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 Members Contest #3 Submissions, June 1st
Posted: May 17 2009, 04:56 PM

Mr. Ego

Group: Members
Posts: 7,693
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Joined: 10-January 08

This is where you place your writings. This topic will be open until June 1st then it'll be closed. I'll also announce the winner in the topic where you signed up.

Points:A Gazillion almost as much as my swagga
Posted: May 18 2009, 10:39 PM

Lifelong Expert

Group: Members
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Joined: 16-July 08

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke vs. Spider-Man
Kingpin stared at the merc before him. But he could not pick up any hints of betrayal and malice. Excellent. Although he seemed to reek insanity.

Kingpin:I believe you know what I want?

Deadpool:Well, the only people you ever fight is Daredevil and Spider-Man. Looking at the title, Iím going with Parker. Oops! They retconed that, didnít they?

He definitely reeked insanity.

Kingpin:Watch your mouth, Wade. My men could attack you with a snap of my fingers.

Deadpool: And we all know fanboy power will save me.

Kingpin:Anyway, your target is the incessant Spider-Man.

Deadpool:I was right! w00t!

Kingpin:Is the money sufficent?
Deadpool:No. You must give me one million dollars! (puts pinky at his face)

Kingpin:Of course.

Deadpool:Okay then. Adios, Amigos!

As Wade teleported, another merc soon entered. By the look of him, you could tell he was far more serious then Deadpool. Kingpin would keep a close eye on this one.

Deathstroke: Kingpin. One of the, no, excuse me, the greatest of crime bosses. Has killed more people and has made more money than everyone else. Frankly, I think we wonít need negotiation.

Kingpin: Smart man. Your target is the superhero known as Spider-Man. Iíll give you one million.

Deathstroke:Deal. His head will be on a platter very soon.

As Slade walked out the door, Fisk grinned. There was frankly no way for the Spider to avoid being squashed, riddled with bullets, and cut to pieces. He was going to be a very happy man. Plus, if he was lucky, the two mercs will kill each other. Life as the king was the only life for Fisk.

Spidey swung in a happy manner, if itís possible to do so. He had gotten a big paycheck from J. Jonah Jameson, could successfully support Aunt May, and was dating again {Iíll let you decide who}. Things looked like they were looking up for Parker. Of course, these moments never last long. A bullet echoed through the air. Peter dodged it easily enough, thanks to his ever reliable Spider-Sense, and looked at the most recent person to try and kill him.

He saw the craziest person he knew {and thatís saying something}.

Deadpool: Howdy, Parker! Doí! I keep forgetting they retconed that. Pretend that was just insanity, míkay? Anyway, Fisk wants your head. Probably to eat it.

Spider-Man:Hey! Fat jokes are my thing! Stick with your pop culture references and Ďfourth wall breakingí, míkay?

Deadpool:If it works, it works. But donít worry. As Marvelís poster boy, you can never die. And if you do, youíll be back tomorrow. This is based off comics.

Spider-Man:See? Just stick with those jokes and we wonít have a problem.

Suddenly, Wade teleported and hit Parker with a round house.

Deadpool:Pow! Right in the kisser.

Deadpool continued teleporting and swarmed Parker, hitting him from all sides.

Deadpool: You canít touch me!

Suddenly, Pete shot out webs in each direction, one latching on to Wadeís teleporter.

Spuder-Man:To the contraire, it seems I have touched you. Now to even the odds.

Spidey pulled and the teleporter fell to the streets below.

Deadpool:Donít you realize what youíve done!?

Spider-Man:Donít tell me that if itís destroyed it rips a hole in the space-time continuum and we have to work together to stop the end of the universe as we know it?

Deadpool: No! Weaselís going to nag me to oblivion now! You must pay!

Deadpool flipped and tried hitting Parker with a flipkick, but Parkerís Spider-Sense served him well. He smoothly avoided the blow and swung towards Wade; feet extended, and then reeled into a punch, cleanly hitting Wade in the jaw. He flew across the rooftops and landed through a glass panel and landed in an art exhibit, of course, it caused a panic.

Deadpool: Please tell me that there are the nude statues they call ďartĒ.

Spider-Man landed in the room and stared at Deadpool.

Spider-Man: Hey wade? How is it?

Deadpool: How is what?

Spider:Your trip to insanity? Donít worry, when Iím done with you, you can see nice little people in white coats. If youíre lucky, the Green Goblin might be there to play with you. Maybe Nick Fury will come and visit.

Deadpool: Nah. Straightjackets clash with my costume.


Deadpool:Where were we?

Spider-Man:We were fighting.

Deadpool:Of course.

Deadpool charged with a sword extended, swinging the sword in an expert manner. It caused a rip in Parkerís costume, but he avoided serious injury. He then shot out webs in an effort to subdue Wade. However, he expertly sliced each and every one of the webs, coming out clean.

Spider-Man:Youíre good.

Deadpool: I got that from Ryan Reynolds. Hey, have you ever brought a sword to your exís wedding?

Suddenly, a grenade fell in between them, swiftly ending their banter, scurrying to avoid being blasted. However, Deadpool was hit, temporarily paralyzing him.

Deathstroke:So your Spider-Sense is just as good as they said it is. This will be fun.

Deadpool:No! Itís my evil Negative Zone doppelganger!

Deathstroke:If I recall, I came up with the costume first.

Deadpool:Our costumes are nothing alike! In color schemes.

Spidey slowly inched away before being spotted.

Deathstroke:Hold it right there, Spider! I havenít completed my job yet.

Deadpool:Donít worry, Spidey! Iíll be healed in a second. Then Iíll kill you!

Spidey:I hate Fisk. Come on then, Patchy!


Spidey:He only has one eye.

Deadpool:Needs work.

Spider-Man:Well, I donít remember asking you.

Deathstroke took advantage of the situation and fired another bullet aimed at Spideyís chest. Spider-Man gracefully avoided the incoming bullet, causing it instead to hit Deadpool in the chest cavity.

Deadpool:IT BURNS! Tis only a flesh wound.

Parker shot out two webs which promptly landed squarely on the two sides of Deathstroke. Pete pulled, using momentum to bring him to Slade. Deathstroke, however, simply stepped out of the way, and with evil intentions, slammed him into the ground. Slade then monotonously kicked the Spider. Hearing of his reputation, Slade knew he would get up soon and therefore wanted to swiftly end it. He aimed his gun at the head when Deadpool abruptly jumped at him, hitting him with a hard kick.

Deadpool: Iím back! Honestly, itís no surprise that you would come after him. I mean, you are the arch-nemesis of a group of teenagers, who you stalked for months. Somehow, I donít think you are here to kill-

He was unexpectedly punched in the gut by Deathstroke, who then followed up with a sweep kick. Deadpool hurriedly got up and pulled out his guns.

Deadpool:Youíre pretty good. Bang!

He shot at the one-eyed merc but soon found he was avoiding most of them and surviving the rest. Wade quickly pulled out his sword to block Sladeís and sparks flew. Deadpool unexpectedly brought out a grenade, knowing that he would live. Looking down, he saw another grenade.
Deathstroke:I can see why they call you crazy.

