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Title: If you could make your own movie

boratz - June 21, 2009 10:29 PM (GMT)
I have a lot of random thoughts, and well with recent news event that occurred. I had an idea for a movie. It would be a remake/reboot/re-do of Jaws. The idea I came up with isn't so much of a remake of the original, but just a new movie. With that recent thing about Obama getting yelled at for killing a fly on TV by those PETA animal rights people, I thought that could be a major plot to the story I would like to come up with. Here is the summary for my Jaws movie

"In a town on a California beach coast, something is lurking around the beaches. Something big. As body parts started piling up on the beach, the new sheriff; a recently honorable discharged special forces soldier, who has ongoing nightmares and memories of the war, has to find out what it is. After finding out that the killer is a gaint shark; the new sheriff now has to deal with animal rights activist, a mayor, a town full of beach going people, and a very large shark."

Now I ask what would be your movie, and what would be the summary?

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