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Posted by: IonKidMax Jun 10 2009, 02:39 PM
For 150 years he laid undisturbed, all the while being bombarded with cosmic rays as countless cosmic storms raged around him. He was one of the only ones left of a mythical group of warriors, Spartans; his green armor had turned blue as a side effect of the rays. But it was time to awaken, he destroyed the Guilty Spark long ago and now…he has to go home. That’s said easier than done, since he was no longer in him galaxy, or his universe he is in a different world. With possibly new allies and new enemies, now the Spartan shall arise…the Spartan know as master Chief!
Cryogenic sleeps leaves a little to be desired, popping out of a tube leaves your muscles sore and a very weird taste on your tongue. Crotona’s bored as usual it she were human she might have gone mad, but she kept herself occupied by studying her vast knowledge that was stored inside of her. It might not e fun but the only other alternative was termination. She and the Chief have been floating in space for 150 years. He’s stuck in a cryo tube, and there rescue beacon might not have been received. She was quite bored until just now…
‘’What is this?’’ Cortana asked. The ships power has been finished decades ago, why was everything back online. Well whatever it was she deduced that she better take advantage of it.
Master Chief!? She screamed

There was a distinct noise in the background, but he couldn’t make it out. And then he realized it was Cortana shouting to him…
Who’s Cortana? He thought …then he remembered her and all they had just been thought.
‘I guess they need me he exalted
The cryo tube sealing hatch was shattered by his augmented body; normally it would have slid off will considerable ease. But the fraction of his strength applied was enough so send it sprawling; in which is shattered into a million pieces. The mixer of gases pouring out of the Cryo tube where intoxicating; in which a warrior lied undisturbed; just as he had been for the past 150 years. The Chief crawls out of the tube, seemingly unaffected by 150 years in cryo sleep.
''Everything seems to work fine'' the chief said to himself
''Yeah everything is fine'' Cortana noisily replied. ''Our systems are running at full capacity’’
‘’Find out why?’’ he asked
‘’There seems to be a power source, coming from the direction of the abeam of the ship’’
‘’Can you identify it?’’
‘’No’’ Cortana replied
‘’Alright I’m going top side’’ the chief barked as he sprinted out of the chamber.
‘’Um chief you should stop and listen to this’’
‘’Stop and listen to what?’’ he asked as he climbed an access ladder.
‘’Where in an uncharted region of space, your suite seems to have evolved, and whatever’s out there is goanna be bad for us’’ she replied
‘’ What do you mean my suite has evolved?’’ he demanded.
‘’ Well your reaction time can’t even be determined, your strength has increased significantly, you should be able to lift at least 56 tons, your shield seems to be able to take about several thousand megatons, trough out our journey we have been thought countless space cloud, and storms; and if my reading are correct you can breathe unaided in the void of space. Wait of course there correct, you may have been bombarded with Cosmic rays’’
‘’ This sound like the plot from a comic book; what’s next?’’ with that the chief pops open an emergency access panel. He closes it behind him, opening another hatch into the void of space. H had no trouble breathing in the vacuum; it seems as it his suite provided unlimited oxygen. And his lack of thrusters while moving through space indicated that he was flying; or defying Gravity, or had full control over his movements and direction. Suddenly a red glow filled his visor; it was a gem, stuck in a whole in the ship.
‘’Cortana! I think this thing has been powering the ship’’ he said to the AI
‘’Chief grab the gem and go, we have company’’ the Mater Chief did as he was told grabbing the gem which bonded with his suite, appearing in the chest area.
‘’Cortana an flux in the suites power generator?’’ he asked
‘’Yes! You have enough power in this suite to power the Orbital Mac guns on Reach’’ Cortana replied. ‘’Or what had been Reach’’ she said after realizing the Master Chiefs sudden quietness. He hated to be reminded of Reach.
‘’Cortana, where’s that company?’’
Master Chief is hit with a devastating right.
‘’Buddy I don’t know who you are but it’s clobbering time!’’ The Chief grabs his Assault rifle and fires a sustained burst. It sends the thing flying into space.
‘’Ben’’ Johnny cries as he rushes in to battle’’
‘’I don’t like complications’’ the Chief said to Cortana.
‘’I know’’ she replied…

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