle. I even remember crashing my ship into someone else's, but after that, nothing."

Everyone began to theorize what might have happened to leave him in such a horrible state. Everyone that is, except L, who had begun to grow nervous. She quietly snuck to the back, and then outside the room.

She quickly rushed to her own room, a standard Havenite quarters, where she took out a message scrambler, perfect for sending coded messages.
"Oh, calm down L. Just wait for tommorrow. They'll never expect it."

"That's just it, M. There's something going on."

M Bison frowned, then scowled, as he heard the news. These two newcomers could greatly jepordize their mission.

He continued to talk to L, until she had been calmed down. After that, he turned off the transmission, and headed to Surfer.

As he entered he saw Surfer working hard on something.


Bison quickly explained the situation. Surfer though, thought nothing of it, declaring that nothing could stop them. Still, Bison wasn't sure, and he headed to meet his leader, Granobulax.

"Lord Grano...."

"....Rise Bison...."

M Bison explained the situation, observing Grano as he spoke. It was hard to do so, for Grano wore a dark gray suit, faded and torn. The same standard uniform given to HAVENites. A mask, hid his face, which some swore to be hideously scarred.

"No Bison.... We cannot stop.... We attack tommorrow. You know the plan."

"Yes sir."

Bison bowed and walked out. He still felt uneasy, but the love for power was too tempting.

Meanwhile in Surfer's lab, the Silver Surfer was preparing something else. As he worked, he spoke in a hushed voice.

"Grano isn't evil, just a crybaby. Bison's not smart enough. He wants to be King of all mankind. Such small views."

Surfer looked up, making sure no one was around.

"I though, shall attain godhood...."

Surfer had checked everything, and began to laugh. Little did he know, that one of his Grunts was awake, recording him. It's eyes observed it's surroundings.

If Surfer, or any other scientist, had seen him, they would have called him a failure, for he was unlike his brothers. They obeyed Surfer blindly.

But not he.

Not Gruntkilla06....
Chapter Fiftheen: The Day
7:00 AM

"Micheal awoke early, and went down to the chapel, where several Havenites worshipped the elder god, Phalanx, creator of time and space.

Micheal wasn't a very religious person, but he understood why many had begun to pray again. The times were dark.


Micheal wasn't surprise. All missions had been cancelled for the day, and all the DYGW/Jailers were fully armed. It was only a matter of time before he was called.
"This may sound risky, but I'm giving you all a piece."

The Elementals stared, as Nesh, Basset, Bob, and Treach handed out the five pieces of the keys. Only Nicker, due to his lack of powers, was left out.

"Solomon has told us that he thinks it'd be best if you hold on to them. Make sure not to lose them. All mankind, might rely on you."

Micheal rolled his piece around, deep in thought.

"Alright, good luck. Those future people may just be from another reality entirely, but we can't risk it."

After that, the Admins and the Elementals departed. Little did they know, that it would be the last time they'd all be together.....
11:00 AM

Treach walked back to his office, his footsteps echoing in the long hall.

Suddenly, he saw a shadow creep by. It was only a second, an anyone else would've overlooked it. Still, Treach had too much experience. Despite his age, his senses were sharp, and his body strong.

He pulled out a small knife, and threw it at the foe.

"Freeze!", he shouted.

To his surprise, the knife was caught out of mid air. The man who caught him moved quickly, wrapping his arms around Treach before he could act.

Treach groaned with pain, as his foe began to tighten his grip, becoming a living snake.

"Aahhh!!! It can't be..... I know of one man who uses this technique...."

The man wore a mask, but it was useless against Treach. He had recognized him.

"Treacherous.... It matters not if you recognize me. You shall fall, and Haven shall crumble...."

Treach tried to move his arms, but the man merely hugged tighter. Breathing became harder and harder to do.

"Stop.... It doesn't have to be this way..."

"Yes Treach, it does...."

The man hugged even tighter, causing several of Treach's ribs to break. Then, he simply let go.

Treach fell to the floor, broken. Above him, the man reached down, and took his security card.

"Goodbye Treach...."
"I almost have it. I remember fighting... Uuuhhh!! What else!"

Videogameman angrily brought his fist down on the table. Besides him, Super Scan Man made no movement. Far to the back, L watched intently, her heart pumping harder and faster.

What would happen?....
"Do you have it?"

