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 Mario Respect Thread
Posted: Jul 26 2011, 04:45 AM

Okami... Best Wii game I've played so far!

Group: Admin
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Joined: 6-January 08

as copied and pasted from another board (i'm giving the man who made the respect thread credit):

Mario is rather underestimated around here, so I made this. I'll add the games in question soon.


Strength: Has lifted and punted castles, lifted the King Bob-Bomb, hurled Bowser

hundreds of feet, knocked meteorites out of weak orbit, jumps 2+ stories, can easily

lift and carry heavy boxes/gallons of water/koopa shells for hundreds of feet while

jumping normally with no extra effort. Can run faster than the average human. Can

shake the ground by hitting it with a hammer. Deals with gravity multiple times that

of earths and not only jumps the same height, but is just as physically capable as

ever. Knocks meteors out of orbit by ground pounding.

Intelligence: Has a doctorate, solves various puzzles routinely, created and runs a

time machine. Also has a surprising archaeological knowledge, has taught several

subjects, is a painter and musician, and routinely masters alien/advanced/strange

technology. Master pilot of airplanes, submarines, carts, dinosaurs, spaceships, etc.

Emotional Stability: Casually deals with invading aliens, monster attacks, end of the

world scenarios, and inter dimensional/universal travel. Rarely shows fear or overt

concern, outside of Peach and when he was kidnapped. Has been forced to make difficult

decisions before, like between Peach or Luigi and the end of the world, and has always

chosen to save the world. Is willing to give his own life to save others. Shares a

strong emotional connection with Luigi and Peach; as a baby, Mario was able to track

the location of his brother through feelings alone, even though they were miles away

from each other.

Durability: Tanked a black hole, has fallen from Sub Orbital heights multiple times,

has survived explosions/fire blasts/super powerful punches, kicks, etc. Poison usually

has no lasting effect, and it is likely he could cure himself if necessary. Casually

breaks blocks with his head, hand, foot, butt, whatever. Goes toe to toe with Class

100+ characters like Bowser, Donkey Kong, etc, as well as super powerful magicians and

reality warpers like the Shadow Queen, Count Bleck, and Dimentio. Has also tangled

with massive sea monsters, dragons, shadow creatures, magicians of a lower caliber,

super durable Koopas, extremely skilled fighters, small to large armies, hyper

advanced alien life forms, a wide variety of illusions, and even demons at times. And

survives whatever they throw at him without a single scratch in over 30 years and 200+

video games. Is just as comfortable jumping over lava or skating across an arctic

plain as he is in his own home. Can hold his breath for varying amounts of time; best

showings indicate he never needs to breathe (this is backed up by his ability to

travel through space), but lesser showings indicate a vaguely superhuman holding time,

ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes, to indefinite. Can take a Banzai Bill to the face

with minor damage. Tanks gravity multiple times that of earth with ease.

Powers: Pyrokinetic, Cryokinetic, flight, levitation, hover, super strength, super

durable, superhuman speed, super reflexes (Hypersonic+), body mutation (into stone,

metal, various animals, etc), can run on water (Ice Mario, Mini Mario), can greatly

increase size, temporary invincibility, time manipulation, incredible jumping, various

fighting styles/types, can heal himself, remove enemy stat changes, dimensional

travel, can create clouds, can use various weapons and master alien/advanced tech, and

can turn invisible/intangible. Can summon army of miniature mechanical Marios, can

summon doorways into pocket dimensions, can summon a pipe to save himself in certain

situations. Can come back to life in any of three ways; Fight his way out of the

underworld (again), use a 1 up, or have a large supply of life shrooms on hand. Can

summon bombs and hammers. Can turn himself into an undead spirit whose only weakness

is light.

Reaction Time: Massively superhuman to Hypersonic+ In Super Mario Sluggers, Mario's Fire

Pitch is shown to be moving 1000+ mph, and the characters in it routinely hit the ball. Luigi's is

the same as Mario's, and Mario can hit it. It is actually possible that Bowser and the others can

pitch faster but with no flames. In fact, recent observation of the moment of release indicate that

the ball only caught on fire AFTER Mario released it, which means that he did not set it on fire,

thus he threw it hard enough for it to catch fire. This is, obviously, much faster than I thought. In

Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, Mario is seen reacting to musical (sound) attacks from


And here's a list of games, in case there is anything else HUGE that I missed.

Speed: A topic of much debate. Although in more recent games he is shown as being slow, Mario

has often shown bouts of immense speeds. In Super Mario World, he was able to run up walls of

blocks and smooth pipes with no effort, and actually gain enough momentum to fly. In Super

Paper Mario, he is shown outrunning several different sound attacks with ease. Perhaps this

explains Miyamoto's (the creator of Mario) strange comment about the Olympic Games series.

"...see who is really faster, Mario or Sonic". A simple statement to increase revenue, or a

statement with the weight of truth? Further research is being conducted as we speak

there now I hope people know what mario is capable of.

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