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 Jack Bauer vs. The Professor
Posted: Jun 17 2009, 02:40 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
Posts: 322
Member No.: 94
Joined: 1-November 08

8:45 am

The rays of the sun shined over the lands of Europe. Jack Bauer sat back on a bench, and watched the people pass by. He gazed at the Eifel Tower, and sat back thinking. He had a paper in his hand. It was a subpoena for him to appear in front of the U.S. Senate. Jack thought about what his next move would be. He thought about his life, and what had happened to him over the years. He got to his feet, and started walking off in the distance. He know made a decision, and it was to run away from this new threat. Jack carried a bag over his shoulder, and started walking down a long side walk. People passed by him. All Jack thought about was where he would go next. India, Africa, more places that fought in. Places he served his country in, and took the lives of others. It was all part of the mission at the time, but now he would be there to see what has changed over time.

Jack heard people talking nearby about a peace treaty going on between U.S. President Noah Daniels, United Nation Leaders, Royals, an African Prime minister, and a Chinese leader. Jack didn't think much of it though. All he thought about was the subpoena put on him. He didn't know what else to do. He thought about seeing one of his old special forces comrade named Carl Benton, but he didn't want to bring his troubles to him. He thought about going through India, but he knew this would follow him. All he thought about was running away from this, this life that has haunted him for so long. Jack looked down at his wrist watch. It was 8:00 am, and a cool breeze swept through the land. Jack started walking, he was now trying to run away. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice behind him. A voice from his past life. A friendly voice. Jack glanced back, and he saw the face of Chloe O' Brian, and the face of Bill Buchanan.

"Hello Jack" - Bill Buchanan

"What are you doing here Bill?" - Jack Bauer

"The peace meeting that is occurring between every major country in the world has major threats coming towards it" - Bill Buchanan

"And we need your help" - Chloe O' Brian

"Not interested" - Jack Bauer

"Jack we need you this threat is widespread. We don't know who we can trust" - Bill Buchanan

"Like I said Bill not interested. I have done enough for the government, and for the country" - Jack Bauer

"Jack please if the meeting is attacked. If the world leaders are all killed, or assassinated then we this world may see another World War" - Bill Buchanan

"Why should I help you? The U.S. government just sent out a subpoena for me to appear before the Senate, and I do not want that to happen" - Jack Bauer

"Jack, you once told me the difference between dying for something and dying for nothing! Right now could stop this threat, but you a afraid. Billions of people could die, and you just wan to run away, because your afraid of getting caught" - Bill Buchanan

"Shut up!" - Jack Bauer

"No, Jack I will not. You are running from this, when you could prevent the deaths of billions of people" - Bill Buchanan

"So, will you help us, Jack?" - Chloe O' Brian

"Okay I'll do it, but after this is all over you're going to have to help me get out of United States custody" - Jack Bauer

"We'll do that. Now will come with us to our place of operations" - Bill Buchanan

Jack followed Bill and Chloe into their vehicle. He put pack aside, and laid his head back against the leather seat. Jack closed his eyes, and flashes started going through his head. Flashes of Teri, flashes of Kim, flashes of David Palmer, flashes of Michelle, and flashes of Tony, and flashes of Audrey. All the people he loved, that he was friends with, now dead or in pain. Jack then started the faces of the people he tortured, and all the people that died because of him. Jack thought he could get away from it, away from his curse, but he couldn't. Jack opened his eyes, and looked at all the passing people. What was going to happen to them, he thought. If there was going to be an international threat, what would happen to all the people in the world. Jack then closed his eyes again, and took a quick nap. Jack woke up as the vehicle stopped in front of the government building. Jack got out of the vehicle, and grabbed his pack. He followed Bill and Chloe to the door.

As Jack went inside, security procedures were taken. Jack had to leave his pack at the front, and he was given a security pass to enter the building. Jack then followed Bill and Chloe to the bullpen. Jack gazed at all the people working in their stations. He started having memories of CTU in Los Angeles. Jack's was suddenly back toward Bill, as Bill patted him the shoulder. He told Jack to follow him, and Chloe up to his office. Jack followed both Bill and Chloe up a small fleet of stairs, and went into an office. The office was almost vacant. Only a desk was in the center of the room, with a computer, and phone. Jack stood as Bill closes the door behind him, and Chloe stood at the side.

"Jack, I don't know who I can trust. This whole threat, this group of terrorist is very widespread, I don't how big, but I do know from some small intel that an assassination attempt will be made on an African Prime Minister" - Bill Buchanan

"Where will this take place?" - Jack Bauer

"We don't know, but think it will be at the Prime Minister's speech at the Eifel Tower in about 45 minutes. Chloe has been trying to find any possible leads, on what the attempt will be" - Bill Buchanan

"Jack, I have found information that a few corrupt CIA agent might involved, but I haven't placed any names" - Chloe O' Brian

"Chloe, can you see get anymore information of the disk" - Bill Buchanan

"Okay, Bill" - Chloe O' Brian

Chloe walked out of the office, and Jack stayed behind facing Bill.

"Jack, I know what scarifies you made with Audrey, but right now I really need your help. This whole thing is just...................." - Bill Buchanan

"I know Bill, and sorry for yelling at you" - Jack Bauer

"It is okay, Jack. I know how you feel. I do have a group of field agents I can put under your command" - Bill Buchanan

Jack and Bill then went down to the bullpen. Jack saw with the corner of his eye, Chloe coming toward them. Jack and Bill stopped, as Chloe came before them. She had a look on her face.

"I found the plot on the Prime Minister's life" - Chloe O' Brian

"What is it?" - Bill Buchanan

"An ex-elite CIA operative with the code-name the Professor, has been assigned to shoot the Prime Minister through a sniper rifle. I even found out where he is, but I don't know if anybody the area has the training to stop him" - Chloe O' Brian

"Bill, give me a team of field agents, and the location of where he is. I will find him, and stop him on my own" - Jack Bauer

"Okay, Jack" - Bill Buchanan

Chloe went to her computer, and started printing off several files. Jack went to the armory with a few field agents, and started getting equipped with a bulletproof vest, a M4 Carbine, a 9mm, a sniper rifle, and a ballistic knife. After Jack, and his field team were finished getting equipped, he went back into the bullpen. Bill stood there, and gave him the location of the hotel that the Professor was at. It was only half a mile away from the Eifel Tower, where the Prime Minister was going to give his speech. Jack was also given a file about the Professor, by Chloe. Jack followed his field teams to a helicopter outside. As he got inside, he started reading over the Professor's file, and studied all his specialties. Jack then gazed at the picture of the Professor. He thought about all the elite agents he came across over the years. Would he be able to stop him? That is what he thought about.

Flying high up above the world, Jack started thinking to himself. What was going to happen? Will he be able to stop this assassin from killing an African Prime Minister, or will he fail the mission. The helicopter landed only few blocks away. They were met by dark vans, and Jack got inside one of them. They road toward the hotel, and as the vehicle stopped the hotel manager came out greeting the field agent. Jack told him to keep everything silent, and ordered for his men to cover all the exits. Jack saw the room number, and then looked down his wrist watch. "Damnit", he whispered to himself. It was only a matter of minutes until the Prime Minister got up to speak. Jack then started running the stairway. He knew he had to stop the Professor, but would he to him on time.


Jack Bauer - Is equipped with a bullet proof vest, M4 Carbine, sniper rifle, a 9mm, and a ballistic knife. Jack has to stop the Professor from assinating a Prime Minister of Africa.

The Professor - Is equipped with a sniper rifle, two 9mm, and a knife. He has been assigned to assinate an African Prime Minister.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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