Deadpool:I can see why they call you badass.

The grenades exploded and the two flew back. Spidey swung over to them, smirking.

Spider-Man: Looks like you guys had a blast of a time. Next time you two start lobbying grenades, invite me too. Well, I just called the police and Iím sure they can give you guys new guts. And considering my luck, theyíll succeed; youíll break out, and try to kill me again. Now see ya!

The Spider swung out of the room, lightly chuckling.

Deadpool:So, howís it going with your kid?


Deadpool:Hey. I had kid problems too. Like this one time, there was the cute little baby clone of me called LilíWade. He wanted to kill me. Then I got a sidekick named Kid Deadpool. He wanted to kill me. So relax. Oh, my body just healed.

Deathstroke:Mine too.

Deadpool:So I guess weíre going to try and kill him again?


Deadpool:Race ya!

Wade shot bullets at Deathstroke to deter him and ran out the door. Deathstroke soon followed, or rather, chased. Looking around he spotted Deadpool on the rooftops, waving.

Deadpool: Found my teleporter. ITíS ALIVE!

Deadpool teleported as Deathstroke swiftly jumped onto the rooftops.

Spidey was swinging around Fisk Tower, prepping his fat jokes.

Spider-Man: So I heard you wanted my head. But do you really think itís going to fill you up? Oh, that's good.

Suddenly Deadpool teleported behind him and Deathstroke leaped at him. This caused the trio to crash through the top floor windows of the tower.

Kingpin:So they have arrived. {presses button on intercom} Bullseye, Mary, and all other muscle report to the ground floor.

Meanwhile, all three of the titular characters were falling, too focused on ending the battle to stop their fall. The two Wilsons punched one another in the face, breaking each otherís nose. Their healing factors allowed them to discount the pain and as they readied to decapitate the other, Parker launched himself at them, body slamming the two. Wade swung his blade at Parker, causing a gash to form. Slade jumped on the Merc with a Mouth to get to the Web-Swinger and landed several consecutive hits on the Spider. Realizing that the two could outlast him, Spider-Man stopped going on the aggressive and started dodging the bullets and swords. He soon got Deathstroke in his grips and punched him with great strength, trying to knock him out. Wade, regaining his senses, threw a grenade at the two. Slade countered by throwing a grenade at the insane merc. Spidey, realizing he had no chance of getting away without receiving some harm, pulled the two mercs close with his webs so that all three would be unable to continue.

A resounding boom echoed and the three super-powered individuals fell to the ground, all barely conscious. They soon spotted the crime boss Kingpin, walking towards them with his thugs.

Kingpin:Perfect. All three of them, almost dead. My hated foe dead without having to pay a single cent. Bullseye, finish the job.

Bullseye:A shame,Wade. You always made me laugh. Course, I could always use yer head as a puppet. {pulls out knife} Adios.

Suddenly, the three got an adrenaline rush. One knowing that his death would devastate his aunt, his lover, his friends. One for being cheated, for he did not come so far to be played for sap. One realizing he never got with Bea Arthur or the Mary-Kate Twins. All three wanted to live. They rose up.

Spider-Man:You know, I was going to make a joke about my head not being able to fill you up, but now that I think about it, three heads arenít enough for you.

Deathstroke:I donít take kindly to being cheated. Youíll learn that the hard way, Fisk.

Deadpool: Donít you love happy endings? Now I just got to get with Bea Arthur and the Mary-Kate twins and weíre all set.

And so another battle began.


You're truely evil if you've destroyed books!-Bookman, a charecter I made.

Why is it that video games always take the fall? TV and movies are just as bad! So, i videogameman, became Wack Thompson, and campainged agianst movies and TV, removing attention from video games and saving the field.-videogameman, another charecter I made.
Marvel Man
Posted: May 23 2009, 05:11 AM

The Marvel Crusader

Group: Members
Posts: 1,784
Member No.: 89
Joined: 28-September 08

HULK*****VS******SPIDER MAN*****VS*********IRON MAN
user posted image user posted image
user posted image
This is a build your own story fight! The first step is to pick the character you want to be the main character. Then, follow the story, and choose your own ending!


His stomach growled. Yet Bruce Banner merely sighed. Digging into his pocket, Bruce pulled out a quarter, some gum (chewed), and a few crumbs.

Again, Bruce sighed. This was the life of a hunted scientist. No money. No job. No friends.


And no food.

Bruce continued walking, ignoring his hunger as best he could. Suddenly, he saw it.

If you want Bruce to find a dollar, scroll down to Hulk A. If you want Bruce to find a "Who wants to be a Millioner" contestant application, scroll down to Hulk B.

Bruce Banner smiled. Before him, stuck under some newspapers, there laid Washington, smiling back at him.

It was a dollar.

Bending down, Banner picked it up, and began to think. Should he save it, or should he spend it?


Food. His body had picked food. Looking up, he saw a McDonalds.


Bruce Banner quickly walked inside, smiling. His smile soon dissapeared though. Inside, a special person awaited.

If you want to see Iron Man, scroll down to HULK A1. To see Ronald McDonald, scroll to HULK A2.

Bruce smiled. With his genius, the million dollars would soon be his. He quickly filled it out, and turned it in.

A few weeks later, and Bruce Banner was in the hot seat. He had played a great game, and hadn't used any of his helps. Now, he was getting closer and closer to the grand prize.

Meredith: "Alright Bruce, you're at the 750,000 dollar mark. How do you plan to use your money?"

Bruce: "Well Meredith, I was thinking about a little research. I am a scientist."

Meredith: "Here's the question: What is the atomic number of Magnesium?. 24. 23. 8. 2."

Bruce: "24, final anwser."

Meredith: "Correct! Now would you like to-...."

Bruce: "Yes, I want to continue."

Meredith: "Now, for the final, million dollar question! Here it is..... What is 2 +2? 3. 6. 22. 4."

Bruce: "Is this a joke?"

Meredith: "10 seconds."

Bruce: "2, final anwser."

Meredith: ".....oh Bruce, it's wrong. And you were so close!"

Bruce: "What?! It is 4!"

Meredith: "Well, better luck next time."

Bruce: "But I got it right! It's-..."

Meredith: "Security!"


Bruce Banner roared in anger. Despite his best efforts, his eyes turned green, signaling the begining of a horrific change. His shirt ripped, revealing massive, and expanding muscles. His skin changed shades, turning into the trademarked green hue.

The Hulk was unleashed.

To see Hulk smash, scroll to HULK B1. To see Hulk dance, scroll to HULK B2

Iron Man: "Bruce. Arrest. Now."

Bruce Banner: "What?! I just want a burger!!! AARRRGGG!!!!"

*One Transformation Later*


Iron Man nodded. He quickly shot a dart at Hulk. His top scientist said it would be able to knock the Hulk out, no matter how mad.

Iron Man: "Take this, Hulk!"


The dart fell on the floor. It had failed to penetrate Hulk's skin. What it had done, was make Hulk mad!