"No. It's not here. He gave them to the Elementals, I'm sending their pictures now."

M Bison and Surfer waited, listenning to Grano, who had already gone in. Slowly, the printer of their battleship printed the pictures. Darkender, Super Scan Man, Nicker, Micheal Free, VGM, and Culwych.

Surfer took the pictures and quickly showed them to the Grunts.

"These are your targets. Get the keys."

"Yes sir!", they replied. Their voice robotic.

"Alright, tell L that it's time. She can activate the program we got from T.E.C.H."

Bison nodded. He quickly sent a messege.

It was time....
L felt it tremble in her pocket. She smiled, it was time. She stood up.

"L, what are you doing?"

It was a simple question, which on any other day, would have meant nothing. But today, was not any other day.

L quickly turned, and stared at VGM. He too, stood up. His eyes wide open, as the phrase jarred his memory. He began to open his mouth, and L knew what he would say.

"Watch out! L's-...."


VGM's body collapsed, his mechanical bodies began to let out steam. His good eye was open wide with horror, as the tech that kept him alive failed.

L ran forward, and pulled out another weapon.

Super Scan Man rushed forward, confused, but realizing something was wrong. Still, he didn't expect what would happen.

L ran up, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Immediatly, Super Scan Man fell over too.

"Noo! A woman's kiss.... My one... Weakness!", he shouted, as his body became weak, and puny. His powers, were lost. At least for a little while.

The crowd of Havenites gasped, as they witnessed L's betrayal. They were paralyzed with shock. This was all the time L needed.

She lifted up the controller, and slammed the button.

And so it began....
Everywhere accross Haven, the Jaileds and the DYGW's began to fail. They dropped to the floor, infected with the same virus that had taken out VGM. Then, they began to stand up.

"DYGW, are you all right?", a member asked.

The robot/clone turned to him.

"Yes, master."

The DYGW then stepped up, and gave the Havenite a good punch to the face. The Havenite fell to the floor, out cold.

The man's friend turned to look at him in surprise.

"DYGW, what's wrong with you?! Jailer, arrest him!"

The Jailer robot pulled out a blaster, and stepped forward.

"Yes, master.", it replied.

But then, it turned, and firedon the Havenite, sending him flying.

As if it was a signal, all the other DYGWs, and Jailers suddenly turned on the Havenites, attacking them savagely.

It was a fatal blow, for the ratio of Havenites to DYGW/Jailers was 1:100, if not more.
"Get off me!"

Wiki let out a cry, as the Dayouthgonewild tackled him. Besides him, Alex pulled out his weapon, but was surprised by a Jailer.

"What the h***!!", he shouted, as the Jailer fired on him. He barely rolled out to way, diving under the table.

The Jailer bent down to finish him, off, only to be shot in the face. The Jailer dropped, dead.

Besides him, Wiki had defeated the DYGW.

"Think they were malfunctions?"

"I doubt it."

"Why do you say that?"

Alex raised his hand and pointed out the window, where a scene of mass chaos had begun. Havenites were shot down, before they realized what was going on.

"C'mon, they need help."

Wiki nodded, pulling out his gun. Both raced outside, opening fire on the clones/DYGWs.
"Has it begun?"


"Then let's roll."

Bison smiled. Surfer smiled back. Bloody Freak laughed. Ripper took out his sword. The Darths prepared. Meanwhile, the Grunts' cages were slowly being opened...

"Go! Go! Go!!"

And so they did.
Micheal punched left and right, taking out the bio-robots. He had no idea how many Havenites had been lost in the initial attack, but the piles of bodies assured a large number.

Just as he thought things couldn't get any worse, he saw it.

The portals.

They suddenly opened, from nothing. And from them, waves and waves of Terrorites began to storm in. They threw grenades and fired like crazy, killing even more.

That's when Micheal realized all was lost.

Everywhere, from bathrooms to cafeteries, Havenites struggled for their lives. Tables were flipped, and used for cover. The armory was emptied, as everyone fought like mad men.
In the dinning hall, the Marvel Corps were ambushed by DYGWs/Jailers, then by the Terrories. But still they fought. Armed to the teeth, and full of experience they fought through the swarms, trying to reach the timestreams, where Bassetman, Bob, and the other Admins had set a tough defensive.

