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Posted by: Street Fighter vs DBZ Jun 9 2009, 06:19 PM
This is an RP where you can pick whoever the hell you want, be he/she a movie character such as Harry Potter, a comic character such as Jean Grey, or a TV Show character such as Jack Bauer. Hell, you can pick Ed, Edd N' Eddy for all I care, BUT, there is one restriction. Say you want to pick someone really powerful. You cannot pick the strongest version of the character, E.G if you want to pick a Super Saiyan, you can go right ahead, but he will be restricted to at a maximum SS2. This only applies if the strongest form of the character is so powerful he could probably wipe out everyone without blinking (So no Odinforce Thor, Marv15;)
I pick Silver Surfer.

Posted by: videogameman Jun 9 2009, 06:51 PM
Silver Surfer transmutes almost everyone elses' charecters. i'll pick Deadpool, though there's no way I can win. sad.gif

Posted by: Street Fighter vs DBZ Jun 9 2009, 07:10 PM
QUOTE (videogameman @ Jun 9 2009, 06:51 PM)
Silver Surfer transmutes almost everyone elses' charecters. i'll pick Deadpool, though there's no way I can win. sad.gif

Deadpool gained the powers equal to that of Thor once. You can use that version of 'Pool if ya want. And, I guess if Surfer is too powerful, I'll pick the regular version of the Hulk.
I suddenly jumps out of the clouds, right onto Deadpools back. (I'd recomend that you get that Asgardian upgrade about now)

Posted by: Shadow Fenrir Jun 9 2009, 08:44 PM
Anybody!?!?! I'm cobbling a few of them then! I'll be Iron Man with the Thor-Buster Armor, Hulk-Buster Mk 2 armor, the Extremis amor, the Modular armor and finally the War Machine armor...too much? Dead-Pool Thor and Hulk, yeah, I'm thinking I'm gonna need some serious firepower...I'll call it the Calamity Armor.

Posted by: nicker Jun 9 2009, 10:24 PM
Ed with a rock in his shoe and Tony's first armor.
Edd with a slingshot and a laser pistol.
Eddy with 20 acid ballons and a electric bomb.

Posted by: VG_Addict Jun 23 2009, 05:33 PM
Is it OK if we pick characters we created?

If so, I pick Goofball McChuckles and Takeshi Kishimoto. Here's their bios:

QUOTE (VG_Addict;1061783)
Name: Goofball McChuckles.

Age: Chronologically 74, but looks to be in his mid 30's.

Gender: Male.

Race: Pretty much a living, breathing cartoon character, though he appears human.

Height: 5'8.

Weight: ?????

Appearance: Dresses somewhat like the stereotypical 1920s gentleman, with a tall black top hat on his head, a black tuxedo, and white spats. However, that's where the similarity ends, as he also wears one of those novelty Groucho Marx disguises you find in a prank store, large, prominent buck teeth always sticking out of his mouth, and almost always has an insane smile on his face. To put it frankly, he looks weird.

Powers and Abilities:

Able to pull objects out of Hammerspace.

When someone tells him he isn't funny, he turns into a Hulk-esque behemoth and gains incredible strength. However, he mainly relies on cartoon-style reality warping and new twists on classic slapstick gags to fight his opponents.

Since he's a cartoon character, he's VERY hard to kill.

Weapons: A vast assortment of novelty gag items.


One afternoon on May 24th, 1934, a cartoonist was working hard in his studio. Just as he was about to draw his latest cartoon, he discovered he was out of ink, so he went to his shelf of drawing tools to find some more. Unfortunately, the near-sighted cartoonist grabbed a bottle of magic ink by mistake, and no sooner had he just finished drawing his newest creation did it magically come to life! Thus, Goofball McChuckles was born. Unfortunately, Goofball was very much insane, and he terrorized the entire town for many days, until finally, he was captured and put in the local mental hospital, where he remained for decades. As for the cartoonist, he was declared a menace to society and executed. One night on September 3rd, 2008, Goofball escaped from the mental hospital and left town. As he was leaving, he saw a poster for Gunjin, where warriors from all around the world fought each other to see who was the best. Goofball figured this would be a good place to cause mischief, so he decided to join.

Note: In case you couldn't already tell, this character is based off of Golden Age-era cartoon characters, specifically, Looney Tunes.

QUOTE (VG_Addict;990939)
Name: Takeshi Kishimoto.
Age: 16.
Species: Human.
Height: 5'5.
Weight: 138 lbs.
Appearance: A somewhat thin teenager with messy shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, a yellow shirt covered by a blue jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers.


Extremely skilled at telekinesis and telepathy
Genius-level intellect.

Bio: Takeshi was just an average teenager, going to high school and hanging out with friends. One day, while he was riding his bike home, he lost control of his bike and slammed headfirst into a tree, which put him in a coma at the hospital for three weeks. When he finally awoke, he discovered that the head trauma awakened his dormant psychic powers, which in turn caused his IQ to soar to 150. It was then that he decided to undergo training to hone his psychic powers. After 2 months of rigorous training, his abilities doubled in power, and he could use them with no trouble. Unfortunately, society rejected Takeshi, calling him a "freak" and a "mutant". Several months of being ostracized left Takeshi with a cold and bitter personality, as well as a strong contempt for humans.

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