"What the h*** do you think you're doing?!", yelled a voice. Turning around, both fighters saw Spider Man, standing ready. His fists covered in webbing, to increase his punches' strenght. "There are bystanders here!"

All three stared angrily at one another. Then they began to battle....
If you want to see Hulk smash both fighters, scroll to HULK WIN 1. If you want to see Hulk surrender, scroll to HULK SURRENDER.

Hulk smashed. With one swift moved, Meredith was a statistic. With another, the hot seat had been flung into the wall. The security had wisely fled, as had the audience.

Hulk: "Hulk want money!"

"Not now Hulk."

Turning around, Hulk saw Iron Man. His armor gleamed in the studio's lights.

"Nah, you both going down."

Hulk turned around again. This time, he saw Spider Man.

"HULK NOT DOWN! HULK UP! HULK SMASH!!!!", he yelled.

To see Hulk win, scroll to HULK WIN 2. To see him surrender, scroll to HULK SURRENDER.

Ronald: "What up?"

Bruce: "I hate clowns!"

Bruce Banner's eyes turned green, as his alter ego took over. His pants were ripped, revealing his purple (and stretchy) shorts. He was no longer a man. He was Hulk.


And Hulk smashed indeed. Lifting his fist, the Hulk sent Ronald flying through the air, slamming into the Dollar Menu ™. Sparks flew, sending the people in line, as well as everyone else, running for their lives.

Still mad, Hulk busted outside, his hunger forgotten.

"Yo Hulk, stop!", yelled a voice. Looking up, Hulk saw who it was. Spider Man.

"No, you are both arrested. Registration & what not.", said another voice. Looking up, the fighters saw Iron Man, flying towards them.

To see Hulk win, scroll to HULK WIN 3. To see Hulk surrender, scroll to HULK SURRENDER.

Hulk couldn't help it. He felt the music. It called to him, so he danced. Lifting his hands up, he raised the roof.

"Dang dwag! You stink!", yelled Iron Man.

"Look who's talking.", said Spider Man.

Hulk did not question how the two fighters had gotten into the studio, nor how they knew he was there. Instead, he felt like smashing.

"Make fun of Hulk? HULK SMASH!"
To see Hulk win in a dance battle, scroll to HULK WIN 4. To see Hulk surrender, scroll to HULK SURRENDER.

Hulk leapt forward first, and delivered a brutal punch to Iron Man. The punch sent him flying, busting through tables and chairs. Eventually, Iron Man slams into the back wall, and stops.

Spider Man though, takes advantage, and leaps up. He strikes at Hulk, delivering stunning hits. Yet, to the Hulk, they are nothing. The Hulk angrily roars, and swats at Spidey, as you would a fly. Still, Spider Man's senses keep him out of reach. This only makes Hulk mad!!

"Hey Bruce, take this!", yells Iron Man, interrupting their fight. Turning around, Hulk is caught completely by surprise by a powerful uni-beam. Still, altough surprised, the Hulk stands.

As Tony is distracted, Spider Man jumps on his back, sticking to him. Tony begins to fly awkwardly, trying to pry him off. This, is a big mistake.

While both grapple, the Hulk has regained his balance, and leaps forward. The area is small, so it isn't hard for Hulk to grab Iron Man. With his strenght, it also isn't hard to bring him down. In one swift arc, the Hulk brings down both fighters, slamming them on the tile floor.

Just to make sure, Hulk delivers a few more punches, then stands back.
To see Hulk go to Canada, scroll to HULK CANADA. To see Hulk take Tony's wallet, scroll to HULK WALLET.

Hulk lowers his head, and raises his arms. SHIELD soon comes to pick him up, and transfers him to Kansas. Spider Man flees, with Iron Man in pursuit.


Hulk angrily lifted a large camera piece. Using his great strenght, he sends it flying, aiming at Iron Man. Sadly, Tony dodges, and then charges Hulk. Spider Man too, swings forward.

Angry, the Hulk lifts both hands up, then brings them down, slamming them together.

It's Hulk's dreaded Thunder Clap. It's force vibrated forward, hitting the duo directly.

Spider Man's ear drums bursted, causing him to cry out in pain. Peter drops to the floor, his hands holding his bleeding ears.

Meanwhile, Tony's suit had also been damaged by the clap. Losing control, the suit flies too close to the ground, and slams into the floor. Tony rolls on the floor at high speeds, his suit, useless. Finally, it rolls to stop.

Right under Hulk!

Hulk then delivers a quick punch, knocking him out. He then walks over to Peter, and strikes him. Peter drops unconscious.

Victorious, Hulk leans back, and roars.
To see Hulk go to Canada, scroll to HULK CANADA. To see Hulk deliver a finisher, mortal kombat style, scroll to HULK FINISHER.

Hulk roared with anger. With an extraordinary leap, the Hulk nearly took out Iron Man. Luckily, Tony had managed to move out of the way at the last moment. After that, he opened fire on Hulk.

Spider Man too, launched webs at Hulk.

Still, Hulk would not fall. With one hand, Hulk lifted a nearby pick up truck, and used it as a shield. Tony, foolishly, swept down, to get a better shot.

Hulk took advantage, and slammed the truck on Tony, swinging it like a bat. Tony went flying, crashing through a truck, before finally slamming into another store.

Meanwhile, Spidey dove down too. His feet outstretched, united in a double kick. The kick struck Hulk in the chest, but only angered Hulk. Fortunetly, Spidey used the force to push himself back, just as Hulk reached for him.

Still not done, Spidey scurried forward, and began to deliver several punches. Hulk took them, and tried his best to tag the spider.


Iron Man's missile struck, exploding in Hulk's face. It had been too fast to dodge, not even Spider Man dodged it. Infact, the explosion sent him flying. His unconscious body landed on a parked car.

Tony, just to make sure, flew towards the cloud of smoke where Hulk had once stood. Yet, even as he did, the dark shadow of Hulk became visible. Before he could flee, Hulk reached out, and crushed Iron Man, knocking him out.
To see Hulk go to Canada, scroll to HULK CANADA. To see Hulk become a farmer, scroll to HULK FARMER.

Hulk angrily began to do the electric slide, moving closer and closer to Spider Man. In response, Spidey went into his "Crank that Spider Man", routine. Meanwhile, Tony hit an air guitar solo, to Black Sabath's "Iron Man".

As Spidey cranked it, Hulk delivered the first blow, as he switched to a 80's Disco dance craze (Imagine Saturday Night Fever). With his fist, he struck Spidey in the head, finishing him off. One blow was all it took.

Hulk was dissapointed.

Turning around, Hulk narrowed his eyes. Tony was doing the robot.

This would be a challenge.

With his eyes still narrowed, Hulk began to snap his fingers, and began to pace. Tony gasped, as he recognized the routine. It was from "West Side Story", and was impressive.

In response, Tony bent down, and began to do the worm, slithering towards Hulk. In seconds, they were face to face.

To counter the worm, Hulk stuck one hand out, then another. It was the Macarena. Very deadly.