"C'mon men! We have this! For Marvel", shouted Marvel Man, as he shot down several Terrorites. Besides him, MarvelFan yelled as well, and soon, the entire Corps was shouting.

"Marvel, over here!"

Marvel Man turned to the sound, spotting Ethan, who was wielding a large sword and ripping through their foes. Besides him, his wolf/dog thing had a man in his jaws. The wolf spit him out, and leapt onto another, bringing him down.

Marvel Man quickly gave the signal for the Corps to move to his aid.

Upon reaching him, Marvel Man noticed that Ethan was defending the tunnel.

"Ethan, where does this thing lead?"

"A makeshift hospital. Not everyone can reach the Admins."

Marvel Man nodded.

"Men defend this tunnel!"

The Marvel Corps let out several whoops and hollers, as they began to take cover for the defense. They could not fail.
Darkender raced through the shadows, striking where he could. The initial attack had surprised him, which was hard to do.

But now, he realized what was happening. A total invasion of Haven.

Darkender rounded a corner, and quickly took out the DYGWs that were waiting for him.

"They might just do it."

Darkender never admitted defeat, but even he, could tell that the battle was lost. Already, bodies of men and women, some from TERROR, most from HAVEN, littered the tunnels. Blood ran down, forming dark pools and lakes.

It was sickening.

"Target, Darkender, located."

Darkender looked up to see two men, both wearing dark black clothes, comming after him. One was flying, while the other was stomping towards him.

"Come and get me.", he cooly replied, leaping over the first one. He kicked him, using him as a springboard to launch himself into the air. He then delivered a blow to the flying one, right in the chest.

The flying one fell hard, slamming into a piece of machinery.

The other merely growled, and used it's mounstrous strenght to rip a large screen from the wall. He then threw it, barely missing Darkender.

"I am, Gruntkilla. Number-..."

The Gruntkilla suddenly became quiet, as it noticed a beeping sound. It checked itself, realizing too late, that a bomb had been placed on it.


Blood and body parts flew everywhere, as the Grunt was destroyed.

The other Grunt too, was incapacitated.

"Need a little help?"

Darkender rolled his eyes as Nicker emerged, grenades in his hands.
"Rock and Roll!"

Bloody Freak let out a terrible laugh as he fired at the running mass of Havenites. Besides him, the Ripper fired as well.

"Can't you see they are without weapons? Battle me instead."

Bloody turned to the sound, smiling as he saw that it was only one man.

"Bring it! Ripper, this one's mine!"

Bloody pulled out a red, and rusty looking sword. Many lives had been lost to it.

Culwych took out his wooden sword, and fell into a crouch. His eyes studied Bloody intently.

"Stop. Grunt claims this prey. Target identified, Culwych."

Bloody turned towards the Grunt. "Over my dead body...."

Bloody then took out a large gun, and fired on the Grunt, killing him instantly.

"Madman, he was your ally!"

"I have no allies."

Culwych gripped his wooden blade tighter. He then charged forward.

Bloody easily countered, then struck. To Bloody's surprise, Culwych easily countered as well. To further surprise him, the wooden sword would not break, not even against Bloody's mightiest blows.

"Bloody, you fight well."

"Wish I could say the same thing about you, wimp!"

Just as he said it he brought his sword down, but Culwych stepped back, making Bloody lose his balance. Culwych then struck him in his weak leg, and then on his sword hand.

Bloody dropped the sword, and also fell over.

"Checkmate, Bloody."

Culwych smiled, as he looked down at Bloody.

"Culwych, help!"

Culwych turned around, and saw L, being held by Ripper. In Ripper's other a hand, a large sword pressed against her neck.

"Drop in, hero."

And so he did. Culwych could not allow her to be harmed. As soon as he did, Bloody stood up, and picked up his sword. He then hit him on his head, with the flat of the blade.

Culwych was out.

Ripper let L go, and picked up his unconscious body. He reached into his pocket, and took the key.

"Two down, Four to go."
Micheal raced down the hall. It made him sick.

The battle was winding down. The screams of battle were being replaced by the moans of the injured. The dead and dying covered the floors.

It had been a massacre. Even now, he was still in steel form, in case he ran into anyone else.


Micheal looked up, and saw them. The Darths.

"Not you guys again."

The Darths leapt down, Drizzle fireing a handgun at Free. Free ran forward, ignoring the bullets. He then threw a punch, taking Drizzle out. Pool reached forward, trying to hold him.

