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Posted by: treacherous May 7 2009, 12:08 PM

In the nexus of all realities, there is a world. A physical dimension created by the energy of Human imagination. Every reality ever given the consideration of thought centers around this point; it is the world of Khazan!! Khazan is considered the intersection of the known multiverse. It is here that every fight in your mind's eye takes place. It is here where any character you can conjure up can fight in any way you see fit for dominance. As they say in Khazan, “The only limit is yourself.”
It is in this world that the Tournament of Fighters takes place. Brought together by personal invitation by a mysterious organization within Khazan; 32 fighters from across the multiverse fought for one honor…to be the greatest fighter in the multiverse (also to win a substantial cash prize)!! The winner of the competition will face one bonus match and two boss battles to determine their worthiness of the title. Round 2 takes us deep into five areas of Khazan that will act as arenas. These sectors include: the Industrial, Lowtown, Uptown, Science sector and the ever popular Arena of Khazan. However, not all our warriors fight for the same cause. Some fight for personal glory others for revenge and others for darker evil intents. Regardless, their stories will now unfold as we bring you Round 2 of the Tournament of Fighters!!


Tournament of Fighters – Round 2 (Fight 7)

Host: Treacherous Co Host: Bloody Freak

Black Cat: In it for the money, all the way!

Chun Li: Suspects M. Bison to be playing a part in the tourney and seeks to take him down once and for all.

Arena: Lowtown Bar Fight (Innocent bystanders, stuff to throw)

Rules: Hand to hand fighting only (you can only use the weapons God gave ya!). Otherwise, anything goes!!

- Introduction –

While the gamblers lay down heavy bets on the Kazuya vs. Nightwing fight, Treacherous doubles back and picks up Bloody Freak who is moderating the battle. He insists that Bloody head to the next fight location and start the match. Bloody Freak agrees and Treacherous takes over the betting on the bout (to be continued).
Meanwhile as Bloody makes his exit the ominous shadowy organizer of the tourney makes his way to Treacherous.


Shadowy figure: So, the trap is set?

Treacherous: Yes sir. Our snitch ND4 has told us that the Khazan police in association with Multi Universal Authority (MUA) have been given a false location of the next fight. However, we must be careful. We have reason to believe that the one Gabriel Law is an informant for the MUA.

Shadowy figure: It seems while we watch them, they are watching us. I hope this trap door has dealt with our nosey little fighters Kazuya and Nightwing.

Treacherous: It’s hard to tell sir, they are still fighting it out down that hole. I believe Kazuya has even sprouted wings. This has got to be the highest betting fight we’ve seen.

Shadowy figure: Excellent. The money will go to our continued efforts and research on the P.S. program. Continue on here and come see me later about this new captive, Captain America.

Treacherous: Yes sir and what do you want me to do about the Grano experiment?

Shadowy figure: Dump him in the Bar Alley of the next fight. They will think he was just another bar fight victim. This Captain America will serve our purposes just fine.


Treacherous nods and returns to the betting. His eyes almost glow as the betting reaches new highs. Running back and forth, he does all he can to entertain and accommodate his heavy gambling acquaintances.


The Once and Forever: I'll put 5 billion Khazanian dollars on Nightwing to win.

Marvel Man: Hmm...I see your 5 and raise it to 10 Billion!! Everything's on Nightwing!

Dayouthgonewild: 15 billion on Kazuya because he has wings.

God-Speed: Oh yeah, I bet 10 billion on Kazuya.


Later, Bloody Freak arrives at a Khazanian Lowtown bar. He looks around at the lowlifes and degenerates crowding the place. Barstools, bottles, mugs, darts and plenty of tables pervade the fighting arena. He smiles a grin of evil content as he glees in the violence to come. Swiftly, two vans pull up to the bar. Opening slowly as two beautiful buxom women step out of the vehicles; Chun Li and Black Cat immediately eye one another in distaste.


Black Cat: B@t$h!

Chun Li: Skank!

Bloody Freak: GIRL FIGHT!!!


The patrons of the bar come spilling out and escort the ladies as if it were a red carpet event. They begin chanting, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” Chun Li looks disgusted, while Black Cat seems to revel in the show. Once inside, the opponents face each other. Bloody begins to shriek the now popular phrase!! “LET’S GET IT ON!!”
In the meantime, something in the bar’s back alley is stirring. A van drives off and closes its doors. The body of frequent tournament gambler Granobulax rolls lifelessly into the garbage. Having been shot by Bloody Freak for interference in a match and experimented on by the mysterious tournament organizers; Its body is mutilated and deformed. Out of the blue, it springs up to its feet and sniffs the air. With drool coming from its lips, the man-creature speaks, “BLLOOOODDDDDDYYY!!!”
In the distance, tournament snitch, ND4 is hiding behind a dumpster. He picks up his cell phone and makes a call. (To be continued)

Posted by: Granobulax May 7 2009, 04:07 PM
Yes! I finally become a mutated bad ass!

Posted by: Marvel Man May 7 2009, 08:42 PM
I remember how I lost all my bets....

Comic Book characters didn't get too far...

Posted by: treacherous May 8 2009, 01:12 AM
You would think that they would go farther on a comic book site, but alas, they did not.

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