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Posted by: treacherous May 16 2009, 10:19 PM

In the nexus of all realities, there is a world. A physical dimension created by the energy of Human imagination. Every reality ever given the consideration of thought centers around this point; it is the world of Khazan!! Khazan is considered the intersection of the known multiverse. It is here that every fight in your mind's eye takes place. It is here where any character you can conjure up can fight in any way you see fit for dominance. As they say in Khazan, “The only limit is yourself.”
It is in this world that the Tournament of Fighters takes place. Brought together via personal invitation by a mysterious organization within Khazan; 32 fighters from across the multiverse fought for one honor…to be the greatest fighter in the multiverse (also to win a substantial cash prize)!! The winner of the competition will face one bonus match and two boss battles to determine their worthiness of the title. Round 3 takes us further into the depths of the fantasy world of Khazan. Within the four sectors of Khazan you will witness the creations of the imaginations of man as we enter new treacherous territory. Due to the constant threat of exposure and the collaboration of the Khazan police and the Multi Universal Authority (M.U.A.); the mysterious organizers of the tournament must stage their battles in the worst arenas known to Khazan. These arenas will take place in the following sectors: the Industrial, Lowtown, Uptown, Science sector and the ever popular Arena of Khazan. The plot of our fighters and the purpose of the puzzling tournament unfold as we bring you Round 3 of the Tournament of Fighters!!


Tournament of Fighters – Round 3 (Fight 2 of 4)

Host: Treacherous Former Co Host: Bloody Freak

Kazuya: Seeks revenge on the Tournament organizers for his humiliating defeat to the tournament pit boss and bodyguard, Akuma.

Iron Fist: After defeating Terry Bogard in Round 2, Iron Fist takes on Bogard’s student Rock Howard as his own apprentice of the Iron Fist style. Competes in tournament to prove his skill to Rock.

Sector: Lowtown Arena: The Arena of Khazan: Marauders invasion (Hall of fame arena by FPL writer Speakeasy/aka: Serge)

Rules: Hand to hand fighting only (you can only use the weapons God gave ya!). Otherwise, anything goes!!

- Introduction –

With the police constantly looming on the affairs of the Tournament of Fighters; the enigmatic leader plots constantly to stay one step ahead. As well, a local gang known as the Marauders has terrorized Khazan for years but nothing like this has ever taken place before.
The deal had been made. Money is exchanged. A dark organization with mysterious goals shakes hands with an unruly Khazanian gang. Bad meets evil and Khazan will feel the rumbles of this transaction for years to come…
(Taken from Speakeasy’s the Arena of Khazan storyline)
“The Khazan Daily News calls it the most nefarious and ingenious act of villainy to hit Khazan in ages: In a daring hijack scheme, several prominent members of the outlaw gang The Marauders have taken control of the Khazan Arena, trapping a full seating of 20,000 spectators along with some of the most well known fighters in the FPL!” (end quote)
Elsewhere across town, the Khazan police department has nearly completely emptied out the usually bustling station to confront the hijackers in Lowtown. Inside one cell, a lone figure sits contemplating. Arrested in a raid of his last fight, the exciting co-host of the Tournament of Fighters Bloody Freak begins to wonder if he were framed. Also drifting through his thoughts are the whereabouts of tournament gambler, Granobulax. Bloody Freak remembers how he shot down the overzealous patron of the fights for interrupting in a match. Thought dead, Granobulax returned during the raided match bursting through a wall. Having been experimented on by the organization, he viciously attacks Bloody Freak in revenge. However, Granobulax was turned away by the quick response of the Khazan police. Escaping the police fury, Grano screamed Bloody Freaks name into the night; a spine-chilling vow of vengeance. Alone in the cell, Bloody secretly fears for his safety.
His solitude is broken as a siren is alerted in the station. Shots are fired. The lights go out. A heavy breathing can be heard down in the hallways of the jail. “blooooody!” a distorted voice calls. Suddenly, the jail cell doors open. Without hesitation Bloody Freak and various prisoners take to the hallways. Bloody sprints for the exit, not looking back. He hears the screams and cries of various inmates as Granobulax makes his way down the hallway. Bloody erupts through an assortment of doors to finally hit the streets of Lowtown. Not wasting breath he runs into the night searching for answers…
Meanwhile in the kidnapped Arena of Khazan, the Tournament of Fighters gets under way as the Arena becomes encircled with police officers and S.W.A.T. The mysterious organization leader stands in the shadows and converses with tournament host Treacherous before the match.


Treacherous: The cops have the place surrounded sir. It’s going just as you planned.

Shadowy figure: Of course it is. We will have our next fight in a safe and secure environment and those moronic Marauders can take the fall when those meddling cops come pouring in. We will finish this tournament as scheduled, uninterrupted and no one will be the wiser to our presence.

Treacherous: Brilliance sir.

Shadowy figure: I know. Now, go start our next match. The fans wait.


Treacherous with guards in tow walks through a hallway to the Arena Commentator box when suddenly a young kid runs up and snatches his wallet. The guards quickly draw their weapons. Treacherous holds their fire.


AVP vs. The Terminator: Wow, thanks Treach! Well, I'll never see him again.

Treacherous: Marauders come in!

Marauders: Yes Treach.

Treacherous: Que Arena Rangemaster unit on hallway 1-A. There are two heat signatures in the hallway. Target the one that is not mine.

Marauders: Got him.

Treacherous: Good. Shoot to kill.


Treacherous continues his walk to the commentator box and steps over the body of AVP vs. The Terminator. One of the guards drags his body away. In the commentator box, Treacherous looks down into the packed stadium and begins the match.


Treacherous: Kazuya! Iron Fist! This match is easy! Beat each other, before the Arena beats you. Now we see who is truly King of the Iron Fist!! Are you two ready? --- both nod --- good.


Posted by: treacherous May 16 2009, 10:21 PM
The death of AVP vs. Terminator

Posted by: Marvel Man May 16 2009, 11:57 PM
This brings back sad memories.

Why? The Fist was the last Marvel/Comic character left.
Before him, anime, movie, and videogame characters. It wouldn't have been easy, but he'd have won...

Darn you Kazuya!!

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