Tony tried to do a cool move, but failed. In disgrace, Tony turned around, and walked away. Out of spite, Hulk began to do the Moon Walk.

Hulk had done it. He had won!


Hulk bent down, and took Tony's wallet. Inside, were several hundreds of dollars in cash, credit cards, and pictures of Pepper Potts. All valuable.

Smiling, Hulk reached over the counter, grabbed a couple of burgers, and walked off.


Hulk walked outside. He had nothing, but battle wounds, and ripped shorts. Still, Hulk needed nothing.

Unsure of what to do next, Hulk began to jump in a general direction. The next day, he was in Canada. The day after that, he was eating bacon. And you know what? He was happy.


"FINISH HIM!", yelled a powerful voice.

Unsure of where it came from, Hulk still delivered his finisher to Iron Man. He threw him up, then lifted his fists into the air. As Tony's body hit the floor, he brought his fists down, and began to create a few minor earthquakes.

Thanks to his fists, Tony's bones became paste, and his armor, scrap.

"FATALITY!", yelled the same voice.

Pumped up, Hulk turned to Spider Man.....


Tired of the constant fighting, Hulk grabbed a nearby metal beam, and shaped it into a pitchfork. He then leaped towards the west, until he arrived at Kansas, where he began a successful farm, growing corn, bean, and cotton. He also started breeding dogs, eventually become a well known dog trainer.



user posted image

"Do you know what happens to toads that are struck by lightning?
The same thing that happens to everything else."

Shadow Fenrir
Posted: May 23 2009, 05:08 PM

The Gorram Hypocyteô

Group: Members
Posts: 3,659
Member No.: 82
Joined: 8-September 08

LSS Broly Vs. Savage Hulk Vs. Original Doomsday in a For All Brawl Bash! Who wins? Read to find out! There will be a few cameos and mentions of other characters, as well as a few off topic battles.


It was a nice day, simply because of the warm, shining sun, the cool breeze, and the lively animals of the sparse forest. Bruce Banner in his transformed form, his alter ego, the Hulk, was on the run from SHIELD. Well, really, not on the run, for he had smashed Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and his flying armada of SHIELD ships and fighters.

Still, Tony had rallied the support of the United States army and worked with them in a joint effort to capture Hulk which only resulted in his escaping. Hulk was at least a few hundred miles away from the city and is in the mountainous forest to the north.

Hulk was grumbling, "Puny men in big machines should've left me alone...", as he walked along a well worn trail. He eventually came upon an old cabin, seemingly abandoned with a hidden cache of stored food. Hulk transformed back to Banner for he was weary and hungry from his long journey. He eats a hearty meal and goes to sleep ontop of an old bunk bed. He dreams a dream about his beloved Betty Banner.


Having demolished a planet belonging to the alien race, the Skrulls, Broly was wrecking havoc upon the galaxy, demolishing inhabited planets and moons. "Hahaha, those puny insects are no match for my power!", chuckles the Legendary Super Saiyan. "Wait...I feel power! KAKAROTTTTTT!!!!", suddenly in a burst of rage, Broly speeds in the direction of planet Earth.

A being watches from a distance, it is Beta Ray Bill. "He heads for Earth, I must warn Thor, but first let's see....", He said to himself as he followed Broly from a distance. He readies his mystical hammer Stormbreaker, and contnues following.

Without a warning, Brolly attacked, realeasing a barrage of green orb, which swarms the cyborg Korbinite. Bill spins his hammer with his wrist, deflecting the majority of the blasts, with the few hitting him in explosions that knocks him back a bit. On the offensive, Broly using his high speed, zips behind Bill where he knees him in the back.

Bill responds with strking out at a 360 degree angle with the hammer, colliding it with Broly's barrier. It barely makes a dent and the blow seems to have no efect on Brolly. Bill tries once again with all his might, throws his hammer at Broly where it collides with the barrier once again. This time it nearly punctures it but Brolly with a burst of energy, repels it.

Smiling, Broly was enjoying the fight but he was in a hurry for Earth. Utilizing his superspeed, Broly smashes Bill from all sides, giving him no chance to counter the blows as well no quarter. He ends it with a giant, green orb of luminescent energy, firing at Bill where it collides and explodes, with enough force to blow a good sized planet apart ten times over. Bill's outline is seen in the diminishing smoke, he is unconscious and injured severely.

Broly chuckles once more and leaves for his destination, growling Kakarot under his breath.


A jagged being clad with sharp bony protrusions was in a bloody battle with the supervillain, Hyperion. Doomsday was not faring well in the battle for Hyperion was too fast for him and was pounding away at him.

Hyperion had killed Doomsday once by the use of his atomic vision, setting him aflame and burning to death. He however regenerated the next few days and had sought out Zhib-Ran for a rematch.

Hyperion learned in this battle Doomsday could not be killed the same way again when he tried using his vision once more. "What are you, you infernal beast!?", Zhib-Ran bellowed as he used his superspeed to pelt Doomsday with flurries of punches, sending Doomsday into buildings and objects nearby.

Doomsday kept getting back up, which only served to enrage Hyperion, "Why won't you die!?! Damned beast!!". Doomsday growled and charged at him threw a punch towards Zhib-Ran. Of course, Hyperion sidestepped at the last second and smashed both fists ontop of Doomsday's back.

This didn't slow the monster as he swung around with his left arm behind, clothlining Hyperion facefist into the ground. Doomsday followed up with a right cross to Zhib-Ran's back with his bony knuckle. Hyperion got back up with a bleeding face and roared, "You're dead!!", to which he threw a right punch to Doomsday's face.

Doomsday responded by catching the supervillain's fist in midair and crushed it. Hyperion howled in pain as he clutched his broken hand and fired off another burst of his atomic vision, attempting to hold Doomsday off. Sadly, this had no effect as it seems Zhib-Ran had forgotten he was immune to fire.

The monstrous beast's surroundings were set aflame as Doomsday walked through the flames towards the supervillain. Zhib-Ran then charged at Doomsday, driving his left fist into his face. This pushed Doomsday back a couple of feet but he retaliated with a jumping kick to the side of Hyperion's head.

This sent Zhib-Ran flying into a car, continuing on through a building, where the beast followed. He found Hyperion struggling to get up. Doomsday finished it by driving his bone studded fist through Zhib-Ran's chest, killing him.

Doomsday leaves the city, leaving carnage everywhere, headed into the nearby forest.


Bruce Banner was sleeping peacefully and awoke to a ray of sunlight hitting his face. He smiles, feeling at peace a bit within. He gets up and gets dressed, eats a few of the stores and leaves, heading out on another trail he found behind the cabin.

Doomsday is smashing through the trees, walking aimlessly nowhere, wandering around the forest killing whatever came into his path.

Banner was at least five miles from the cabin when he heard thecrashing and thudding sounds of trees. Whatever it was doing that was getting closer, Bruce began to get nervous and walked faster, bordering on jogging. Banner walked into a clearing, "Geez, whatever that thing was, its gone...", he continued walking as normal.

Doomsday breaks into the clearing, he sees Banner and roars. He charges at him.

