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Posted by: IonKidMax Oct 7 2008, 07:05 PM
Asmodel is a fallen Angel and weilds these powers.
In his angelic form, Asmodel is practically indestructible, has powerful reality-warping powers that could change the face of the world by force of will, can manipulate psionic energy, possesses unlimited telepathy and telekinesis, has total mental control over anyone or thing he wishes, has contol over the weather or the elements, and can command and transform energy and matter. He is able to recover from injury practically instantaneously, and he has demonstrated physical strength rivaling, if not exceeding that of the Martian Manhunter and Superman (in his Blue energy form). Asmodel also demonstrates several angelic abilities in this form:

He uses a different form of Zauriel's sonic flash, identified as a sub-sonic attack with enormous power; Asmodel himself claims that his was the voice that shattered the walls of Jericho,
a form of Laser vision that was able to damage the Martian Manhunter
the Light of Heaven projected directly from his eyes, driving all but the purest souls insane.
According to the Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America a beat of Asmodel's heart was as thunderous as a thousand atomic bombs.
According to the DC Comics Encyclopedia Asmodel also possessed immortality, wielded a flaming staff, possessed super speed (and obviously flight), incredible military leadership skills (having few rivals), and acidic blood (according to the Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America his blood is the universal solvent).
he can create mortal bodies for himself to inhabit or transform into his angelic form at will.
He retains his power in his mortal body; he was able to breathe on the surface of the moon and demonstrated enough strength to kill the Manhunter

Posted by: IonKidMax Oct 7 2008, 07:06 PM
Now with all of this in mine.Do you think Ghost Riders Pennace star wolu have an effect? huh.gif Plus here's his Bio on Wiki

Posted by: IonKidMax Oct 17 2008, 04:01 PM
Wo this things just taking up space... psmiley22.gif

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