Free saw him comming, and shifted his weight. He flipped the Darth, and then delivered a punch to his elbow, shattering it. Pool let out a scream, as he fell in pain.

Sketch charged forward, catching him by surprise, and slammed him into the wall. Both began to trade powerful blows. Still, pretty soon, Sketch fell over, defeated.

After defeating them, Micheal ran towards the stream, where a last ditch defense was being held....
The two Grunts ran, ignoring everyone else. Only their targets, were of importance.

Then they sensed them, VGM and Super Scan Man. They headed forward, their powers activating.
Marvel Fan looked up, and saw them.

The fight had slowed down, most enemies had gone off to the stream, while those that remained were beaten back.

But now, two more were comming. Marvel Fan raised his gun, and fired at one. The bullet struck, and took him out. The other one though, raised his hand, and an energy blast shoot out.

It struck him in the chest, sending him flying.

"Target located, VGM & Super Scan Man.", the Grunt said. He then stepped into the medical room.


Marvel Man's rocket launcher hit dead on, taking out the Grunt. He turned to check on his comrade.

Suddenly, the other Grunt, which had been shot, jumped out. A gun in his hands.

"Target locate-..."

Ethan rushed forward, slicing the Grunt in half.

"You missed one.", Ethan joked. Suddenly, he stiffened. He turned around, only to receive an energy blast to the face. He too, went flying.

His large dog jumped forward, trying to reach the enemy. Yet, the threat quickly became invisible.

Marvel Man turned around, just as several more Havenites came. They looked around, searching.

"I am, Gruntkilla06. And you, are all my targets...."

The Grunt swept down, flying at high speeds. As he flew, he fired energy blasts left and right, striking his opponents, and sending them flying. The Marvel Corps fired like crazy, unable to see their cloaked enemy.

They dove and took cover, but all in vain. In moments, all were out.

The Grunt then reappeared, and muttered, "Now for those keys."

The Grunt walked towards the injured area, searching for VGM, who's robotic body was still useless, and SSM, who was powerless.

"Hey freak, this one's for my team!"

Marvel Man jumped up, his rocket launcher on his shoulder.


The Gruntkilla attempted to move out to way, but it wasn't fast enough. It struck him on his shoulder, and as it exploded, it sent him flying, slamming into the wall.

Marvel Man dropped his gun, and bent down to check on his team. Most would live, but a few had been hit hard. It made him curse.

"Hey, next time, don't drop your gun."

Marvel Man turned around, to see Gruntkilla06, slightly burned, but alive. The Grunt delivered a super punch to his face, knocking him out.

"Now, where was I?"
Darkender, Nicker, and Micheal ran forward, they had recently met up.

Suddenly, they stopped. The mighty defense, laid before them.

Ashes and fires, as well as bodies covered the area. Smoke clouded their vision, but they could tell what was happening.

The way to the Stream was a single, and large tunnel, which the Havenites had managed to hold. Still, outside, a massive army of Terrorites and DYGW/Jailers were stationed. Too many.

How could they get in?


Micheal turned around, and saw the hidden door, a face was visible too.

"C'mon, hurry."

Micheal and the rest ran towards the door, and were quickly inside. To their dismay, things looked worse inside the tunnel.

Havenites were sprawled out accross the area, injured. The air was full of moaned from the pain. As they walked by, they saw terrible wounds, where rockets had exploded in their faces, or limbs had been lost.

Still, once they got closer, they saw the Admins, Bob, Basset, Nesh, and Treach.

"Treach, what's the situation?"

Treach turned around, a strange look in his face.

"Who are you again?"

"Uuhh... We're the Elementals. I'm Micheal, he's Darkender, and that's Nicker."



Micheal frowned. Something was definetly weird about Treach. He looked back, to where Nicker was getting his wounds checked.

"Do you have the keys?"

"Yes, you gave them to me."

"Quickly, hand them over."

Darkender narrowed his eyes, but handed his piece. Micheal too, gave his. They looked at each other, the same suspicion showed in their eyes.

But it was too late....

"Excellent. Well done, Gruntkilla."

"Thank you, my creator."

Surfer smiled proudly. He might not have to activate his secret weapon. 06 had done well. He had brought plenty of prisoners, including the two with the keys.