Banner hears the roar, turns, sees the beast and begins to run, "Oh no, not again!", he screams, andrenaline rushing through his systems. He runs into the nearby forest opening, trying to lose Doomsday.

Where is he?, Banner thought to himself and turns to see the beast standing a few feet away from him, "Oh no..." Banner whimpers.

Doomsday leaps ontop of Bruce, the momentum drivng them into a nearby brush. A growl is heard and a loud roar is emitted. Doomsday is sent flying out of the brush with a loud thud into a nearby tree.

Hulk emerges from the brush removing a piece of shirt on his shoulder, throwing it aside. He growls and bellows, "Hulk the strongest one there is!!!! Hulk smash bony man!!", to which Doomsday responds with a menacing growl.

Doomsday delivers the first blow, a right hook to Hulk's face, sending him off balance, where in return Hulk retaliates with a spinning backhand to the face. Hulk follows up with a kick to Doomsday stomach, sending him through groves of trees. Doomsday gets up from under the trees, he grabs one of the trees and begins to run at Hulk. Hulk leaps at Doomsday, where he gets smacked down into the ground by Doomsday with his tree club.

He throws that aside and begins throttling Hulk's neck, trying to snap it. Hulk counters by headbutting Doomsday in the face with the back of his head and grabs a large rock. He smashes it into the beast's face, knocking him down to the ground. He jumps onto Doomsday's chest and begins to pound him headfirst into the ground, causing mini quakes.

Doomsday responds to this, spearing Hulk in the back with his sharp, bone capped knee. Hulk roars, reaching for his back while stomping on Doomsday's face at the same time. Doomsday punches Hulk in the thigh, knocking him off. He gets up and grabs Hulk and headbutts him in the face with his bony forehead. This serves to enrage Hulk further and he shows his anger by overpowering a suprised Doomsday, bringing him down and knees him in the face.

Doomsday counters with a sweeping arm across Hulk's legs, finger outstretched, cutting into the skin deeply. Hulk roars, falling to his knees, and throws a heavy left jab to Doomsday's face. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!!!", he bellows in Doomsday's face. Doomsday then punches Hulk in the face as hard as he could, knocking him back a dozen and a half feet. His face bleeding, Hulk growls and runs at Doomsday, and leaps, kneeing him right in the face again.

Domsday doubles over, crashing into the ground, but he quickly gets up, his face bleeding. Doomsday growls and swings a fist to which Hulk narrowly dodges and performs a hay-maker on Doomsday, sending him flying through another groves of trees. Doomsday gets up once again, his stamina seemingly limitless as too does the Hulk's. They growl at each other and charge at each other, bombarding each other with punches and kicks.

Hulk grabs ahold of Doomsday's bony elbow, rips it out, and stabs Doomsday in the same arm with it. The monster responds with a heavy fist with the other arm, driving the dagger like knuckle into Hulk's face. "You like Abomination! I stronger than him!!" Hulk taunted, as his face bled. Doomsday growls and begins to throw a punch, whereas the Hulk stops him with a thunderous kick to the head, knocking out Doomsday.

Hulk roars, signifying him as the stronger of the two, and lifts Doomsday and throws him quite a distance away.


Broly barreled through space, heading for Earth. He still smashed a few celestial bodies everyonce a while and then on the go. Broly grinned at all the destruction he had wrought upon this galaxy, he desired to inflict more pain and havoc.

Broly eventually makes it to Earth's moon, nearly without any oxygen left within his barrier. He lands and surveys his surroundings, thinking about destroying this dust ball until he sees the home of the Inhumans. He chuckles an evil chuckle and flys over towards its postition. Using his barrier, he breaks through the walls of the settlement and after reaching a quite few distance away from the hole, he releses his barrier to get a breath of air and to refill.

He sees members of the Inhumans coming towards him, all hostile and they begin to attack Broly. The first to attack him was Gorgon, the hooved footed Inhuman bodyguard of Blackbolt. He stomped his foot on the ground, creating massive shockwaves euivalent to major earthquakes. Broly simply smiles and avoids it by hovering into the air a dozen feet off the ground.

Gorgon gets enraged and leaps at Broly to which he responds with a thunderous backhand, smacking Gorgon into a nearby building. Not stopping the momentum, Broly fires off his usual barrage of green orbs at Gorgon's vicinity, killing him. "Weakling, is this place full of wealkings?!", Broly bellowed.

During the ensuing fight, a nearby Inhuman is seen, it is Karnak who studies Broly. "What, he has no physical weaknesses! But the only thing he does have is his mental instability!", he cried quivering with fear, knowing he was no match for the Legendary Super Saiyan. He tries to go warn Black Bolt of this.

Broly had heard Karnak's cry and hurled a mid-sized orb towards him, resulting in a massive explosion killing him. Broly laughed with pure rage and went on to attack Luna, who was with her mother Crystal. Crystal atempted to hold Broly off while Luna tried to use her emotional powers to sway Broly from battle. She received a massive feedback that nearly killed her thanks to his unending rage.

Her mother defended both of themselves by trying to use combinations of her elemental control powers. She tried to make Broly sponstaneously ignite which occured on his person and only seemed to enrage him further, "You're all weaklings!!!!". He spun around at high speed to extinguish the flames. She continue her assult by summoning rocky pillars and columns which emegre from beneath Broly, this catches him by surprise.

The pillars smashes into him before he could reactivate his barrier and Crystal further the attack by making an hole open in the center where Broly begins to fall in but he hovers and suddenly another pillar comes out at a high speed smashing into Broly once again. This time he activates his barrier which destroys the columns and speeds behind Crystal with one fist charged with energy.

Using that fist, he smashes it into her stomach and fires off the energy, launching her into the sky. Following that quickly, Broly immediately charges his fist and does the same to Luna who is paralyzed by the feedback temporarily. She is launched at an arc towards her mother, they collide, the mother and daughter duo are vaporized in an explosion.

Broly laughs madly and continues his onslaught decimating the palace of the Inhuman royalty family. Suddenly, Broly hears a female's voice, it is Medusa, "Stop your destruction now brute or Black Bolt's Master Blow will destroy you...", she commanded. "You? what can you two weaklings do!?", Broly challenged.

"How dare you!", Medusa screamed, enraged, "How dare you insult us!!", she struck at Broly with her hair faster than the speed of sound. It almost breached Broly's defenses but it stopped the tensile hair strands. Broly chuckled, "Is that all you can do?!". She is further enraged but her husband Black Bolt calms her down and communicates with her.

"My lord is going to destroy you now, foolish brute. Your death will be a long one.", Medusa somberly says. "My power is overflowing, its too much! For you!!!", Broly roared and charged at the two which Black Bolt responds in a very, very low whisper, "Enough...".

The air is suddenly distorted and a furious shockwave ripples through the air, smashing into Broly. This sends him flying extremely fast into the nearby buidlings, tearing through dozens of them. The landscape beneath the blast was uttely destroyed and nothing was left except for moon rock. "Fool, you should've known better then to challenge my husba...Argh!", Medusa cried out as a energy bolt tore through her, killing her.

