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Posted by: Culwych May 7 2009, 06:07 PM
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French Musketeer V Hun Warlord


In the year 2645, the biggest form of entertainment is as it was nearly 3000 years ago; the Gladiatorial Arena.

In a high tech facility, with authentic hard-light replicas of ancient settings, people from all over the corner of the world (and beyond) do battle. These fights are streamed live instantaneously in 3D projections to billions of households where people can watch the blood spill onto their very own carpets.


Commentator: The Gladiator and the Hun, we have here two very opposite styles of fighting. The Gladiator is advancing cautiously, sizing up his opponent, trying to spot any of the weaknesses like he has so many times before in the arena. The Hun however looks like heís ready to pounce at any moment and is only prevented from a full assault by the unfamiliar sight of the Gladiator.

One is used to showmanship, battles designed to please the crowds and fighting one on one with his opponent, whereas the other was raised in arid wastelands where fighting is a way of life and every battle an event to be dealt with brutally and quickly.

It shows and the Hun has launched his assault! Heís wading into the fight as he has countless times before, with weapons swinging and looking to draw blood. But heís parried at every stepÖ

The Gladiator has fought barbarians before and is aware of their stances and style. Heís parrying left and right, with all the right footwork and now is launching his own devastating attack!

But to no avail! The Hun has been fighting since he could walk, and has seen all the moves before as well. He parries every move the Gladiator makes with contemptuous ease.

Itís a stalemate by the looks of it folks.

But now thereís something new in the fight. The Hun has started singing! Itís a low sound that echoes around the sands, a deep monotonous chant from a hymn long since lost to mankind. His movements are getting quicker, his blade almost dancing to the rhythm.

And suddenly heís through! Smashing through the Gladiatorís defences like a spacemine through an asteroid field! His blade cuts deep into the Gladiatorís shoulder, bringing him to his knees and then with a backhand movement from his other weapon, heís cut the Gladiatorís throat! The severed head flies through the air, leaving drops of blood everywhere.



But no time to waste ladies and gentlemen, and even as we speak the Hunís next foe is entering the sands.

Fresh from his fight with the Sioux Brave, the Musketeer looks as deadly as ever. Heís a lean, mean and keen killer with absolutely no trace of fear whatsoever in his eyes.

The Hun Warlord gets a quick adrenaline shot which makes him as good as new and heís eying the newcomer with blatant anticipation in his eyes.

The two nod at each other, recognising the killing instinct mirrored in their opponentís eyes.

The Hun hefts his two blades casually, and the Musketeer draws his thin sword. Killers from different worlds and different times, but with so much in common.


Posted by: videogameman May 7 2009, 09:06 PM
The Hun has more ferocity and power, plus has plenty of training that gives him the win.

Posted by: Shadow Fenrir May 7 2009, 09:11 PM
Again, it goes to the hun, screw the rapiers, Hun will snap em like twigs with his oversized sword.

Posted by: Marvel Man May 7 2009, 10:14 PM
While the Hun has great ferocity, I have to give this to the Musketeer.

He has better weapons and training. Add the fact that it's one on one, and he has this.
Fear the French!

Posted by: Darkender May 7 2009, 10:28 PM
I don't think the Musketeer's sword will even be able to stand against the Hun's weapons.

Posted by: treacherous May 8 2009, 01:48 AM
Musketeer is meat.

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