"Put them in the prisons."

Grunt nodded. He had to continue the charade, he thought.

As he went off, Surfer took the two pieces and handed them to Bison, who was talking with L.

"Bison, look what my men have done!"


"I wonder how Grano's doing?"

Bison nodded. Besides him, L stood. Farther down, Bloody, Ripper, and Judge Death awaited orders.

"Sir, the gates are opening!"

Bison smiled. "I take it, that Grano's doing good."

"Treach, what are you doing?", Nesh shouted angrily. "You're openning the doors!"

Treach merely laughed.

"A little bit of make up, and your old chums can't recognize you.", he said. Even as he spoke, he dabbed his hands on a small puddle of water. He then ran it, accross the left side of his face.

It revealed a long scar.

The Admins gaspedand stepped back.

"It can't be!", Nesh exclaimed.


"No &@$#^ way!"

But the most surprised was Nicker. His mouth hung open, and his eyes were wide.


Everyone was in shock, except for Micheal.

"Who are you?"

"I, am Granobulax!"

Just as Grano said that, the Terrorites swept by again, tearing through the weakened defenders. They weren't a match.

"You have lost."

Micheal though, ignored Grano. Raising his diamond fist, he shouted out.

"Havenites, on me!!"

To his surprise, the wounded Havenites shouted with him, and began to stand up. They leaned on each other, while a few limped. Some just crawled.

But all rushed to fight. To their last breath, they fired back, using everything they had.

Micheal charged, ripping through the Terrorites. Suddenly, he saw it. A rocket aimed straight at him. It hit his chest, sending him flying. He landed amist the rubble, weak and injured. Through one eye, he watched Haven's last bunch fall. He saw Bison fighting Nesh, while Bob wrestled Grano. Basset fired at Surfer.

But slowly, the darkness began to creep up on him. He saw Darkender facing some flying guy, while Bloody tackled Nicker. They seemed to be arguing.

Finally, Micheal gave in. He closed his eyes, and allowed the sleep to come.
"So tired..."
Chapter Sixteen: The End

"Micheal.....it is critical that you awake..."


"Micheal, you are our last hope...."

Micheal awoke, not sure where he was. Slowly, he began to recognize the room. He was with Solomon, in his special room.

"Micheal, I have managed to rescue you. It is important that you listen."

"No.... Must go help....."

"Micheal, this is more important. Even as we speak, the last defense is crumbling. Soon, they shall come for me. Then, they shall open the gates, and unleash ultimate destruction...."

"What can I do? They're too strong...."

"Good is always stronger Micheal. You of all people should know it. Look here."

Solomon waved his hand, and the room changed. Before him, and older version of himself sat in his cell, back in his old days.

"Reality 2356, here, your spirit is broken by the Last Unicorn. You become an evil pawn."

The room changed again. Now, it showed him with a client.

"Reality 7908, here, you never suffer the incident. Your life becomes a void, as you continue being a lawyer."

"These repeat, over and over. Don't you understand, Micheal, you're the only version of yourself that hasn't failed. You must not. You must be different."

Micheal nodded.


"Take these Micheal, they're getting closer."

Solomon handed Micheal three round balls. One blue, one white, the other red.

"The blue, you toss first. Do it once you leave. The white one is in case you are in danger. Finally, the red is in case you fail. Do not fail."

Micheal nodded.

"Goodbye Micheal.....", and with that Solomon waved his hand, causing a portal to appear.

"Go Micheal!"

And he did....

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Marvel Man's story continued...

"C'mon Solomon, it's over. Haven has fallen."

Solomon narrowed his eyes. Before him, M Bison, Silver Surfer, and Granobulax stood, all drawing up their energy.

"Am I Haven? I still stand!"

Solomon grabbed his robe, and threw it off, revealing his fragile body.


Solomon's face twisted with strain, as he used a special technique. His arms and legs began to shake. Sweat formed on his brow. Then, it happened.

Like a balloon, Solomon expanded. Where he had once been mere skin and bone, muscle errupted. His chest puffed up, and his arms grew wide. His thighs and forearms expanded, transforming into bulging muscles. His hands too, stopped shaking, and become larger, and stronger.

Where once a fragile man rested, now a beast was loose. Even his hair, which had seemed dead and colorless, began to stand up with strenght.

