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Rules and Regulations
Major Rules
1. No member, administrator, or moderator may have more than one active account at a time.
- Banishment.

2. The following is a list of restricted items as told by the Invisionfree terms of service, failure to comply will result in banishment:
-No content that infringes upon local, state, or federal law
-No content that infringes on copyright material (Just give credit)
-Absolutely No Abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene Content
-No viruses or any other harmful computer software
-No false, or misleading information
-No, spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes
-No gambling, or advertisement of gambling services
-No, advertisement, selling, or buying of drugs of any kind
-No advertisement of terrorist services, and no planninf of terrorism
-No Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, Cracks, Passwords, or Serial Numbers
-No Pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind
-Content that is invasive of privacy or impersonation of any person/entity
-No hacking materials of any kind

Note- The above list will be broken into seperate rules.

3. No member, administrator, or moderator may use obscene language.
-Waning, Suspension, possible Banishment

4. No member, administrator, or moderator may post links that may be harmful to oneís computer.
-Suspension, Banishment

5. No member, administrator, or moderator may harass another member, administrator, or moderator.
-Suspension, Banishment

6. No member, administrator, or moderator may post controversial, inflammatory, and irrelevant or off-topic messages anywhere on this site, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.
-Suspension, Banishment

7. No member, administrator, or moderator may hack another member, administrator, or moderators account.

8. No member, administrator, or moderator may accesses a section of the site they are not authorized to.
-Suspension, Banishment

9. No member, administrator, or moderator may excessively insult another member, administrator, or moderator unless it is in his or her own defense, or in the defense of another.
-Warning, Suspension, Banishment.

10. No member, administrator, or moderator may post suggestive materials on any part of this site.
-Suspension, Banishment

11. No member, administrator, or moderator may discriminate based on race, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or beliefs

12. No member, administrator, or moderator may use this site to sell illegal, or otherwise obscene products.

13. No member, administrator or moderator may try to revive a dead topic ,unless they have a perfectly valid reason for doing so.
-Warning, Suspension, Banishment.

Note: The listed Punishments are merely a foundation. Administrators may fluctuate the punishment based on the situation.

Note: In the event that something happens that is not recognized in the rules, but a member, administrator, and/or moderator feel that it should be an amendment to the rules it may be administered after proper ratification.

Minor Rules

1. Donít spam the site with pointless replies, topics, or polls
-Warning, Suspension, Banishment

2. Use each forum/topic/category for itís designated purpose
-Warning, Suspension, Banishment

3. A signature should be about the same size as your Avatar. Your avatar can not exceed the following dimensions: 200x200.
-If your signature does not meet these guidelines, it will be deleted without question.

4. Donít excessively edit others posts to make yourself look better
-Warning, Suspension

5. Cut out large quote windows when neccesarry
-Warning, Suspension


Adding New Rules: Anyone may submit an idea for a new rule via PM to the Head Administrator. From that point the Head Administrator will use their best judgment in determining whether or not that the rule would benefit the site.

Alternately- If the Head Administrator denies the new rule, but 2/3 of the administrators vote in favor of the new rule, then the new rule become active.

Deleting old rules: (See Adding new rules)

Choosing an Administrator: Anyone may nominate any other member for Administration candidacy, via private message to the Head administrator. If the Head Administrator agrees to the nomination then a conference will be held with the Board of administration. From the conference the Head Administrator will determine if making that person an administrator is in the sites best interests.

Note- you may NOT nominate yourself

Choosing a Moderator: Any Administrator may promote any one member to the rank of Moderator, as long as they have reasonable evidence supporting that this promotion will benefit the site.

Loosing Administrative Powers: The head administrator has the right to strip any member of the Administrative team of his/her powers if that administrator has violated the above rules, or is using their powers to abuse the site.

Alternately- If 2/3 of the Administrative team vote for another Administrator to loose his powers then it will be implemented.

Choosing a new Head Administrator: In the case that the current Head Administrator is no longer able to fulfill his duties either voluntarily, or involuntarily then the Head Administrator may choose another administrator to take his place. Once the candidate is chosen, a conference will be held involving all administrators. If a large majority agrees with the promotion then that person will be named the new administrator. If the large majority does not agree to the promotion then the head administrator will deny the promotion.

Head Administrator (Forced Removal): If the administrative team feels that the current head administrator is causing more harm than good on the site then they may demand his removal from office via a 2/3 vote.

Note: In the case of Banishment, or Administrative removal a fair trial will be conducted allowing the convicted to voice their side of the story.

Note: The above Rules, and Regulations are under construction, and are subject to change without notice.

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