Black Bolt stared at her body with intense sorrow and pure rage. Broly rose outof the rubble, "Heh, that tickled...let's see you do that again...weakling!", he bellows as his barrier shimmered on and off. Broly darts at Black Bolt with his fists at the ready to pummel him. Black Bolt looked upon his foe with with undescribable anger and performed his "Master Blow", impacting with Broly's barrier which shatters in an explosive display.

Broly is sent carrening through the air, crashing into the ground with such a thunderous impact, a crater was formed. Broly is unconscious. Black Bolt looked upon his wife's broken body and began to mourn her death as he knelt beside her, his powerful technique having drained him of his stamina. He too mourned those that had fell in battle with the raging Legendary Super Saiyan.

He gets up and carries his wife's body, albeit slowly towards the ruins of the palace. "Ha..ha...ha....ha....ha! I'm not done with you!", a voice broke the silent air. Broly stood, gripping his injured left arm with brusise and small gashes all over his exposed torso. He begins to fly towards Black Bolt slowly, "I'm going to destroy you and your worthless people, I'll even destroy this pathetic moon!", Broly howled.

Black Bolt, drained of his energy looked at Broly with fear in his eyes as Broly came closer to him. "DIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Broly roared as he begun to bring his fist down upon Black Bolt. The King of Inhumans suddenly screamed, "NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!", which unleahed another wave of the same force, this time only far more destructive than the last.

Broly was impacted with this and was rendered unconscious as the attack blew his body effortlessly, like a leaf on a gale wind, out crashing through the city into outer space. Broly managed to activate his barrier instinctely as he had done as a baby as he entered outer space.

The gravity of the moon began to pull Broly into an arc, making him go around the moon slingshooting off into the direction of Earth. He is gripped by the bigger orbiting star and is slowly pulled nearer and neaer, his barrier begins to flame as Broly barrels through Earth's atomosphere. He crashlands nearby a familiar mountain, into a prarie.


Doomsday awakens in a different seeting as the Hulk had launched him from the battle zone. He gets up and looks around, growling. It is nighttime and Doomsday notices an object flying through the sky on flames. A loud crash is heard and Doomsday goes to look for any worthy adversaries to fight at that location.

He arrives and sees a big, muscular man in a weird clothing covered within a barrier. Broly is still unconscious and has reverted to his base form. Doomsday gets closer and decides to kill this eing for the heck of it and begins to throw a fist at Broly's head.

A blinding flash splits the air, Doomsday is blinded, a cackling laughter is heard. It is Broly who has awakened and transformed back into his Legendary Super Saiyan form. "Heh heh heh, I'm going to show you my power, pathetic fool!, Broly growled. Doomsday just looked on towards Broly and motioned for combat wth a fist, he leaps at Broly.

Doomsday is met in the face with a green energy bolt that smacks him back quite a distance. "You're no match for me, fool!", Broly challenged as he hovered into the air, barrier at full power. Doomsday lept at Broly to which he recieved a full on barrage wave from Broly smacking him back into the ground with small devastating explosions.

Doomsdat gets up with some gashes on his person, he growls and leaps once more for Broly who counters with another barrage, this time with more intensity and power. The landscaped was destroyed with Doomsday in the heart of it. Doomsday still stood, with some more severe gashes.

Doomsday grabs a nearby fallen tree and launches it at Broly, he also grabs a nearby exposed boulder and launches that too. Brolly just hovers there and releases two orbs that destroy the projectiles easily. While he did this, Doomsday let at Broly's back and collided with his, trying to punch through Broly's barrier, only managing to dent it a bit. They crash into the ground.

Broly goes on the offensive, speeding around Doomsday, belting him everywhere as he went. Doomsday tries to hit Broly in vain. Broly eventually gets tired of it and charges up energy in his palm while flying backwards, unleashing waves after waves of bolts at Doomsday. Doomsday struggles against the waves, walking through them, trying to get Broly,even leaping now and then towards him only to be pused back by the onslaught.

Finally done charging, Broly charges up another in his other palm and zooms right up to Doomsday's face. He drives the palm with the fully charged energy into Doomsday's stomach and catapults him on a flying bolt of destructive energy. Broly releases the energy in the other hand at Doomsday, where it collides a few dozen miles off the surface of the planet and explodes with enough force to crack adamitium easily, rumored to be one of the hardest substances in the universe.

Doomsday falls to Earth, destroyed to the bones by the huge concussive blast of Broly's, he crashes ontop a mountain plateau, apparently dead. Broly is laughing, "Weak fool, he thought he could beat me...my power, its overflowing!". He immediately flys away in a random direction, luckily towards another being of great power.


Hulk had won his battle with the being known as Doomsday. He was leaping away from where he had fought the beast towards the direction of leaving the mountains. As he lept, notices a bright flash from behind and sees an massive explosion occur high, high in the sky. He sees something fall in the sky, Doomsday, who crashlands with a earthquaking result.

Hulk grunts and continues leaping when he's suddenly assaulted by a energy bolt. Its Broly's. Hulk roars as he falls to the ground, bouncing along with heavy thuds and a loud crack is heard. Hulk had dislocated his shoulder. He growls, gets up and sees Broly coming at him quick. Hulk snaps his shoulder back in place and gets ready for combat, anger rising within him.

"All Hulk wants is to bee left alone!", Hulk bellowed at the Saiyan. "Heh, I'm not going to leave you be, I'm going to destroy you!", Broly fired back. "Hulk the strongest one there is, Hulk show you!!", and with that, Hulk lept at Broly only to recieve a bolt to the face. Hulk lands on his feet, leaving a deep foot impression in the ground.

This time Hulk lept at Broly, waiting for him to fire another bolt which he does. Old Greenskin counters this with a massive thunderclap that destroys the bolt, the impact of the clap smashes into Broly, suprising him. Hulk continues the assault as he collides with Broly, delivering a right jab to Broly's torso, sending him crashing to the ground with a boom.

Hulk lands nearby and runs at Broly's location where suddeny a large barrage of energy bolts assault Hulk, exploding upon him. Another wave comes and Hulk counters once again with another thunderclap, this time a stronger one, it destroys the majority of the bolts. Hulk takes the remaining ones like they were nothing.

He grins, "So you're the strongest? Fool, you're still no match for my power!!", Broly growled and released a massive orb of destruction that was headed for Hulk. Hulk undeterred by this, puts his palms up and catches the orb, which pushes him back a little bit. Broly fires another orb, although smaller, into the larger one, pushing it even harder on Hulk.

Hulk struggles against it while Boly laughs insanely, gaining more strength as the Saiyan villain's mocking laugh enrages Hulk. Hulk quickly pushes the giantic orb in a show of strength and quickly fires off another thunderclap. The power of the clap tears into the orb, destroying its structural integrity, forcing the energy within into a erractic beam form driven by the clap's force, into Broly's direction, traveling fast.