The Terror Admins watched in awe. Finally, Solomon smiled.

"3 on 1? I wish you luck..."

And so he charged, making the three scatter. M Bison summoned his energy, while Grano leapt forward, and matched his strenght with Solomon's. It was intense, but Grano was being pushed back.

Surfer though, had sneaked up behind him, and had begun to strike his legs. Solomon dropped to one knee. Still, with one arm, he pushed the mighty Grano, slamming him into the wall.

He also threw the arm back, in a swift motion, slapping Surfer's face.

Bison saw the opening, and struck. Hitting Solomon's uncovered chest with his special punch. It glowed red, and left a mark.

"Arrgg!!", Solomon growled, but remained up. He lifted both fists, and brought them down. Bison barely had time to roll out of the way.

Grano too, saw an opening, and jumped behind him. With his strong arms, he took a hold of Solomon's waist, from behind. He began to crush.

Solomon roared in rage, but kept his cool. He elbowed Granoin the face, weakening the hold enough to squirm out.

"Not bad for an old man...uh?"
Micheal stepped outside, and took out the blue ball. With a flick of his hand, he sent it flying. As soon as it hit the floor, it exploded. Not dramatically, but still an explosion.

Micheal coughed, for the explosion had left blue gas floating around.

As the smoke cleared, Micheal asked, "Where's the help?"

"Do you mean me?"

Micheal turned to look up. Standing on a metal bar, a tall man with a sword, looked down.

"Who are you?"

"Me? My name, is Wingman."
"Boston Celtic, you are charged with being a Havenite, how do you plead?"

Boston Celtic hung in chains. Sitting in front of him, Judge Death and his "jury".

"I proudly say that I am. I am a Havenite..."

"Verdict: Guilty. Punishment: Death."

Judge Death brought down his hammer, which was the signal for the Jailers to take Boston back, where he would wait for the fireing squad....


"Name, Calamity, crime, being a Havenite. How do you plead?"

"This is sick.", Culwych said, as he watched from afar. He, and all the prisoners, were inside large cages, awaiting "trial". Besides him, Darkender, as well as everyone else, agreed.

"It's time to break out...."

Culwych narrowed his eyes, as he began to concentrate. In a hushed voice he said, "Get the guard...."

VGM nodded. Walking over the edge, he shouted out. "Is that uniform yours, or did you steal it, buckteeth."

The guard angrily glared, but did nothing else.

VGM continued. "Hey, you scared? You a wimp? Wimpy?! You Wimpy!!"

By now, VGM, despite still suffering from the tech virus, began to dance around. He did the electric slide, then the robot, and finally a little disco.

This angered the guard too much. He stood up, and headed for VGM. Culwych seized the opportunity.

"You do not want us.", he said, staring intently at the guard.

The guard stared back, and replied, in a zombie voice, "I do not want you..."

"You want to set us free."

"I want to set you free."

The guard moved forward, and unlocked the cage. The Havenites quickly tackled the man, and tied him up.

Culwych faced them. "Now, we get the keys...."

Suddenly, a man appeared besides Culwych. Besides this man, Micheal Free appeared as well.

"No. Now, I help you..."
Solomon fell to his knees.

"Almost had us there. Boy, I'm glad that thing has side effects.", Surfer said.

It was true, Solomon was now twitching in pain. The Admins stared down at him. Finally, Bison stepped forward, a gun in his hands. He handed it over to Grano.

Grano smiled.

"This one, this one's for my daughter."

Grano fired the weapon.
"Amazing!", VGM exclaimed, as he felt his body cure of the mechanical disease. It was all thanks to Wingman, who had also appeared with Ethan's wolf, Culwych's wand/sword, and many other weapons.

"That's why I'm here. Now, let's do this."

The Havenites cheered. Still, Micheal quickly stepped up.

"Hold on, we can't just run in there. We need a plan."

The Havenites quickly realized the wisdom of his words. And so, they planned...
"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six."

Bison grinned, as the key was completed. It glew with power.

He then lifted it, and, as if by magic, the great gate, emerged from the ground, dirty and worn, but just as evil. Grano shook his head as he remembered his daughter's demise during the Admins' first mission.


But now, Grano would use the allmighty energy to recreate her, the way she was. He turned to see Bloody, smiling proudly. Nicker though, was chained up, and had his head down.

