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Posted by: Pseudonym Apr 18 2009, 02:39 PM
Dio is a vampire dude. I don't know much backstory and stuff, Treach can fill this in if he so pleases.


Time stopping: He can stop time, but not indefinitely, it runs out after a while.
Super Strength: He picked up a truck and threw it on somebody.
Punching Speed: This scene is hard to explain.

Dio throws a truck on someone with similar powers. Rather than being crushed, Jotaro (other guy) Begins punching at the truck so fast it never touches him. Dio proceeds to jump on top of the truck, and begin punching down at similar speeds in order to kill man under truck.
Dio is the guy in yellow. The guy in white is his stand/pet/soul/aura, point is, it fights for him.

His opponent is good guy Jotaro in blue with a green stand.

Knives: Dio has an endless store of knives.
Regen: Basic, cuts and bruises
Teleport: He stops time and walks elsewhere.

Posted by: Bassetman Apr 18 2009, 04:35 PM
I would like to start reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

But my reading list is backed up. unsure.gif

Posted by: treacherous Apr 18 2009, 04:59 PM
Okay, Dio is from Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, an anime. He was adopted into the Joestar family centuries ago. He was obsessed with being number one at everything. He would constantly compete with his peers in the Joestar family. At some point, his main rival Jonathan Joestar (who dreams of being an archaeologist) finds an ancient South American mask. The mask is actually a blood mask used during sacrifcial rituals.

At some point, Jonathan discovers a plot of Dio's to steal the Joestar family fortune. They fight, Dio kills Jonathan, steals the mask, becomes curious, tries it on and realizes it's an artifact of the gods, that draws out the powers of the human mind. It gives him immortality, eternal youth and makes him lust for drinking blood. It essentially makes him a vampire. Dio assumes the role and decides he stands above humanity now.

Eventually Dio is supposedly killed by a member of the Joestar family by having his head cut off. WRONG. Eventually his head is found. It's still alive. It is found by a member of Jo Jo's (Jotaro Joestar) family many many years later. It possesses the guy and attaches his head unto the new stronger body. DIO LIVES AGAIN!!

Anyway while Dio was out the power of "Stands" was found. It is the psychic strength of a person given shape and form. It can be within anyone, but only the strongest of wills can utilize it. Weaker willed people are killed by it. Each Stand has a different, unique power. People without Stands cannot see them. To a regular joe, it appears that the person just has psychic powers. Long story short, Dio has powers and he assembles extremely powerful Stand users to take over th world.

The Joestar family reunite and find strong Stand users themselves and go after Dio.

SOOOOO, at this point, Dio is an immortal vampire and a Stand user.

His powers: Stop time for about 5 - 10 minutes (it gets stronger as the show/book progress'). Move through stopped time. Super human strength, durability, speed and agility. Immortal. Has a shadow self with it's own set of powers.

He doesn't have an endless set of knives. What he does is freeze time and then gathers all the knives he can find and continue to throw them at you. When time unfreezes there are about a million knives in front of you and you don't have time to move. There was one scene where Dio had captured some guy and was talking to him in the back of a car. Dio forced him to run over innocent people on the street. The guy eventually was allowed to run away. He got out the car and ran as fast as he could eventually he had to run through a car. Well, when he ran through it, he realized it was his car and Dio was in the back. He jumped out and continued to do this exact thing a couple of times. Dio was freezing time and putting him back in the car everytime he tried to run away. It drove the man insane, because he couldn't figure out why he was stuck in this loop. He eventually said, "God, help me." Dio replied, "No."

Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is one of the coolest manga, anime you'll ever watch. Too many cool scenes to discuss.

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