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Posted by: boratz May 15 2009, 04:40 AM
Cyclops and Mystique stood ready for an attack. Mystique then got ready to pull the trigger of the gun. Cyclops shot out an optic blast, and Mystique got blasted back through a door. She got to her feet, but ran to hide in the shadows. Cyclops ran to find her, and started looking in every direction. Walking around looking for Mystique, something came from up above. Mystique jumped from the ceiling up above, and kicked Cyclops back on a wall. Cyclops tried to get up, but he was knocked back down. Mystique unloaded a series of kicked onto Cyclops. Cyclops finally grabbed one of Mystique's legs, and threw her back on the ground.

Mystique jumped up, but Cyclops blasted her back onto a wall. Mystique started climbing on a pipe into darkness. Cyclops slowly got to his feet. He started to make his way through a long hall. Trying to get back with the group. He found an experimental lab. On the other end of the lab was a large wall of glass leading off of a cliff into the ocean. Cyclops started walking through the lab, but he heard something behind him. Something fall on the ground. Cyclops spun around, and saw Mystique holding a gun. She shot out, but Cyclops jumped over an experimental lab table. Taking cover behind the table, Cyclops started think quickly of a way to stop Mystique.

Gun shots rang out. Cyclops crawled away to get to a better cover. Mystique jumped on top of a lab table, and leaped through the air firing the gun. Cyclops rolled underneath a metal table. Mystique leaped on top of the table, and was about to shoot through the table. Cyclops blasted the table through the air, and Mystique hit the ground. She tried to reach for the gun, but Cyclops shot another blast at her, and she went through the wall of glass, and into the ocean below. Cyclops pushed himself off the ground. He started to run through the base. Trying to find the rest of his team, he finally caught back up with them. Cyclops gave them the orders to retreat, and get out of there. Before they could all leave, he was told that Toad was setting up explosives to detonate the entire base.

Cyclops told them to get out of there as fast as possible. Running through the base toward the exit something came out. The Toad jumped off from the ceiling, and stabbed Storm in the stomach with a knife. Cyclops roared out no, but the Toad leaped through the air, and knocked both of them down an elevator shaft. They both hit the elevator, and Cyclops tried to get up, but his legs were kicked out from under him. Toad then broke into the elevator, and stopped it, and ran out of it. Cyclops then followed behind him. He then saw him with a metal pipe in his hands. Toad was smiling, as he saw Scott in pain from the fall, and from his fight with Mystique.

"Well well well, look at Mr. Boy Scout himself" - Toad

"Why? Why are you doing this?" - Cyclops

"Human are pathetic. You are pathetic for protecting them, and you attacked Mystique. What will I tell my leader. Hmm that are little shapesifter fell into the ocean, and decided to take a swim. I don't know if she is even alive!" - Toad

"Well I won't give you the chance to talk to Magneto!" - Cyclops

"How much time do you have left before this whole place goes up in flames?" - Toad

"As much time as it takes to blow your damn head off!" - Cyclops

"Bring it!" - Toad

Toad jumped onto the ceiling with the metal pipe, and crawled into the darkness. Scott now as to find Toad, and stop him for good.

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