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 Predator vs Tarfful, Forgot to post this here.
Posted: Sep 1 2008, 02:56 PM

Fiction God

Group: Members
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Joined: 12-March 08

Wasting no time, Hulij lifted his combistaff into the air and threw it at the wizard, intentionally allowing him to parry it so he would be left open for the slaughter forth coming. Furiously, Hulij lashed out cutting a huge gash across the elderly ooman's chest following with a slash to his face on the return. Gandalf fought desperately to fend off Hulij's mad frenzy, nearly losing his blade in the process. The freezing night rain drenched the combatants as their blades clashed, Hulij would stop at nothing to avenge his father's death. Gandalf was a skilled warrior at swordplay but he was no match for the Yautja warrior, quickly he began losing the strength to continue and he backed off. Hulij gave him no mercy, with a slice of his wristblades he cut off the ring and pinky fingers of the wizard's right hand, and the ring of fire, "Narya", dropped to the mud coated floor below. Blood gushed from the wizards hand and as a last resort he blasted the predator with a bolt of lighting from the tip of his blade, only to watch it take no effect on the beast. Hulij-Bpe roared at the old ooman and with a simple slash he severed the tendon of his left arm. Gandalf's left arm went limp and his blade hung from his three remaining blood soaked fingers. He blocked one final blow from the predator only to lose his grip as the blood caused it to slip from his grasp. Hulij howled in pride but was dumbfounded to find, the wizard was gone. Hulij hadn't even taken his eyes off of him, but nonetheless, the wizard had vanished. Hulij whirled about looking for answers only to find the sword of the White Wizard now missing. Hulij was on the brink of insanity as he began lashing out in every which way, when suddenly, he heard a voice. "Be calm young one, I am here, I do not wish to harm you," said the voice of the old ooman. Hulij was enraged he could not find him, he resorted to roaring and lunging into various places "BUT I WILL DO WHAT I MUST!!!" Boomed the voice of Gandalf he White as he appeared inches from the predator, Glamdring in hand, and with a simple thrust he impaled the Yautja warrior, kicking him to his back for good measure. Now, Hulij-Bpe lay with Glamdring sticking out of his gut, and Gandalf standing over his body, his wounds fully healed. "I have killed those that you love, for this I forgive your outburst, but do not forsake your life. I offer you a choice, leave now and do not return to this world. Or our next encounter will be your last." Hulij knew his defeat, and instead of simply reaching for his detonator and killing the both of them, he nodded in compliance. With a smile, Gandalf was gone, leaving Hulij to choose his fate. Slowly, Hulij-Bpe got to his feet and made his way to his father's shuttle, but before he entered he noticed a red glow coming from under his foot, he reached down only to pick up the ring, Narya. It would make a fine consolation prize. Thus ended the young blood's first hunt, and with the help of his father's training, he successfully piloted home.

Hulij-Bpe stood before the elders. He had presented them the skulls of the Elven Prince, Legolas and that of the Uruk-Hai Captain, Lurtz. They were pleased, but also troubled, he had returned with far more injuries then expected, not only physically but mentally as well. The deaths of his father and brothers had caused a trigger to go off in the head of the young blood and he hastened to return to the ooman world to challenge the White Wizard once more. The elder's denied him this, and banished him from that world, for they feared he had been consumed by anger and revenge and did not wish for him to meet his end at the hands of a Magic user. Angered, Hulij-Bpe left them to his quarters, not bothering to witness the burials of his father and brothers. He placed the skulls on a shelf in his trophy room, and the ring Narya beside them. He would not dwell here for long. He would rest and heal himself then he would begin a new hunt, for time was growing short. He would become stronger and faster, only then he would go to the ooman planet, to take what was rightfully his; the skull of the White Wizard.

Months had passed and Hulij-Bpe was now at his peak strength and onto his next hunt. He had been on this planet for many a day now and long had he hunted looking for a worthy foe, but the furry creatures of this planet known as the "Wookies" were at war and it would be unwise to reveal himself to one such as them, for he would be outnumbered and killed in moments. Three days had passed and he finally found his target; The Wookie chieftain, and a younger Wookie, possibly its mate, had taken a small green infant away from the main group. It would be the perfect opportunity to strike. Once the infant had departed in a small shuttle, Hulij prepared to attack, but something caught the attention of the smaller Wookie. It was a group of oomans attacking a Wookie family with some sort of mechanical walker. The younger Wookie howled in rage and ran at the machine, Hulij gave the chieftain no time to do the same, he leaped down ahead of him and unsheathed his wristblades, de-cloaking in the process. The Wookie Chieftain, known as Tarfful, roared at Hulij and lifted up his Bowcaster. Hulij-Bpe was feeling the essence of a hunt once more, and he liked it.........


Tarfful has a bowcaster and Ryyk Blade, not to mention he's a freaking Wookie Chieftain!

Hulij-Bpe has his wristblades and is at his peak strength.

The battle takes place on Kashyyyk, the Wookie home world during the time of Order 66.

Will Hulij-Bpe collect the skull of the Wookie Chieftain? Or will his first hunt back prove too much for the trouble Predator? You decide!

Rate, Vote, Comment!

Posted: Sep 2 2008, 04:31 AM

He's even got his hand over where I live...

Group: Admin
Posts: 7,880
Member No.: 35
Joined: 31-May 08

What? No comments on this match?

I'll comment.

This is a very well writen match. I have less and less to criticise you about lol

I think the Predator will take this one. He's stronger, faster, smarter... He out does the Wookie in every way.


I scare little kids.
user posted image

QUOTE (treacherous @ Aug 16 2008, 12:12 PM)
RRRAOAAOAOAORRARRAA!!...  Blue lights and sirens rang through the night!! Yeah, they all wanna kill each other... HERE ME CITY!! THE STREETS BELONG TO THE GANGS NOW!! THIS IS THE NEW ORDER!! PREPARE FOR CHAOS!!

Solomon and I may be gangsta, but treach is the gangsta of the year!
Posted: Sep 2 2008, 03:41 PM

Join the Green Side

Group: Members
Posts: 1,980
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Joined: 12-June 08

Again what's up with this?


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