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 Bryan Mills vs. Anton Chigurh
Posted: Jun 10 2009, 03:24 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
Posts: 322
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Joined: 1-November 08

Bryan Mills was on his knees. Tears ran down his face. A picture of his daughter was gripped tight in his hands. He could bearly breathe. His thoughts were on his daughter. He saved her once, but why couldn't he save her again. He gazed over at a mirror, and saw his reflection. All could see was a worthless man. A weak man, that could not help the only person that truly mattered to him. Bryan did the best he could to stand up, and he walked over toward his couch. Laying down ontop of it, he closed his eyes, and went to sleep. A day past by, and Bryan heard a knock at the door. Bryan opened the door, and Sam was standing in the doorway. Bryan saw the look on his face, and Sam saw the depression in his face. Sam said that he was sorry for what had happened to Kim. Sam something in his hands though. A file yellow file, that contained documents.

"Hey Bryan, I'm sorry about Kim" - Sam

"Thank you, it's my fault I should have been there" - Bryan Mills

"You couldn't of known. You cou............." - Sam

"I should have! I am her father! I should have protected her!" - Bryan Mills

"Okay, okay" - Sam

"I'm sorry, Sam, I just don't know what to do" - Bryan Mills

"Look Bryan, I don't know if this will help, but I found something that might lead you into who the killer was" - Sam

"What do you mean?" - Bryan Mills

"I did some research, and found that her manager had ties to the mob. I think her manager might have pissed off the mob, and they sent someone to take him out. Kim might have been caught in the crossfire" - Sam

"Wh, who is the mobster that killed my daughter?" - Bryan

"I don't know, but the mob boss that is responsible is Felix Morgan. I have a file on where he lives, and what his daily schedule is. I just thought you might want it" - Sam

"Thanks Sam" - Bryan Mills

Sam put the files on a table, and gave him a hug. Sam left, and Bryan sat back one the couch. He took the files, and started looking over them. He started thinking, thinking of what he was going to do. He fell back on the couch, and went to sleep. Kim was years old. She was playing in the playground. Sliding down a slide. Swing high up on the swings, suddenly she cried out with the noise of a gun shot. Bryan woke up, and sat. He started breathing heavily, and tried to forget what just happened. He then looked down at the files that Sam brought over. Bryan then stood up with the files, and left. He stood at a door, and knocked. The door opened, and his ex-wife Lenore stood in the doorway. Anger started to come inside of her. She started cursing at Bryan, but Bryan simply said that he was going to find the people responsible, and then kill them.

The sun was shining high above him. No clouds in sight. Bryan gazed around the surrounding lands. This was the place. The place where Kim was murdered. The place that his only daughter was killed. Bryan watched cars pass by, and he looked over at the ditch. The authorities clean most of the area up, but Bryan could still picture everything. Tire marks on the road. Blood stains on the dark pavement. Bryan could see it all happen. Truck and car blocked the road ahead. As her limo came onto the scene, somehing happened. Something caused the vehicle to crash. Something killed the driver. He could see where Kim and her manager got out, and ran for it. Her manager was shot first. He could see a large blood stain on the middle of the road. He then saw Kim trying to crawl away, but she was shot dead.


The sun was shining high up in the air. Riding in the dark long limozine, Kim listened to her manager talking on the phone. He was very loud, and hard to tune out. Kim turned up the volume to her Ipod, but her manager's voice went over the music. Kim looked ahead, and saw a road block ahead. Trucks and cars blocked the middle of the road. The limo was about to stop, but something happened. Kim fell forward, as a truck rearended the back of the limo. Kim turned around, and saw a large man getting out of the truck. Carrying a shotgun, and blowing out the tires to the limozine. Kim watched in terror as he went back to the truck, and took out a large container of gasoline. He started to soak the limozine in gas, and then lit it on fire. Kim and her manager opened the doors, and ran out of there. The driver tried to get out, but he was shot down.

Running for their lives, a gun shot rang out toward them. The manager fell on the ground, and Kim fell to her knees. She did her best to crawl away, she looked back, and saw her manager begging for his life. Begging the hitman not to kill him, and that he would pay Felix. The hitman just simply lifted his shotgun, and blew off the head of the manager. Kim cried out as she continued to crawl. She rolled over in the ditch, and felt the hot sun shining upon her. She saw the man coming her way. He pointed the gun at her, and she started crying even more. The tears didn't face the man at all. He just simply said that he was sorry. The man was about to squeeze the trigger, but Kim started yelling out.

"Please! Please! I didn't do anything!" - Kim Mills

"I am sorry, but this is what has to be done" - Anton Chigurh

"You don't have to do this!" - Kim Mills

"I heard that before. I heard that many times before, but it always seems that everytime someone says it, I don't listen, or even care." - Anton Chigurh

"But you don't! Please. Please" - Kim Mills

"I can do something for you though. A coin toss. It will determine your fate. It will determine what it will do for you. That is all I can do." - Anton Chigurh

"Wh What?" - Kim Mills

Anton reached into his pocket, and took out a coined. He glanced over the coin, and studied its every mark. The date of the coin said 1967. Kim looked up at the man in fear.

"This coin was made in 1967. It took this coin 42 years to get to this point. Now it is up to you on where this coin will go from here." Anton Chigurh

Anton flipped the coin, and caught it in the air. He put the coin on his wrist, and covered it up. He looked down at Kim, and took a deep breath.

"Call it" - Anton Chigurh

"What?" - Kim Mills

"Call it" - Anton Chigurh

"I, I can't" - Kim Mills

"Call it, or I will kill you. You will die knowing you could have done something to stop it" - Anton Chigurh

"Tails. I say tails" - Kim Mills

Anton raised his hand up, and looked down upon the coin. He saw the head of George Washington, and then looked back down Kim. He lifted his shotgun, and pointed it at her head.