"My sons, prepare. The time is upon us. Bison, the key."

Bison lifted the key. But to Grano's surprise, Bison had the key aimed at him.

"Save your daughter? What a weak goal. Why not, world domination!"

L quickly stepped besides him. Both being equally evil.

"Surfer, tie them up."

Bison waited, the key still aimed at Grano. "Surfer?"

"No Bison. Not today. Darth's go!"

The Darths, as well as Bandit's crew ran forward, tackling Bison from all sides. The key flew through the air, slowly comming down. Below, Grano, Bloody, Surfer, Bison, and everyone else were reaching up, trying to reach it.


The Grand Key was caught, by none other, than Gruntkilla06.

Surfer cheered. "Well done, 06. Now, hand it over. By using the energy, I shall become a god!"

Yet, the Grunt remained silent, and cold. "Negative creator."

Surfer was shocked. "You can't defy me?!"

"Oh yes I can. The Multiverse is my target. All mankind will be wiped out."

"You are mad. You want to destroy everything?!"

Grunt merely laughed. He pointed down at the gathered Terrorites.


The Gruntkilla was sent flying, as Marvel Man's rocket launcher hit him square in the chest. The key, went up in the air, and again, all reached for it. Except that at the same time, the Havenites swept down.

The Terrorites who had been at the mock trials quickly rushed back. To everyone's surprise, the Terrorites began to divide between Surfer, Grano, and Bison.

And so, a four way battle began, all while the key was being tossed and fought for.

It was pure chaos, as everyone went after everyone. Guns, sticks, and fists were used. No rules.

Suddenly, they all heard a war cry. Looking up, they saw the second wave of Havenites, including the Admins. At the head, Wingman, who raised his sword. He unleashed another war cry, and charged.

After that, all he'll broke loose.

Explosions errupted left and right, and limbs were hacked off. Blood rained, and bodies began to pile up. It was a mad house.

Still, at the center, the Admins struggled with one another, all attempting to get they key.

At first, Grano reached it, but Bison hit him from behind, causing him to drop it. Culwych took advantage, and called for it, but Surfer dove for it at the last moment, ruining the spell.

The key then flew in the air again. The Grunt rushed to get it, but Marvel Man and Marvel Fan's steady barrage drove him back. The key soon fell in the battle again.

And so it went, for quote sometime, as the casualties continued to grow. Throughout it all, no one got any closer to the key. Still, Surfer had one last trick up his sleeve.

"Activate, project Omega."

Suddenly, from a portal, Omega 11 emerged. He was a tall man, with black hair, and a buff physique. He could also, fly.

"I got him!", Super Scan Man yelled. His powers had been returning.

He raced forward, causing the battle to stop temporarily, as everyone watched Surfer's deadliest weapon. It lived up to his reputation.

As soon as Super Scan Man got too close, Omega activated. It moved forward, and struck Super multiple times, at incredible speeds. It was brutal to watch, as Super desperately swung quick punches of his own, only to see Omega move out of the way.

Finally, SSM unleashed his Scan Vision. This did indeed strike Omega, causing the ultimate creature pain. It roared, grabbed SSM's arms, and ripped him in half.

The entire room was silent as the depth of the act sank in.

"What is that?", Grano finally asked.

"A mix of 11 Admins. They have been spliced together to have ultimate power!"

Surfer laughed joyfully, as his creation swept down, and struck any one in it's path. As soon as it did, the individoul battles stopped, as everyone rushed to avoid Omega. Villains and heroes both dove for cover, as Omega began to rip through the fighters.

"Admins, on me!", Grano shouted. He, Bison, Treach, Basset, Bob, and Wingman all charged. They battled the monster bravely, while everyone else watched.

As Micheal watched, he suddey remembered his white ball. He slammed it down.

From it, a large shield emerged. He was slightly dissapointed.

Leaving it, he realized how to stop Omega, who was quite easily the greatest threat. It had no loyalty, and was very powerful. Anything in it's path was killed.

And, even the Admins were having a hard time. He knew what was needed.

He ran for the key, jumping over limbs, and bodies. Finally, he reached the key, which laid forgotten. Now, only life was important.

"Omega must terminate Admins.", it yelled. With one swift punch, it struck Basset, taking him out. Bob too, was beaten down. The Admins were getting stomped.

"Hey Omega, over here!"

