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Title: Greco-Persian wars, with a twist!
Description: Read, and look

The Ripper - March 27, 2008 05:47 PM (GMT)
You guys know history repeats itself, correct?

If you agree with that, how about the modern day Greco-Persian wars!

No, I am not encouraging a race war, nor a another world war, but I am being hypothetical if that spit fest was revived thousands of years later.

Wingman - March 27, 2008 06:27 PM (GMT)
Greece alone would be screwed against Persia. I assume that Persia is modern day Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Lebanon? Turkey, Iraq, and Israel wouldn't fight, because they are all NATO members. Greece has a fairly good navy to control the Med, but the huge armies of Syria and Iran would rapidly move...I guess, through Saudi Arabia and into Greece? If they marched through Iraq, Israel, or Turkey, they would fatally screw themselves. We'd then deploy two carrier battle groups (if they're lucky), and obliterate the armies of four countries in a matter of two weeks. The US alone in the world has the ability to reach any area of the world and project decisive power there. 10 carriers, baby, with an additional three in reserve. Control of the seas is CRUCIAL for any world power. The Spanish did it, the Dutch did it, the British did it, and now America is doing it. After that pummeling is over, we discover that this extension or negotiation, meaning war, has convinced Ama-nutjob and Bashar Assad to take the US seriously, if they're not already dead. Long story short, Greece along would be easy pickings, but the attacking of an American ally and NATO member would bring the unholy wrath of God Himself down upon those unfortunate Middle East countries, in the form of the US Navy and Air Force. Right on!!!

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