Broly quickly puts up his barrier just before it hits and it tears through it effortlessly, hitting Broly quite hard. His barrier reduced the impact and power of the blast, Broly still stood, chuckling with open bleeding gashes all over his torso. "Ha..ha, you used my power against me! My overflowing power...for that, you will die!!", Broly roared and charged at Hulk, flying low to the ground.

Hulk stood, his wounds almost healed, as the angry Legendary Super Saiyan came at him. Broly jumped to the front of Hulk where Old Greenskin struck out at Broly, he dodges, speeding behind Hulk. He delivers a right punch follwed instantly with a left kick at a fightening speed where Hulk could not keep up. Hulk tried and tried to hit the evading Saiyan but it was all in vain.

Hulk finally gets tired of it and claps out another thunderclap, a radial one that knocks back Broly. Hulk takes the opening and leaps at Broly, fists at the ready to do their deed. He lands a hit on Broly's left arm, severly injuring Broly, but all of the other punches were dodged. Broly puts his barrier back up and dashes away from Hulk, screaming, "Die!!!", launching another bombardment on Hulk.

Hulk unhesitately jumps into the oncoming mob of bolts, enduring a few of them as he reaches Broly and delivers a devastating kick to Broly's abdomen. Broly is immediately knocked out and falls to earth, transformed back to base form. Hulk lands a few dozen feet away from the defeated Broly and walks up to him, grunting "Hulk's the strongest...", and leaves, walking ino the dense brush.


As the victorious Hulk walked away from his battle with the Legendary Super Saiyan, he feels a very tiny earthquake occuring every few minutes. Something was leaping through the air, Hulk turned and looked through the thick canopy, he sees Doomsday flying through the air. "YOU!!!!", Hulk growled and ran in the direction of where Doomsday lept.

Doomsday had fell in battle against Broly, a large chunk of his body was destroyed when he was hit with Broly's massive attack. He ressurected and regenerated the lost body mass and had become highly resistant to the Saiyan's energy attacks. He was searching for the one that killed him and he did not have to go far to find his foe, though it be a different one, the one that defeated him before Broly.

Hulk runs out into an opening to see Doomsday standing there, growling having heard Hulk. "Hulk already defeated you, Hulk the strongest one, Hulk even stronger this time!!!", He bellowed at Doomsday. Doomsday leaps at Hulk, fists outstretched, and punches Hulk right in the face, sedning him flying.

Hulk catches the ground with his fist and runs at Doomsday, leaping both of his feet into Doomsday's face with full on force. This causes Doomsday to double into the ground, thudding extremly hard, leaving an imprint of his body in the ground. He gets up and growls at Hulk, Old Grenskin continues his onslaught by kicking Doomsday square in the face.

Doomsday gets angry and throws his fist right into Hulk's stomach and spins around driving his elbow bone protrusion into Hulk's side. Hulk bellows a mighty, unearthly roar, shaking the very mountain itself. He is enraged, he punches Doomsday so hard in the face, he is sent flying for at least a mile before crashing into groves of trees.

Hulk roars and runs at the location of Doomsday when a bolt strikes his legs, causing him to run into the ground facefirst, tumbling over and over, crashing. Hulk gets up and sees the Legendary Super Saiyan grinning at him, "I'm not done with you fool, I'm stronger than ever! Now die!", Broly bellowed and at this point Doomsday jumped out of the trees into Broly, punching into his barrier.

Hulk leaps at Doomsday as he falls, being bombarded by Broly, kneeing him in the side of the head. Doomsday crashes into the ground, he gets up quickly and runs at Hulk only to be grappled before he could react by Hulk and gets thrown at Broly. Broly fires off a mssive orb of energy, which collides and explodes, seemingly killing him, "Weak fool!", but a growl is heard, Doomsday was still alive and had no damage done to him.

Broly is shcoked but not worried, "I'll kill the both of you!!", he roared and threw a dual barrage at Hulk and Doomsday. Hulk and Doomsday powered through it easily, both tired of the same tactic. Hulk went after Doomsday while Doomsday went after Broly. Hulk caught to Doomsday before he got to Broly and was throwing fists at him, pummeling him, Doomsday returned with a few of his own.

Broly sped down to behind Hulks back and delivered a mighty knee to it, cause Hulk to arch back in pain and swing around to strike at something that is not there anymore. Doomsday took the chance and threw a right hook to Hulk's face as Hulk turned to face him, knocking him off balance. Broly punched Doomsday in the face as he did this and released a large blast right in Doomsday's face, blowing him back.

Hulk jumps at Broly, this the Saiyan easily evades, only to smack face first into Doomsday's waiting fist, knocking him to the ground. Doomsday pounces on Hulk and recieves a mountain jarring kick to the head, repelling him away from Old Greenskin. Broly continues his onslaught of high speed close combat, battering both foes and dodging their blows, greatly frustrating the both of them.

Hulk gets madder and madder at this and throws a heavy punch to Doomsday's face, sending him reeling into a boulder nearby. He then turns on Broly who is already coming at him for another round. As expected, he went around Hulk to attack him from the behind, Hulk lets loose a heavy elbow into Broly's face, smacking him into the ground.

Hulk then begins to pound his foot on Broly only to be tackled by Doomsday and get punched in the face repeatedly. Hulk defends himself by headbutting Doomsday in the face and throw a fist in his stomach, forcing Doomsday off of Hulk. Broly gets up, staggering from the tremendous power behind the elbow that fell him, his aura bursts, sending out strong gusts. "MY POWER!!! ITS OVERFLOWING!!! HA..HA...HA...HAAA!!!", Broly bellowed as debris from the earth begins to float into the sky from Broly great power.

The two powerhouses feel the power emnating from Broly and they suddenly forget each other, both wanting to prove themselves stronger than Broly despite his great power. They head for Broly who lets loose a massive destructive orb far stronger than the one that smashed Doomsday and pushed back Hulk combined.

Doomsday leaps into the heart of the attack, an explosion immediately occurs, the landscape is suddenly destroyed, miles of mountainou rock and forest alike is destroyed. Doomdsday had absorb much of the impact and power of the blast. Hulk was blown wide from the area, bouncing off the ground and crashing into objects, bones snapping and breaking. Broly protected himself with his barrier, exerting it at full power.

Hulk gets up, in immense pain as his advance regenration healed the damage done to his body, he snaps a few bones back in place here and there. He sees Doomsday standing, severely damaged by the blast, his resistance was not enough to endure it fully but it kept him alive, his regenration too kicks in. Doomsday collapses to the ground.

Broly is heard laughing and dashes at Hulk through the air, driving a fist into his face, catching him off guard. Hulk makes a valiant effort but the Saiyan was going twice harder and faster than before, Hulk could not catch up. But this indeed made him very angry as he wanted to squash this bug and be done with him. "HULK WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE!", He screams and claps a thunderclap so powerful, it within five feet from Hulk's space destroyed the land, leaving a crater.

The force of the clap smashed into Broly, knocking him off guard big time and dizzied by the concussive effect of the clap. Hulk takes the chance and punches Broly in the stomach, making him go to his knees. "Hulk the strongest!, he roared and was about to hit him again that he was suddenly clothlined by the healed Doomsday, who growled. He then drives his fist through Broly's chest from the back, the Saiyan crying out in pain, having lost all of his energy.

