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 X-Men Origins: Cyclops Prt. 3, Prt. 3: The Green Goblin
Posted: May 4 2009, 12:19 PM

Mr. Sasquatch

Group: Members
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Joined: 1-November 08

Scott stood before the Shocker. Shocker lifted his hands, and Scott put his hand on his visor. The battle erupted as a shining blue blast came from Shocker's arms. Scott turned his visors, and his red optic beams erupted from his eyes. Both blast collided with one another. The blast knocked both fighters down on the ground. Scott pushed himself off the ground, and ran through a door for cover as a blast came toward him from Shocker. The Shocker blew through the wall, but was blasted down on the ground by Scott.

Shocker got up, and ran to the roof. Scott followed to see if he could get to the Professor. Suddenly, he saw doors blown away to the roof, and the sides were melted. He got to the roof just in time to see the Shocker blow away the helicopter. The Professors sell to the ground, and Warren Washington II fell off the roof. Suddenly, wings busted out of the shirt of Warren Washington III. He flew down to get his father, but Shocker tried to blast him out of the air.

Scott shot off a powerful blast from his optic beams, and it smacked The Shocker off the building. The fell all the way to the ground, smashing through the ground into the sewer. Scott went to the Professor's side, and tried to help him out. Warren came back with his father in his arms, and assisted Scott into getting the Professor in his wheelchair. Scott took the Professor to the lower levels, and helped him in the vehicle they came in. Warren got in the back seat, and Scott did the same. As they were riding back to the Mansion, Warren looked over as Scott.

"You know, you kind of reminded me of a Cyclops back there" - Warren Washington II

"Huh, and you reminded me of an Angel" - Scott Summers

Months past since then. Danger Room was now being used by the oldest ones in the school. Scott was leading Jean Grey, Warren Washington III, Peter Rasputin, Ororo Iqadi T'Challa, and an older Hank McCoy. Scott started becoming a field leader. Pressure of everything started to rise in him. Pressure from the Professor, and pressure from his fellow students. He wanted to make sure they were safe, but the stress started building up on him. Leading them through the danger room became more and more difficult.

His stress started to become overwhelming. He couldn't have a relationship with any of his friends, and Jean seemed like she was moving closer to Warren. He felt as if he could not handle it anymore. One day the Professor called him into his office. Charles Xavior stood smiling at the young Scott, and thanked him for what he had done for the school. He thanked him for everything. Charles told him about all the things that he had did at the school, and what Scott had done.

Charles then told Scott he could take Jean out on a date if he wanted to. Scott sat back blushing, but he got up walking out the door. Charles sat back smiling. Scott started to roam the hallways, and looked for Jean. He saw walking through the hall. He stopped her, and then started talking to her. Both of them looked at each other. Scott did his best to speak with all his strength, and he finally broke out a few words.

"Hey Jean" - Scott Summers

"Hey Scott" - Jean Grey

"So, how are all your classes?" - Scott Summers

"They're great, and your leadership in the Danger Room is even better" - Jean Grey

"Thank you so much. Hey, Jean, can I ask you something?" - Scott Summers

"What is it?" - Jean Grey

"Would you like to ugh... You know uhmmmm.... Would you like to............" - Scott Summers

"Go out to dinner! The answer is yes! I would love it!" - Jean Grey

"Really, thank you" - Scott Summers

"Pick me up at six" - Jean Grey

The two left, and Scott went to his room. He tried to prepare, but he waited patiently. The time felt like eternity. Suddenly, it was time. He was scarred. More scarred than any fight, or Danger Room mission. Scott started to breath heavily. He took Jean out to a restaurant, and they eating. They spoke of everything. Stress, friends, and classes. Scott started feeling better when he was around Jean. The stress was going away, and he felt unstoppable around her.

Something happened though. A voice came into both of their heads. Charles Xavior told them to get back to the Mansion immediately. They went off to the Mansion as fast as they could. Running for the Professor's office the Professor waited, and told them to get ready for a battle. Scott and Jean ran to get equipped. Suddenly, an explosion went off. Scott yelled out for the Professor, but no answer was made.

Scott and Jean ran through the Mansion. Warren, Hank, and Storm were all knocked unconscious by the blast. Colossus and Jean took their bodies to the safe room. Scott then went to the Professor's office. He saw him lying on the ground. Smoke was everywhere. Flames came off of the wall. Scott started to cry as he saw the unconscious body of the Professor on the ground. He heard footsteps behind him, and he turned as quick as he could. Colossus stood in the doorway.

"Cyclops what do we need to do?" - Colossus

"Take the Professor, and the other students to safety. Get everyone to the safe room" - Cyclops

"Okay" - Colossus

Cyclops walked outside the mansion. He looked in the air, and saw a green man flying on a glider in the air. The Green Goblin was laughing out loud. He came down to throw another pumpkin bomb, but Cyclops stopped it in the air. The bomb blew, and the Green Goblin gazed down at Cyclops in anger. He then hovered over the young mutant, and his voice had anger and hatred in it.

"Well you are no fun freak!" - The Green Goblin

"You are going to pay for what you have done!" - Cyclops

"Now you are getting a little more fun! Let's play a little game!" - The Green Goblin


Scott Summers is around 20 years old. He has combat experience, and field experience. The Green Goblin attacked the X Mansion, and made a lot of students, including Professor Xavoir unconscious. He is now driven by rage as he is about to face his toughest opponent yet.


"War is fought with Weapons, but It is Won by Men" - General George Patton

Posted: May 4 2009, 12:38 PM

Lifelong Expert

Group: Members
Posts: 2,081
Member No.: 55
Joined: 16-July 08

This will be harder for Scott to win than the previous foes. I'm not sure if he can win. Goblin's fast and one bomb will knock out Scott. i gotta go with the Goblin.


You're truely evil if you've destroyed books!-Bookman, a charecter I made.

Why is it that video games always take the fall? TV and movies are just as bad! So, i videogameman, became Wack Thompson, and campainged agianst movies and TV, removing attention from video games and saving the field.-videogameman, another charecter I made.
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