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Posted by: videogameman Apr 17 2009, 10:24 PM
Spider-Man was in an injured condition after being defeated by The Green Goblin. While he may have been saved by the Human Torch, he was in no condition to fight crime. As such, the villians often caught by Spidey went on a crime spree and there was only one man who can distract villains as good as Spider-Man. Human Torch is on a space mission. Beast Boy's busy with Deathstroke. George Lopez actually has a life. Thus Deadpool was called!

Deadpool:{I think he rolled his eyes, can't tell with his mask}EPIC opening! Sure makes me feel wanted. You know I can get Marvel to sue you!

The police chief cocked an eyebrow at Wilsion before shrugging and telling him what's up.

Chief:Spider_man has dissapeared after his recent fight with the Goblin, so you can get the job of rounding up those costumed freaks.

Deadpool:Those racist comments were uncalled for!

Chief:Look, you'll get your pay, just shut up and do your job.


Chief:Doc Ock has been stealing science materials from several labs. Go in there and bring him here ALIVE if you can.

Deadpool:I'll pretend I didn't hear that.


Doc Ock was getting away but heard a certain voice.

Deadpool:Hey Cthulhu!

Doc Ock:NThe only person who's more idiotic than Spider-Man. Deadpool.

Deadpool:That's right! And I still remember what you and the Sinister Six did to me that day!

Doc Ock:You were out of your league. You could not defeat us.

Deadpool:No. Two words. Tentacle rape.

Doc Ock:YOU DISGUSTING IMBECILE! I will rip you apart!

Deadpool:Sure. I'm played by heartthrob Ryan Renolds. You're played by Alfred Molina. Who do you think the fanboys are going to vote for?

Doc Ock threw debris at Wade and the battle began.

Posted by: Marvel Man Apr 18 2009, 12:34 AM

Go George Lopez jokes!
Oh, and Deadpool takes it. I'd write a fight/discussion, but I'm bored.

Posted by: videogameman Apr 18 2009, 02:56 AM
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Apr 18 2009, 12:34 AM)

Go George Lopez jokes!
Oh, and Deadpool takes it. I'd write a fight/discussion, but I'm bored.

A George Lopez fan! Awesome! biggrin.gif

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