Doomsday with the same arm that impaled Broly, lifts it and wings it so hard towards the sky, it throws Broly off, barreling into space. Doomsday looks at where Broly went and grolwed. Hulk gets back up, shaking his head, he sees Doomsday and roars, signaling both to combat to the death. Doomsday throws the first hit to Hulk stomach, smacks him back but he backhands around into Doomsday's face.

Hulk continues his assault but Doomsda counters by driving his bone studded knee into Hulk's stomach, injuring him gretly. Hulk trhen smashes his fist into Doomsday so hard, it knocks him back a good distance. Thanks to his enraged state, Hulk healed quickly before Doomsday got back in close proximity and recieved a kick to the side of the head.

Hulk is still standing and with pure anger and rage seen in his eyes, he grabs Doomsday and headbutts him in the face over and over nonstop. Doomsday tries to stop this but not even he could not stop this maddened Hulk anymore, for at this power level, he defeated the Sentry. Hulk then began to knee him in the stomach repeatedly, inflicting stressed damage to Doomsday's body.

Hulk continued by reaching up and slammed both of his fists into both sides of Doomsday's head, no longer resisting despite his limitless stamina. Doomsday begins to fall but Hulk catches him, smacks Doomsday around, grabs him by the head from behind and begins squeezing his head with the muscles in Hulk's arm. He finally finishes with snapping Doomsday's neck, killing him.

Having heard the snap, Hulk lets go and roars, signaling once again that he was the victor of the battle between beasts and lept away from the scarred battlefield, glad the conflict was over at once.

A body is seen floating in outer space, still. The body belonged to a being rippling with muscles and deep jet black hair. He suddenly awakens, his aura barely seen and green comes to his eyes, Broly smiles an evil grin. He reaches for the hole in his chest and covers it. The view fades as Broly is heard laughing a quiet laugh of pure menace.

It is night-time, a weird figure is seen lying on the ground, in the middle of the scarred land. Bones crack and he awakens, Doomsday can never truly die and he has been resurrected. He groans and gets up and looks around, growling. He then leaps off in the distance, destined to do battle with the Hulk for possibly all ofeternity.

Hulk is seen leaping through the skies, roaring, hopping continents and doing battle with gods, super villains and a new nemesis, one shrouded in red skin.
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Broly vs Bojack vs Nappa.


The legendary sayin had not been killed by Goku's punch but simply,injured. Soon after he woke up by some little boy crying Broly went on a rampage and even Gohan couldn't could not stop the mighty beast. Even Gohan's best wasn't enough to topple the great warrior.
Gohan:'Take this you monster! Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Haaaaaa!!!" The half saiyan roared as he launched all his power into what he didn't know what would be his final Kamehameha. But... even with all that power Broly was not stopped.
"Grrrr... You die!!" The monster barked as he simply made a huge energy,ball and with it stopped Gohan's last Kamehameha. Gohan just stood shocked and fell to the ground dying,but manged to get out these last words. "Father... I am sorry....uhhh.." The son of Goku whispered as he closed his eyes for the last time. While the monster only laughed and flew away to find more people to slaughter.


Bojack. the leader of the ruthless "Galaxy Soldiers" was on a rampage and was only stopped by the Kais,using all their energy to not kill Bojack but simply,trap him and his comrades into a star. But after Goku had foolishly brought Cell to King Kai's planet,causing the villain to implode and kill the sayin hero and the kai.
Causing the evil being to be released. Bojack had made a mess of the Earth with Gohan being dead and Goten not nearly strong enough to beat the deadly alien.
The evil villain just flipped his hair and flew to find people to kill and beat.


After being killed by his former partner, Vegeta Nappa had been training in HFIL and had achieved SSJ and was trying to find a way out of the for curesed place when he realized that King Enma had made a mistake in of sending a pure hearted person to HFIL and Nappa took this as a chance to leave and told Emma that he would help the person to Other world. Emma thought that Nappa would be too stupid to try anything and let him go. Sadly...the person never made it to HFIL and Nappa had found a way out of HFIL and took it. But he was shocked to learn that to get out he would have to run all the way though Snake Way. Nappa was angered by this and blasted a innocent Demon and took his car though Snake Way. When Nappa had fianlly found the end he blasted it, and the way to Other World or Hfil was gone forever. The bald Sayin just laughed and flew to Earth.

Now while Broly was blasting random cities to dust, he had sensed a strong power level and thought that it was Kakarot and flew to it. "Kakarot! Kakarot!!!!!"
Bojack had sensed something coming towards him and thought it was someone that might actually put up a fight.

The two muscular baddies met and they knew that had a fight on their hands. They both got into a stance and charged. Nappa saw this as his chance to join in and he turned SSJ and flew towards the two.

If you want to read Broly's victory read BrW.


Bojack was proving to be a tough opponent and having to block Nappa's blows were not paradise either but the LSS just proved too much and kicked Bojack away and Nappa got scared by this and tried to finish Broly off with his most powerful move Kapa(His mouth blast.) Boom!!! Went the blast as it headed straight for Broly,who didn't even so much as move. He just stood thier and when the blast was close enough, gathered enough energy and with these words threw it at Nappa. "Hahahahahah!! Die you bald fool!!!Bwahshahah!" The manic yelled as the blast flew right though Nappa's kapa and came right towards the frightened sayin. "No wait gahhhHH!!!" Nappa screamed as he was blown away by the blast.
Bojack saw what had happened and got cocky,and wasted all of his energy into his strongest move which was easily blocked by Broly. Words can't describe the beating Broly gave Bojack soon after.

If you want to read Bojack's victory read BoW.

Bojack was getting nervous,because Nappa and Broly were keeping up with him and it looked like the end for Bojack when he saw that Broly wasn't solely focused on him but Nappa too. Bojack grinned, and then teleported behind Nappa and put him in a choke hold and threw a energy blast at Broly with the other hand. This caught the big fool's attention and Broly just cackled evilly,and hurled a HUGE energy blast at Nappa. Bojack just smiled as everything was going his way and when Broly was distracted by seeing Nappa trying to get away from the blast ,Bojack teleported behind him and blew both of them away with his best move the Galactic Buster.

Now finally,if you want to read Nappa's ending and blah ,blah read NAW.

Nappa had seen that he was outmatched by both of the evil doers and thought of a great plan. He teleported behind Bojack and grabbed him and teleported him right where Broly would punch. Right into Bojack. "Gahhhh.!!" Bojack gasped as purple blood spillied from him as the Legederny Sayin's fist went though his chest. Nappa smiled,and flew to the top of a skyscraper and aimed his open mouth at the two and he lanuched his move which had almost killed Kid Gohan. Kapa(Incase you didn't read it is his mouth blast.) The screms that occured were drowned out by the laughing of the bald sayin.

Now that you have read all of that,I have one word of advice.

Go.Out.Side.Oh and by the way,read some real books and get out more.

That is all.

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