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Posted by: treacherous May 9 2009, 04:28 PM

In the nexus of all realities, there is a world. A physical dimension created by the energy of Human imagination. Every reality ever given the consideration of thought centers around this point; it is the world of Khazan!! Khazan is considered the intersection of the known multiverse. It is here that every fight in your mind's eye takes place. It is here where any character you can conjure up can fight in any way you see fit for dominance. As they say in Khazan, “The only limit is yourself.”
It is in this world that the Tournament of Fighters takes place. Brought together by personal invitation by a mysterious organization within Khazan; 32 fighters from across the multiverse fought for one honor…to be the greatest fighter in the multiverse (also to win a substantial cash prize)!! The winner of the competition will face one bonus match and two boss battles to determine their worthiness of the title. Round 2 takes us deep into five areas of Khazan that will act as arenas. These sectors include: the Industrial, Lowtown, Uptown, Science sector and the ever popular Arena of Khazan. However, not all our warriors fight for the same cause. Some fight for personal glory others for revenge and others for darker evil intents. Regardless, their stories will now unfold as we bring you Round 2 of the Tournament of Fighters!!


Tournament of Fighters – Round 2 (Final fight of round 2)

Host: Treacherous Co Host: Bloody Freak

Huo Yuan Jia: Enters the tournament to prove the strength of the Chinese martial arts to the multiverse

Jason Bourne: Takes the challenge to rescue a scientist friend kidnapped by the Organization

Arena: Uptown City Skyline blowout (dangerous heights/uneven terrain...FPL arena)

Rules: Hand to hand fighting only (you can only use the weapons God gave ya!). Otherwise, anything goes!!

- Introduction –

Continued from the Kazuya vs. Akuma fight

Akuma begins to walk away from the unconscious body of Kazuya. The Organization guards pick up his motionless remains and drag him away. Treacherous comes from inside a reinforced room with tournament gambler scrambling behind him.


Treacherous: Wha?...What did you do to him? Is he dead?

Akuma: I expelled his demon. He is alive. Bring him back when he is ready to fight like a man and not some sideshow freak.

Treacherous: Take him away. Lock him up and get him 100% for his next fight. ---Two of the gamblers begin discussing the fight next to Treacherous ---

Phalanx Blood: Poor Jin, He must really feel pissed off to see his father in devil form lose. I wish there was something I could do to, you know…cheer him, his dad and their fans up. His defeat makes me feel sad and blue. Don’t you think? Oh, why am I saying this? I look like an idiotic fool displaying my emotions in a match no one would take seriously.

Ethan: No, Jin would want to kill Kazuya…I think. NO, wait. That would be his grandfather. Nevermind. Don’t worry, you’re not a fool. You’re just expressing your thoughts and I agree with you.


Treacherous looks at the two gamblers strangely as he is summoned away by a shadowy figure in a dark corner.


Treacherous: Yes sir.

Shadowy figure: I have received a call from our informant, ND4. The tournament has been compromised as I thought. The police took the bait and have raided the Lowtown bar fight. We were able to get Chun Li out, but Black Cat was shot and Bloody Freak was taken into custody.

Treacherous: Black Cat’s death is a loss, but all goes as planned. We will keep the police running around in circles until we get what we need from all the fighters. Excellent.

Shadowy figure: No, not so excellent. ND4 reported that Granobulax lives.
Treacherous: WHAT!?! But his body rejected the treatment. The experiments failed on him.

Shadowy figure: Apparently, they did not. He lives and he is still out there searching for the man who shot him…Bloody Freak.

Treacherous: We must take them both out and tie up all lose ends.
Shadowy figure: Exactly, now lets move on to the next fight. It’s time to end round 2 with a bang.


Later that night over the beautiful cityscape of Khazan’s Uptown area, two helicopters hover above one of the many skyscrapers. Eventually they land and the night’s competitors step from aboard the vehicles. The glass ceiling of the skyscraper creaks as they carefully walk across it. Inside, Treacherous prepares the upscale and filthy rich gambling crowd for the night’s events.


Treacherous: Welcome all! While it has truly been a pleasure bringing you the greatest fighting tournament in Khazan history, our organization must vacate its previous public fighting displays. After tonight’s grand ending to round 2, we are going to enter much more dangerous and perhaps deadly locales. --- The crowd gasps --- I know. I know. But due to the upcoming Khazanian presidential elections and the increased police involvement, we must take the fights further underground. However, the good news is…you can all follow for a fee. However there will be danger at every corner, so enter at your own risk. --- The crowd cheers in anticipation ---

Treacherous: Now if you turn your attention to the sky, --- the spectators turn their heads up to see Jason Bourne and Huo circling each other in combat stances. Some fans pull out binoculars in preparations, others such as AVP vs. Terminator, Shin Akuma, Artemis Entreri and Legend X begin to place bets --- you will see our last two opponents in round 2 of the Tournament of Fighters. After tonight only four more fights until the finals. It’s been great having you all here, so place your bets ladies and gentlemen and LET’S GET IT ON!!


Suddenly, tournament spectator and currently broke gambler Marvel Man walks up to Treacherous and tugs his coat.


Marvel Man: Pardon Mr. Treacherous, but could I get a loan on the next match. --- Treacherous smiles a devious smile ---

Treacherous: Sure my friend, step this way…

Posted by: treacherous May 9 2009, 04:29 PM
I may need to slow down posting these, eventually I'm going to have to write that ending you all wanted.

Posted by: treacherous May 9 2009, 04:35 PM
Oh, if any of you have any ideas on how you want it to end, let me know.

Posted by: Granobulax May 9 2009, 05:14 PM
May I suggest adding pics to the poll?


Posted by: treacherous May 10 2009, 03:02 AM
That's some big A pics. I might have to do that on the later ones.

Posted by: Granobulax May 10 2009, 03:17 AM
QUOTE (treacherous @ May 10 2009, 03:02 AM)
That's some big A pics. I might have to do that on the later ones.


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