Omega turned, and received a blast straight to the chest. The mighty being gave out a cry, and fell to his knees. Still, it still moved.

Micheal was about to shoot again, when he felt a steel blade press against his back. Turning around, he saw Surfer, with a crazed look in his eyes.

"Give me the key."

Micheal looked back, just in time to see Omega defeat the Admins. They all laid scattered, and badly beaten. The ultimate creation then turned towards Surfer. Micheal knew that he had to give it, so he did.

"Well done Omega! You have beaten the Admins, and now I have the Grand Key."

Omega stared down. "Not all the Admins...."

Omega then fired a blast of energy from his eyes, incinerating Surfer. The key, dropped to the floor.

"Key is a threat to Omega. Threat must be eliminated.", Omega said.

It began to crouch down, but Free moved fast. He grabbed the key, and blasted Omega. The blast shattered his armor.

"Die freak!"

Micheal unleashed on Omega, as everyone watched. He shot blast after blast, each one damaging Omega more and more. Finally, Omega collapsed. It rose it's arm high, in a last attempt to live. Yet, it was over. The hand quickly collapsed. The ultimate being, was dead.
Micheal raised the key high over his head. All around, the Terrorites were surrendering, after watching their leaders be defeated. Their spirits were broken.

As Micheal watched it happen, it finally sunk in. They had done it. Sweet victory was theirs.

Once again, he raised the key high, and this time, the Havenites errupted into cheer. Haven had beaten the invasion.


Micheal felt it go. He looked up, only to see Gruntkilla06, the key in his hands.

"You fail Free! It ends now!"

The Grunt raised the key, and opened the gate...

It swung open slowly, creaking terribly. Yet, from the moment it began to open, allcould see what was inside.


Pure, and total darkness.

Yet, this Darkness was alive. Tenticles of darkness seemed to creep out. All, from the defeated Admins, who could barely stand, to the Terrorites, who were now tied up, to the Havenites, were afraid. It was an inhuman fear.

A fear, which went deeper than any fear. It struck at the heart.

"Yes! Devour all!!"

Micheal snapped out of it, and looked up. There, Grunt smiled. It was the last thing he would do.

Suddenly, the darkness shot out, and grabbed Grunt. The flying man yelled, and even fired the key, but it was all in vain.

Grunt, who had worked so hard to free it, was it's first victim. His screams echoed, long after he had been pulled in.

"Gpt one chance...", Micheal muttered. He threw down the last ball.


The ground shook, and even broke where the ball had landed. The Darkness sensed it. And the Light sensed it. And from the crack in the Earth, or wherever HAVEN exists, a bright light shone.

And then they saw it. A man.

He walked out of the light, and picked up the key. He then stood up, and fired it. This time, the blast was pure white. Once it hit the darkness, the darkness crawled back, and the ancient doors closed on it. The gate too, sank back to where it came from.

"Thank you, oh mighty Phalanx."

Micheal stopped, and bowed. Upon seeing him do it, everyone else bowed as well. Phalanx smiled, and then walked back into the light. The crack sealed, and the light was gone.....
Several Days Later:

"So, will Haven live?"

Micheal, as well as the Elementals, looked at the Admins. The Admins though, remained silent.

Treach spoke, "Haven will continue, but we will no longer be Admins."

"Who then?"

"All of you. You are the new Admins of Haven."

The Elementals could not hide their surprise. They had done it, and now, it would be their task to rebuild Haven.

After Treach said this. He, and the other Admins turned, and left, never to be seen from again.

And so, Haven emerged with new leadership. And a golden age began.

And so, Micheal became a hero. He went on to recruit his ex-prisonmates, and also expanded HAVEN. He would go on to become old and wise.

The other Elementals did well as well. Nicker would grow up, and make ammends with his brother, Bloody Freak. Darkender soften up, and became light hearted. He even founded several charities accross the Multiverse. VGM went off to become the rich creator of Nintendo, travelling back in time to it's creation.

As for Culwych, he was a good Admin, but one day, he walked off, and never came back. Still, his fame and legend grew, become an icon. Some even say to see him, and swear that he's still out there, in the Multiverse.

Ethan returned to his land, where he lived simply, but had many adventures.

The Jailers/DYGWs were discontinued. Only a few remain today.

All in all, everything was great. That is, until the key was found.... And the gate was opened....

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