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Posted by: The Last Technomancer Jun 2 2009, 08:21 PM
Noting my lack of being able to convnice anybody on the New CBUb of her strength I've decided to make this thread so that I can post the link in later fights. I currently have the entire Mistborn trilogy in front of me. To top in off I'll be posting book title and page number so you may someday look this up.



...And suddenly, she understood, Kelsier didn't intend to walk or even jog  to the caves.
He planned to dash all the way there.
It was a two-week trip by canal, how log would it take them?  They wee moving fast, horribly fast.  Slower than a galloping horse, certainly, but surely a horse couldn't maintain such a gallop for very long...
"This is easier than I thought it would be."
"Pewter enhances your balance, otherwise you'd be tripping all over yourself right now."
"What do you think we'll find at the caves, I mean."
Kelsier shook his head. "No use talking save your strength."
"But I'm not weary at all!"
"We'll see what you say in sixteen hours." Kelsier said speeding up even more....
- Mistborn the Final Empire, page 413.

It was a large wound.  A bad wound.  She had seen such wounds before.  They always killed...
"Oh, Lord," she thought.  Without pewter, she'd have been unconscious long ago.  She should be dead.
- Mistborn: The Final Empire, pages 253-254


She simply dropped the horseshoe to the ground behind her... then Pushed off the shoe.  She immediately shot into the air at an angle.  As she fell she dropped another horseshoe.  However she waited until she was almost to the ground to Push against this one: She needed to keep herself going more forward than up... She'd done all this before it wasn't that much different than using coins to jump around... by the time she was an hour out of the village, she added a fifth shoe.  The result was a continuous flow of flipping metal chunks.  Vin Pulled, then Pushed, then Oulled, then Pushed, moving with a continual single mindedness, juggling herself threw the air.
The ground raced beneath her and horseshoes shot through the air above her.
- The Well of Ascension pages 674-676

Vin make great use of these three metals in combat: Pewter enhancing strength speed and durability to super-human levels and iron and steel letting her manipulate her opponents' metal weapons and make quick dodges. I'd put more feats but typing from the books took awhile. I'll probably post more later.

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