"I am sorry" - Anton Chigurh

"Please! Nooo!" - Kim Mills

Anton squeezed the trigger back, and Kim's head blew apart. Anton turned around, and started walking off. He looked down at his shoes, and made sure they were clean. Anton got inhis truck, and drove off on the long road to town. He looked back in the reaview mirror, and looked at the site. He then turned his attention back to the road, and drove off in the distance. He had another job to do. A job Felix Morgan assigned him after he was finished with the music manager.


The night was peaceful, and it was quiet. A large black vehicle parked in front of the house of Felix Morgan. The driver got out, and rushed over to open the door. Felox Morgan stepped out, and started walking toward the entrance of his house. The doors opened wide, and Felix gave a quick glance at his doormen. He then made his way to his office. He sat down,a nd lit up a cigar. He put his mouth, and started looking over some paper work. His assistant walked in, and told him that Anton took out the music manager, and the singer. Felix felt relieved, but he still had one last job for his hitman. Felix sat back, and turned on the TV. His eyes were stuck on the plasma screen television, and all of his attention was on the sound coming from the television. Something broke his attention. Multiple gun shots from all around. The screams and cries of men that were bodyguards of Felix Morgan. Felix opened his desk, but something happened. His door opened wide. His assistant stood there.

"We have to get out of here sir!" - Morgan's Assistant

"Lets take the emergency door." - Felix Morgan

Felix opened his desk, and took out a pistol. Felix opened a door behind one of his portriats, and went through it. His assistant followed close behind him. Felix then ran into his garage. He got inside one of his cars, but he heard a gun shot. He looked in his rearview mirror, and there stood the attacker. He pushed out his assistant, and through him a small revolver. He yelled out for his assisant to shoot him. Felix drove off, and his assistant raised up the gun. Bryan Mills shot the assistant between the eyes, and then started shooting at the car. He shot out the tires, and it crashed into a tree. Opening the door in pain, Felix fell out and shot out at the attacker. He missed everytime, and finally ran out of ammo.

"Please don't kill me" - Felix Morgan

"Kill you! You are no use to me dead. At least not yet." - Bryan Mills

Bryan pistol wipped Felix on the face, and knocked him unconsious. Hours later, Felix woke up in a dark room. Pain ran through his body. Pieces of metal were sticking out of his legs. Wires were hooked to the metal pieces. Suddenly, the light came on over his head. Electricity went through his body. Felix let out a scream of pain, and then the lights went off. The electricity stopped flowing. He heard a voice from the otherside of the room, and turned his attention toward the voice.

"If you do what I say, I may let you live" - Bryan Mills

"F*** you!" - Felix Morgan

The lights were switched on again, and the electricity came back. Felix scream and begged for him to stop. The room went back into darkness, and Bryan then started talking again.

"You are responsible for the death of my daughter. My only daughter, and now I would like to know who you sent to kill her." - Bryan Mills

"F*** you! You son of a B****!" - Felix Morgan

The lights came back on, and the pain starting coming back through the body of Felix. Felix begged for him to stop, and cried out that he would tell him who it was. Felix could bearly see the face of Bryan, as Bryan turned off the lights again. The pain stopped, and Felix started breathing heavily.

"No talk!" - Bryan Mills

"His name is Anton Chigurh. I have a file on him in car." - Felix Morgan

"Where is he?" - Bryan Mills

"I don't know" - Felix Morgan

"Then you will have to go through the pain, and suffering like I have until you tell me!" - Bryan Mills

"I don't know!" - Felix Morgan

"Yes, you do!" - Bryan Mills

"I know where he will be tommarrow night! I have another job for him!" - Felix Morgan

"Where?" - Bryan Mills

"Down by the dock in Southside. I sent him to take care of a drug lord that I was suppose meet with there." - Felix Morgan

"What does he look like?" - Bryan Mills

"In my briefcase which was in the car you made me crash, I had a file on him. It has his picture, and whatever history I could get of him" - Felix Morgan

"What time?" - Bryan Mills

"Midnight!Now let me go!" - Felix Morgan

"Sorry, but you still have to pay for what you've done" - Bryan Mills

The lights came back on, and the sound of a door fill the room. Felix's scream was loud, and painful. Bryan ignored it though. He had something he had to do. He went back to Felix's house, and took the file out of the car. It was time. It was time for war.

******The Next Day, Midnight*******

Anton hid in the shadows with his shotgun. He saw the vehicle drive up, and was about to get ready to fire. Anton picked up a bottle of alacohol with a piece of cloth sticking out of it. He lit the cloth on fire, and then threw it at the vehicle. The vehicle became engulfed in flames. People got out, but they were shot down. Not by Anton though. It wasby someone else. Someone with revenge in their heart. Anton glanced in the direction of the shooting, and saw a man carrying a pistol. Anton for cover, and the man ran to get his hands on an AK-47 from one of the men he had shot down. Bryan Mills aimed his AK-47 in the direction of Anton. Bryan took cover, and waited for Anton's next move. Both opponents waited to see what the other would do, and they waited for their chance to fight. The battle begins....

Bryan Mills Has an AK-47 and a pistol

Anton Chigurh has his shotgun with silencer, a pistol, and a revolver


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

Posted: Jun 11 2009, 02:34 PM

Join the Green Side

Group: Members
Posts: 1,980
Member No.: 40
Joined: 12-June 08

Bryan Mills has some serious firepower in that K-47, he could take this. If I only knew who he was.


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