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 X-Men Origins: Cyclops Prt. 4, Prt. 4: Mystique
Posted: May 9 2009, 08:57 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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Scott stood with fury running through his veins. He was ready to get blood for what had happened to his Profesor, and his classmates. The Green Goblin flew high above the Mansion. Scott aimed up in the air, trying to find the perfect shot. Trying to take down the glyder. Suddenly, pumpkin bombs came in his direction. Several of the bombs were destroyed by the optic beams coming from Scott, but there were to many of them. Scott was knocked back on the ground by the blast of the pumpkin bombs. Scott tried to get back up, but he saw the Gblin coming back with another attack.

Scott shot a blast from his optic beams, and hit the Goblin in the chest. The Green Goblin fell off the glyder, but he caught himself. Trying not to loose his grip on the glyder, the Goblin leaped onto it, and started to gain control of the glyder. Scott started running toward the direction of the glyder, and shot out more optic blast. The Green Goblin dodged the blasts, and started to fly toward Scott. He took out a few pumpkin bombs, and got them ready for detonation. Scott shot out his optic beams, and right after one of the pumpkin bombs left the hands of the Goblin, it exploded.

The explosion made the Green Goblin loose control of the glyder, and he started flying in circles. Scott then gazed up directly at the Goblin. He shot out another blast, and the Goblin was hit in the chest. Suddenly, the Goblin, and his glyder crashed into the burning part of the Mansion. Scott then ran back into the Mansion. A fifteen year old Bobby Drake out to find Scott. Scott ordered him to put out the fire, and get back with the group. Scott ran in to find his classmates hiding in the shelter. The Profesor was in a coma.

Scott then walked over toward Jean, but before they got to each other they heard laughter. Scott turned around, and saw the Green Goblin coming toward them. He had a pumpkin bomb in his hands. "Goodby mutants freaks!", the Green Goblin yelled out. Before the Green Goblin could activate his bomb, a long metal pipe impaled him through the chest. The Green Goblin fell to his knees. Suddenly, another pipe impaled him through the throat. The Green Goblin fell down dead, and Scott looked over toe see Erik Lehnsherr, also known as Magneto.

"Always finish off your enemies. No matter what" - Magneto

"What are you doing here?!" - Scott Summers

"Your Profesor has called upon me to hel lead the school if he shall be hurt, or killed during this attack" - Magneto

"Your not welcome here" - Scott Summers

"Why is that Mr. Summers?" - Magneto

"You are our enemy" - Scott Summers

"Well there is something you X-Men need to learn. First, this mutant killer you battle was payed off to attack your little school. Second, your first orders from me is that my two mutant will lead some of you into stopping the person who payed this killer off. You can call your knew field leader Mystique and Toad" - Magneto

"We aren't ready for battle" - Scott Summers

"Then I guess I will have to train you my way" - Magneto

Blood and sweat came off the young X-Men. Their knew leader, and their knew course of training became difficult. Some of the younger mutants had arms broken, legs were fractured. Magneto was preparing them for something. Something bigger than they had ever face in the Danger Room. Everything became harder. Some of the mutants left the school in pain. Scott tried to confront Magneto, but he couldn't do anything to stop him. The young team was being lead by Magneto's second in command, Mystique. She could change herself. She was agile, and fast. Two monthes had past since the attack on the Mansion, and Scott was becoming rebellious.

The team's first mission was to go to a military facility in New Jersey. The facility was responsible for the attack on the Mansion, and the attempted assassination of Warren Washington III. The team which consisted of; Mystique, Toad, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Collosus, and Angel went through the base. Gun shots went off, and explosion went off from all around. The young X-Men team made their way through the base. Something happened though. The base started to go on a full red alert. Powerful doors started seperating the team. Scott found Mystique, and the two started to make their way toward the center of the base.

The two mutants found a room with a single scientist working on an experiment. The scientist was a young woman. She was trying to look in a microscope, but Mystique grabbed her, and threw her on the ground. Mystique yelled at her, and questioned her. Scott could see in her eyes though that she was innocent. Mystique was about toe snap her neck, but Cyclops pushed her back on the ground. Mystique got to her feet, and gazed at Scott.

"Leave her alone. We are not here to kill the innocents!" - Cyclops

"You have just made a bad mistake" - Mystique

"I can't let you kill anybody" - Cyclops

"Then how about you stop me then" -Mystique

Mystique turned around, and ran off into the darkness. Cyclops started to follow her, and suddenly he saw Jean in front of him. Standing on a bridge. Cyclops walked onto the bridge, but he knew it wasn't Jean.

"You can't trick me, Mystique!" - Cyclops

"Then I guess I will have to kill you!" - Mystique

Mystique took out a pistol, and Cyclops put his hands on his visor. The battle begins.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

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